Peace Plan Blowback: United Nations Beast Now The Kitten That Roared

The UN beast just became the kitten that roared at the Judeo-Christian beast. Syria is in a scrambled mess and there is a new virus found in Brazil that has almost no recognizable genes or proteins. Where did it comes from? The Heavens in preparation for the coming Great Tribulation? Also, there is now a huge locust plague in Uganda.
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Peace Plan or Rising Beast of Revelation 13?

It’s not a peace plan, it’s a proposal, according to Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. That was my first thought, too, and I’m no fan of either of them. Then I began to see the subtleties that really make this “two-state proposal” a “one-state plan”. Most people are focusing on what is in the plan but some are reading between the lines and seeing what’s there but left unspoken.
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WW3: Expected and Unexpected Battle Preparations and Strategic Planning

See Israel’s latest blatant war bluster along with Turkey’s and even some news about how Russia plans to attack the United States. The war chess pieces are being moved into position in places where one would expect them and in places where positioning is not so expected. Also, the last part of this report comes with a surprise – direct order from YHVH to you through me.
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Far-Reaching Prophetic Implications of Soleimani’s Assassination

The events of this past week, the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, is a step forward to the final fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy about Ephraim in Damascus which prepares the way for Daniel’s 4th and final King of the North war.
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Turkey Readies For War With Iran; Anti-Semitism: It’s Not What You think

The Middle East and North Africa have become a greater powder keg this week and this time it doesn’t center on Israel and the US. It does, however, continue setting the stage for the King of the North (KOTN) to attack the Middle East’s southern region and North Africa according to Daniel 11:40-45’s prophecy.
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Mystery Babylon Making Progress Toward Dominance and Destruction

Israel just muscle flexed with a show of its nuclear capability. Perhaps you haven’t heard this in the news. President Donald Trump is at the forefront of boosting the rise of Mystery Babylon at the same time as Israel continues its progress toward implementing the Jordan Option. The economic outlook is getting more negative press, too.
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Jerusalem Report – 07/27/2018 – Syria’s Message & A Confession

Trump, Netanyahu announced deal with Putin – July 16, Av 4. Nation State bill enacted – July 18, Av 6. Russia, Israel back out of deal – July 22, Av 9. Large stone falls from Western Wall – July 23 – Av 10. Av 12 IDF shoots Syrian fighter jet down after it flew through Israeli airspace. It crashed in southern Syria Read More: