War & Jewish Messiah Bearing Down on the Earth

A lot happened this week. Iran is taking an in-your-face stance to the United States and is gearing up for war not only with Israel but with the United States! How will the US fare in a direct conflict with another superpower? Keep listening to hear what a recent report has to say.

Iran’s ally, Hezbollah, has infiltrated Israel’s Golan border despite Israel’s efforts to stop it.

Iraq took another step to destroying its alliance – what’s left of it – with the US in favor of Iran.

What is happening with Jared Kushner’s peace deal? Is he getting ready to put Hamas in the lead seat over the Palestinian Authority?

We’ll take a look at how the Israelis view Palestinians in this election, too.

Hear what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to say about the Jewish State and equality for all its citizens.

But first – a Purim supermoon and the geula (redemption)!


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Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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The push for non-Jews to interact with Jews for the purpose of influencing non-Jews to adopt Judaism continues, first because the Jews take every sign in the heavens as being for the Jews only, and second by increasingly mixing with those they call gentiles.

Rabbi Yosef Berger, rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, was overjoyed to hear of the upcoming confluence of astronomical events with Purim. The Purim supermoon will be the final in a series of three consecutive full-moon/ supermoons. The next appearance of supermoons will also be a triad, culminating on the night before Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year).

“This ‘supermoon,’ as it is called, is a very good sign for Israel,” Rabbi Berger told Breaking Israel News. Rabbi Berger explained that the opposite of a supermoon, a lunar eclipse is a bad omen for Israel.

The rabbi noted that this year is a leap year, accomplished in the Hebrew calendar by an additional month of Adar.

“Redemption cannot come from anger or hatred,” Rabbi Berger said. “Redemption is brought through happiness. This year, instead of just one month of happiness we had two. And the moon will appear extra large on the holiday that begins the period of redemption.”

Rabbi Berger is in contact with several hidden tzaddikim (righteous people) whose identities are known to only a few rabbis. Last Shabbat, Rabbi Berger paid a visit to one of these hidden tzaddikim and before he even had a chance to say a word, the holy man began to laugh in joy.

There are no ‘holy men’ anywhere on the earth. We are only holy as a collective congregation; never as individuals. YHVH’s people are simply “righteous”, but only if YHVH has attributed righteousness to them.

“He told me that we are very, very, VERY close to geulah (redemption),” Rabbi Berger said. “He has never acted or spoken like this before. He said that in order to prepare, we need to become very strong in joy and happiness.”

Yes. Everyone become very happy that Judaism is getting prepared to force you to deny Yeshua! You know I say this tongue-in-cheek.

On Tuesday, February 26, over 20,000 Jewish women gathered in over 100 different locations worldwide to dance, sing and pray for the arrival of the JEWISH Messianic era.

…Jewish women …are doing Geula Gatherings all over the world.

Pastor Mark Biltz also read the article and encouraged Lush and her colleagues by saying, “We must do this!”

Please – don’t walk… RUN!!! From Pastor Mark Biltz. He hosted a prayer event focusing on the arrival of the messiah, the Jewish messiah. Biltz does not understand that the messiah is not a mere man as is the Jewish messiah.

Here is a video that shows Mark Biltz and Rabbi Itzhak Shapira tal king about how to get people to connect with their JEWISH roots. Listen toward the end of the video.

Friends, our roots are not Jewish! We are Hebrews and our roots are Hebrew. Some don’t like the term ‘Hebrew Roots’, but right now that’s the best term we have. The only other one I can think of is to describe our walk as ‘Kingdom Roots’. Those who don’t understand that YHVH’s Kingdom is not a religion are falling into darkness and deception. They are choosing between Judaism and Christianity!

What do I mean by ‘Kingdom Roots’? Let me ask you something. Will their be Judaism in the Kingdom? No. Will the be Christianity in the Kingdom? No. Will there be Islam in the Kingdom? No. The Kingdom is a nation with laws and a government to uphold and enforce those laws and a righteous King to govern.

Please leave your religion and religious leaders before it is too late!

Biltz’s Geula event had …40 women [who] opened with corporate prayer, reciting the Shema, which is among the most important of all Jewish prayers [NO! The Shema is from Deuteronomy and is part of all Hebrews’ lives, not just those from the tribe of Judah!], and they emphasized the absolute Oneness of God.

Oh my! In Judaism, the ‘absolute oneness of God’ means the same thing as it does in Islam which is that God has no Son!

They also recited sections of the Amidah, the central prayer in every Jewish prayer service [NO! The Amidah is from the first Temple period (actually it is from the Tabernacle) and it was part of all Hebrews’ lives, not just those from the tribe of Judah!]… These include blessings for the ingathering of the exiles [Jewish exiles, not those from the other tribes who have not yet accepted Judaism], for rebuilding the Holy Temple and reinstating the Temple service in Jerusalem and for reestablishing the kingship of the Jewish messiah [this is not Yeshua!].

There was scripture reading, worship, flagging, dancing in their calling on YHVH to bring the Jewish messiah.

Friends, these women don’t know what they are asking for!

Susie McElroy shared what it meant to her, as a Christian, to partner with Jewish women worldwide, “I am beyond blessed to have been able to join thousands of Jewish women to pray for the geula.

No Susie. You are about to be cursed!

Other women from around the world created geula groups to celebrate the coming Jewish messiah and none of them understood what they were doing.

Pushing non-Jews into the arms of Judaism continues as Rabbis continue to announce signs foretelling the arrival of their messiah. A supermoon will appear on Purim and it is a sign, according to Rabbi Yosef Berger.

So, will the Jewish messiah be revealed this year? Well, this article hints that the answer is absolutely ‘yes’!


Is it possible that Jared Kushner’s peace deal could put Hamas in charge of the West Bank and Gaza Strip?

In a Feb. 25 interview on Sky News Arabia, Jared Kushner said the United States would like to see the West Bank and Gaza Strip “unified under one leadership and come together.”

Kushner’s statement …puts many scenarios on the table. Fatah and Hamas could finally reconcile, or a large-scale Israeli military operation could be carried out to topple Hamas so the PA takes over the Gaza Strip. However, the second scenario seems unlikely since Israel has waged three wars against Gaza between 2008 and 2014, without ever eliminating Hamas. That brings up a third scenario.

“Kushner’s words can be interpreted as saying that Hamas is a candidate to be in charge of Gaza and the West Bank together, after being persuaded or pressured by Egypt, Qatar and Turkey to accept this role,” Abdullah Abdullah, a member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council and head of the political committee in the Palestinian Legislative Council, told Al-Monitor.

It’s unusual for a US official to openly speak of bringing together Fatah and Hamas under one government without specifying conditions. In the Sky News Arabia interview, Kushner merely said, “So what we will propose is hopefully something where both sides can gain a lot more than they give and where both sides will have to make compromises, but hopefully the benefits far outweigh the compromise.”

The traditional US position has demanded that Hamas recognize agreements with Israel and renounce violence before it can be part of any Palestinian government. Most recently, such conditions were stated in the reconciliation agreement in October 2017.

“Meanwhile, the PA will not be the one playing this leadership role, since both the US and Israeli behaviors seem to [indicate they] want to eliminate it,” he added. For example, on Feb. 1, the decision to end all US aid to the Palestinian security forces entered into force. That day, the US Agency for International Development announced it was ending all its Palestinian projects, closing all its offices in the Palestinian territories, and canceling the contracts of hundreds of Palestinian employees.

Or is this a ploy to get the PA under Mahmoud Abbas back to the peace table? Who does the US want to deal with in Israel – Hamas, whose charter calls for killing every Israeli, or the PA who claims to want peace? I can’t imagine a world in which the US would rather deal with Hamas than the Palestinian Authority.

I have repeatedly said the deal should arrange for Israel to annex all of the West Bank and Gaza. But to make this fair for Israeli Palestinians, the Jewish State bill would have to be heavily modified or overturned. The Jewish State bill says Israel is a “Jew only” nation. Here are the words right out of Benjamin Netanyahu’s own mouth this week:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday the State of Israel belongs to the Jewish people alone. This was in response to a comment by Israeli actress Rotem Sela, who wrote on social media that Israel [should be] a country of all its citizens.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot also pulled no punches after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel is “not a state for all its citizens” over the weekend.

OH, MY WORD! What I said last year about the Jewish State bill that infuriated many people is now coming directly out of Netanyahu’s mouth!

Here’s what actress Rotem Sela said: “When the hell will someone in this government let the Israeli public know that this is a country for all its citizens and that every person is born equal. And also, that the Arabs are human beings,” Sela asked in an Instagram Story on Sunday, taking a jab at a remark Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev made during a recent TV interview …in which he reportedly urged citizens to vote [in the upcoming elections].

Netanyahu’s reply to Rotem Sela was, “Dear Rotem Sela, I read what you wrote. First of all, an important correction: Israel is not a state for all its citizens. According to a basic law we passed, Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people — and the Jewish people only,” Netanyahu wrote.

And then he continued:

“As you wrote, there is no problem with the Arab citizens of Israel — they have equal rights like all of us and the Likud government has invested more in the Arab sector than any other government. The Likud just want to sharpen the central question in these elections: Should Israel be led by a strong right-wing government headed by myself or by a left-wing government of Yair Lapid and Gantz with the support of the Arab parties? Lapid and Gantz have no other way of forming a government and such a government will undermine the security of the state and the citizens. The decision will be made in another month at the ballot box. Good Day.”

Netanyahu tries to have it both ways, though. Israel is for Jews only. But, because there are Palestinians still living in Israel, he has to say they have the same rights as Jews because of the claim that Israel is the Middle East’s only democracy. This is double-speak because this definition means that Israel is for Jews AND the Palestinians.

Do all Israeli citizens even have the right to vote? This article by Antony Loewenstein was published in TRTWorld.

Less than one in four Palestinians have the right to vote in Israeli elections, but the election will inevitably affect every single Palestinian. Lowenstein also says that the Palestinians have almost no influence over the Israeli elections. The article portrays the harassment and discrimination by Israelis against Palestinians every day. Millions of Palestinians are rendered invisible and a threat in the Israeli media and political sphere. Few Palestinians think that the election will change anything in their lives.

Jewish Power [political party] has its roots in the ideological obsessions of murdered Rabbi Meir Kahane [who] believed in Jewish ethnic purity, forcibly expelling all Palestinians and living under religious, Jewish law.

Although such views aren’t shared by the majority of Israeli Jews today, the idea of kicking Palestinians off their lands is now expressed by growing numbers of mainstream politicians and the general public.

Jewish Power is so extreme that even some of Israel’s biggest US supporters recently expressed opposition to the Netanyahu partnership. The group’s election manifesto includes supporting “total war” against “Israel’s enemies” and bringing more Jews to Israel to battle what it views as the evils of assimilation.

Palestinians are primarily framed as a nuisance that many Israelis hope would simply disappear.

The problem with Israel annexing all Palestinian land – aside from the blowout that would happen in the Arab world – is quite simply that Israel is not capable of governing according to the rules of equality held, not in Democracy, but in the Torah.

The Rabbis had already overwritten the Torah by making the Talmud their authority by the time Yeshua came to the earth and they have had an additional 2,000 years of piling sin upon sin with their Talmud. The Israeli Government and the Chabad Cabal are not interested in a world that includes people who are not Jews. Period. Therefore, the ideal scenario of annexing Palestinian land dies with the sure knowledge that the mostly Hebrew population of non-Jews will be punished for being non-Jewish Hebrews.

Remember, folks, that this Jewish sentiment will extend around the world if they can make that happen.

Trump advisor Jared Kushner recently said that his plan would finalise Israeli borders and Palestinian unity (whatever that means in practice).

The way I see it right now is that any kind of peace will need to be enforced militarily using US and other nations’ troops. Peace with Hamas is not possible and the PA isn’t interested. Actually, the Jews are not interested, either, or they wouldn’t be putting forward their Jewish supremacy doctrine.

According to this article’s author, the soldiers drove perilously close to the sheep, nearly physically hitting them, some of whom were pregnant. Israeli activist Guy Hirschfeld, one of the most prominent dissidents operating in the West Bank to defend Palestinians against Israeli aggression, swung into action. He drove his four-wheel drive towards the soldiers and verbally confronted them. He attempted to stop the soldiers by filming their actions, driving his car close to theirs and speaking to the Palestinians about the best ways to avoid arrest. He told me that the soldiers were operating outside the closed military zone and their actions towards the shepherds were violating the law.

It is clear the Jews are divided on the Palestinian issue. Some Jewish activists simply want justice for the Palestinians and a stop of harassment. This is also what YHVH wants (Exodus 12:49). The motto from the Israeli government should be ‘kill the terrorists, protect those who are not terrorists’.

Some people will say that the Palestinians produce terrorists. And they do! This would stop if the Israelis would follow the Torah instead of their own law!

Given this very real situation, this Israeli election will underscore the inequality and Torah violations against the Hebrew Palestinians.

And now… Kushner said what!?

Kushner’s declared solution to final-status issues — “the goal of resolving these borders is really to eliminate the borders”. Did Kushner really mean what the world heard him say? That there is to be no Palestinian state with defined borders?

Then will become of the Palestinians? The peace plan is enjoying such confusion in the press! It is clear in scripture that the land will be divided. Dividing it will be to return it to the same status that happened under Kings Rehoboam and Jeroboam. The split Kingdom will only be healed by the true Messiah who is God in the flesh – Yeshua.

The US Consulate in Jerusalem has been folded into the American Embassy in the city, effectively downgrading US representation to the Palestinians. Not only are they a displaced people, they are now to be disappeared.

Many may disagree with me about the down-grading, displacement and virtual disappearance of the Palestinians from the Jewish State because of Palestinian terrorism. No doubt that is a problem and a crime against YHVH and His Torah. But it is precisely the reason that Israel should have total control over all the land in Israel so that terrorists can be punished according to the Torah. However, this would mean the Jews acknowledging that YHVH has people who are not of their fold, as Yeshua said in John 10:16 and that they must be given their original tribal territories. Splitting the land between the southern and northern kingdoms is a defiance of the purpose of restoration. Restoring the tribes to their rightful place is the correct way. 

There is still no official date for the plan’s release, but the White House is considering announcing it out shortly after the Israeli election (Haaretz).

The release will need to come after the election. Why? If the Jewish messiah is revealed this year, he will be the one who rubber stamps the peace plan, but he won’t want to do that until the election winners are already in his inner circle, especially if enforcing the plan will mean internal war!


Temple Mount is ablaze with violence again. The Temple Mount was closed down until March 13 due to a Palestinian firebomb attack on March 12.

The Jerusalem Post reports that a Molotov cocktail was thrown at an Israeli police station close to the Temple Mount, mildly injuring one Israeli police officer from smoke inhalation. Ten people were arrested in connection to the attack; three of them are reportedly Palestinians.

The attack prompted Israeli police to close down the Temple Mount, resulting in Palestinian riots.

You probably knew this, but did you know that the Palestinians are carrying dead bodies onto Temple Mount as part of this war strategy?

During the riots, a Palestinian funeral procession was prevented from entering the Temple Mount by the Israeli police, since the site had been closed off due to the firebomb attack. Another riot ensued.

Assaf Fried, the spokesman for the Temple Organizations, explained that the Palestinians routinely bring their dead into the Dome of the Rock before burial.

“It is indeed very strange to bring a dead body to the Temple Mount but this happens almost every day,” Fried told Breaking Israel News. “It should be noted that the Yusifa Cemetery outside of Sha’ar HaRachamim is technically closed and has been so by court order for 20 years. But the Palestinians continue to bury there unhindered.”

Apparently, this is not aberrant behavior for Muslims as it is for Jews and Christians. Dr. Mordechai Kedar explained that according to Islamic law, it was not problematic to bring a dead body into the Dome of the Rock.

According to Jewish tradition, the Messiah will arrive via the Sha’ar HaRachamim. The Ottomans built the cemetery in front of the gate in order to prevent the Jewish Messiah from arriving.

Dr. Kedar, a senior lecturer in the Department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University, explained that the cemetery was established out of the Muslims misunderstanding Jewish eschatology.

“They believed that the Jewish Messiah would be a Kohen (man of the priestly caste) but this is not correct. Also, a cemetery of non-Jews does not have ritual impurity. So the Muslim cemetery outside of Sha’ar HaRachamim will not pose any problem for the Jewish Messiah.”

You really have a to do a total rewrite of the Torah to reach the conclusion that any dead body doesn’t have ritual impurity. Oh yeah! They DID rewrite the Torah! It’s called the Talmud!



Israel’s border is less secure under President Donald Trump’s watch than it has been in the last 50 years. The Israeli military said Wednesday it has uncovered a militant network run by the Lebanese Hezbollah group inside Syria, along the [border] with Israel.

The military said the network, which Hezbollah runs together with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, is stockpiling weapons, collecting intelligence and recruiting locals for attacks against Israel.

Hezbollah …has been operating covertly …without the knowledge of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, the Israeli military said.

…The unit under the command of Ali Musa Daqduq is said to defer directly to Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah. IDF Col. Amit Fischer, head of the Bashan division and the Golan sector, reported that the Hizballah unit is still getting organized and is meanwhile engaged in intelligence-gathering on Israeli troop deployments and mapping out routes and targets.

DEBKAfile assumes that the IDF high command had its own reasons for making this disclosure at this time since it is not new. Hizballah has never paused in its attempts to establish terrorist structures on the Syrian Golan with a view to opening a second front against Israel if attacked. Its presence has been consistently covered by DEBKAfile …[since] last July when the IDF allowed Syrian army units to take over rebel-held regions opposite Israel’s Golan border. Our military sources revealed at the time that Hizballah fighters were integrated in the Syrian units, disguised in Syrian army uniforms, and setting up observation posts and terrorist teams opposite IDF positions. It was those Hizballah posts near Quneitra and the Syrian Druze village of Al Khader that Israel tanks shelled in early February.

March 13 marks two months since Israel wound up its “Operation Northern Shield” for eliminating Hizballah’s cross-border tunnels from Lebanon, an operation which, incidentally, had little effect on the balance of strength between Israel and Hizballah.

Underlining the Hizballah threat from southwestern Syria will no doubt contribute to the campaign launched by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz for gaining congressional recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan.

But there is another, military, factor at work: US forces in Syria and Iraq are gearing up for action against the Iraqi-Shiite militia concentrations swarming through western Iraq and eastern Syria.

Iran has plans for stopping the US in Syria and Iraq while simultaneously maneuvering around those pesky US sanctions. First, let’s look at military action Iran is threatening if the US intervenes in its oil smuggling activities.


Iran Warns Israel of Firm Response if Oil Shipments Targeted

Iran will respond firmly to any Israeli naval action against its oil shipments, Iran’s defense minister said on Wednesday, in comments that came a week after Israel’s prime minister said its navy could act against Iranian oil “smuggling” to evade U.S. sanctions.

Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami said such confrontation would be considered as “piracy” and warned that “if it happens, we will firmly respond.”

“The Iranian armed forces have certainly the capabilities to protect the country’s shipping lines in the best way against any possible threat,” Hatami said.

…Iran [uses] a variety of measures to evade sanctions, including changing the names of ships or flag registries, switching off location transponders on ships and conducting ship-to-ship transfers offshore and away from large trade hubs.

Iranian officials also have threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz …if the United States attempts to stop [its] oil exports.

It isn’t enough that Iran is threatening naval action against the US, but it is now prepared to launch the long-threatened deployment of its naval fleet in the Atlantic Ocean.

Iran to send warships to the Atlantic, closer to U.S. waters

The Iranian navy said it will deploy warships in the Atlantic Ocean in March, a top commander said on Friday, as the Islamic Republic seeks to increase the operating range of its naval forces to the backyard of the United States… A senior Iranian military official said last month that the navy could sail in the Atlantic near U.S. waters since U.S. aircraft carriers [operate] in international waters near Iran.

He said Sahand, a newly-built destroyer, would be one of the warships. Sahand has a flight deck for helicopters and Iran says it is equipped with anti-aircraft and anti-ship guns, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles and has electronic warfare capabilities.

Hassani said in December that Iran would soon send two to three vessels on a mission to Venezuela.

Iran’s navy has extended its reach in recent years, launching vessels in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden to protect Iranian ships from Somali pirates.

Another way around US sanctions is to control Iraq’s banks.

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani [visited] Baghdad on Monday, March 11, for the main purpose of harnessing Iraq’s banks as Tehran’s main mechanism for beating the US sanction on its oil sales.

[The two countries] …agreed in principle to set up a mechanism for enabling Iran’s foreign clients to purchase oil and gas, in defiance of President Donald Trump’s sanctions, by registering the transactions as purchases of Iraqi oil. Payment is to be deposited in Iraqi banks in Baghdad and Basra, then quietly transferred in euros to banks in Tehran.

Prime Minister Mahdi does not expect the Trump administration to make trouble over this subterfuge. He is under enormous pressure from Iran and the Iraqi Shiite militias …to order US forces to withdraw from Iraq. He therefore believes he holds over Washington’s head a threat to give into Iran’s pressure and order the 5,200 American troops to pack up and leave their bases, should the US take action against the Iraqi banks which collude in busting US sanctions.

This order would undermine the Trump administration’s strategy in the Middle East and the Gulf. The US grants substantial financial and military support to Baghdad to secure a linchpin for this strategy against Tehran’s grab for dominant influence in the Iraqi capital.

However, the deal is in the bag. On Feb. 6, the governor of the Iraqi central bank reached an agreement in principle.

Meanwhile, Washington warned the Mahdi government against conniving with Tehran to beat America’s anti-Iran sanctions.

Washington and Baghdad are on the brink of a showdown. …This impasse is the reason why the US has in recent days sent additional forces to fortify its bases in Iraq… The extra units have been drawn from US bases in Israel and Jordan.


US ‘Gets Its Ass Handed To It’ In Wargames: Here’s A $24 Billion Fix

The US keeps losing, hard, in simulated wars with Russia and China. Bases burn. Warships sink. But we could fix the problem for about $24 billion a year, one well-connected expert said, less than four percent of the Pentagon budget.

“In our games, when we fight Russia and China,” RAND analyst David Ochmanek said this afternoon, “blue gets its ass handed to it.” In other words, in RAND’s wargames, which are often sponsored by the Pentagon, the US forces — colored blue on wargame maps — suffer heavy losses in one scenario after another and still can’t stop Russia or China — red — from achieving their objectives, like overrunning US allies.

No, it’s not a Red Dawn nightmare scenario where the Commies conquer Colorado. But losing the Baltics or Taiwan would shatter American alliances, shock the global economy, and topple the world order the US has led since World War II.

How could this happen, when we spend over $700 billion a year on everything from thousand-foot-long nuclear-powered aircraft carriers to supersonic stealth fighters? Well, it turns out US superweapons have a little too much Achilles in their heels.

“In every case I know of,” said Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense with decades of wargaming experience, “the F-35 rules the sky when it’s in the sky, but it gets killed on the ground in large numbers.”

Even the hottest jet has to land somewhere. But big airbases on land and big aircraft carriers on the water turn out to be big targets for long-range precision-guided missiles. Once an American monopoly, such smart weapons are now a rapidly growing part of Russian and Chinese arsenals — as are the long-range sensors, communications networks, and command systems required to aim them.

So, as potential adversaries improve their technology, “things that rely on sophisticated base infrastructure like runways and fuel tanks are going to have a hard time,” Ochmanek said. “Things that sail on the surface of the sea are going to have a hard time.”

Worst of all, Work and Ochmanek said, the US doesn’t just take body blows, it takes a hard hit to the head as well. Its communications satellites, wireless networks, and other command-and-control systems suffer such heavy hacking and jamming that they are, in Ochmanek’s words, “suppressed, if not shattered.”

The US has wargamed cyber and electronic warfare in field exercises, Work said, but the simulated enemy forces tend to shut down US networks so effectively that nothing works and nobody else gets any training done. “Whenever we have an exercise and the red force really destroys our command and control, we stop the exercise,” Work said, instead of trying to figure out how to keep fighting when your command post gives you nothing but blank screens and radio static.

The Chinese call this “system destruction warfare,” Work said: They plan to “attack the American battle network at all levels, relentlessly, and they practice it all the time.”

The recommendation is to find $24 billion in the military budget for more hardware such as missiles and shoring up communications systems. The die is cast. The US military is in the situation it is in. I’ve reported for many years how Russia and China are outstripping the US in every military category. The time is coming – perhaps sooner, perhaps later – when Americans will pay the price for its leaders’ hubris and arrogance.

Why the U.S. could lose the next big war

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