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US & Global Economy

Congressional Democrats to roll out economic agenda

Sen. Chuck Schumer and other Democratic congressional leaders are launching a revamped messaging campaign today as part of the party’s new appeal to voters before the 2018 midterm elections.

The campaign features a new package of economic priorities Democrats are calling A Better Deal.

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Any way you look at it, this stock market is overvalued, Goldman Sachs says – CNBC

Link to original article Goldman Sachs warned on Monday that the stock market has an “elevated valuation on almost every metric.” A report written by… Read More


White House

For Trump and Putin, Sanctions Are a Setback Both Sought to Avoid

Throughout 2016, both Donald J. Trump and President Vladimir V. Putin complained that American-led sanctions against Russia were the biggest irritant in the plummeting relations between the two superpowers. And the current investigations, which have cast a shadow over Mr. Trump’s first six months in office, have focused on whether a series of contacts between Mr. Trump’s inner circle and Russians were partly about constructing deals to get those penalties lifted.

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Trump EPA eyes former Obama energy official to lead climate science face-off

Link to original article Steven Koonin in 2011. Matthew Wisniewski/Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) By Hannah Northey, E&E NewsJul. 24, 2017 ,… Read More


Islam & New World Order

Ezra Levant, founder of Rebel Media, joins Alex Jones to discuss how the mainstream media over-hypes the humanitarian crisis of Muslims in the Middle East but covers-up the extermination of Christians.

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NYT To Fox: Apologize For Reporting Our Story Fumbled Capture Of ISIS Leader

Link to original article A New York Times spokesperson reached out to producers for the Fox News show “Fox and Friends,” asking the network to… Read More



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Alberta's political earthquake cracks foundations of carbon-tax crusade

Link to original article Al Gore’s sequel to his 2006 climate-doom film, An Inconvenient Truth, opens this week, but conservatives in Alberta just spoiled the… Read More



Policemen are seen near the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan July 23, 2017. REUTERS/ Stringer

Embassy incident: 2 Jordanians dead, Israeli hurt

An incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman Sunday, July 23, left two Jordanians shot dead and an Israeli stabbed and in serious condition. Monday morning, amid reports of an impending evacuation of embassy staff, the building was surrounded by Jordanian forces which prevented departures and entries. This followed a long confrontation overnight between the Jordanian and Israeli governments, most likely at the highest level. Amman demands the Israeli guard surrendered for the investigation into the incident. Israel refuses on the grounds that he has diplomatic immunity.

After the story was held back for several hours by the Israeli and Jordanian authorities, the versions which sparked this development released early Monday, combined with earlier international media reports, left more questions than answers.

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Saudi Arabia and Iran to provide Middle East flashpoint

With the retaking of Mosul in northern Iraq, Islamic State could soon be a thing of the past. But the defeat of Islamic State and the demise of its self-proclaimed Iraqi-Syrian caliphate won’t bring peace to the Middle East, or even an end to the Syrian tragedy. Rather, it is likely to open a new chapter in the region’s bloody and chaotic history — one no less dangerous than the previous chapters since the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I.

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Filmmaker: You can't praise the military while bashing my generation –

Link to original article On Saturday, film producer and Iraq War veteran Chris Roessner was honored by the Pat Tillman foundation with their annual “Make… Read More