Are The Nations’ Treaties Falling Apart?

In the news this week, some situations that may be moving us toward the Great Tribulation sooner rather than later.

The US has a border problem. Will the US let thousands of Central Americans into the country?

Israel’s border problems continue.

Microchipping of human beings may be about to get in a great, big hurry! Getting you chipped is becoming more of an agenda.

Russia is making veiled threats to the United States that nuclear war is coming.

But first, Jordan has withdrawn from a treaty with Israel.

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Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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All is not well between Jordan and Israel. King Abdullah II of Jordan has opted out of the 1994 peace treaty with Israel. Sunday’s announcement by King Abdullah II took Israel by surprise. A stunned silence settled over Israeli news outlets for a few hours. Finally, Israel politicians began to talk.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the government to government ties between Jerusalem and Amman is strong, with both sides recognizing that while the other might not always do what they want, both their interests are supremely served by peace and cooperation. Where there is a problem is at the people to people level. The Jerusalem Post goes on to say that the problem is with the Jordanian people. There is no mention in the JPost article about the culpability of the Israelis in this matter.

In case anyone has forgotten this lesson: In democracies, the people rule the day. Technically, Jordan is a Constitutional Monarchy with Parliamentary elections. Elections are the basis of Democracy (though some would argue that point), but my point is that anytime the people are given this kind of voice, it will always be the people that rule. Democracy is Esau’s form of government, created by him at Mount Seir (read Genesis 36 and listen to The Esau Effect) and exported to Greece where it became one of the Beasts of Daniel which conquered and occupied Israel. We know from history that Greece is the beginning and seat of Democracy. This is why there is no voting in YHVH’s Kingdom. You and I don’t have a say in how it’s run. We either agree and submit or we don’t get to be citizens of it.

The parcels in question are Baqura and Ghumar, two areas that were leased to Jerusalem for 25 years with automatic renewal unless Jordan decides to not renew the lease. And that’s what Jordan did – decided to not renew the lease. One parcel is in the Arava desert north of Eilat and the other is in the Jordan Valley close to the Sea of Galilee.

What are some of the pressures that caused Jordan to back away from Israel? And what does it mean prophetically?

There have been a few incidences and reneging on agreements between Israel and Jordan that certainly has a hand in the cause and has put King Abdullah between a rock and a hard place keeping the Jordanians in line with the 1994 treaty.

First, in July 2017, an Israeli security guard, killed two Jordanians in the compound of Israel’s embassy in Amman in self-defense, but the Jordanians had already had enough of another problem – the Palestinian problem – by then. It really is the Palestinian problem that is the issue with the Jordanian people.

Second, President Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem favors the Jews over the Palestinians in the eyes of the Arab world.

Third, Israel has dragged its feet over fulfilling the 2015 agreement to build a water desalinization plant. To the Jordanians, it appears the Israelis don’t keep their word.

Fourth, the King faces increasing pressure from the people to cancel the entire peace agreement with Israel over the country’s treatment of the Palestinians. Then the United States recognized Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem and relocated the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital. The entire Arab world has been in knots over the appearance that the US favors Jews more than Palestinians.

The fifth reason for the Jordanian people is the US cutting aid to Palestinians.

At the beginning of the year Jordanian citizens gradually began to demonstrate against the government due to a series of economic and political moves. In September, protestors brought up the treaty’s approaching expiration date which had been renewed every year since 1994.

The trade unions in Jordan, important leaders of public opinion, joined the protest, which led to a mass rally with hundreds of participants. In addition, dozens of MPs signed a petition calling for the directives in the treaty concerning the two enclaves not to be renewed.

So, this thing moved up from the people to the Parliament.

King Abdullah’s decision to not renew the land lease is a concession to the protestors. It is compensation for the poor economy and a salve on the wound of Jerusalem. There have been unsubstantiated rumors here that I have not spoken of about various coups against the King. This non-renewal is King Abdullah’s compromise with the people of Jordan.  

These situations are contributing factors, but they are not the spiritual or prophetic cause of Jordan’s withdrawal from the lease. So, what is the cause, Biblically and prophetically speaking?

The root cause is the ongoing civil war between the Houses of Judah and Israel that started 2900 years ago, a war that has caused both Houses to go into exile and continue in exile to this day. The focal point of this war today is the Palestinian issue. The Palestinian issue is the cause of the problem between Israel and Jordan. So it’s the war causing the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian issue causing the problems between Israel and Jordan.

A tit for tat game could be coming between the two countries. Alan Baker, a veteran diplomat and former legal advisor to the foreign minister who is now director of the International Law Program at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, said Israel allows planes to and from Jordan to overfly its airspace, saving considerable time and money. Baker, who was part of the team that negotiated the treaty with Jordan, said Israel also allows Jordanian trucks to use Israel’s ports. These, too, are things that Israel could decide to withhold.

Jordan is expected to try in the coming year to achieve a better deal for continuation of the leasing. The announcement about a refusal to renew the annexation arrangement provides an opening for renewed negotiations with Israel about the leasing conditions and use of the two enclaves.

Israel is expected to begin negotiations with Jordan in the coming year, with the aim of leaving the areas in question under Israeli control.

In my opinion, this non-renewal is just a glitch – a small blip – on the peace radar. The peace treaty may yet be salvaged (I’ll tell you about that in a minute) but Jordan’s withdrawal for any reason could be a sign that judgment is starting in the House of YHVH.

Prophetically, even if Israel and Jordan get into a sparring match and split completely, Sunni-dominated Jordan will still be overrun by the Iranian Shi’ites when the time comes no matter how much of a war Israel and Jordan engage in.

In the meantime, Israeli farmers could continue to work the annexed land in the enclaves reclaimed by Jordan. This will be accomplished by Israeli farmers registering as Jordanian companies, under a compromise deal emerging from talks between Jerusalem and Amman that began on Monday, Oct. 22.

WE GOT US A CARAVAN! (*Yes, I know… The correct quote from Smokey & the Bandit is “we got us a convoy”…)

Don’t think the US is not paying a price for meddling in Israel’s affairs. The throng moving toward America’s southern border is not moving that way because the folks are friendly. It’s a warning from YHVH to Trump to stop messing with Israel, to stop going after the prize he so desperately wants.

Why do I say this northward-bound throng is a warning? There’s another one right behind it. DHS is tracking members of this new caravan, including a 230-member WhatsApp group, that intends to leave Oct. 31. This one is from El Salvador.

President Donald Trump’s failed Middle East policies are the reason for this migrant invasion of the weak southern US border. His failed policies have allowed Israel’s arch enemies, Iran and Hezbollah, to park themselves in close strategic positions to Israel from which they will invade when YHVH gives the green light. If I am right about the 4+1 coalition being the King of the North, then you need to understand that the King of the North is YHVH’s tool that He will use to punish both Houses of Judah and Israel.

It is quite possible that this caravan is an instrument of YHVH to save the US Senate from being taken by the Democrats. You might be asking what interest YHVH has in American politics? His interests lie in fulfilling His promises. He always uses human situations and conditions to accomplish His purposes. The Democrats could prevent Trump from continuing on the path set before him by YHVH. So, I believe it is possible that this caravan might work in favor of the ruling Republican party.

Trump has warned about the weakness of the southern border. Now, Americans are seeing the evidence. If they feel insecure enough, they will vote in another Republican House. And this time, the Republicans might not be so quick to oppose Trump because they will realize they are there because the American people believe Trump is right about the border problem and their security.


But what are Americans to believe about this border situation? The fake and confusing news being brought to you by… well, just about anyone with a microphone or laptop, is shaping what will happen in two weeks in the US elections. Let’s take a look at the fake news floating around.

Rumors say that George Soros is behind the immigrant caravan. According to, journalists are traveling with the caravan, but even their on-the-ground reporting is competing with so much false information out there, and sometimes being co-opted by it, making it difficult to sort fact from fiction. One viral tweet spreading misinformation takes an ABC News video out of context and uses it as proof that the caravan is part of a liberal agenda to bring migrants into the US. In fact, the clip shows a few Mexican drivers “taking pity” on some in the caravan and picking them up in their trucks, as the reporter on the ground describes. 

The caravan’s organization has been a major focus of politicians and misinformation campaigns. The Honduran government, attempting to downplay the dangerous conditions in the country, has claimed the caravan is an effort to destabilize the nation. The Daily Beast reports that it was actually an inaccurate news report on television in Honduras, falsely promising that their food and “transportation” would be paid for by a former politician, that inspired many people to begin walking. Some migrants interviewed by the Daily Beast say that since the trip to the US is so dangerous, they decided to join the caravan in the hopes of benefitting from safety in numbers. 

One online conspiracy theory, pushed by sites like InfoWars, says the migrants in the caravan are getting rides paid for by wealthy bankers, and that they are organized by immigration advocacy groups. Last week, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz asked on Twitter whether liberal philanthropist George Soros or “US-backed NGOs” are behind it. Some message boards are more blunt, suggesting it’s not merely Soros but a vast Jewish cabal that’s driving the caravan.

Let me interject here. If any have something to gain by this caravan it is Donald Trump and the Republicans in this election. This throng of immigrants surely raises security questions hammered on by Trump and the Republicans, doesn’t it?

Another inaccuracy being repeated on social media and YouTube is that the caravan will soon merge with more than 40,000 Mexican migrants, and flood over the border just after the midterms. When WIRED called one of the listed numbers, the militia member who answered said that the 42,000 number was bogus, and that government officials have told the group that the caravan consists of around 7,000 people—a figure in line with on-the-ground reports. 

President Trump and Vice President Pence have both added to the confusion, repeatedly suggesting, among other things, that “Middle Easterners” are among the migrants. So far, on-the-ground reporters have been unable to corroborate this. Rumors about Middle Eastern terrorists going through the Mexican border have circulated for years, and they have largely been debunked.

Here’s a question. Were 100 ISIS Terrorists Caught in Guatemala as a Central American Caravan Headed to the US? Two different news stories corroborated the impression that Trump and Pence have given that ISIS terrorists were traveling with a group of migrants from Central America.

There is confusion. So much confusion that Campbell Soup is facing calls for boycott after one of its executives tweeted a conspiracy theory involving billionaire George Soros and a migrant caravan from Honduras. 

Vice President of Government Affairs Kelly Johnston suggested that Soros’ Open Society Foundation planned and is carrying out the 5,000-person caravan making its way from Central America to the U.S. He also said the foundation has an “army of American immigration lawyers waiting at the border.”

In his tweet, Johnston also said Soros’s foundation had orchestrated everything, including where the migrants defecate.

I am no fan of Soros. I am less a fan of lies. If Soros is involved (we all know he’s a billionaire bully who has stirred up a lot of trouble worldwide), then let the record stand. The record is bad enough by itself and indicts Soros aplenty on its own. We don’t need embellishment because embellishment is lying that will eventually make people stop seeing the real truth. says the last thing the left wants prior to the midterms is an image dramatizing the weakness of our southern border. 

So the caravan of thousands of migrants, emanating from Honduras and headed toward the United States, is considered an illegitimate story, a shoddy excuse for President Donald Trump’s chest-beating and fear-mongering. 

It’s certainly true that Trump and his allies have thrown up a lot of chaff around the caravan. It’s not being paid for by George Soros, as Congressman Matt Gaetz insinuated. There’s no evidence that it is infiltrated by unknown Middle Easterners, as Trump tweeted (before walking it back). Trump at times loosely talks as if the caravan is a Democratic conspiracy, which obviously isn’t true, either. But he gets the big point right: We have borders, and should enforce them. 

Whatever Trump’s exaggerations, the caravan itself isn’t a fabrication. It started as a group of 160 people in Honduras. It quickly grew to 1,600. Guatemala tried to close its border to the migrants, but rapidly gave in. By the time the caravan reached the Mexican border, it had gathered about 3,000 people, and grew to as large as 7,000 as it crossed into Mexico. 

The media has run with the story because it isn’t every day that a group of thousands of migrants crashes through a Mexican border-crossing in defiance of the governments of Mexico and the United States. The images, of a throng of migrants as far as the eye can see on a Mexican highway or of migrants hanging off a truck, are compelling. To which the response of progressive commentators has been: No fair. 

There have been complaints that The New York Times ran front-page photos of the caravan two days running, drawing comparisons with the newspaper’s supposedly disproportionate coverage of the Clinton email scandal. Then, there’s the footage on TV. “Make no mistake,” Bill Maher says, “the TV media is helping Trump and his enablers win the upcoming election.” 

This is all misbegotten. Rather than urging that the media ignore the caravan, Democrats would be better advised to lessen their vulnerability on immigration by not treating concerns over border security as inherently fake or hateful. 

How hard would it be to say that this isn’t how people should enter the United States? That it’s an affront to immigrants who have scrupulously followed the rules? That the caravan should disperse and legitimate asylum-seekers try to get protection in Mexico, long before they reach the U.S. border? 

Asked about Trump’s tone on the caravan, Senator Kamala Harris made it sound as though it’d be un-American to turn the migrants away: “We are a country that—our strength has always been that we are a tolerant country, that we are welcoming, in particular, to those who have fled harm.” She denounced “vilifying some group for the sake of fear-mongering and politics.” 

Another typical response is to tsk-tsk worries about the border by citing a decline in illegal border-crossings since the 2000s. But this misses the point: Our laws and rules have conspired to render the southern border almost null and void for the category of migration that has been growing at the most rapid clip, families and minors from Central America. 

What migrants in the caravan understand is that, as members of a family unit from Central America, if they set foot in the United States, they have a good chance of staying (hundreds of migrants from a 1,500-strong caravan earlier this year reportedly made it into the United States). The so-called Flores settlement, an anti-trafficking law affecting minors from noncontiguous countries, and lax asylum policies mean that migrants can surrender to border agents and probably get a bus ticket to somewhere in the interior of the country, pending proceedings for which they may never show up. 

This is an enormous incentive to make the trek, and it’s reflected in the increased arrivals of family units from Central America. The caravan is dramatic, but it isn’t different in kind from the daily reality on the border of Central American minors and members of family units showing up, and getting in. 

Trump is correct that this is an insane way for a sovereign country to run its immigration policy, and that Republicans want to try to fix it by tightening the rules, while Democrats support the latitudinarian status quo. 

If Trump’s opponents don’t want to see more caravans on TV, they could agree that the border shouldn’t be arbitrarily open to a swath of migrants from Central America and help do something about it. They have no interest in doing this, of course. So they can only cry foul when Trump points out the obvious deficiencies in the current system and hope news organizations don’t notice a group of thousands of people heading north to try to take advantage of our laxity.

Could this be the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy about turmoil in Babylon? The continued turmoil between the Democrats and Republicans who are led by Obama, Clinton and Soros against Donald Trump and Mike Pence?

Jer 51:46 And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler. 


Despite Trump’s attempts to kick Iran out of Syria, the Iranians have decided they “are going to stay” in Syria and are solidifying their positions in Iraq militarily and inside Baghdad’s government at the same time. Not only are they staying, but both Iran and Russia are upping their game with new strategies to defeat old enemies.

The Russians “are learning and experimenting in the field” through joint and combined operations. “Iran is always learning” and adapting to changed military and political events. Turkey, a NATO ally has been engaged with Russia and Iran in deconflicting air and ground operations, “has some problems” because “most of its senior general officers are in jail” following a failed 2016 coup. 

As for the United States, its “military is so large” that it remains a power “with some very fast moving units” that can respond to rapidly changing circumstances but can be encumbered by its vast size. 

But the “fundamental rot” of the Assad regime throws into question whether Damascus with the backing of the Russians and the Iranians can hold the territory that it has reclaimed from the Islamic State and al Qaeda and by defeating forces originally backed by the United States. 

Already the Sunni extremists are showing signs of regaining strength that could scare off European and Japanese investors who earlier expressed an interest in reconstruction projects in Syria. 

Assaf Orion, a military fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said, for all parties, including Israel, “this is a long war” that will continue.

Israel believes Iran is building precision-guided missile factories on Iraqi soil, according to an official source quoted by Yisrael Hayom, adding that it threatens turning Iraq into yet another frontier for conflict with between the two adversaries on top of Syria and Lebanon.

Iran is spreading both its influence and its physical presence in swathes of territory in the Middle East, including Iraq where is it focused on growing its political and military influence. It is said that Iran’s “dream” is to “consecrate the Shia crescent”, through gaining a firm foothold in Iraq which would create a continuous land corridor of Iranian influence, from the Islamic Republic through Iraq, Syria and to Lebanon.

The US is on board with Israel’s intention to remove Iran from Syria. The US military base in Al Tanf in southeast Syria opened its doors to reporters last Monday during the visit of Army General Joseph Votel, who leads the US Central Command. It was the first time that media members gained access to the garrison, which opened in 2015. 

The US Commander said the outpost near the Iraq and Jordan borders still serves an important purpose even though US and coalition troops have “largely eliminated” ISIS from the area. But he said the overall mission has not shifted into a counter-Iran campaign.

This is what you call negative rhetoric. It is negative because it doesn’t fit with what the White House says and what it is doing.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Lebanon’s “Hezbollah” and Iranian forces re-infiltrated Syria’s south, and areas close to the border with the occupied Golan Heights and the border with Jordan. Reliable sources said some 1,600 members were persuaded by “Hezbollah” to deploy in southern Syria in exchange for attractive salaries of up to $300 per person.

Israel’s border with Gaza continues to escalate toward full fledged war. The Israeli military struck eight Hamas targets in three different military compounds in the Gaza Strip late Wednesday night after a rocket fired from Gaza landed in an unpopulated area. 

Iron Dome failed to knock down a Gaza rocket again just as happened a week ago when a house in Beersheba was struck by a Gaza missile. 

The targets included a military compound in the northern Gaza Strip, a training base and a weapon production and storage site in the southern Gaza Strip. 

Speculation about a potential offensive on Gaza has been swirling for several days, as the IDF stationed around 60 tanks and armored personnel carriers near the Palestinian border in what may be the largest military deployment since 2014’s Operation Protective Edge. 

Lieberman pinned the blame for the escalation on Hamas and claimed that there is no popular uprising in Gaza and that Palestinians taking part in large-scale protests are on Hamas’ payroll. 

Palestinians say they are protesting of their own free will to counter Israeli oppression. Over 200 Palestinians have been killed, including medics and journalists, and more than 22,000 injured since border protests – the Great March of Return – began last March. 

Israel has also intensified demolition of Palestinian villages in the West Bank to make way for the expansion of more Jewish settlements.

So, once again, it is the Palestinian issue – the ancient House of Judah and House of Israel issue – playing itself out.

Israel is now saying there is no choice but full on war with Gaza.


Experts admit that, so far, getting humans to adopt microchip implants has been a tough sell. Many Christians reject them because of concern they could be a prelude to “the mark of the Beast” which Revelation chapter 13 says will be “a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads.” 

But the marketing “tipping point” for implantable chips, writes The Atlantic, will come “when they become so useful they’re hard to refuse; when their benefits outweigh our anxieties about them. It could happen sooner than you think.” 

Right now, thousands of people in countries like Germany and Sweden have already opted to get chipped for easier financial transactions. Sven Becker, head of “I am Robot,” tells Euronews that 2,000 to 3,500 people in Germany have implanted a microchip under their skin “as a substitute for key cards to the gym, office, and house.” 

But some believe medical and health monitoring features will be what takes implanted chips mainstream. 

Kayla Heffernan, a researcher in the department of computing and information systems at the University of Melbourne’s School of Engineering, told The Atlantic people are already used to putting devices in their bodies. 

“Pacemakers are routine surgery. Plastic surgery is less taboo now,” Heffernan said. “Hundreds of thousands of American bodies now contain cochlear implants, IUDs, nerve stimulators, artificial joints, implantable birth-control rods, and beyond. So as we’ve become more comfortable with this, ‘insertables’ become more acceptable.” 

In Sweden, a pioneer in what’s known as “biohacking (adding cybernetic devices to living things)”, as many as 4,000 people have implanted microchips, usually for convenience features, essentially turning their hands into contact-less credit cards, key cards, and even railcards. The microchips are injected into the back of the hand between the thumb and index finger. 

But more people than just Christians oppose the biohacking trend. The website Futurism calls it a “digital security nightmare.

Besides being vulnerable to hackers, a chip implanted in your body means, “They could track where you are, how long you take for lunch every day, or how many times you went to the bathroom if the chip were scanned by a reader,” Futurism writes. “And opting out of this kind of data collection is a lot more convoluted when you’ve got a chip implanted in your bodily tissues. If you want to go off the grid in even the smallest way, you can leave your wallet at home, but removing a microchip requires a bit more, uh, effort.

Last, but not least, Russia is making veiled threats against the West.

Last week, President Vladimir Putin said “If any nation decides to attack Russia with nuclear weapons, it may end life on Earth; but unlike the aggressors, the Russians are sure to go to heaven.” “Any aggressor should know that retribution will be inevitable and he will be destroyed. And since we will be the victims of his aggression, we will be going to heaven as martyrs. They will simply drop dead, won’t even have time to repent.”

He added that Russia’s nuclear forces are not tailored for a pre-emptive strike, and exist as a second-strike capability meant to deter an attack by a foreign nation.

The Russian nuclear doctrine allows for the use of this weapon in a conventional conflict, but only if Russia’s existence is at stake.

Therein lies the rub. How will Russia determine if its existence is at stake? A statement made this week may hold the key to understanding. This presumably gives the Russian military a loophole to use tactical nuclear weapons in the case of a large-scale invasion.

This week, let’s get a handle on how Russia will define its existence being at stake. 

Putin said this week the deployment of US intermediate-range missiles in Europe would force Russia to target the nations hosting them.

So, THIS is how Putin will determine if Russia’s existence is at stake – US missiles being hosted in Europe!

Putin’s stern warning on Wednesday followed US President Donald Trump’s weekend announcement that he intends to opt out of a landmark nuclear arms control pact over alleged Russian violations. 

Putin rejected Trump’s claim that Russia breached the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. He alleged it was the United States that violated the agreement. 

Putin says he hopes to discuss the issue with Trump in Paris on the sideline of Nov. 11 events marking 100 years since Armistice Day. He added that if the US deploys intermediate-range missiles in Europe, Russia would have to respond by targeting the countries where the missiles are based.

There will come a day when the US and Russia will have direct combat. The US will have to respond to an attack by Russia to European nations housing US missiles because of the NATO agreement.

Folks, this war that has been talked about for such a long time is coming. No one knows when the first strike will happen, but it will happen.

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