The Long And Short Term Threats to Humans On Planet Earth

JUST HOW BAD IS THE CORONOVIRUS, ANYWAY? The University of Minnesota reports that the coronavirus has a 2.3% death rate and is less deadly that SARS or MERS but it is more easily transmitted. It also has a 49% death rate for those who become critically ill such as those with other diseases which are found mostly in the older population.
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Jerusalem Report – 07/27/2018 – Syria’s Message & A Confession

Trump, Netanyahu announced deal with Putin – July 16, Av 4. Nation State bill enacted – July 18, Av 6. Russia, Israel back out of deal – July 22, Av 9. Large stone falls from Western Wall – July 23 – Av 10. Av 12 IDF shoots Syrian fighter jet down after it flew through Israeli airspace. It crashed in southern Syria Read More: