Jerusalem Report – 08/24/2018 – MESSIAH AND ANTI-MESSIAH: TRUTH REVEALED

More believers worldwide are denying Yeshua to convert to Judaism. The anti-Messiah spirit is becoming stronger among believers because he may be about to appear and you need to know what to look for! There is an unexplained detail about the anti-Messiah in the scripture to help you identify him. Find out what it is!

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Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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Sukkot for Jerusalem


The anti-Messiah is more important this week than the 1,000 new settler homes approved in Israel, the loosening of gun laws to allow 500,000 more Israelis to carry guns and Abbas calling for the UN to come expel Israel from the land. The Iranians are threatening the US and Israel over Trump’s desire to pressure Iran to change its behavior. But some events among the brethren may be pointing to the increased probability of the anti-Messiah showing up sooner than later. The Jewish Nation State bill and their conversion agenda may be harbingers of his arrival.

I continue to hear from people who know believers that now deny Yeshua to convert to Judaism. This is happening all over the United States, Canada and even some from South Africa. The anti-Messiah spirit is becoming stronger among believers because he may be about to be revealed and you need to know what to look for! There is a detail that is right in the scripture to help you identify the imposter from the genealogies of Matthew and Luke.

The two genealogies of Matthew (Matthew 1:1-16) and Luke (Luke 3:23-38) are there to establish Yeshua as the Davidic heir to the throne. But they also reveal something about the anti-Messiah. This detail has to do with the fact that the two lists don’t match each other nor genealogies from the Tanach. Atheists and Jewish anti-Missionaries use these disparities to prove the New Testament is a lie. They have missed the point because even the Tanach is also full of genealogical disparities from book to book. The various authors use the genealogies to make legal or spiritual points. However, that is for another discussion.

What is the point of the New Testament genealogies? Let’s take a look.

Matthew traces the line of descent through David’s son Solomon while Luke traces it through David’s son Nathan. People have presented many theories for the variations and the fact that neither genealogy matches the Tanach genealogies also perplexes them. The solution is that Mary’s genealogy establishes her as a descendant of Nathan in Luke 3:23 in accordance with the first Messianic prophecy in Genesis 3:15.

Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. 

This is the first Messianic prophecy. Note that the Messiah will come through the woman’s seed, not a man’s. The Messiah will be the King of Israel through the woman – a specific woman. Traditionally, Kings never succeed the throne through their mothers, yet YHVH said the Messiah, and coming King of the restored Israel, would come through a specific woman. The reign of Kings through succession via their sons is actually not scriptural, anyway, as you will see in a moment.

Matthew’s genealogy of Joseph’s line is only there to show the end of Solomon’s line, to show that Yeshua (YHVH) put a stop to Solomon’s lineage, not to extend it or prove Yeshua is the King of Israel through it. Yeshua’s succession through Solomon would have Him be only a man, but not God in the flesh. It is only through Mary that Yeshua can be known as God in the flesh. This makes Luke’s Mary genealogy more important for us at this time because understanding it will help us not get caught up with the coming anti-Messiah.

There is more to becoming King in Israel than either Judaism or Christianity recognize. God established the commandment regarding who could rule as King in Israel.

Deuteronomy 17:14 When you come to the land the LORD your God is giving you and take it over and live in it and then say, “I will select a king like all the nations surrounding me,” you must select without fail a king whom the LORD your God chooses. From among your fellow citizens you must appoint a king — you may not designate a foreigner who is not one of your fellow Israelites.

According to YHVH, anyone He chooses can be made King over Israel. In fact, YHVH made two lines of Kings in Israel starting with Rehoboam and Jeroboam. YHVH had the legal right to have two King lines in Israel because He made the rule. And YHVH must allow sons to succeed their fathers on their thrones and it is YHVH who puts and end to Kingly lineages both in the House of Israel and the House of Judah.

However, YHVH promised King David that his throne would be established forever as the sign of the salt covenant made between them. Remember this. It is David’s throne that will be established forever, not Solomon’s.

2 Chronicles 13:5 Don’t you realize that the LORD God of Israel has given David and his dynasty lasting dominion over Israel by a formal agreement?

David was from the tribe of Judah. Therefore, God had decided that only one from Judah could establish David’s throne forever. This is in accordance with the Genesis 49:10 prophecy that says Judah would rule until Messiah comes to the world through Judah. Other later prophecies also established that the Messiah will be from the tribe of Judah.

God further told David:

2 Samuel 7:12-16 When the time comes for you to die, I will raise up your descendant, one of your own sons, to succeed you, and I will establish his kingdom. He will build a house for my name, and I will make his dynasty permanent. I will become his father and he will become my son. When he sins, I will correct him with the rod of men and with wounds inflicted by human beings. But my loyal love will not be removed from him as I removed it from Saul, whom I removed from before you. Your house and your kingdom will stand before me permanently; your dynasty will be permanent.

Jewish and Christian theology both claim the recipient of this promise is Solomon. However, Solomon cannot be the recipient of this promise because 1) he was never beaten with a rod or striped during his lifetime and 2) YHVH withdrew His loyalty from Solomon. This refers to Yeshua who took on our iniquity and was beaten and scourged for it. God’s love and loyalty was never removed from Yeshua as it was from Solomon.

Also, Solomon built a House for YHVH, but it was destroyed twice. YHVH’s House has yet to be established forever never to be destroyed again. Only the coming Messiah will accomplish this. Therefore, the House Solomon built for YHVH did not establish Solomon’s throne or lineage forever.

YHVH did not punish Solomon at all during his lifetime as this prophecy says the son of God would be punished. It wasn’t until after his death when the Kingdom was in Rehoboam’s hands that God destroyed Solomon’s reign first through ripping ten tribes from Rehoboam’s hand (see 1 Kings 11:29-31).

YHVH ripped Solomon’s kingdom from him a second time (Jeremiah 22:25-30) when He told Jeremiah to register King Jeconiah as “childless” meaning that none of Jeconiah’s sons would be King. Jeconiah was the last sovereign King of Judah even though his grandson presided over the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple.

Yet, YHVH told David that Solomon would be set on his throne for a specific purpose which was to build the Temple (1 Chronicles 28:6). But the continuation of Solomon’s descendants on the throne was conditional.

1 Chronicles 28:7 I will establish his kingdom permanently, if he remains committed to obeying my commands and regulations, as you are doing this day.

The reason Solomon’s line is now extinct is simple. Solomon fell away. He began to practice unrighteousness and led Israel into idolatry.

Today, I am talking to you about the ‘great falling away’ which has everything to do with the coming anti-Messiah who comes from Solomon’s line. The coming anti-Messiah will be related to Solomon and will do exactly what his ancestor, Solomon, did.

Consider that should YHVH establish the coming Kingdom on Solomon’s line, He would be establishing His Kingdom on unrighteousness, sin and abomination. YHVH declared that Solomon’s line is not fit to rule by ripping away 10 tribes from Rehoboam and then ending the Solomonic dynasty with Jeconiah.

So, if not David’s son Solomon, which son? One we know almost nothing about. That son is Nathan. He is in Mary’s ancestral line.

Nathan is the 4th son of David and Bathsheba. Nathan’s place in their family is the 4th son. Four is the number of Messiah, but also Judah is the 4th son of Jacob. Mary’s genealogy plainly shows that the true King of Israel is Yeshua. He is the rightful righteous heir through the 4th son that replaced Solomon just like Judah, the 4th son, who replaced Reuben. Only Yeshua is the “son of God” that remained righteous.

Furthermore, the language YHVH used in Deuteronomy 17:15 where He said He would raise someone from among the brethren to be King of Israel is the same language YHVH used to tell the Israelites about the coming prophet that the Jews were expecting in the 1st century.

Deuteronomy 18:15 The LORD your God will raise up to you a Prophet from the midst of you, of your brethren, like me [YHVH]; to him you will listen; 

Deuteronomy 18:18 I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like you [Moses], and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak to them all that I shall command him. 

The prophet of God and the King of God are the same person! God raises up from “you” [people] the prophet and the King. And God raises one like Himself to be the prophet and the King. The righteous King comes establishing the Law of Moses! That is the job of both the King and the prophet!

Now that you know who the true Messiah is, let me tell who the anti-Messiah is. The coming anti-Messiah will claim to be from the line of Solomon! The Jews are looking for the restoration of David’s throne through a descendant of Solomon. But the coming anti-Messiah will destroy all of YHVH’s plans through unrighteousness just like Solomon.

I believe this man will also satisfy the Shi’ite Iranians who are looking for the Mahdi as well as Jews and Christians who are both looking for a king from the line of Solomon. This man’s claim to Solomon’s line will be the mechanism through which he will declare peace.

It is interesting that only recently the Iranians ruled that Jews can hold public office in Iran.


Now let me tell you how the anti-Messiah spirit is already deceiving believers. The great falling away is happening right now and it has to do with conversion to Judaism, to believing in Solomon’s coming anti-Messiah instead of YHVH’s Yeshua the Messiah.

The Jews, who are looking for Solomon’s end time successor, have worldwide conversion rings with Rabbis trained in how to convince non-Jews to convert to Judaism.

One of the complaints against Yeshua by Jewish anti-missionaries is that He did not fulfill their messianic expectations. I made a short video about this. Modern Judaism dismisses the prophecies of Messiah ben Yosef, the suffering servant, who suffered and died to bring back the House of Israel as a step in the restoration of all Israel. The only messiah recognized by Judaism today is Messiah ben David. Since Yeshua has not returned to finish the restoration of all Israel as Messiah ben David yet, the Jews have succeeded in maintaining their blindness by denying Yeshua’s Messiah ben Yosef mission.

The Jews are expecting a descendant of Solomon to be their Jewish Messiah, the one who will keep everyone out of Israel who is not an Orthodox Jew. But the Jewish Messiah of Solomon’s line is not the correct Messiah. He is the anti-Messiah! He will not fulfill the restoration of all 12 tribes. In fact, he will come with the King of the North to conquer Israel which is why I believe he will be an Iranian Jew, a descendant that remained behind after Cyrus let the Jews return to Israel. Being from the line of Solomon will establish current political Israel under his rulership and Christians will believe He is the Messiah, too.

Shi’ite Muslims will accept this Persian Solomonic descendant. But soon, Christians and Sunni Muslims will be persecuted and killed by this Iranian Shi’ite son of Solomon. Ultimately, the Jews will suffer under this man. This will cause all – Christians, Jews and many Muslims to turn from him.  

I have just shown you why any man declaring himself from the line of Solomon is the false messiah. Solomon’s line is extinct because of his sins. So remember this when the anti-Messiah stands on Temple Mount declaring his lineage, which is very important in Judaism, and says he is a descendant of Solomon!

But for now, in the time before the anti-Miessiah’s arrival, Hebrew Roots believers are especially susceptible to the Jewish spirit of the son of Solomon through anti-missionaries and conversion rings. Hebrew Roots believers are a new phenomenon on the earth unlike Messianic Jews who have existed since the 1st century. Hebrew Roots is the beginning of the fulfillment of Moses’ Deuteronomy 30 prophecy in a way that the Jewish Diaspora is not because Torah keeping is new to us whereas it is not new with the Jews.

Hebrew Roots is ‘between two worlds’, as one friend says. We are no longer Christians and we are not Jews. We still have Yeshua, but we have no tribe. Most of us are committed to obeying all of the commandments that we can while others become Noahides keeping only the 7 laws of Noah. Noahides have submitted themselves to Judaism since the Noahide laws are not listed anywhere in scripture but are prescribed for gentiles in Jewish theology. This is a doctrine of Judaism. So insofar as some have not converted to Judaism they still are submitted to this Jewish doctrine.

Judaism tries to prevent us Hebrew Roots people from keeping the Torah. One way is through their law that says gentiles who keep the Sabbath are subject to death. Jews believe Christians are gentiles and the Torah belongs only to the Jews. For those Hebrew Roots believers who understand there are blessings and curses for obeying and disobeying the Torah, and who also know the truth that we are Israel and probably from all the other scattered tribes, it is heart breaking to find out the Jews want to kill us for keeping Shabbat.

Christianity agrees with Judaism in that it teaches that Christians are “gentile believers” rather than Hebrews as their father Abraham was and we don’t need to be keeping Shabbat, but Sunday. And Christians call themselves “gentile believers” in accord with Christian and Jewish doctrine, rather than the “seed of Abraham” and Hebrews or Israelites.

Either way, being a non-Jewish believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob makes us a prey to Jewish killer anti-missionaries who regard us as low-hanging fruit ripe for picking.

Now, let me share with you a little bit of a conversation I had this week with a Jewish convert, Ovadyah Avrahami, to prove my point. I have known Ovadyah for several years and have had to fight his conversion attempts repeatedly.

I am adamantly against Ovadyah’s teaching which says: “The rejection of Judaism and its Rabbinical leadership is in direct violation of the Declarations of the G-d of Israel according to which Judah is the Judicial Authority (Mechoqeck) of HaShem on earth. Judah is the sole representative of the Kingdom of HaShem on earth. The Rabbinical leadership is the Divinely authorised Teacher of the Torah of HaShem…”. This came directly from his website which I refuse to link to because of their blatant conversion agenda.

Ovadyah says the Jews are the lawgivers of God’s Kingdom. The Talmud does, in fact, say that the “Rabbis decree and even God obeys”. (Read here, here and here). This kind of hubris is nothing but usurping YHVH’s authority over Israel in the same way the Catholic Pope usurps God’s authority over Israel.

The truth is that God is the lawgiver; the Levites are the administrators and it is the Jewish King’s job to protect all Israel the way YHVH did starting with Abraham. The authority to make decrees and to teach was reserved for the Priests and Judges only (Deuteronomy 17:8-13). Israel’s Kings were required to submit to the Priests and Judges as much as the people.

The Bible nowhere says the Rabbis or their Rabbinic decrees are required or even desired. They are no more Divinely authorized to lead others than any other religious teacher on earth including those from other religions. In fact, Yeshua said the Rabbis were blind men leading the blind.

Anyway, Ovadyah and I go round and round. Here is this week’s latest attempt to sneak me and my unconverted friends from Aqaba into Judaism:

8/20/18 – Facebook Messenger

SUN 12:07PM

Ovadyah: Just a feeler question:  Do you think the people using Jordan as an interim stage would be interested in locating to a Kibbutz system for Ephraimites run by the Govt. in Israel with special permission for them?

Kimberly: Only if the Israeli government will accept us WITH Yeshua. There will never be discussion or any consideration of conversion to Judaism… Ever.

Ovadyah: Wow! That says it all – no book needed to explain. So you’s dont accept the God of Israel. You’d better start buillding a country and a nation somewhere else and find a House of Judah to be joined to where you can serve this ‘other’ god of yours.

Ovadyah and Rabbi Avraham Feld wrote a book a few years ago titled, Jewish Secrets in the New Testament. I had them on the Cuppa Shebrews show on Hebrew Nation Radio for an interview. What I did not know at the time was they wrote the book as a way to show Hebrew Roots believers that all things are Jewish anyway, so why not just convert to Judaism?

Now, they don’t say this in the book. Their tactic is to get you interested in their book, then get you to their guest house in Karne Shomron where they then have you trapped and they can try to force you to agree with their twisted Jewish doctrine. If you are not prepared to answer WHY you believe Yeshua is the Messiah, you will fall for it as many have, including my own from Aqaba, the Parhams, Wyatts and others.

This book was only one among several including 26 Reasons Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus by Asher Norman and Tovia Singer’s books, Let’s Get Biblical!.

Along the way, I met another Jewish couple, Elan and Rivkah Lambert Adler. She was a nervous wreck the first time we met in person until I had answered her question of whether I intended to try to convert her to belief in Yeshua. I told her ‘no’, but it didn’t occur to me to ask her the same question.

It wasn’t until the following year while visiting with her at her home in Ma’ale Adumim that she put two books in my hands that I didn’t ask for, but accepted, because she said they would help me understand why Jews don’t believe in Jesus. The books were Tovia Singer’s 2-volume set of Let’s Get Biblical!.

I didn’t have to read more than half a page to realize Tovia was lying about the New Testament. He started out by taking a Matthew scripture out of context and giving a meaning for it that was twisted and irrelevant.

This same method is used by Asher Norman – taking a scripture out of context, then proving it with another Torah scripture taken out of context and twisted.

It was through Rivkah Adler that my newly converted friends from Aqaba found themselves in possession of Asher Norman’s anti-missionary book. There was backlash from my former friends when I suggested the Adler’s had a Judaism conversion agenda. However, my former Aqaba friends have rented apartments near the Adler’s in Ma’ale Adumim, according to reports that I’ve been given, and will probably attend the same synagogue as the Adler’s.

The worst part is that I helped Rivkah Adler by writing a chapter in her book, Ten From The Nations and encouraged her to set up the Torah School for the Nations and even invited them to visit and speak with our own fellowship while in Jerusalem. The book and school have now become conversion tools. BEWARE!

Here is what Yeshua says about converting to Judaism… And yes, He had something to say about it!

Matthew 23:15 “Woe to you, experts in the law and you Pharisees, hypocrites! You cross land and sea to make one convert, and when you get one, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves!

Judaism has a history of forced conversions from thousands of years ago. I’ve written about this a lot. The conversion issue between the two Houses is just a spiritual form of the 2900-year-old civil war of the Kingdom of Israel. The issue between Israel and the Palestinians is the continuation of the civil war on the physical level.

Like Yeshua, I love the Jews. They are my brethren! But like Yeshua, I am calling them to get on board with YHVH’s Kingdom instead of their own separate nation.

All that said, let’s not be wary or afraid of every Jewish person. I still have Jewish friends. However, you need to be aware that certain Jews have an agenda for befriending you. Others are aware of our differences, but still lovingly accept us the way we do them.


Among the former brethren from Aqaba who have converted to Judaism are Bob and Val Parham (Valerie was a teacher on Hebrew Nation Radio, Our Cup and Portion), John and Sue Wyatt and their son Matthew, Beverly Lewis and possibly Lynn Bird. They have denied Yeshua and rejected the New Testament completely. 

Another Aqaba friend, Kobus Geldenhuys and his wife, Myrena from South Africa, are doing the same. 

Kellen Davisson of Canada and his wife, Jenny. His family is” joyously converting to Orthodox Judaism”, according to his chapter in Ten From the Nations: Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews. 

These people are personally known to me. I have known others in the past, but no longer have information about them. 

You may be wondering why I have given their names here. This is why: 

Romans 16:17-18 Now I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who create dissensions and obstacles contrary to the teaching that you learned. Avoid them! For these are the kind who do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By their smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of the naive. 

The King James says to “mark” the troublemakers. Troublemakers cannot be marked or watched out for unless the person who knows who they are tells you!

Ovadyah Avrahami, Rabbi Avraham Feld, Elan Adler, Rivkah Lambert Adler work out of Jerusalem and Galilee areas. Either Ovadyah Avrahami or Rabbi Feld appear at functions involving Hebrew Roots believers such as at the Adler’s Torah School for the Nations and at her book signing, Ten From the Nations: Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews. I have seen them at many conferences held by other Hebrew Roots leaders while in Israel.

Tovia Singer and Asher Norman live and work in America, but their books are sold internationally.

Now – some news!


Trump hasn’t spoken about his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan for several months. This week, he made one controversial statement that sparked a small fire between Israelis and Palestinians again. Trump said, “In the negotiation, Israel will have to pay a higher price because they want a very big thing, but I took it off the table. …There’s nothing to negotiate but [the Palestinians will] get something very good because it’s their turn next”.

Trump’s statements got extensive media coverage from both sides. Israeli politicians took exception with Trump’s statement that Israel “will have to pay a heavy price” while Palestinian officials rebuked Trump for stating he has taken Jerusalem off the negotiating table.

From this reaction, it could be said that neither side wants peace and that both sides want everything. It is Judah’s right to have sovereign rule from Jerusalem over all Israel, but it is also the 12 tribes’ scriptural right to have full and equal citizenship in their given tribal territories. Neither people are willing to share Abraham’s inheritance.

For this to happen, Israel must become a sovereign nation, not a patsy of the UN, US, EU or any other country, and it must accept its role to rule over all of Jacob’s Israel, not just those who follow Judaism or have physical roots in one of the 4 tribes of the southern House of Israel.

Some Jews in Israel understand that it is time for this political State to become sovereign. Yehudit Katzover and Nadia Matar established the group Women in Green. What is their goal? In a word: sovereignty. They want sovereignty to prevent an “expulsion” like the 2005 Gaza pullout. Sovereignty, in their perception, will make it clear to every Palestinian boy and girl born into the occupation that “the Land of Israel is ours,” meaning not theirs.

This is the thrust of Judaism’s Messianic belief. The Jewish Messiah will make Israel a Jewish-only nation with no room for the House of Israel or any gentiles who want to attach themselves to YHVH through the Abrahamic Covenant.

Matar says the Palestinians harbor the hope that one day they will succeed in taking Judea and Samaria and establishing a state for themselves, and afterward Tel Aviv and all the rest. She adds: “Israel is cultivating that hope. For 51 years, a question mark has hung over this territory because Israel hasn’t decided what it wants. But if Israel doesn’t say it’s hers, others say ‘We will take it’ or that we’re occupiers.

“That’s how the world understands it. We have to put a stop to it. The application of sovereignty will make the picture clear to Palestinian young people: ‘My friend, you’re invited to live here in the State of Israel, but you won’t have a state here. There will be a bit of a crisis at first, but when all this becomes clear to them, it’ll be good.’”

As I have said in previous broadcasts, no matter what Israel does with this problem, there will be war. If Israel acts righteously to include all who want to live in the Land without forcing conversion, YHVH will protect them. If Israel fails to follow the scriptural authority in this matter, He will punish them, the House of Israel and the world before forcing and enforcing the Torah on the earth from Zion. In short, YHVH will have peace on the earth one way or the other and His peace starts with His own Houses of Judah and Israel!

Katzover and Matar aren’t alone. The “sovereignty dialogue” is gaining pace in Israel, so now is the time to examine what the proponents of sovereignty mean when they talk about it. Katzover and Matar told Haaretz who they think the major players are, so let’s find out what they argue about among themselves.

First, let it be known that Netanyahu had the opportunity to annex Ma’ale Adumim last year. Ma’ale Adumim is only a few minutes from Jerusalem by bus. Netanyahu blocked a Knesset bill calling for Israeli sovereignty to be applied to the settlements last December.

The education minister and the leader of the Habayit Hayehudi party (Jewish Home), Naftali Bennett, suggests annexing Area C of the West Bank (which was divided into three areas of rule in the 1995 Oslo II Accord) to Israel, granting citizenship to the Palestinians living there and introducing autonomous Palestinian rule in Areas A and B. The problem is that Areas A and B are made up of numerous enclaves within Area C. If we see the West Bank as a sunny-side up egg made of 165 individual yolks (the Palestinian enclaves), what Bennett suggests is to remove all the white that surrounds the yolks, and just making that part of Israel.

Naftali Bennett’s plan is partial sovereignty.

Columnist Caroline Glick and the late Knesset Member Uri Elitzur are considered the pioneers of the idea of applying Israeli sovereignty to all the territories and granting Israeli citizenship to the Palestinians. In her 2014 book The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East, Glick presents her blueprint. She would apply Israeli law to the West Bank, which would be integrated into Israel along with its Palestinian inhabitants. The plan doesn’t encompass the Gaza Strip because, she argues, by withdrawing from it in 2005 Israel voided its claim to territory or sovereignty there.

“As for the question of citizenship for the Palestinian inhabitants of Judea and Samaria, there are two mistaken assumptions about this issue. First, there’s an assumption that all the Palestinians would be interested in acquiring citizenship, whereas past experience in Jerusalem and in the Golan Heights shows that there is no reason to assume this. Second, there’s an assumption that as a whole the Palestinians will meet the criteria for citizenship. Again, there’s no reason to assume this.

In my opinion, without Gaza, this, too, is a partial sovereignty. The Gaza land deal was made to achieve peace, but Hamas has broken the peace deal repeatedly. The “land for peace” deal is now null and void because of that and the Gaza territory is once again available for Israel to occupy, in my opinion.

Martin Sherman, the founder and CEO of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, is probably the most extreme of all the annexationists. He advocates applying Israeli sovereignty to the whole West Bank and is also the only one who wants to annex the Gaza Strip as well. He says there is no other way to ensure Israel’s security militarily.

“Bennett’s plan sounds logical, until you look at the map, and then you see corridors everywhere, so sovereignty is meaningless,” he says. “Even if there is only a 30 percent Palestinian minority, it’s still a recipe for Lebanonization. They’re a very hostile group.”

According to Sherman, Israel needs to act vigorously to reduce the Arab presence. How? War is the most effective way, Sherman says (because “‘kinetic means’ are more acceptable,” as he told the Ribonut correspondent). But if there’s no war – and Sherman claims he’s not calling to start one – “a series of incentives is needed so they’ll leave. Positive incentives – money for families that leave and negative ones: to declare them an enemy and start to gradually reduce the provision of services and goods to the Palestinians” in both the West Bank and Gaza.

In Sherman’s view, Israel has no moral, legal or practical obligation to maintain the socioeconomic life of an enemy that’s committed to its extinction. On the contrary, its moral obligation is to bring about its collapse in order to prevent attempts to liquidate Israel and kill its citizens. Together with declaring the Palestinians a collective enemy, Israel should revoke its recognition of the PA and work to dismantle it.

This is as close to what I propose as any have gotten so far. The problem is that Sherman still wants Israel just for the Jews. This does not fulfill the scriptural requirement that all of Abraham’s descendants should inherit the Land. However, Sherman is correct about the need for war and ridding Israel of the Palestinian terrorists.

Given the choice of stopping terrorism or being deported, I believe most Palestinians would rather live in Israel as long as they have equal citizenship and representation in the Knesset and are not required to convert to Judaism.

Mordechai Kedar (of Bar-Ilan University and the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies) has a variation that includes recognizing the Gaza Strip as a state because it possesses all of a state’s attributes.

Several others weighed in on this issue in the Haaretz article. Click the link to get the full story.

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