Jerusalem Report – 08/10/2018 – Peace Plan, Nation State Bill – What’s Next?

Is Israel moving toward one state or two? It appears that almost all the political moves in Israel and the PA and Hamas are shifting in advance of the White House peace team’s rollout of their plan. Which way the wind is blowing is anyone’s guess as the world awaits the rollout of President Trump’s peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians. Trump has added staff to his Middle East peace team who will describe the plan as a pragmatic outline for resolving the conflict. Until now, the team have avoided using the term “two-state solution” which has led Palestinians to believe the plan will not give them their own sovereign state.

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The new Nation State bill could be a possible step toward preparing Israelis and the world for the Trump team and Israel’s next move – whatever that is. The Nation State bill effectively sets up the two-state scenario because it divides Israelis and Palestinians along language parameters since Arabic is now downgraded to ‘special status’ in Israel while Hebrew is now the national language of Israel. But it can also be construed as coming to a one-state solution.

The Palestinians voted in 2003 to make Arabic the official language of Palestine if they ever become a State within Israeli borders.

The Nation State bill might also be a prelude to annexation – a one-state solution. The Middle East Eye reported on July 22nd that Israel’s new Nation State bill was a prelude to annexation. This week, Israel denied it is preparing to annex any part of Palestinian territory.

Abbas is making moves, but these do not necessarily imply he is dangling from the end of a political rope. In the past few days, Abbas and Fatah senior officials have warned Hamas against striking any peace deal with Israel before the PA and Hamas have a chance to reconcile. Abbas was in Qatar for talks on the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation this week.

The reason for Fatah’s request is because they perhaps believe Trump’s peace plan is aimed at ending the Palestinian cause. The Arabs are also alarmed that the US’s proposals could be tilted too far in Israel’s favor.

There is more talk of Abbas preparing to dissolve the PA as he encourages Hamas to continue its assaults on Israel and not accept a ceasefire in a first time alliance between the PA and Hamas.

Dissolving the PA could be a move to throw the West Bank and Gaza into an uproar or might be seen as a move toward cooperating with annexation. At this point, no one knows which scenario will happen. However, it appears that Israel is frantically trying to avoid internal war with Hamas and the PA when Iran attacks.

According to Wadi Abu-Nassar, Director of the International Consultations Centre in Haifa, Israel is seeking a truce with Hamas in order to get ready for confrontation with Iran. The Israeli security cabinet this week held a secret meeting, with local media reporting that cabinet members likely agreed to sign a truce with the Hamas in Gaza.

Abu-Nassar expected that Israel was heading for a “comprehensive truce” with Hamas in order to prevent a potential escalation in Gaza at a time when Israel is working to deal with Iran’s presence in Syria. The UN’s envoy, Nicolay Mladenov, has made several visits to the Gaza Strip recently, meeting in a fortified location to prevent leaks to news outlets.

Also, in a surprise move last week, Mahmoud Abbas fired a very popular member of the PA Parliament. Issa Qaraqe, head of the PLO’s Committee for Detainees and Ex-Detainees, firing can be seen as positioning the PA either to comply with or fight against the coming Trump peace plan.

The decision to dismiss Qaraqe was linked to growing US and Israeli pressure on the PA leadership to halt payments to security prisoners and families of Palestinians killed in attacks on Israel. Qaraqe was known to oppose the PA government’s economic sanctions against the Gaza Strip that include, among other things, halting payments to former security prisoners living in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.

No official reason was given for the decision to fire Qaraqe, but one official said, “The decision is purely political and, …in wake of the growing American and Israeli pressure on President Abbas to halt [the] payments”, the move was done to avoid accusations that the PA government was using US and EU funds to reward terrorists.

Hamas claimed that is exactly why Qaraqe was fired, but also included the problem of prisoner swaps. Regarding a possible prisoner swap, Hamas said that the Israeli elections, which might take place in March 2019, could undermine the efforts to reach a prisoner swap.

Abbas’s move can be taken one of two ways: Either he is preparing to install someone who will be a bulwark against using Israelis in PA prisons as part of a swap deal or he will install someone who will agree to a full prisoner swap in exchange for dissolving the PA government altogether. Perhaps Abbas will manage this ministry position himself during this time of uncertainty since Egyptian and UN efforts to reach a swap deal could lead to ending the current Palestinian crises.

Anticipation of Trump’s plan is causing a rift in the House of Saud. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had appeared ready to pressure Palestinians to accept the White House’s offer but his father, King Salman, has reassured Palestinian leaders of the kingdom’s continued support until the issue of Jerusalem as a shared capital is reopened.

In any case, the new Nation State bill was well-timed and seems to clear the path for the next step whether that is two states or annexation to create one state.

Overnight on Wednesday, Hamas started firing missiles into Israel again in what is likely a message against a truce. Eighty rockets were fired at southern Israel bringing the total number of rockets fired by Hamas in this round to over 150. Twenty-five rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, but several landed in open territory causing no harm. Others landed in civilian areas, including direct hits in homes in Sderot and Hof Ashkelon where 17 Israelis were injured.

In response, IDF carried out over 100 strikes targeting Hamas terror cells, rocket launch pads and tunnels. Three Palestinians were reported dead by the Palestinian health ministry, including 30 year old Hamas activist Ali Ghandour, son of senior Hamas commander Abu Anas Ghandour. 


Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked warned the High Court of Justice to not overturn the nation-state law, saying, “Such a move would be an earthquake, a war between the authorities.” She also said that the law does not harm minorities, but explained that action should be taken to “deal with the pain of the Druze community.”

If the bill doesn’t harm minorities, why should additional action need to be taken to protect one of the minorities over others?

Two major funders of Israel, the Jewish Federations of North America and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, joined the other loud voices now crying out against the bill. Both organizations donate many millions of dollars to Israel annually.


Israel’s Jews are fighting over homosexuality. More than 200 righteous Rabbis from Israel’s national-religious sector published a letter condemning surrogacy and adoption by gays and described homosexuals as “perverts”, according to the Jerusalem Post on July 26, 2018.

The letter stated that “most Israelis are shocked by the provocation and loss of way of the abomination groups, which hold insolent parades in Israeli cities and even held these parades on Tisha B’av — a national day of grief for the destruction of the Temple, destroyed due to incest and unjustified hatred, among others.”

Hooray for these Rabbis speaking out! Most news outlets slammed these men calling Israel to a higher righteousness, including the Jerusalem Post from which I just quoted.

The Rabbis said that “most Israelis” are against homosexuality in Israel. However, a recent poll showed 56 percent of the Jewish public support the recent LGBT protests, while only 33% oppose them. This is an indicator of the split in the Ultra-Orthodox community whose own men have homosexual contact at least once per month, according to a Haaretz poll taken in 2014.

The Rabbis also accused the LGBT rights groups of “aggressive terror accompanied by non-stop media brainwashing, as if there is some sort of ‘family’ here, destroying the notion of a family and turning the perverts into heroes.”

Now, that’s what I’m talking about! The Father always has His minority, His ‘remnant’ to speak righteousness to His people.

Unfortunately, the Jewish religious culture the world over agree that homosexuality is righteous and is need of protection. Close to 600 US and Canadian Rabbis from across the spectrum of Judaism have signed a letter calling on Orthodox Rabbis in Israel to retract their recent letter that describes gay people as perverts who are striving to destroy the notion of family.

The abomination among YHVH’s own people on His holy soil is just one of the reasons Israel is now looking over its shoulder to see if Iran is coming!


Trump administration has re-imposed economic sanctions against Iran, as promised. Iran is now calling for the US to come to the table for negotiations after its withdrawal from the JCPOA.

Rouhani said the sanctions are “psychological warfare against the Iranian nation to create divisions among the people.” reports that secret Iranian agents have been [traveling] to Washington in past weeks. Even in the face of the economic chaos created by the looming sanctions, the Iranians have been seeking terms for direct or indirect talks with the US on a renegotiated nuclear deal. Our sources report that Washington has neither rejected these feelers nor given Tehran a clear go-ahead… The Americans may be waiting for the sanctions to take full effect before agreeing to sit down formally with the Iranians.

It has become known that Donald Trump and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, are at odds over Iran. Donald Trump says he is ready to meet with Iran without preconditions, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has preconditions.

Going to a negotiating table without pre-conditions is either a show of great confidence or one of fear, both of which are usually a bad idea. Pre-conditions show who has the upper hand in most cases. In fact, Pompeo has laid out 12 pre-conditions he thinks Trump should operate from.

Russia is “deeply disappointed” by the United States’ re-imposition of sanctions on Iran, while Syria described the move against its longtime ally as “illegal” and driven by “arrogance.”

The question of Iran’s future quest for a nuclear weapon is once again in play, but experts believe Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon although it is highly likely they will continue enriching uranium for such a bomb.

The truth is that Iran has no need to develop nuclear weapons since its close ally, North Korea, already has them and is willing to sell to Iran. The problem for Iran is not the availability of weapons, but the fuel to go inside them. Iran is known to have enriched uranium in the past. Starting their enrichment program again will supply all they need.

The stone that fell from the Western Wall has gotten the attention of the Israeli government. An architectural survey is taking place at the Western Wall to ensure the safety of praying people. The article titled, The Western Wall is Falling Apart After 2,000 Years, reminded me of Yeshua’s words that not one stone would be left standing in the City. Many have said Yeshua’s words are not true since some stones are still standing even though the Western Wall was not part of the Temple, but Temple Mount’s retaining wall. Yeshua was speaking of the actual Temple and not the retaining wall, but further destruction is coming as Bible prophecy watchers all know.


And now, I want to share a waking vision from the Father. It isn’t everyday that one receives a vision intended for all of YHVH’s people. Usually, dreams and visions pertain to the individual only which is why most dreams and visions only come once. A dream or vision intended to be shared, and one that is written in stone, as it were, needs a second witness.

Joseph’s dreams were always corroborated by witnesses. In most cases, his family. Egypt’s Pharaoh’s dreams intended for the entire nation of Egypt was confirmed by Joseph. The Babylonian King, Belshazzar’s, vision of a hand writing on the wall of his palace was confirmed by Daniel when Belshazzar’s own magicians could not decipher the vision.

Deciphering a dream or vision is part of the corroboration required for it to be a message to the entire Israel nation. That’s all of us – Jews, Christians, Hebrew Roots believers. ALL. YHVH gave me such a vision which was corroborated almost immediately by someone very far away from me geographically.

I interviewed the man especially for this broadcast. Stay tuned and keep listening.

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