Peace Plan Blowback: United Nations Beast Now The Kitten That Roared

The UN beast just became the kitten that roared at the Judeo-Christian beast. Syria is in a scrambled mess and there is a new virus found in Brazil that has almost no recognizable genes or proteins. Where did it comes from? The Heavens in preparation for the coming Great Tribulation? Also, there is now a huge locust plague in Uganda.
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Jerusalem Report – 07/27/2018 – Syria’s Message & A Confession

Trump, Netanyahu announced deal with Putin – July 16, Av 4. Nation State bill enacted – July 18, Av 6. Russia, Israel back out of deal – July 22, Av 9. Large stone falls from Western Wall – July 23 – Av 10. Av 12 IDF shoots Syrian fighter jet down after it flew through Israeli airspace. It crashed in southern Syria Read More:

CIA Can’t Stop Misleading Trump, Ridicule the country and Disclose ‘Solid Evidence’ of CW Usage by Assad

CIA Director Marc Pompeo said on July 11 at INSA Leadership Dinner that there is allegedly solid evidence that the Syrian authorities had been using… Read More: