President Trump announced the US withdrawal from Syria saying ‘we have won against ISIS and now it is time to for our troops to come home’. The world was shocked, Israel even more shocked as Trump leaves Israel out to dry with no allies to hold back the 4+1 Coalition.

It is not true that the US has won against ISIS. According to NPR, the pullout of US military also leaves the Kurdish forces in a lurch. 

There’s a large town near the Iraqi border where ISIS is pretty well dug in. It’s called Hajin. And there are about 30,000 residents and several thousand ISIS fighters who are pretty well dug in. They have tunnels and berms, created car bombs to prevent an assault by rebel forces.

And both Ruth and I were in Syria back in October. And military officials told me they expected at least several more months of fighting, and they also cautioned that small numbers of ISIS fighters were slipping back into liberated areas. So they said it was important to train local security forces after the main fighting comes to an end. Of course, that won’t happen now that the White House has ordered all U.S. forces out.”

With U.S. leaving, there’s a sense that they don’t have any cover to protect them anymore, and it’s more likely the Turks will move in. They are saying that they feel a deep sense of abandonment from the U.S. You know, they did act as the ground force in the fight against ISIS. And they lost hundreds, possibly thousands, of people on the battlefield. And now they feel they’ve just been abandoned. The Turkish defense minister has upped his rhetoric saying, you know, Turkey now plans to bury the Kurds in their ditches when the time comes.”

Officials in France and the UK stressed the threat the armed group continues to pose to their interests.

Much remains to be done and we must not lose sight of the threat they pose. Even without territory, Daesh (ISIL) will remain a threat,” the UK’s Foreign Office said in a statement on Wednesday.

“As the United States has made clear, these developments in Syria do not signal the end of the Global Coalition or its campaign. We will continue to work with members of the Coalition on achieving this.”

British junior defence minister, Tobias Ellwood was more blunt, retweeting a message from Trump that the group had been defeated in Syria with the words: “I strongly disagree.”

“It has morphed into other forms of extremism and the threat is very much alive.”

Israel, though, is the biggest concern because Israel will have no allies in the region once the US pulls out. Russia, Iran and Turkey will have free reign to advance their agendas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who remains concerned about Iranian efforts in the area, reacted in non-committal fashion after talking with Trump by telephone.

“This is, of course, an American decision,” he said, adding that no matter what, “we will safeguard the security of Israel and protect ourselves from this arena”.

A quick and unplanned withdrawal of American forces opens the door for major turmoil as various groups rush to fill the political and security vacuum, giving leverage to America’s enemies including Russia, Iran and President Bashar Assad’s government. Experts warn the Islamic State group, currently fighting to hang on to its last pockets in Syria, would soon find its way back.

Business Insider put it this way:  There are 4 winners in the US withdrawal from Syria — and they’re all US adversaries.

Trump defended the pullout saying the US does not need to be the “police in the Middle East”.

This sentiment plagues Washington who has put Israel in harm’s way since 1948, using Israel to “police” the Middle East for the New World Order’s oil barons. Shame on you, Mr. Trump! You are continuing with evil US policies that don’t treat Israel as a friend, but as a patsy!

The withdrawal will pave the way for NATO troops to enter Israel as a guardian force joining American forces already based in the Negev Desert. This scenario is exactly the one laid out in Ezekiel’s first few verses of chapter 38, especially verse 7 where YHVH instructs Gog to be a guardian for “them” – the “them” being Israel!

With US forces out of Syria, Iran will have freedom to complete plans for the invasion of Israel and the southern Middle Eastern Sunni nations – Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt. Iran will take Israel’s gas and oil fields as well as Saudi Arabia’s and Libya’s. When this happens, the West – America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Guam, etc. will fall easily. Their economies will suddenly crash, their militaries will become useless due to lack of fuel and their people will die from bombing raids if not from the intense heat and cold weather due to lack of fossil fuels to produce electricity.

You may be thinking that America has fuel supplies and is producing fuels, 11 million barrels a day according to Reuters, from fracking operations and other sources. Consider the fact that Americans consume about 19.96 million barrels per day! Furthermore, consider what will happen when the enemies of America either take over or destroy the refineries by troops invasions and/or bombing!

Yeah… I thought so.

Yes, that last comment was snide. Wake up! Get out while you still can!

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