U.S. Conceal the Economic Causes of the Airstrike

According to the Video clips Editor at the Financial Times, Jamie Han, tensions around Syria are rising with every passing day. The second U.S.-led attack on Syria could be caused by some economic reasons, and not by self-defense measures, as it had been stated in Pentagon. FT’s video confirms that the U.S. intends to take control of the “oil-rich” region in eastern Syria, which is now part of strategic ISIS stronghold.

FT states, the attack of the U.S. forces ‘underlines the dangerous tensions brewing in eastern Syria’. The strike is happened not far from the place where the U.S. SOF are gathering momentum for an assault on the city of Al-Bukamal. This settlement is now under the control of ISIS as the area around is rich in natural resources. And FT argues in the video it is the establishment of the control over the area is the reason for the U.S. to enter the battle.
On the eve the coalition led by the United States struck a blow at the Syrian pro-government forces near the At-Tanf area. “US special forces are training allied Syrian rebels to fight the jihadi group ISIS,” said a US defense official. “The commander on the ground considered that pro-Assad forces pose a threat to the forces of the coalition.”
By the way, the strike was carried out against the background of the ongoing negotiations in Geneva between the government of Syria and the opposition. Experts say the negotiation process now will become more complicated. Moreover, the U.S. guided by economic reasons inflicted the illegitimate, illegal strike hugely violating the sovereignty of Syria.

Thus is well overlooked old new it always.

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