Jerusalem Report – 08/03/2018 – Nation State Bill Shocker!

This week, fighting over the Nation State bill continued. Most of this broadcast will cover this issue, but with a shocking insight at the end. I first must lay the foundation before I can tell you what I think will be coming next. Stay tuned to find out!

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Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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Sukkot for Jerusalem



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on ministers “not to be apologetic” about the nation-state law. “The Jewish nation-state is a cornerstone of our existence,” Netanyahu said. “Don’t be apologetic, fight for the truth,” he said.

The attacks from the left, which calls itself Zionist, reveal how low the left has sunk,” Netanyahu added. “The Israeli left has to do some soul-searching,” he said. “It must ask itself why a basic tenet of Zionism, a Jewish nation-state for the Israeli people in its country, has become for it a rude term, a dirty word, a principle that one should be ashamed of.”

I’ll tell you why. Netanyahu is defining the Bible’s word, ‘Zion’, in secular, selfish and worldly terms. Zion is God’s Land, His city and His people. And His people are more and greater than just the Jews alone. There are 8 other tribes in Zion. That’s why ‘Zion’ the way Netanyahu defines the term is rude and a dirty word because it does not describe Biblical Zion at all. This time, the Left got it right.

Netanyahu then added that “We are not ashamed of Zionism, we’re proud of our state, as it is a Jewish home for the Jewish people that strictly adheres to the individual rights of all its citizens.”

Therein lies the problem. The Nation State bill has redefined who is a citizen and who is not. It’s a no brainer that a nation could say it upholds the rights of all its citizens, but if that State does not view you as a citizen – even though you live there, were born there, have a passport there – well… that State doesn’t uphold your rights, does it? Pride goeth before a fall.

One obvious truth in the world is that the UN-created political State of Israel certainly is Jewish. If that were not case, if the nations did not view the State of Israel as Jewish, there would be no problem. There would be no threats to drive the Jews living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean into the sea. The bill was not necessary unless we can find one person on earth that does not associate Israel with the Jews.

No, the bill lays bare an underlying problem with an underhanded plan. This issue is not one of “nationality” or “culture”; It is one of obedience to the Torah and fear.

First, let me comment on the obedience issue. I’ll comment on the fear issue at the end of the broadcast. Now let’s see how this Nation State bill is making the Jews disobedient to Torah.

Exodus 12:49 One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you. (See also Numbers 15:16 and Numbers 15:29).

The Torah defines ‘ger’ (stranger) to mean a non-Israelite male who lives and works in Israel [who] gains the privilege of full citizenship if he undergoes circumcision, according to Stuart Krauss, BA, MA in his paper titled, The Word Ger In The Bible And Its Implications. During the First Temple period, ger meant only “stranger,” and never implied “proselyte” or convert.

Female ger are not required to be circumcised. However, ger are only required to be circumcised for keeping Passover. The current cultural Jewish definition of ger means one who is converting to Judaism, but this is not the Bible’s ‘first use’ definition from Genesis 15:13. A ger was defined by God as one who is not native to the place of residence. The word first applied to Hebrews who would find themselves residents of a foreign land after which YHVH would use their experience to teach them compassion toward ger living among them in Israel.

Israelites are not to permitted to taunt or oppress a ger (Exodus 22:20), withhold financial assistance (Leviticus 25:35) or charge him interest on a loan (Leviticus 25:36-37). The ger who dwells with you shall be like a native among you, and you shall love him like yourself, for you were strangers (gerim) in the land of Egypt (Lev. 19:33).

Non-Jews in Israel and everywhere else in the world are as dear to YHVH as the Jews. The Nation State bill legislated rebellion against God – plain and simple. That bill allows for the discrimination of minority groups in Israel. This is not the only rebellion against the Torah and coming Kingdom that the Jews have now legislated.

There is another fact to consider in the debate about the ger. One might assume that most, if not all, non-Jews in Israel are uncircumcised, but such is not the case. Islam requires male circumcision. This is another way we know that physical circumcision is not equal to spiritual circumcision, that of the heart. The point is that physically there is no difference between Jews and most non-Jews in Israel. So according to God’s Word, all who are circumcised must be made full and equal citizens since they are eligible to keep Passover. 

Some of Netanyahu’s ministers admitted the law was “a mistake,” and added “It’s not too late to apologize (again), to amend and introduce equality. 

Israeli Arab Knesset Member Zouheir Bahloul (Zionist Union) announced he intended to resign from the Knesset in protest over the controversial law, saying it oppresses him and the population that elected him. “The government submits the Knesset to its whims. The Knesset has become a rubber stamp of exceptional and racist legislation. I will run from it as one runs from raging fire”.

According to the scriptures, MK Zouheir Bahloul is correct.

As expected, American Orthodox Jews agree with the Nation State bill, according to a poll taken this week.

Last week, Druze lawmakers were the first to file a High Court of Justice petition against the legislation. A hundred Druze Israel Defense Forces reserve officers added their voices to that effort on Wednesday, prompting Education Minister Naftali Bennett to speak out in support of “our blood brothers” on Twitter. 

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon echoed similar sentiments on Thursday, telling Israeli Army Radio “The enactment of the nation-state law was done hastily.” 

“We were wrong and we need to fix it”.

A New York Times article titled, They’re ‘Blood Brothers’ With Israel’s Jews. But Druse Call New Law a Betrayal, quoted Shadi Nasraldeen saying, “It’s as if the Israeli people simply abandoned us. They say they didn’t. But according to the clauses of this law, we don’t exist.” Shadi Nasraldeen is a 45-year-old Druse native of Israel whose brother, Lutfi, was an Israeli soldier who was killed during the last Gaza war in 2014.

Arab author, Susan Abulhawa, writing for Al-Jazeera, said Israel’s new ‘nation-state’ law follows in the footsteps of Jim Crow, the Indian Removal Act and the Nuremberg Laws. More than 80 years after Nazi Germany enacted what came to be known as the Nuremberg Race Laws, Israeli legislators voted in favor of the so-called “nation-state law”. By doing so, they essentially codified “Jewish supremacy” into law, which effectively mirrors the Nazi-era legislation of ethnoreligious stratification of German citizenry. 

Israel’s “nation-state law” stipulates in its first clause that “actualisation of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people”. In other words, the 1.7 million Palestinian citizens of Israel, the native inhabitants – the Biblical ger – who managed to remain in their homes when European Jews conquered parts of historical Palestine in 1948, shall be without sovereignty or agency, forever living at the mercy of Israeli Jews.

Well, this statement is only partly truthful. You will find out in just a little while that what the Jews have done was already done by the Palestinians, not to mention that the Land of Abraham’s inheritance never was, is not now nor will it ever be the home of Palestinians. All who desire to inhabit the Land as an inheritance must accept the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – not Esau or Ishmael – to become Hebrews in the heart. The Palestinians are just not there.

In similar fashion, the first of the Nuremberg Laws, the Reich Citizenship Law, deemed citizenship a privilege exclusive to people of “German or kindred blood”. The remainder were classed as state subjects, without citizenship rights.

The Meretz party petitioned the High Court of Justice Tuesday against the Jewish Nation-State Law, saying that it is discriminatory.

The Meretz party is a left-wing, social-democratic and green political party in Israel formed in 1992. Meretz became the second group to petition against the controversial law enacted July 19 following a petition that was filed last week by Druze Knesset members and leaders, with the support of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. The court set a January hearing for that case. 

Meretz’s petition said that the new law contradicts the principle of equality, and …said “There is no precedent in the world for mandating discrimination based on race, religion or gender”. The petition also asked the court to nullify a clause that downgrades Arabic from an official language of the state to merely a “special language.”

The Arabic language controversy is the leopard hiding in the bushes as we will see in just a little while.

“The prime minister decided to shamelessly rank the citizens of the state – with Jews as class A, Druze as class B, and Arabs, gays and lesbians at the bottom of the totem pole – with racism that was approved by the Knesset as a Basic Law,” Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg said.

I agree this law lends itself to easy discrimination against non-Jews. The bigger issue is that it is Biblically rebellious against God’s express commandments on how to treat other people.

But I also disagree with Zandberg on a couple of things. The first disagreement is that Zandberg adds hyperbole to the argument, an exaggeration of the discrimination that will come from this bill.

The second disagreement I have with Zandberg is more important. There must never be equality for sinners – gays and lesbians – in God’s Land. That was not God’s purpose when He defined what a ‘ger’ should be. The ‘ger’ was to keep and be held responsible to the commandments equally with the Israelites in exchange for equality of citizenship.

Meanwhile, retired Supreme Court Judge Salim Jubran slammed the law in an Israel Radio interview. Jubran said he is proud that his first language is Arabic, and is upset that it is no longer an official language of Israel. 

“The Nation-State Law makes no mention of equality, even in one word,” Jubran complained. “This bill is not good. It is a bad law that is unnecessary. It does not add honor to Israel’s book of laws, and therefore, I believe its fate is that it will be canceled, and I hope that happens as soon as possible.”

Thousands turned out in Tel Aviv in what was billed the biggest Arabic lesson in the world on Monday evening. The crowd included Jews and Arabs [who] repeated basic words and terms in Arabic after the teachers, who delivered their lesson from a central stage, sometimes with translations into in Hebrew, but often not.

Let me interject here. For Torah keepers, the issue is not about the Hebrew language, per se. The pure language in Zephaniah 3:9 is about terminologies and definitions under YHVH’s Law more than it is about actually speaking Hebrew, though both are essential.

Zephaniah 3:9 says For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.

We should expect Hebrew to be the official language of Israel. However, there is more to this verse than we are usually taught. The reason for the pure language is not so Israel can use it for an elitist agenda, but so that all ‘may call upon the name of YHVH’ and serve Him with one consent. In other words, getting the definitions of Hebrew words and terminologies aligned with God’s own intentions will be the outcome of the pure language and it will enable all people to serve Him with one consent, as an echad congregation.

Calling on the name of YHVH includes everyone defining the Kingdom’s legal terminologies the same way. I mentioned the word ‘ger’ earlier. The Law of First use defines the word, but people have changed it to mean something different and use it to discriminate against us – believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Did you know that Hebrew Roots believers are not even considered ‘ger’ in Judaism? We are still ‘Noahides’ to the Jews. However, there is no word ‘Noahide’ in the scripture. The Jews use ‘ger’ to mean a “proselyte’ – one who is converting to Judaism. The word ‘Noahide’ is a Jewish cultural word that is synonymous with Gentile. This is an example of how God’s word definition has been changed by man and why we must return to defining God’s words with God’s intended meanings.

So, I am not a Gentile. I am a Hebrew like Abraham because I am Abraham’s seed (Galatians 3:29).  

The truth is that there are only two types of people in the scripture – Hebrews and Gentiles. Hebrews have a subset, ger, who live among the Hebrews and are to be treated as equals with the Hebrews wherever they are on the earth, in Israel or elsewhere, but most especially in Israel. Ger was never defined by YHVH as a Jewish convert.

This is just one example of our Hebrew people – House of Judah and House of Israel – need to return to the pure language, or definitions, of YHVH’s terminology. How can we call on and serve Him together as ONE when we cannot agree on the terms and the twisted cultural terms found in every Jewish sect and Christian denomination that all have different meanings? We can’t. It is impossible.

The IDI said Jewish Nation-State Law is largely symbolic and not practical, the heads of the Israel Democracy Institute said Sunday in a briefing for English media. The IDI is an independent center of research and action dedicated to strengthening the foundations of Israeli democracy. It works to bolster the values and institutions of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and influence policy, legislation and public opinion. 

Even though IDI monitors legislation that it believes harms Israeli democracy, its leaders downplayed the practical impact that the final version of the Jewish Nation-State Law passed two weeks ago could have on Israel’s future. 

“It is not a game changer and has very little problematic implications, but it causes anxiety,” IDI vice president Yuval Shani said. “It won’t change how the country is run.” 

“It is not an injury but an insult. It doesn’t change anything practically.”

Does this mean that Hebrews the world over are now allowed to insult others?

Here is the worse part – the part I’ve been leading up to in this report and something I am now wondering. Is this bill a first step in justifying a two-State solution down the road? Will the Jews justify handing over part of the Land, dividing it and giving the Palestinians East Jerusalem because they will have been further separated in the future by language and culture? Is THIS the start of dividing the Land?

Here’s the part you don’t know: The Palestinian Authority passed its own Basic Law in 2003 that clearly defines a future Palestinian state as an ethnic Arab state in which Islam is the dominant religion (meaning Sharia Law holds sway) and Arabic is the only official language.

This could be the start of my worst fears for Israel if they are moving toward two states by first implementing a nation state law whose outcome, and possible intent, is to outlaw Arabic, the language of the Palestinians. I fear the House of Judah has just started down a slippery slope.

The Knesset has decided to convene a special session during its summer recess on August 8 to deliberate on the bill and its impact on the Druze community. The special session was requested by MK Zouheir Bahloul’s Zionist Union party which obtained 52 signatures from opposition factions. This is more than twice as many as is required to initiate a special session during the recess. However, no voting is permitted during a recess session.

The Druze also took their battle to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who told themthere is nothing that prejudices the special status of the Druze community in Israel. The people of Israel, and myself among them, love and appreciate you. We greatly value our partnership and our alliance.” But then he said, “The law won’t change” [because] there is nothing in the law which hurts [you]. Netanyahu expressed willingness to pass new laws and initiate new programs to help the Druze when the Knesset returns from its summer recess in October.

High-profile members of Israel’s Druze community are voicing their opposition to the new legislation. 

My name is Amal Asaad, a citizen of the state of Israel and a non-Jew and 26-year IDF retiree. “What do you mean by a ‘national state for the Jewish people’?” he asked. “If I am not a Jew, then the state will not be my state.” “We are rooted in this country no less than any Jewish citizen, because it is our country and our homeland for hundreds of years,” he added. 

Thousands of Israelis, including several retired high-ranking military officials, plan to attend a mass protest held by the Druze in Tel Aviv on Saturday. “We will prove to the people of Israel and the government of Israel that this is a bad law, bad for all of us, and it needs to be annulled,” said Amal Assad. 

The Druze population is roughly 140,000 who live in the Galilee and the Golan Heights. 

Three Druze officers resigned from the IDF this week.

Some in the Knesset already want to change the law. Moshe Kahlon called for changes to the law and Naftali Bennett said his government must ‘heal the wound’ caused to the Druze by new law. He also called the legislation ‘necessary and just’ but must be ‘fixed’ to limit damage done to Israel-supporting, army-serving minority groups.

YHVH’s laws are just and don’t need fixed. Why not just adopt those in the Knesset?

Haaretz published a blistering analysis of the new law in an article titled Analysis: Netanyahu’s Incitement on Nation-state Law Heralds Approach of Israel’s Day of Reckoning. Here are some excerpts.

On Sunday, Benjamin Netanyahu was at his worst. Intentionally and maliciously, he transformed the debate over the new nation-state law into a test of loyalty. If you’re with the Jews, you’re with me, the prime minister cried. He, his ministers, his parliamentarians and his obedient coalition parties legislated a law that was supposed to be good for the Jews but delighted their enemies instead. The nation-state law tarnished Israel’s good name, inflicted sorrow and hurt on its admirers, gave its enemies a powerful battering ram and sowed strife and discord among Israel’s already divided public. So, who’s to blame, as far as Netanyahu is concerned? Why the left, of course, silly. 

Eight former police chiefs are now urging Israel to change the new Nation State law.


In another development, one Israeli couple are being used as an example for other Jews. In a case of religious persecution ins Israel, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) is trying to rescind citizenship to a Messianic Jewish couple.

Ariel and Shayla Hyde are the couple being persecuted by the Israeli government for their belief in Yeshua. Ariel and his parents moved to Israel and became citizens in 2003. Two years later Ariel met his future wife, Shayla, and they married in 2008. After Ariel finished college in the United States (both he and Shayla are American citizens), they returned to Israel to live in 2010, promptly submitting to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) all paperwork required for Shayla to obtain Israeli citizenship. 

Ariel’s parents, Richard and Carolyn Hyde, are also longtime targets of a religiously motivated quest by the Ministry of Interior to deport them, and more recently, Ariel’s brother, Avi, and his wife, Liora.

Israeli law provides that a non-citizen spouse of an Israeli citizen who meets all other legal requirements be granted citizenship after a four-and-a-half-year waiting period. Though Ariel and Shayla have lived here together for eight years and now have three young children (with a fourth expected in August), the MOI has not only denied Shayla’s application but has also recently informed the couple of its intent to revoke Ariel’s citizenship, effectively forcing them to leave Israel. 

The Ministry of Interior officially opted to revoke Ariel’s citizenship though they have failed to present their evidence within the specified deadline, thus, again, failing to obey the court and continuing to leave Ariel and Shayla Hyde in limbo. 

After some Messianic Jews have already immigrated to Israel, the Ministry of Interior can refuse to renew their passports, refuse to register their newly born children, and in extreme cases …revoke their citizenship. This situation reveals an illegal alliance between a governmental office that is obligated to operate in a non-discriminative, legal and equal manner and fundamental religious groups, their core values being to advance their main objectives of preventing Jews from believing in ways different from theirs.

It just boggles my mind why anyone would want to convert to Judaism to join this mess!


The heavy stone that fell out of the Western Wall and came crashing down last week has sparked conversation about the reason for its fall. Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, the rabbi of the Western Wall, called for public “soul searching” in the wake of an incident he saw as “unusual and most rare.” Deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Dov Kalmanovich, said, “We must not explain and interpret natural phenomena as signs from heaven, as the ways of the Creator are hidden.” Then he did a 180, blaming the [Reform Jewish] activists who want women and non-Orthodox Jews to be able to pray as they wish at the Orthodox-controlled Wall.

Let me get this straight. The way the Orthodox Jews want the Western Wall to operate is for no one but Orthodox Jews to pray there. No Reform, Conservative, Karaite or Messianic Jews. No Christians, no Hebrew Roots. Just Orthodox Jews. But here’s what the Orthodox will still want. They will still want all these people to bring their shekels for the Western Wall tours, the Davidson Center and Canaanite tunnel tours. Bring your money, but not your heart and don’t you dare approach God’s Temple!

Hey! That sounds a lot like in Acts 21 when Paul wanted to bring his newly converted House of Israel friends who took a seven day Nazarite vow with him and the Jews tried to kill him for it when he brought them for the purification! Well, Whaddaya know. They’re still up to their old tricks 2,000 years later! 

But Alden Solovy, author and teacher who supports efforts by Reform Jews to pray as they wish at the Western Wall, took a different tack. “On Tisha b’Av, God revealed a deep love of Reform Jews,” he wrote in a blog post. “With a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, God held back a stone from falling from the southern Western Wall onto liberal Jews worshipping below…” 

Those who favor the Nation State bill are claiming the stone falling as a sign of their correctness. 

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, an author in Brookline, Massachusetts, [connected the stone’s] fall with the controversial nation-state bill, as well as a law that denies surrogacy rights to same-sex couples.

Confusion in the camp. This Reform Rabbi thinks the Nation State bill is wrong, but Israel’s rampant homosexuality is right.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

The award for the best response should probably go to the archaeologist Meir Ben-Dov, one of the original excavators of the Robinson’s Arch area, who said, “So a rock fell — so what!” “The State of Israel hasn’t ended, the Messiah won’t come because of this.”

The Book of Habakkuk has something to say about this stone.

Hab 2:1 “I will stand at my guard post and station myself on a tower. I will wait and see what the LORD will say about me and what I will answer when he reprimands me.”

Hab 2:2 When he answered, the LORD told me: “Write out the revelation, engraving it clearly on the tablets, so that a courier may run with it.

Hab 2:3 For the revelation pertains to an appointed time—it speaks truthfully about the end. Though it delays, wait for it, because it will surely come about—it will not be late!

Hab 2:11 Indeed, the stone will cry out from the wall and the rafter will respond from the woodwork.”

God said ‘wait for it, wait for it’. It’s going to seem like this prophecy will never be fulfilled. ‘Wait for it’… Wham! Fulfilled.

Western Wall Stone that Fell

The Stone That Fell


Israel responded to fatal knife attack with new settler homes which Avigdor Lieberman says is best way to answer Palestinian attacks. Again, I believe the best and Biblical way to answer these attacks is for Israel to take back all of Israel’s territory.

The way for Israel to conquer terrorism is expansion, not contraction into a tighter and closed community and to begin living according to God’s word making the ger equal citizens.


Tens of thousands of people are expected to march for equal rights for the LGBT community under heavy police protection Thursday afternoon in what is being billed as the largest-ever gay pride parade in Jerusalem. 

Organizers say some 30,000 people are expected to take part in the march, which will begin at Plumer square at 5 p.m. and end at Independence Park after winding its way down Keren Hayesod Boulevard, Hillel Street and Moshe Ben Yisrael Street. 

Some 2,500 police are being deployed to guard the parade, including border police gendarmes and plainclothes cops. As in years since the stabbing attack, police will restrict entry points into the march, and perform security checks.

We must protect the abominators! Can you tell this enrages me? But it’s a righteous rage, righteous indignation.

Organizers say the official theme of the march is honoring elderly members and pioneers of the LGBT community, but the event is expected to be overshadowed by widespread anger over a recent law that bars gay men from surrogacy parenthood rights.

Israel now has a new adoption law will give same-sex couples the same right to adopt children in Israel as other couples, according to the memorandum of the bill written by the justice and social affairs ministries and obtained by Haaretz. The new law would still give preference to couples over single parents, and to be considered a couple, the two partners would have to have been living together for at least three years.

Talk about a redefinition of what marriage means. Remember the pure language? Can YHVH’s people come together to serve Him as one when they don’t even know the definition of marriage!?

[The] new legislation [does] not include the clause in the previous law stating that “there is no adoption except by a man and his wife together.” 

Sources told Haaretz that MK Shaked hasn’t seen the memorandum yet, and it’s not clear whether she will approve it.


Saudi’s King Salman is pushing back on Trump’s peace plan saying the Palestinians must get East Jerusalem in the deal.

Saudi Arabia has reportedly reassured the Palestinian Authority and Arab states that it would oppose any peace plan put forward by US President Donald Trump’s administration that does not accept the Palestinian stance on the status of Jerusalem and the resettlement of millions of descendants of refugees. 

“We will not abandon you,” King Salman promised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during a recent meeting, Reuters reported Sunday. 

“We accept what you accept and we reject what you reject,” the Saudi king added, the Palestinian ambassador to Riyadh Basem Al-Agha told the news agency.

See! The Saudis have great timing. Right after Israel’s Nation State bill was enacted as the Jewish counterpart to the Palestinian’s 2003 law, King Salman backs the Palestinians. He is back tracking from his previous support of Trump’s peace plan without East Jerusalem for the Palestinians.

Isn’t it interesting that now that Israel has voted in favor of a bill that makes Hebrew Israel’s official language, a bill that matches the 2003 Palestinian Basic Law making Arabic the Palestinian’s official language, that suddenly Salman is back tracking his position? I think he’s doing it at the behest of Trump in preparation for separation, dividing, the Land. In fact, this Haaretz article from May 23, 2017, says the Arab leaders who were at the Riyadh summit, and especially Saudi King Salman, raised the Palestinian issue with him, the official said. They also told him they wanted to see progress on the peace process and expressed a willingness to help. 

Hmmm… So, they’re going to help no matter what Trump wants. So what does Trump want now? One state or two? 

Trump replied, “I believe that a new level of partnership is possible and will happen – one that will bring greater safety to this region …. This includes a renewed effort at peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians…” Last December, the New York Times reported that bin Salman had pressured Abbas to accept Trump’s peace plan, which made no clear commitment on a capital in East Jerusalem or full statehood. 

Earlier this year, bin Salman said in an interview with US news magazine The Atlantic that Israel had the “right” to a homeland, a controversial departure from long-term Arab policy. 

King Salman’s recent pledges appear to have been prompted by US Donald Trump’s controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Do you think it’s possible the New World Order elites are sneaking a two-state deal on the people? The Nation State bill prepares the way by downgrading the Arabic language in Israel. In fact, if you will note, the big screaming over the bill has been about the downgrading of the Arabic language more than anything else. Now, Israel’s official language is Hebrew and the Palestinian’s official language is Arabic. The LORD used language to separate people because of their sins. Man is using it to sin against God and divide His Land.

The question is WHY? Because war is coming. There is a blockade accompanied by a war of words over the Red Sea at the moment. Iran’s Houthi rebels fighting Saudi Arabia attacked two oil tankers in the Bab al-Mandeb shipping lane causing Saudi Arabia to suspend oil shipments. That is giving oil prices a bumpy ride. The Western powers need to control their economies by solidifying the King of the South coalition so that Israel can be openly and formally an ally of Saudi Arabia. In other words, Trump, the Saudis, Egypt, Jordan – in fact most of the nations that will be attacked by Iran – want Israel to be in a military treaty wherein Israel MUST fight with these nations in a time of war. Trump is putting together an Arab NATO, it was reported this week.

In my opinion, it is more likely than not that Israel’s affirmative vote on the Nation State bill is directly tied to Trump’s peace plans as the West tries to stem the tide of war with Iran. It may be – I am not certain – that Netanyahu has rolled over like a dog with paw in the air to Donald Trump if there is fear that Iran will attack Israel soon. Remember I said at the beginning of the broadcast I said I think fear is driving some of what is happening in Israel.

In fact, Trump, this week, offered to meet with Iran’s President Rouhani with no pre-conditions. Now that’s a sign of fear. The press is taking it as courage. It’s not. Trump just lost the entire Middle East for the big oil boys and they’ve probably sent him on a mission to fix it if he can.

There is fear in the air and methinks the Jews just made a big mistake because of it. But, we shall see where all of this leads. Certainly none of it is leading the world to a better outcome. It is leading to war, and THEN the better outcome.

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