Jerusalem Report – 03/02/2018 – Iran, Russia’s End Game: Is It Being Played Right Now?

In this week’s report, you’ll really understand the dynamics of the politics, cultural and religious realities in the Middle East and how these are in the process of being fulfilled. Understand who the end times characters are by knowing who YHVH says they are at the beginning. Find out how these characters are developing in the end of days and discover the prophetic importance of their interactions in the end of days. The Middle East wars escalation continues and you need to understand it so that you will be prepared when the initial wars break out of the Middle East.

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Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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Israeli satellite images have revealed a new Iranian military base near Damascus. The images reportedly show two warehouses storing missiles capable of hitting all of Israel. According to the report, members of the Iran Revolutionary Guard’s special operations Quds Force are operating the new base.

Iranian officials openly claim that they are working to build an axis of resistance to Israel and the U.S. in the region. Iranian strategy is based on building ties with local forces who share the same goals.

Iran’s resistance to Israel can easily be understood as a resistance to the King of the South of which Israel is a part (see Daniel 11:40-45) because Israel and Saudi Arabia are now in alliance. Saudi Arabia holds the spiritual power of Islam as of now because two of Islam’s holiest cities are located there – Mecca and Medina. All Muslim males, including those from Iran, make pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime to Mecca.

Iran has aspirations of leading the next caliphate which will be both a civil and spiritual, i.e. religious, governance. Therefore, Iran will need to control Mecca and Medina. To do that, they must take those cities away from Saudi Arabia.

Israel is on Saudi Arabia’s front line now. Yes, the Saudis are using Israel as a front guard, much like how Muslims use women and children as human shields – an act of all out cowardice. Saudi Arabia does not want to go head to head with Iran. They want Israel to do that for them.

Now let’s look at why the United States is part of the King of the South that will be attacked by Iran and its ally, Russia. The U.S. is the biggest financial backer of both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Not to mention that the United States is at with these two entities – Iran and Russia – in Syria.

Furthermore, the reason Iran will attack Jordan, Egypt and Libya is because they are all in peace deals with Israel and the U.S. sends them aid to keep the peace deals in place. That says a lot about how the U.S. has to bribe these Muslim nations to keep their end of the peace deals.

Ethiopia will be attacked because that is a Christian nation. Iran knows who Jacob is at the end of days and they want to kill off every descendant of Jacob from the earth. Christians don’t understand the depth of the danger they are in because they don’t understand, by and large, their ties to Jacob. Most don’t even really understand their relationship to Israel via our mutual father, Abraham. But that’s a topic for another show.

Iran continues to cross every red line set by Israel. Literally, Iran is backing Israel up by increments like bullies so often do.

Netanyahu plans to counter Iran’s bullying by moving forward with Washington to try to change the Iran nuclear deal. This action is intended to fight Iranian aggression on the ground. He will be meeting President Trump soon and this will be their first topic of discussion. Netanyahu called the deal “a bad agreement that allows Iran to run on the highway towards nuclear weapons. The current situation needs to be changed with or without a change in the agreement”.

Haaretz posted an article this week about the surprise Israel may get from Iran if Israel keeps striking targets in Syria. This secular Jewish news outlet may not know it, but their insight is in line with the end time King of the North invasion.

The latest confrontation between Israel and Iran on the northern front was predictable, and prophetic, I might add. It was a lead-in to the war that is coming between the King of the North and the King of the South. Israeli news outlets do not take into account the ramifications of Israel’s actions for Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia. The reality of Iran’s agenda for Middle East dominance is not part of Israel’s ability to see at the moment. Unfortunately, Israel only sees Iran’s aggression against them.

The Revelation 6 white horse with the rider who has a crown goes out ‘conquering’ and ‘to conquer’. This is two different wars with two different agendas. Let me explain.

Shia Iran has, as its main focus, the destruction of the Jews while simultaneously taking the rising Caliphate from Sunni Saudi Arabia. Sweeping through Israel will be just a part of their operation. The other part of their operation will be to take Mecca and Medina from the Saudis. Mecca and Medina are the two more holy cities – holier than Jerusalem, according to Islam. The Muslims want to control all three cities.

Although they claim Jerusalem is the third holiest city, they also are hiding their desire to rule the earth from Jerusalem. I suspect the Iranians are Amalek because of their behavior. Amalek is an Edomite, a grandson of Esau. Edomites are the descendants of Esau, Jacob’s twin brother who has threatened and tried to kill Jacob – the line of the Jewish Messiah and all 12 tribes of Israel for almost 4,000 years. The wars at the end of days during the Great Tribulation are exactly that – their attempt to remove Jacob’s descendants from the earth and rule, without YHVH, from Jerusalem.

The Bible commands Jacob’s descendants, Israelites, to go to war and kill Amalek in every generation until Amalek is wiped from the earth forever. The Great Tribulation wars will be between Amalek and Israel.

Purim is the story of what happens when God’s people disobey His command. King Saul was told to go to war with the Amalekites to destroy everyone – children, women, men and even their cattle. But Saul let King Agag live. For this, God ripped the Israelite Kingdom away from Saul and gave it to David. King Agag’s queen gave birth to an Agagite, a descendant of Esau who spawned Haman, an Edomite Persian.

I have traced Edomite Kings and found that some Edomites went north from their capital home, Bosrah, in modern Jordan, to the area of the Persian empire. King Agag’s queen took her son to be with her people in the area that would later become Persia. Iran is the modern remnant of that ancient Persian empire. Haman embodies Amalek’s zeal to cut Jacob’s descendants from life on earth. This is why Iran is so dangerous!

So, the white horse of Revelation 6 goes forth ‘conquering’. This going forth ‘conquering’ is the first round of attacks by the Shi’ite nations led by Iran in the north Middle East.

Daniel 11 goes on to say that the King of the North will get bad news out of the north and east (Daniel 11:44). I believe this will be Turkey. The Saudis and the Turks both want the caliphate. Once Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem are in the hands of the Iranian 4+1 coalition, and the 11th and final caliphate has been established, Turkey will want to do battle with Iran to change that and establish the caliphate under Sunni rule just as the Sunnis did to three prior Shi’ite caliphates in Islamic history.

You will recall that the Beast of Revelation has seven heads and ten horns. It has seven heads because it is comprised of the seven empires that have threatened Israel’s existence. There are ten horns because these represent the ten caliphates of Islam over the last 1400 years. An eleventh horn arises, smaller than the others (which indicates that it will last for only a short time). These ten crowns were Islamic caliphates.

And do you remember that the scripture says three of the ten were plucked up? In Islamic history, Shi’ites have gained the caliphate three times only to almost immediately lose it to Sunni control. Thus, the Shi’ites have yet to establish a Shi’ite caliphate for any length of time. This coming Shi’ite caliphate will last longer than its three predecessors, but not long enough to become full-sized horn or caliphate.

Sunni Turkey will have aligned itself with the other Arab nations that will not have been attacked when Iran swept through Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and so forth. The Arab nations will be pulled between Iran and Turkey politically. But Daniel says the King of the North will hear disturbing news from the north and east suggesting that Iran will have failed to gain alliances with the Arab nations, who are all Sunni dominated, and who are located eastward in the Middle East. These include countries like Kuwait, Qatar (who right now seems to be allying with Iran, but who will probably pull back from Iran once a Shi’ite caliphate is established), Oman, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

When these begin to make noises about retaking the caliphate from Iran, Iran will become irate and will go forth ‘to conquer’. In other words, Tehran will decide to put an end to further uprisings against it. There will likely be Sunni-Shia clashes all over the earth at that time, Muslims fighting each other over the newly established caliphate in every city where they dwell. Tehran will want to put an end to these clashes, especially in the Middle East in the Sunni Arab nations I just mentioned, but also all over the earth. Therefore, Iran and its allies, red Russia and red China and red North Korea (the Edomite secular nations) will go forth to do battle everywhere on the planet. This means in every nation because Muslims have populations of Sunnis and Shi’ites in every nationi on earth now.

Haaretz goes on to say that the United States also poses a threat to Iran. The Trump administration has defined Iran as a threat of the highest order to the United States and its allies due to its use of terror, intervention in other countries, construction of a large missile system, and above all its attempt to produce nuclear weapons.

However, Gen. Joseph Votel in charge of U.S. Central Command said Tuesday that countering Iran is not a mission of the American-led coalition fighting ISIS. This was his reply when asked by Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) about what the United States can do in Syria to address threats posed by Iran. But he further said the coalition’s relationships with the government of Iraq and with the Syrian Democratic Forces “put us in a position where we can impede Iran’s objectives of establishing lines of communication through these critical areas and trying to connect Tehran to Beirut, for example”.

So, he contradicted himself by doing what Washingtonians learned to do best under the Clinton administration which is to redefine words to deceive people. “Is” is what it is, General Votel. If the US is trying to impede Iran in the Middle East, then the US is in a mission to counter Iran. When will these people realize we Americans are not that stupid!?

Trump administration officials have said the U.S. military will stay in Syria past the defeat of ISIS in part to prevent Iran from gaining influence in the region.

The U.S. administration hasn’t yet taken any practical steps to stop the threat, and it’s not clear whether it will, but Iran isn’t certain it won’t, and the last thing Tehran wants is a confrontation with the United States.

Well, I disagree with that statement. Iran does want a direct confrontation with the US, but more importantly, Iran’s dearest ally, Russia, is chomping at the bit to have such a direct confrontation.

Meanwhile, the declaration by Washington that it will leave a military force in northern Syria for an indefinite period to check Iranian influence should worry Tehran.

According to Haaretz, Russia – currently the most influential player in Syria – stands alongside Iran and recognizes Iran’s right to maintain forces in Syria, there are differences of opinion, conflicts of interest and suspicions between Tehran and Moscow. As a result, Iran fears that if an overall agreement in Syria is achieved, Russia won’t insist on leaving Bashar Assad’s regime in place if it receives a promise that it can continue to use its air base and naval base there.

What Haaretz is saying is that Iran has a vested interest in keeping Russia in Syria and keeping the fighting going. It perhaps may be that if the Syrian fighting stops, Iran will feel the need to attack Israel to keep the fighting going in order to keep Russia too busy to uninstall Bashar Al-Assad from office.

If the Assad regime is ousted in the context of an agreement, Iran’s influence in Syria will suffer a serious blow. Iran thus hasn’t yet responded with fire to Israel’s attacks, except once at the beginning of February, against weapons convoys and factories in Syria.

The Iranians are also likely to fear that a confrontation with Israel would give Israel a chance to attack the nuclear weapons sites in Iran. Moreover, Iran apparently doesn’t seek a confrontation because its top priority is to stabilize the Assad regime and exploit its standing in Syria to strengthen its influence in Iraq and Lebanon. An entanglement with Israel could block these goals.

Iran’s supreme regional goal is to entrench itself in Syria and its neighbors for the long term. It has already paid a high price for this in blood and money, and there’s no reason to assume that it will give this up. Israel, meanwhile, must prevent Iran from leaving its forces and the Shi’ite militias in Syria – including Hezbollah – for the long term. This basic conflict could lead to a confrontation again – and there’s no evidence yet of a responsible adult among the great powers to ease the conflict of interests.

Haaretz’s assessment is that at some stage Iran will take a military action to deter Israel. Iran will want to surprise Israel – with the timing, weapons or method. For that purpose it will prefer to activate Hezbollah and other Shi’ite militias so as not to get involved itself.

Iran may instruct Hezbollah to use its missile system, despite the risks involved both to it and its emissaries. Iran would probably try to exploit an opportunity when Israel is preoccupied with another crisis – the main candidate is a conflict with Hamas in Gaza. And of course there’s also the possibility of a mistake in judgment that would get Iran embroiled in a conflict with Israel.

In my opinion, Iran will probably step up assaulting Israel using Hezbollah and the other Shi’ite militias camped on Israel’s Golan border. However, it isn’t just a “possibility” that Iran will make a direct attack… It is a Bible prophecy.

It is important for us to understand the political reasoning behind Iran and Russia’s continued bombing of Ghouta and other areas surrounding Damascus. There is more than a religious reason behind this latest atrocity. Iran is seeking leverage in future talks over its missile program that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to address in Washington.

The Assad regime continues bombing innocent people in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus and has killed at least 500 to date. Rescue workers continuously pull dead civilians from the rubble. Syria, Russia’s and Iran’s inaction – nay, their defiance of the United Nations Security Council’s 30-day ceasefire resolution has become crystal clear that strong actions are needed by the UN to back-up their demands.

The driving force behind the Ghouta atrocity is to maintain Syria as part of Iran’s dream of a Shiite-Persian empire. Iran continues to expand its foothold in Syria, while Arab countries across the Gulf, Germany and France are also being heard making strong demands. The European Union should also be making Iran understand such hostilities are unacceptable, but have not yet uttered a word since business with Iran is more important to the EU’s businesses now.

Iran needs Damascus, the city and its government, to build its empire. Iran needs Tehran and Damascus, plus it wants to add Beirut. It is Damascus, though, that politically and geographically has the most importance.

Scripture indicates the importance of Damascus to the point of telling us that it will become a heap of rubble from the war (Isaiah 17:1).

For Iran it is highly important how the global community responds to its bellicosity, understanding when the time will be to dial down and when the timing is proper to further hostilities.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in a European Parliament speech emphasized the necessity for global collaboration to prevent Iran’s interference abroad, adding Tehran should end its efforts and the “revolution is over.”

Calling on the Global community to intervene is exactly why Iran will have no qualms about creating a global war after conquering the Middle East. Their conquering of the Middle East will be only the beginning of Iran and Russia’s push. Turkey will echo what the rest of the world will be calling for – an Iranian retraction out of Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and all the other minor nations it may overrun during the first phase of the King of the North war with the King of the South.

Once Turkey engages Iran over the Shi’ite-controlled caliphate, Iran will see the need to go on the offensive globally so that the Americans and their allies cannot reverse Iran’s success. Do you understand? This is the reason this Middle East conflict will go global.

Understanding the situation at hand, Iran is raising the price in Syria – such as the horrendous bombing campaign of East Ghouta – to use as a lever in possible future talks over its ballistic missile program and meddling in other states’ internal affairs. But prophetically, Ghouta isn’t just about future talks over missiles. It is a pre-cursor to a greater outbreak of military action globally.

I have spoken a lot about the 4+1 coalition which is Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah and Russia – Russia being the +1. However, it is time to take a look at the wider axis, the axis that will make Iran’s and Russia’s global aspirations come to life. The wider axis includes China and North Korea.

Russia can easily attack the US from the Arctic Circle and the Atlantic ocean both with missiles from the ground and launching from submarines. But it is China, trolling off the West Coast of America, that is also of great concern. A simultaneous coordinated attack on the US from the north and both Coasts has a high probability.

Where does North Korea fit in? North Korea will take out the US’s island allies: Australia, Philippines, Guam, Japan, Thailand… and even possibly some continental Asian nations that maintain good relations with the US, including India and Pakistan.

North Korea’s missiles – which can reach up to 15,000 km – won’t have to reach the United States with China patrolling the US West Coast. The world’s news outlets continually focus on North Korea’s missiles forgetting the fact that China has been following suit with Russia in building up its entire military, including its Navy which now includes highly technological aircraft carriers, destroyers and nuclear submarines.

The fact that North Korea and Iran have an ongoing, close relationship where nuclear materials and weapons are manufactured in North Korea and shipped to Iran should not go unnoticed. Edomite ‘red’ Iran (religious Edomites) and Edomite ‘red’ North Korea (secular Edomites) should be expected to be best friends at the end of days.

Iran is not the only Edomite nation involved with North Korea. According to the Wall Street Journal, Syria also has nurtured a relationship with that nation. North Korea shipped 50 tons of supplies to Syria for use in building what is suspected to be an industrial-scale chemical weapons factory, according to a United Nations intelligence report.

A Chinese (another ‘red’ secular Edomite nation) trading firm working on behalf of Pyongyang made five shipments in late 2016 and early 2017 of high-heat, acid-resistant tiles, stainless-steel pipes and valves to Damascus, the report said, citing them as evidence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is paying North Korea to help his country produce chemical arms.

The shipments are part of a steady stream of weapons-related sales by Pyongyang to Syria and to Mr. Assad’s patron, Iran, estimated by some experts to be worth several billion dollars a year.

Even as an international-sanctions noose tightens around North Korea, Syria’s conflict has been a windfall for its leader, Kim Jong Un. Such illicit revenues undercut Washington’s “maximum pressure” sanctions campaign against North Korea with the aim of thwarting its nuclear-weapons program.

The U.N. report, which hasn’t been publicly released, detailed evidence and intelligence from several member states. Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center, or SSRC, the Assad-backed group responsible for developing chemical and other weapons of mass destruction, paid Pyongyang’s primary arms dealer, Korea Mining Development Trading Corporation, for the materials through a series of front companies. North Korea is supplying Syria with the materials for its chemical weapons, missile and rocket propellants and parts for Syria’s SCUD missile program.

In their confidential report, U.N. investigators identified more than 40 shipments of material for use in arms production and other banned weapon programs from North Korea to Syria’s unconventional weapons group. The last one was sent just a few weeks ago, the investigators wrote. North Korean technicians with specialized knowledge of chemical and ballistic-missile technology have repeatedly visited Syria over the last two years, according to intelligence reports provided to the U.N. In August 2016, a North Korean technical delegation to Syria discussed the procurement of special valves and thermometers known to be used in chemical-weapons programs, according to those reports. A range of technicians with expertise in long-range radar, missiles, tanks and other military equipment also have been found operating over the last two years in Sudan, Mozambique, Uganda, and Myanmar.

China told the U.N. investigators it had no evidence that one of its companies was doing business with North Korea’s primary arms dealer. It didn’t deny the sales to Syria in the U.N. report, however, and said it was open to investigating those alleged connections to North Korea if investigators provided more evidence.

The Syrian war has been a particular economic boon for North Korea, a condition that has allowed it to significantly upgrade its missiles to the point that it can strike anywhere on earth.

Besides Syria, North Korean is selling arms to the insurgent Houthi militia in Yemen on Saudi Arabia’s southern border, as well as Hezbollah in Lebanon. Pyongyang also sells to a host of other countries, including sub-Saharan dictatorships, and to Myanmar’s ballistic-missile program, according to U.S. and U.N. reports.

The latest details of the North Korean-Syrian military venture reflect decades-long ties between Pyongyang and Damascus, dating to their shared Cold-War patronage under the Soviet Union. Pyongyang helped build the Syrian nuclear reactor that was destroyed by Israeli midnight strikes in September 2007. That facility was thought to be a near duplicate of North Korea’s Yongbyon reactor.

Put the puzzle pieces together like YHVH instructed. Realize that Esau is ‘red’. Edom is ‘red’. He was ‘red’ in the beginning and he is ‘red’ at the end. Iran is ‘red’. Syria is ‘red’. Hezbollah is ‘red’. Russia, China, North Korea are all ‘red’. They are all either physical descendants of Esau, spiritual descendants of Esau or both! Esau’s agenda has not changed. He wants to be King of the earth, to take Jacob’s rightful place.

It doesn’t help that the Hebrews, who are their own worst enemy, are helping Esau do that.

I have shown you many times my belief that Gog is not some nebulous figure that arises out of nowhere at the end of days, but is a Hebrew, an Israelite from the tribe of Reuben. You can find this teaching by clicking over to The Messianic Message dot com.

I have also claimed that Gog migrated to Germany and showed you proof that no surname of Gog exists in Russia, but there are hundreds of thousands of hits for the Gog surname in Germany. I also believe it could be President Donald Drumpf – his German name – could trigger the war between the Kings of the North and South and that Gog, Drumpf’s people who are also end times Babylon – will be embroiled in the conflict.

Trump’s Jerusalem policy might push the Middle East over the edge. This week, a Middle East news outlet leaked details of the President’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Quoting “knowledgeable Arab diplomatic sources” in Paris, the London-based Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported on Wednesday that the Trump administration’s coalescing peace plan could contain several major “carrots” for the Palestinians, while not ignoring Israel’s security needs.

Plans may include Palestinians giving up the “right of return” and putting the Old City under an “international mandate.”

Recognizing a Palestinian state with eastern Jerusalem as its capital is the biggest nod to Palestinian demands, according to the report.

Would President Trump, then, put a US embassy in East Jerusalem as I hinted he might starting last spring?

The purported Trump proposal, seemingly taken from former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert’s offer to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in 2008, would dilute Israeli jurisdiction over Jerusalem even further. According to the report, smaller, outlying Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria would be “relocated,” while the Palestinian Authority’s security and administrative control of Areas A and B would be expanded.

The inducements for Israel reportedly include retaining military control of the Jordan valley as well as security control over Judea and Samaria, including its borders. Egypt would have security control over the Gaza Strip. In addition, all large villages and towns would stay part of Israel.

Another key Israeli demand is addressed as well: The Palestinians who fled Israel in 1948 and their descendants would have no “right of return” to Israel proper. They would stay in the countries they currently live in and receive monetary compensation.

According to the Saudi paper’s sources, the US would ask the international community to help establish the new country’s institutions by collecting the whopping sum of $40 billion. The money is not intended to “buy” Palestinian acceptance of the peace plan, the diplomats stressed.

The Americans would like to present the peace plan – which has no date of delivery as yet – in the framework of an international conference that would be held in one of the Arab capitals. In order for Israelis to be able to attend easily, this would have to be either Amman or Cairo, most likely the latter.

The leak of this information to a Saudi news outlet should not go unnoticed by you. The Saudis want to play a key role in Middle East and world politics in the future, but they can’t overtly court Israel which is why a possible international conference may be held in Cairo. That is, unless the US, Israel and the Saudis just want to be blatant about their new relationship and host such a conference in Mecca. This would be tantamount to the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia thumbing their noses at Iran as if to say the Sunnis “have the caliphate”! We shall have to wait and see how this transpires.

Early reaction to the purported plan in Israel was not favorable. Leaders of the Sovereignty Movement, a Judea and Samaria activist organization, referred to the plan as “a regional disaster”.

While rumors of the purported plan continue to swirl in the Arab world, nothing has been officially confirmed. Still, Palestinian officials have called it the “slap of the century” that no Palestinian would ever accept. Several senior Palestinian Authority officials have wildly claimed that the U.S. administration, together with Israel, is looking to destroy the Palestinian cause and oust its current leadership.

Speaking during a gathering at the Palestinian embassy in Cairo, PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Advisor for International Affairs Nabil Shaath said: “President Mahmoud Abbas is in a position of full confrontation with the United States and Israel in the wake of the Israeli government’s intransigence and the recent US administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer its embassy to it.”

“We will not establish our state but on our national soil. No state in Gaza, no state without Gaza, no state without Jerusalem as the capital, not a capital in Jerusalem, but Jerusalem is the capital,” Shaath added.

Shaath also predicted that within three years “the world ruled by the United States will end and a multilateral leadership will be established.”

“We will be part of this new world,” he added.

That brings me to this point: The Great Tribulation is 3.5 years. Does this Palestinian know something about Iran and Russia’s agenda to have cleaned the earth of Jacobites within that timeframe? Does Iran’s plan include making peace on Israeli soil by war? Do the Palestinians, whom DNA evidence shows are actually carriers of ancient Hebrew DNA – not Canaanite as Abbas recently declared, think Iran will let them live when they sweep through Israel? Perhaps initially, but with modern DNA evidence, Iran is most certainly aware of who the Palestinians really are. I suspect Iran won’t let the Palestinians live, either.

The Europeans are already reacting to Trump’s non-released peace plan. A number of European countries are trying to persuade the United States to amend aspects of its long-anticipated Israel-Palestinian peace proposal before it is unveiled. The issue they desire to change is the Palestinian right of return. The United States would ask Palestinians to forsake their hope to re-settle millions of Palestinian refugees living throughout the Middle East to Israel in exchange for recognition of Palestine as a state.

Western diplomatic sources confirmed talks between the Washington administration and European countries were indeed taking place, but said chances were low of the Americans taking into account all of the Europeans’ demands regarding the peace push.

It was further reported the peace plan envisioned a demilitarized Palestinian state with limited sovereignty whose borders are not based on the 1967 lines.

London-based pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Wednesday, citing diplomatic sources in France, that the US peace plan did not rule out east Jerusalem as Palestinian capital, but conditioned it on the Old City being under international rule.

Jerusalem Old City – the area that YHVH calls His holy city in the Bible – has only one option for peace under human beings which is to internationalize it. The fact is that this is exactly what Yeshua the Messiah intends to do with it. The issue is that mankind – the UN, initially, and later, a ruler from Iran, probably – will rule over YHVH’s holy city while the Messiah intends to rule the world from there.

Man’s way is all the nations ruling Jerusalem – Esau getting a way to share in ruling over Jerusalem. God’s way is Jerusalem ruling the world.

While Jerusalem has been already nominated capital of the state of Israel by the Trump administration last December, with plans to operate the relocation of the embassy there in May, the new plan would allegedly recognize the Eastern parts of the Holy City as capital of the Palestinian state.

In a latest show of distrust towards the Palestinian leadership, and in an effort to move the Palestinians in this direction, the United States has frozen over half of their contribution to United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), from $125 million dollars to a mere $60 million.

In a harshly worded tweet after the move in January, the PLO said the administration was “targeting the most vulnerable segment of the Palestinian people and depriving the refugees of the right to education, health, shelter and a dignified life.”

Palestinian leadership has been caught embezzling this money from their own people, but they want you to believe the US and Israel are responsible for the poor living conditions of PA citizens.

This peace plan is Donald Trump’s personal ‘spoil’. Gog’s spoil is of another kind. Trump has hailed this as the “deal of the century”. I believe Trump is narcissistic enough to push until he makes something happen. However, I doubt he will enjoy the outcome because what he will inadvertently make happen is global war.

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