The Jerusalem Report – 09/08/2017 – About Trump… Which Persian King?

This is a special appeal for you to really pay attention this week.

Why have I been so negative about President Donald Trump?

Does he embody ancient King Cyrus or is there another Persian King that Trump is more like?

Find out why some disagree with Dr. Lance Wallnau’s opinion that Trump is a Cyrus figure.

Donald Trump holds the fate of Israel and America in his hands.

Why will Israel’s gas and oil be so important to the United States and Europe in the coming conflict?

Learn Russia’s and China’s plans for the new eastern New World Order, plus much more.


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Please allow me to make a special appeal for you to really pay attention this week.

I’ve had much to say about President Donald Trump since he took office. Most of it has been negative. Before the election, I didn’t say much about him because I was waiting to see if the private citizen Donald Trump and candidate Donald Trump would become a different man after he became President.

However, the one thing that I repeatedly said was that I believed he was a New World Order shill, a plant, a set up to the American people devised by some in power who wanted a man that could be easily manipulated. These people, I believe, even portrayed Trump as an outsider that they did not like in order to convince the people that he must be the right man for the job.

Many proclaimed Trump to be the end times equivalent of the ancient Persian King Cyrus before and after the election. I have commented on this, too.

My criticisms of Donald Trump are many and I have been vocal about them, but everything I have said is based on prophecies for the end of days and how Trump’s actions fulfill those prophecies.

Beast Watch News has lost so much financial support that it is almost running in the red. People have stopped going to the website or listening to my audieo reports. I believe it is because many don’t want to hear a negative opinion about Trump’s actions from the White House.

There is a reality to face. While President Donald Trump is anointed by YHVH, just like Barack Obama was (which I said often), it does not necessarily follow that Trump is a righteous man, a prayer warrior as some say and filled with the Holy Spirit. Find out why some disagree with Dr. Lance Wallnau’s opinion that Trump is a Cyrus figure.

Please listen to this broadcast to the end. I will present my opinion of which Persian King Donald Trump emulates the most. And I will ask some hard questions for you to consider about his actions toward Israel for this will determine America’s fate before YHVH.

There is another President who qualified as Cyrus figure before Donald Trump. Find out who this was. Also, what has Trump done that endangers Israel more than Barack Obama did while in office.

Why will Israel’s gas and oil be so important to the United States and Europe in the coming conflict?

Later in this broadcast, learn Russia’s and China’s plans for the new eastern New World Order, plus much more.


Last week, U.S. officials agreed to let Iranian-backed militias to take positions in Syria less than ten kilometers from the Israeli Golan Heights. The report appeared to back up Russian media claims that Moscow has ignored pleas from Israel to prevent Iran from exploiting Syria’s ongoing civil war to expand its military influence into Syrian territory. President Putin approved the addition of 1,000 Iranian guards just a couple of days after Prime Minister Netanyahu met with him in Sochi, Russia to ask him to remove Iranian and pro-Iranian troops from Syria.

A report from Pravda, citing unnamed sources present at the start of the meeting between the Israeli and Russian leaders, said Netanyahu “was too emotional and at times even close to panic” as he warned Putin against the threat Iran poses to Israel and regional stability. Israeli officials who had accompanied Netanyahu to Russia dismissed the report as untrue.

It was reported that Netanyahu described a picture of the apocalypse to the Russian president that the world may see if no efforts are taken to contain Iran, which, as Netanyahu believes, is determined to destroy Israel.

The Pravda report of Netanyahu’s near panic, whether true or not, should grip the hearts of all believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because of the grave danger Israel now faces because of President Donald Trump’s unilateral negotiations with Putin to create the de-escalation zones on the northern border of both Israel and Jordan.

Pravda further reported that Putin said that “Israel is also an important partner for Russia in the region,” while stressing that “Iran is Russia’s strategic ally in the Middle East” and declined to abandon Russia’s alliance with the Islamic Republic.

Israel is an important partner because Israel has something Russia wants, but isn’t talking about at the moment – the natural gas and oil. More on this later.

It is, however, Iran that means the most to the Russians. As I have reported previously, quoting from historical information, Russia and the Iranians come from the same Persian stock. They are blood brothers and blood is always thicker than water, especially when one of those brothers has something the other one needs.

Netanyahu explained to Putin that Israel is extremely concerned about Iran’s participation in the Syrian conflict and, more than that, Tehran is working on “creeping expansion” in the Middle East under the pretext of a peaceful settlement in Syria. He reiterated what Putin already knows which is that Iran supplies weapons to Hezbollah fighters and is gradually attracting Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen into its sphere of influence.

Iran funds Hezbollah and has taught Hezbollah officials the finer points of influence. Tehran is gradually attracting other Arab nations such as Qatar since it fell out of favor with the Saudis. Yemen is now captive to Iran and is an Iranian satellite because of the Houthis. The proxy war there still rages, but the Houthis have the upper hand.

Being on the Saudi’s southern border, the Houthis are in position to attack Saudi Arabia from the south when Iran and its Russian-funded coalition attack from the north.

While Netanyahu was feverishly describing these sinister scenarios to Putin, the latter was sighing with sympathy, as if saying: “Unfortunately, we cannot help you”. Later, he would deliver the bad news that not only can he not help Israel in this situation, but he will not!

This is because Tehran is the only counterbalance Moscow has in the powerful alliance of wealthy Arabian monarchies that have established ties to NATO in their endeavor to impose Washington’s and Europe’s rules in the entire Middle East. Therefore, the Kremlin is interested in further strengthening Tehran’s influence in the region.

The question of accepting Iran into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has almost been resolved. Russia has advocated the early adoption of Iran at the SCO. When it happens, that fact, all by itself, will remove U.S. plans for air strikes on Iranian territory. Most likely, the Pentagon will not risk attacking a member of the SCO, where Russia and China, who are permanent members of the UN Security Council, act as locomotives. To top off the security arrangements between Russia and Iran, Tehran has already purchased Russian S-300 air defense systems and has put them on operational duty.

Speaking to Israeli journalists in a conference call after the meeting, Netanyahu said he told Putin that Israel would take action if its “red lines” were crossed.

In addition, Putin reaffirmed Russia’s position for a comprehensive and just settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and stressed that Russia was ready to act as a mediator. This came as another slap in the face of Israel, because it is the Palestinians who demand the Palestinian issue should be solved by the international community, while Israel insists on bilateral negotiations between Palestine and Israel.

To put the situation bluntly, the Russians and Iranians now have the upper hand in the Shi’ite northern region of the Middle East. This all happened because President Donald Trump is a dangerous man who believes that making foreign policy deals is exactly like dealing with real estate in New York City!

The new de-escalation agreement also affects Jordan. The U.S. team held talks with their Russian counterparts in Amman, Jordan, where they backed off their demand for the removal of Iranian and pro-Iranian forces from the city of Daraa which is less than 10 km from the Jordanian border. Iranian-backed militias will now be positioned as close as 8km from the Jordanian border. This is less than half the original 32 km distance sought by the U.S. negotiating team.

The U.S. negotiators also agreed to let Russian observers police the truce zones, angering other U.S. officials and U.S. allies. Israeli officials are concerned that the Russian presence could limit its operations against targets in Syria, the report said.


Question: Would a pro-Israel U.S. President arrange for Israel’s enemies to be stationed on Israel’s northern border?

Trump’s scary agreement with Russia, that even has Netanyahu in a panic, is bad for Israel. And therefore, Trump’s agreement is bad for America.

During his campaign, Trump paraded as very pro-Israel. Evangelicals loved him. Jews, Messianic Jews and Hebrew Roots believers took to him. It would have been great if Trump had turned out to be the man that his supporters expected in the White House. But President Donald Trump has been disappointing his supporters ever since taking office and his approval ratings show it. has a new category: Trump Regrets. It’s the place where disappointed voters describe their regret for having voted for Donald Trump for President. April’s bombing in Syria further disappointed his supporters.

President Trump’s speech on his strategy in Afghanistan was a “disappointment” to many of his supporters on the far right who slammed his decision to deploy additional troops to Afghanistan and ramp up engagement in the U.S.’s longest war.

Breitbart politics reporter Adam Shaw wrote a separate story titled “Trump’s ‘America First’ Base Unhappy with Flip-Flop Afghanistan Speech,” while other top articles on the site compared the speech to an address Obama delivered in 2009 in which he said American commitment to Afghanistan would not be a “blank check.”

Some of Trump’s most loyal media supporters, however, praised the speech and the strategy. The president was almost universally lauded by panelists on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s program.

GOP Sen. Rand Paul, considered one of the more libertarian-leaning members of Congress, also broke with Trump over his decision to commit more troops to the 16-year-old conflict.

Trump’s troop increase has spurred some far-right nationalist personalities to question whether they will continue to offer full support for the presidency, especially since Steve Bannon’s departure.

My opinion on the reason President Trump escalated the war in Afghanistan is because he needs bait to get Russia and Iran away from, and disinterested in, Israel’s and Jordan’s borders. I suspect that he may already see the “badness” of the deal he made with the devil, Putin. According to media reports, the U.S. negotiating team that met in Amman last week were strong-armed. Their acquiescence about allowing Iranians and other enemies of Israel and Jordan on their borders was not because Trump was in agreement, but because he suddenly finds himself powerless. In other words, without knowing how to negotiate in the realm of diplomacy and military, Trump now finds himself on the losing end of his negotiating stick.

I suspect this took him by surprise. But he is a proud man, not willing to let anyone see him “sweat”. He knew this was coming and decided to use the Afghanistan proxy war to distract Russia and Iran. He will soon discover that the Persians have their heart set on Israel’s defeat and ultimate occupation and they are not likely to be distracted by a few raggedy Taliban fighters who can’t get out of their own way when fighting the U.S. without Russia’s intervention. And intervene, Russia is doing by funding and arming them.

Michigan voters seem to be ahead of the rest of America in losing confidence in President Trump. Four out of 10 Michigan voters question President Trump’s mental stability. That is 62% of Michigan voters who now give Trump a thumb’s down. Trump barely won Michigan to begin with. Trump got 47.50% of the total votes, over Hillary Clinton’s 47.27%, but all of Michigan’s 16 Electoral Votes were assigned to Trump, contributing to his victory in the 2016 United States presidential election. This means that Trump has lost about 15% of his Michigan support.

Now, a majority of Michigan voters worry about President Trump having access to the nuclear launch codes. Fifty-three percent of those polled are “very” or “somewhat” worried.

During Donald Trump’s election campaign, Evangelicals and some Rabbis began to equate him with the ancient Persian King Cyrus. The wrote an article stating that Trump really is not like King Cyrus, at all.

The article compares the two leaders saying Cyrus was a seasoned military leader while Trump is not. In fact, the article points out that Trump avoided the military and also has no government experience.

Also, Cyrus was a master of diplomacy and inclusion, able to gain respect and loyalty from a diverse number of people groups with their disparate cultures and religions. Donald Trump, on the other hand, says the article, …“well not so much, to put it mildly”.

From what history tells, Cyrus was very wise in regards to his mouth, his speech, but Trump has one of the worst cases of foot-in-mouth disease in American history.

Polls didn’t exist at the time, but if they did Cyrus would have a high approval rating across his vast empire.

Trump’s approval rating continues to decline since the election.

As of August 08, 2017, 60% of the American population now does not like Trump, according to A significant percentage of them despise, hate or are in abject fear of him, according to the article. Congress does not trust Trump when it comes to Russia.

Outside of America, his approval ratings are even worse. The Chinese do not trust President Trump. Even the Russians now are saying that they would rather work with Hillary. Vladimir Putin inspires confidence in 23 countries when it comes to doing the right thing regarding world affairs, versus Trump’s 13%, the survey says.

Dr. Lance Wallnau, author of “God’s Chaos Candidate”, convinced Americans that Donald Trump was a Cyrus figure for our time. About the only understanding he got right is the word ‘chaos’ in the title. One of his postulations was that both Cyrus and Trump wanted to “build a wall.” The problem with that theory is that Cyrus actually was more a leader who wanted to tear down walls, both literal and ideological, that separated people and nations.

Yes, he sponsored the Jews in their return to the homeland and in their rebuilding of their temple and their holy city. And yes, rebuilding the walls of the city was a part of this process—for the Jews. Rebuilding Jerusalem’s, and the Temple’s, walls wasn’t Cyrus’ primary emphasis. Cyrus was a King who wanted tribute, money coming into his Kingdom’s coffers, so he could fight more wars. In fact, the Book of Ezra discusses this.

The Jews’ enemies, in chapters 4 and 6, complained that if the Jews were allowed to rebuild Jerusalem that they would not pay tolls or tributes to the King. In chapter 7, the Priests were exempted from paying such tolls and tributes which suggests that everyone else in Jerusalem did pay and that the Jews’ accusers were doing just that, accusing the Jews of something that they did not do. We’ve never heard of a Jew being accused of wrongdoing when no wrongdoing was perpetrated, have we? Don’t answer that. It’s a rhetorical question.

There is a further difference between King Cyrus’s relationship with Israel and President Trump’s relationship with them. President Trump now pays Israel. Israel does not pay President Trump.

Let me read this quote from Huffington Post, “God doesn’t necessarily call the qualified, but rather qualifies the called. Nebuchaddnezzar and Cyrus were called by God to do certain deeds to the Jewish people”.

Some say Trump is a prayer warrior and filled with the Holy Spirit. But Trump does not exhibit the wisdom, grace and character of a qualified Christian leader in his demeanor and decisions. One statement on the Evangelical view written in Huffington Post says, “Overlooking — not to mention whitewashing — the president’s egregious moral failings by insisting that God can write straight with Trump’s crooked lines is more of a desperate Hail Mary pass than an act of faith, as bitter months of his broken leadership have demonstrated”.

In the article, This Is the How Holy Spirit Feels When You Criticize the President, instructions are given to not criticize Trump. However, doesn’t use equal weights and measures when it comes to criticizing Presidents. They engaged in negative reporting during the Obama administration. Apparently, it is OK to criticize a President with which Christians disagree, but it is a bad idea to criticize one with whom they do agree.

Trump’s apologists seem to be ready to look the other way or make excuses for his behavior because they have become blinded to him. After all, he was a better alternative to Hillary Clinton. Trump is seen as a better choice than Barack Obama, too.

The Judeo–Christian world hated how Obama tricked and arm-twisted the Israelis during the peace talks with the Palestinians. But now, Trump has put literal enemies on Israel’s doorstep. These are people who have sworn for decades that they intend to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. Trump’s deed is far worse than the under-handedness Obama brought to the peace talks. Trump, on the other hand, used underhandedness to bring Iran and Russia to Israel’s border. This is a much worse situation that the trouble Israel has with the Palestinians. In fact, when the King of the North attacks Israel, the Palestinians will suffer right along with the Jews.

What can Messianic and Hebrew Roots believers learn about Trump from Evangelicals? Well, nothing, if we are truly being Torah observant to the best of our ability. You see, Deuteronomy 13 and 18 both talk about false prophets. Christian leaders who teach people that the Torah was done away with qualify as false prophets. We are not to follow or trust what the false prophets say, so why are Torah keepers continuing to listen to Christian Sunday-keeping, Christmas tree hugging, easter rabbit worshipping false prophets who proclaim that Trump is a prayer warrior and filled with the Holy Spirit when these are the same leaders that say the Holy Spirit and the Torah are at odds with each other?

However, there are Rabbis who love Trump, too. These are the ones calling for him to step up to the plate and do what ancient King Cyrus did – cause the rebuilding of the Temple.

From jPost comes this information. “Less than a year after Harry S. Truman left the presidency, he was invited to the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York to meet with dignitaries there. Eddie Jacobson, a long-time friend of his and the one who advised him to recognize the nascent State of Israel in 1948, boastingly introduced the Missourian Baptist as “the man who helped create the State of Israel.”

Truman answered back to his former business partner: “What do you mean, ‘helped to create’? I am Cyrus. I am Cyrus.”

Truman was of course referring to the biblical Cyrus the Great – the Persian king mentioned in the books of Ezra, Isaiah, Daniel and 2 Chronicles who was the initiator and supporter of the Jewish remnant’s return to Judea and its rebuilding of the Temple: “who says of Cyrus, ‘He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please; he will say of Jerusalem, ‘Let it be rebuilt,’ and of the temple, ‘Let its foundations be laid.’” (Isaiah 44:27-28) Calling himself Cyrus was not audacious at all. Truman had a key role to play in helping the nascent Jewish state as the “Cyrus” of the world – the most powerful political figure – and he fulfilled it.

Truman left the State of Israel with fragile boundaries, a capital that was divided and how much more so did not he not even come close to helping rebuild the Temple or even lay its foundations, as the biblical king’s edict requested. Yet the president saw this as no fault of his own, because his tenure as Cyrus ran out when his term as “leader of the free world” came to an end. He knew there were those who came before him and there will be those who come after him.

In other words, the role of the modern-day Cyrus, which has been tasked with bringing back the Jewish people to Israel, creating a state and helping the state and its citizens build themselves up so they can in turn shine their light unto the nations, should be not be defined as a singular character but as a movement.

As one looks at the historical events leading up to the establishment of the state, it is clear that Truman was not the only gentile hand to create and assist the State of Israel – this role of Cyrus has been played by many others.

The role of Cyrus belonged to the United Kingdom’s foreign secretary and former prime minister Arthur James Balfour, who in 1917 expressed Britain’s favor of “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people” in his famous Balfour Declaration (just like Cyrus’s edict), which in turned was ensconced in international law via the 1920 San Remo accords.

The same can be said for the United Nation’s General Assembly, which in 1947 passed the Partition Plan, a resolution recommending the establishment of a Jewish state – and an Arab state – in the Holy Land. In what can only be described as a divine twist, countries that over the course of the next 70 years would vote against Israel at every opportunity that they could found themselves sanctioning the establishment of a Jewish state, just as Cyrus, God’s “anointed,” called for the return of the Jewish people.”

The Book of Ezra describes several Persian Kings after Cyrus who helped the Jewish people. King Darius I, after receiving complaints from the gentile tribes about the Jews working on the Temple, reviewed Cyrus’s decree. Darius I upheld Cyrus’s decree and allowed the Jews to finish the Temple. It was during King Artaxerxes’s reign that Ezra, and about 5,000 others that included Priests, returned to Jerusalem with a specific decree about Ezra’s appointment as overseer of Jerusalem and the Temple (Ezra 7). 

President Trump is not acting in the capacity of King Cyrus. The decree to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple was already declared in 1948 by the United Nations and the United States. Now, it is 69 years later that Trump’s job is to reinforce what was already decreed and to protect the Jews. Might Trump be more of an Ahasuerus figure, AKA Xerxes, who saved the Jews that were left in Babylon after about only 10% of their captured population returned to Israel under the earlier King Cyrus? Let’s take a look.

From, “Ahasuerus, in the Book of Esther, is the ruler of Persia. His empire is depicted as vast, wealthy, diverse and decadent, stretching from Ethiopia in the west to India in the east.”

Can you see Trump in this description? He came to the White House after ruling over his own vast and wealthy empire. Does the title, “Trump’s Tower”, say anything to you? What about the name of his corporation, “Trump Empire State Partners”? Trump clearly sees himself as an emperor, a king, towering over others.

Now, back to

“Historically, Ahasuerus’s character is a sharp satire on the foolish king who is swayed by his own appetites and by scheming ministers, Haman being chief among them. Except, Ahasuerus isn’t quite a fool; he, like Trump, is a violent demagogue concerned with his own aggrandizement and power. In the Book of Esther, Ahasuerus’s decadence rivals that of Mar-a-Lago and Trump’s other gilded residences; the king’s banquets stretch on for months, his many wives pampered and beautified.”

Can you see Trump in this description? Back to

“Ahasuerus is also maniacally focused on his own power. When Vashti, one of his wives, fails to appear (probably naked) at his command, the sycophant Memuchan warns the king that she might inspire women across the empire to rebel. So, the king banished her.”

Can you see Trump in this description?

Ahasuerwas could be cruel by how easily persuaded he was. It was nothing to him to “be persuaded by Haman that the Jews pose a threat to his rule. He thought nothing of signing a decree calling for genocide against the Jews.”

Given the recent news, can you see Trump in this description?

President Donald Trump just agreed to put Israel’s ancient Persian enemies on Israel’s Golan border. He was persuaded by a sly politician with many more years in government who is also a great military leader. Because of this, Trump decreed and unilaterally decided Israel’s fate by himself – in the presence of Israel’s enemy – without consulting his cabinet, advisors, military generals or anyone else.

Now, back to Ahasauerus “who became grieved over his decision when he finds out that his beloved Esther is a Jew herself and that it was Haman who used Ahasuerus’s own decadence against him in obtaining the decree.”

Can you see Russian President Putin in this description of Haman? Can you see how President Trump fell prey to Putin like Ahasuerus fell prey to Haman?

This is why I believe Donald Trump will change his mind about the deal he made with Russia. In fact, I believe it is possible he already has changed his mind about the deal and is using the Afghanistan conflict as bait to tempt Russia and Iran away from Israel. He will come to the conclusion that his attempt to bait Russia and Iran away from Syria’s southern border by engaging them in the escalated Afghanistan conflict was ineffective.

“In some Jewish midrashes, Ahasuerus is depicted as even more dangerous than Haman. With Haman, you know what you’re getting. He is a Hitler-like figure who makes no bones about his thirst to murder Jews. Ahasuerus, though, is what gamers of a certain age call “chaotic evil.” (Remember Wallnau’s prophetic book title, “God’s Chaos Candidate”). You just don’t know what’s going to come out of his mouth next. Unlike Haman’s principled evil, there seems to be no principle guiding Ahasuerus’s choices, other than his own fickle whim. His only policy is himself.”

Can you see President Trump in this description? Can you see why he would deal with Putin without consulting anyone? Trump has a too high regard for his own brand of deal making just like Ahasuerus.

“To Trump’s credit, he is not an overt racist — not quite. He does slander “illegal” immigrants, but not Latinos in general. He does make known his dislike of certain Muslim families in the Middle East, and he generalizes all Muslims according to the actions of some Islamic extremists. But even that is not calling for genocide à la Haman. Rather, like Ahasuerus, Trump knows how to play on public opinion. He is, by his own admission, a salesman and dealmaker. In his bid for power, he exploits whatever fears, resentments and anxieties will get him where he wants to go.

Trump is not a principled conservative, or even a charismatic populist. He is an opportunist who tells people what they want to hear. He excels at sniffing out your real interests, the ones lurking behind your positions, and exploiting them. Trump has, with frightening accuracy, tapped into the nativism, ignorance and yearning for authoritarianism that has for decades nourished the Republican Party like a subterranean spring and now has opened into full light among American conservatives.” Unquote from

Can you see how the force of Trump’s persona caused him to betray Israel, like Ahasuerus betrayed the Jews, when in fact he likely thought he was doing Israel a favor? Can you see Ahasuerus not realizing the damage he was doing to the Jews when he signed Haman’s decree? Can you see Trump not understanding what he was doing to Israel when he made this deal with Russia?

Trump must have believed, when he agreed to make the Syria deal with Putin last June, and then again last week when he finalized allowing the Persians to remain on Israel’s northern border, that he understood what Putin “really” wanted. And Trump would have thought he could manipulate Putin later, perhaps.

Ahasuerus became King after Cyrus’s decree regarding Jerusalem were already in place for many decades. Other Kings before him upheld Cyrus’s decree, so Ahasuerus simply upheld what came before which was that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and they have a right to a rebuilt and functioning Temple.

This is the action Trump mimicked when we proclaimed Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews and that he intended to move the U.S. embassy there to uphold that ideal. Trump is an end time fulfillment of Ahasuerus and I believe he will ultimately try to redeem the situation with the Haman of our day, President Vladimir Putin.

The caveat to Trump being like Ahasuerus is that he could also be Gog of the Gog-Magog war. In previous reports, I have explained that for a long time, the Jews have believed Gog will come from the White House. In fact, George W. Bush was presented with The Gog Scroll on January 6, 2008.

In it, the Jews clearly stated who Gog is:

“Esteemed Mr. George W. Bush, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (Ezekiel 38:1), leader of the west!

This document was created, “written and signed by the New Jewish Congress, The Sanhedrin, and The Holy Temple and Temple Mount Movements is to be presented to President George W. Bush upon his arrival in the land of Israel on the second day of the Hebrew month of Shevat 5768, (January 9, 2008)”.”

The Bible’s principle regarding the offices ordained by YHVH is that He puts the men in the office they occupy, He uses men of all kinds of character to carry out His purposes, and prophecies don’t necessarily have to do with the man occupying the office, but the office itself. Thus, any President of the United Sates could, in the future, be Gog because the office of President is a “Gog” office. The man running the White House will do what YHVH prophesied Gog will do, whoever that man turns out to be.

President Donald Trump may or may not fulfill the next step in Gog’s role in Israel which is the invasion, the occupation of Israel under the pretext of being Israel’s guard and the bringer of peace. Perhaps that will wait until the next man in the White House. Most certainly, Donald Trump has taken the next step of setting Israel up for destruction just like Obama before him and Bush before him and back and back and back.

Even Netanyahu sees that current events point directly to the coming apocalypse, as he told President Putin, that I read from Pravda at the beginning of this broadcast. The fact that the United States, under Donald Trump’s watch, has approved and is complicit with Israel’s enemies being placed on, and now are staying on, Israel’s northern border, simply complies with what the prophecies say will happen in Daniel and Ezekiel, Isaiah and elsewhere.

Returning to my appeal at the beginning of this broadcast, let me explain that I present to you the principles of prophecy and how I see them unfolding. Even if you don’t agree with my conclusions, the principles that I show you have value so that you can reach your own conclusions.

I hope that you will continue to read Beast Watch News and to listen to my broadcasts. If you receive any value at all from the work I do, please consider keeping this ministry out of the red by sending financial support via the donation buttons on the website. And please share Beast Watch News with everyone!


When is Russia going to run out of oil and natural gas?

Russia’s Minister for Natural Resources and Environment, Sergey Donskoi, said that Russia’s reserves of natural gas and oil will be enough for many decades. According to him, gas reserves in Russia will last for 80 years, while oil reserves – for 29 years, if the country works with ready-to-develop deposits and reserves.

But, every year, Russia discover new deposits. Right now, according to this Pravda Report, Russia holds from 70 to 90 percent of the resources of planet Earth.

Ezekiel 38 explains that Gog is after a ‘spoil’. I believe that spoil is the natural gas and oil found in Israel. This opinion has been strengthened recently because of Europe’s need for fossil fuels that they once received from Russia’s abundance. You see, Russia doesn’t need more fossil fuels, but Europe does. This economic fact will be a driving factor in the Gog-Magog war.

Barack Obama tried to get control of Russia’s fuel resources via the war with Ukraine which is Europe’s distribution hub via pipelines. Obama had the same agenda in Syria which was to control the pipelines of the Middle East, the distribution hub.

Business Insider provides a list of the countries with the most provable oil reserves. Russia is in first place. The United States and Saudi Arabia are in the top five. Why, then, do I say the ‘spoil’ of Gog is Israel’s natural gas and oil?

The United States has a problem. It has the resources to supply Europe. But there is a problem. Americans don’t want their land being dug up and drilled out to get to those resources. Environmentalists and sentimentalists have converged to create a situation where just getting a simple pipeline from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Nebraska became a huge political nightmare. Thus, America is not producing oil and gas on a scale big enough to supply Europe.

Saudi Arabia has plenty of supply, but America is buying huge quantities of the stuff from them. Plus, fossil fuels make a good friend-making resource. Saudi Arabia doesn’t only supply America, but other countries, as well. There just isn’t enough to go around unless the United States controls the two biggest hubs on earth: Ukraine and Syria, both of which are now Russian territories.

President Trump just backed us out of Syria to let Russia and Iran, who combined own the earth’s largest supply of fossil fuels, and who control both the Ukraine and Syrian pipelines. But this still leaves Europe in a lurch because Russia, which is still pumping to Europe through Ukraine, can cut off that supply at any moment.

Israel’s gas and oil will play a big part in the American President’s (whoever that is in the future) attempt to reload the fossil fuel cannon to supply Europe.

Gog is now a European. He was an Israelite of the Tribe of Reuben who left the Land of Israel before Sennacharib finished the conquest of the northern tribes. In previous broadcasts and in teachings from several years ago, I have shown why Gog is in Germany, which now heads the European Union, and how he got there.

Germans migrated across the Atlantic to America where now there is a German in the White House. Donald Trump’s German surname is ‘Drumpf’. The only other President of German ethnicity was Eisenhower. Trump comes to the White House just when YHVH is moving His chess pieces in the Middle East, the central location from where the Great Tribulation will start.

Trump is anointed by YHVH to be in the White House at this time, but he is not a ‘Cyrus’. He is an impulsive ‘Ahasuerus’ and just the right man for YHVH to use to further His plans for the earth and His people.


Listen to this PravdaReport about the new eastern New World Order and its plans.

On the eve of this year’s BRICS summit, which was held in Xiamen, China, “on September 4-5, President Vladimir Putin wrote an article titled, “BRICS – Towards New Horizons of Strategic Partnership”. Putin presented Russia’s approach to cooperation within the association and his vision for further interaction.

He pointed out his appreciation for China’s efficient role in chairing the BRICS, the new eastern New World Order. China’s effectiveness made it possible to achieve serious progress in all key areas of the partnership – political, economic, humanitarian. Putin further wrote, “I’d like to add that the five countries have significantly strengthened their position in the world”.

Putin stressed that the activities of the association are built on principles of equality, respect and consideration of each other’s views. “No one imposes anything on anyone at BRICS” he said. “When approaches do not coincide in everything, the parties conduct patient and painstaking work to bring them closer. Such an open, trusting atmosphere contributes to the successful implementation of the set tasks”.

This carefully chosen verbiage is a rather obvious jab at the old western New World Order led by the United States that now occupies nearly every nation on the earth.

In the article, Putin said that Russia highly values the multifaceted interaction that has developed within the “group of five” format. “The constructive cooperation of our countries on the international arena is aimed at the formation of the fair multipolar world order, creating equal opportunities for all countries,” the article reads.

“I’d like to note that in many respects, largely owing to actions taken by Russia and other interested states, prerequisites have been formed recently for improving the situation in Syria.” A powerful blow has been struck on terrorists (read ‘United States’) and conditions have been created for the process of political settlement to begin to let Syrian people return to peaceful life,” Putin wrote.

He said the struggle against terrorists in Syria, in other countries and regions should be continued. Russia calls, not verbally, but practically, to form a broad anti-terrorist front on the universally recognized international legal basis, with the United Nations playing the central role in the process.”

Putin also paid attention to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, noting that Russia and China developed a “roadmap” for the settlement of the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, to gradually reduce tensions and create a mechanism for solid peace and security.

During the summit, Russia called for discussion of new large-scale tasks of cooperation in trade, investment and production cooperation.

China has invited Guinea, Mexico, Thailand, Tajikistan and Egypt to join BRICS. These countries embrace Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Central Asia.”

Most certainly, the new eastern New World Order has no plans except to fight to take supremacy from the old western New World Order.

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