Turkey Prepares For War, But It’s Not With Who The Pundits Think


“If [the Greeks] want to fall into the sea again – if they feel like being chased after again – they are welcome. The Turkish nation is ready and has the faith to do it again. Someone must explain to the Greek government what happened in 1921 and 1922…”

Hint: It has to do with Erdogan wanting to re-establish the Ottoman Caliphate. After Iran (the King of the North) establishes the 11th Caliphate under Shi’ite Islam by taking control of Mecca and Medina, Turkey will attempt to do what three prior Sunni Caliphates did to three Shi’ite Caliphates that gained control for very short periods. The Turks will try to snatch away the Shi’ite Caliphate for the fourth time. It won’t succeed but will send the Persian Shi’ites (Iran and Russia) into all the nations of the earth to settle the 1400-years-old question of Muhammad’s succession for the final time. 

The end time chess pieces continue to position themselves exactly as the prophets said. Turkey is the next player to begin taking position.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are both Sunni States, but the Saudis have something Turkey wants: Mecca! It is the seat of Islam and the place of Islamic pilgrimage. The Turks were once in control of Mecca, but the Ottoman Empire was dismantled in the 1920s. The UN divided the Middle East into the bordered areas we know today, but Turkey’s President Erdogan has a grand plan to get back the Ottoman Empire and to rule over it.

His plan is to invade Greece to re-take that former territory. This may be the disturbing news that Iran will from the north and east after it has conquered Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Ethiopia. Iran will have taken control of the Sunnis in the southern Middle East. But Turkey is in the north Middle East and Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait are in the eastern edge of the Middle East.

The Persians – Iran and Russia – will react if Turkey threatens or goes ahead with the attack on Greece, but their next attack won’t remain regional. They will seek to stop all further retaliation against the newly established Shia Caliphate by making global war to settle Islam’s 1400-year-old issue of Muhammad’s succession.

However, if Turkey attacks Greece before the King of the North attacks the King of the South, the impact will remain the same where Iran is concerned. Iran will be careful of Turkey after such an invasion and will react globally upon hearing the news that Turkey desires war with Iran to re-establish the 4th Shia Caliphate (4 of 11 Caliphates) under Sunni and Erdogan’s control again.


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