WW3: Expected and Unexpected Battle Preparations and Strategic Planning

Today’s report will present Israel’s latest blatant war bluster along with Turkey’s and even some news about how Russia plans to attack the United States. The war chess pieces are being moved into position in places where one would expect them and in places where positioning is not so expected. Also, the last part of this report comes with a surprise – direct order from YHVH to you through me.

Oh yeah… And listen for details of Trump’s peace plan that has not been revealed yet but really has been revealed if you know what to look for. The Israel press knows what to look for. Do you? And they are announcing what is in the plan.

Thank you for listening!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown


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The Jordan Valley is now an official issue and platform for the Israeli elections. Both far right and center candidates are using it to garner votes for a win in the March elections.

Left-wing MKs say using the Jordan Valley as an election ploy [eliminates] any chance for democracy and peace. [The candidates] apparently forgot there is life after the campaign. The pathetic attempt to gather a few votes …is not worth the future destruction of all of us, said Joint List chief Ayman Odeh, Palestinian Hadash party leader.

The election campaign officially kicked off this week allowing Benny Gantz of Kahol Lavan (Blue and White) and Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud (Consolidation, Unity) to begin announcing their platforms. Both of them announced they intend to annex the Jordan Valley and the West Bank.

Netanyahu promised to “impose Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea,” then pledged to annex all Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria “without exception.”

Gantz said he would work to advance Israel’s annexation of the Jordan Valley.

Netanyahu and Gantz both hope President Donald Trump will release his peace plan before the election. Both candidates were in favor of the annexation in the prior campaigns. This is nothing new.

The Times of Israel reported on this in a slightly different way saying Gantz vows to annex the Jordan Valley ‘in coordination with the international community’. Netanyahu is pinning his hopes on the United States and President Trump’s support while Gantz wants to involve the international community. Both men know this move will lead to war with Jordan. Netanyahu has the US and Trump in his pocket; Gantz does not which is why he is now appealing to the international community for support.

As if on cue to answer Gantz’s request, Bishops from across Europe and North America called on their governments to insist on the application of international law in Israel and Palestine, following their visit to the Holy Land this week.

I dare say their appeal for international law is not the same idea Gantz has in mind, though. He wants support for violating international law. They want support for UN intervention to uphold international law in Israel and Jerusalem.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned that if Israel succeeds in imposing “an unthinkable solution” by annexing parts of the West Bank, hopes for a two-state solution and Palestinian state would quickly come to an end.

According to The National, though, the Israeli right would be only too delighted to see King Abdullah in trouble. It has long harbored a dream of engineering the destruction of Hashemite rule as a way to transform Jordan, instead of the occupied territories, into the locus of a Palestinian state.

This will catch Abdullah between a rock and hard place. If he goes along with Israel’s annexation, the Palestinians in Jordan will rise up against him and if he sides with the Palestinians, the US and Israel will oust him. Either way, Abdullah has no way out.

Continuing: According to Israeli analysts, the right perceives itself as at a historic crossroads. 

It can annex most of the West Bank and impose an unmistakable apartheid rule over a restless, rebellious Palestinian population or it can realize its Greater Israel ambitions by helping to topple the Hashemite kingdom and encourage the West Bank’s Palestinians to disperse into Jordan. 

All Israeli right wingers need is a nod of approval from the White House. With Mr. Netanyahu desperate to pull a rabbit out of his hat, and with an obliging patron installed in Washington, there is reason enough for them to believe that the stars may finally be aligned.

What was dubbed “The Jordan Option” in 1980, and was kept secret from the general population, has now been named “Annexation of the Jordan Valley” and has become a mainstream topic no longer secret. And it’s become blatant!

A few weeks ago, a series of anti-Jordanian articles appeared almost simultaneously in the Israeli media targeting Jordan and revealing deep Israeli anger and hatred for the Jordanian monarch. The articles appear to be based on a single source and they all reached the same conclusion.

This Haaretz article from Dec 24, 2019 titled, “Israeli Right Wants End to Peace With Jordan”, says there have been published “a long list of articles by right-wing commentators, PR hacks for the government, [that] were published over the past month in media (Caroline Glick in Israel Hayom, Aryeh Eldad in Maariv, Motti Karpel in Makor Rishon and others), raised similar arguments and identical conclusions.”

So, the secret is finally out. The Jews hate King Abdullah as much as they hate the Palestinians living in the land.

Haaretz continues: Coincidence? Maybe. It is more reasonable to assume the similarity stems from briefings by the same official. All these articles have the same objective: Blowing up the peace treaty with Jordan. 

It seems that annexing the Jordan Valley is a tactical move meant to kill two birds with one stone: Both to bring about the annexation of the West Bank and also to lead to the rescinding of the peace treaty with Jordan. The strategic goal is the overthrowing of the Hashemite royal house and fulfilling the dream of Jordan as Palestine.

This has been a long time coming as I have been reporting in BWN since last August 2019 when YHVH dropped this information right in my lap! It fits Bible prophecy to a tee. Jordan has always been strategic to YHVH’s plans for His people primarily as a place for their safety while they learn to comply with Biblical Israel’s federal, i.e. national or Kingdom, laws that govern all of our behavior toward the other citizens of Biblical Israel and its King, YHVH, Yeshua.

Back to Haaretz: The racist ego of the right is outraged and angry in light of the backbone Abdullah has been demonstrating. Who is he after all to dare to oppose the annexation of the Jordan Valley by Israel? Israel is holding him by the balls, his continued rule depends on Israel and its benevolence. If he just dares to open his mouth about the Jordan Valley, Israel will turn off his water supply. The goal is to humiliate Abdullah, to drive him crazy, until he suspends or revokes the peace agreement – and then it will be possible to act to remove him from power. 

The Israeli right is hoping for a “Jordanian Spring,” an uprising by the Palestinian majority in the kingdom that will flood the streets with protests until the revolution is carried out.

Let me add this comment. Any Palestinian uprising in Jordan will be at the behest of the US CIA just as the Arab Spring was that began in 2010 and continues as the war in Syria to this day.

When Abdullah is expelled in disgrace and the Palestinians rule Jordan it will be possible to complete the annexation of the West Bank and the establishment of a confederation between the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Palestinian Jordan.

Understand what this is saying. Expelling Abdullah needs to happen before Murad Zahran, or someone else, is made King or President or Prime Minister or whatever the US and Israel intend to call their new puppet. Only then can the US and Israel begin to try pushing the West Bank Palestinians out of their homes and into Jordan. This will result in the Gog war in the “mountains of Israel” (Ezekiel 38:8) and a huge mess in Jordan, as well, when some Israeli Palestinians flee to Jordan to escape the war.

The Palestinians in the West Bank will receive political rights in Jordan, and not of course in Israel. That’s the plan. Abdullah is interfering with its implementation. The peace treaty with Jordan is interfering with its implementation – so they [the Palestinians and King Abdullah] will be removed from its path. 

Jordan is also bothering the right on the Temple Mount. Another flood of articles in the right-wing media concerns the desire and right of Jews to change the status quo on the Temple Mount. The most minimal demand is to allow Jews free access to pray there. The maximalist demand is the demolition of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the rebuilding of the Temple. The Jordanian Waqf is in the way – they are also too proud and arrogant.

Removing Temple Mount from Jordanian oversight will be the automatic outcome once Abdullah is dethroned. This must happen to pave the way for the Jews to build the altar and the Jewish temple on Temple Mount. Doing so could well involve the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock which will be a big factor in Iran’s 4+1 Coalition invasion.

And just let me say that I don’t necessarily like the tone of this Haaretz article. Its cynicism betrays a lack of Biblical understanding but it certainly tells the tale about the new Jewish mindset that came about with the 2018 Jewish state law.

Now, back to the Haaretz article.

The Jordanian Waqf is in the way. This is another reason to remove the person who is giving the Waqf his backing, King Abdullah, and to revoke the peace treaty that recognizes the special status and role of Jordan on the Temple Mount. 

In this respect, Abdullah’s decision not to renew the leasing agreement for the lands of Tzofar and Naharayim plays into the hands of the right, and maybe that is why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not make a particularly great effort to change it. 

The right wants to heat up the region, to fill it with bad blood. …Overthrowing Abdullah is the key as far as the right is concerned to annexing the West Bank without annexing millions of Palestinians without rights.

For more information on The Jordan Option, go to my earlier reports (see links below).

King Abdullah has reacted to Israel’s slide away from the Israel-Jordan Treaty saying Israel has been trying to “impose an unthinkable solution” on the Palestinians, lamenting that hopes were fading for the two-state solution backed by the international community.

He has recently lamented that the world has forsaken the two-state solution and that Israel-Jordan ties have been on hold for 2 years.  

Abdullah, who in November said that Israeli-Jordanian ties were “at an all-time low,” denounced Netanyahu’s annexation pledge but refused to go into detail how Amman could respond to such a move, after previously saying it would have “serious consequences.” 

“There is certain rhetoric coming out of Israel because of the election politics, which is creating tremendous concern to all of us in the region because they are moving way off in a direction that is completely uncharted territory for all of us, and can only create more instability and miscommunications,” Abdullah said. “When you have certain announcements and decisions, like the West Bank, it creates a lot of doubt for many of us on where are certain Israeli politicians going.

Haaretz reported on January 12, 2020, President Donald Trump, who has been doing everything he can to break the Palestinians from the moment he entered office, is helping the Israeli right wing fulfill its annexation plans by pulling his troops out of Iraq. Because we should know: Overthrowing the present regime in Jordan is an essential condition to carrying out the Israeli annexation plan.

Karni Eldad wrote, …after “we annex Judea and Samaria … We will let the Palestinians choose: Those who want to remain peacefully, be nice and abandon their national aspirations are invited to … Those who choose to take part in terrorism and dream about Greater Palestine … will be deported with their families.” In other words, transfer.

See how openly and casually they talk about the population transfer. Its legitimacy is so obvious in the right’s eyes that there isn’t even a need to justify it. And what about “those who want to remain peacefully, be nice and abandon their national aspirations” – in Eldad’s arrogant and colonialist words? She is aware of the danger: “If we annex Judea and Samaria, we could very well find ourselves a minority in our own country!” The solution: “When the necessary revolution in Jordan comes, where the ruler is a Bedouin minority that rules over a Palestinian majority,” the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria will “vote in the elections for the parliament in Amman.”

Why are both Netanyahu and Gantz now so antsy to have Trump’s peace plan revealed ahead of the election when just a couple of weeks ago neither of them wanted that? It is because both candidates, Netanyahu (who likely has known the contents of the plan all along) and Gantz now know the contents of it and it likely contains plans to help Israel implement The Jordan Option.

The reason Netanyahu has been so bold as to declare the Jordan Valley annexation last year was because he already knew Trump planned a one-state solution. Now, Benny Gantz also knows this, and now that he knows this, Netanyahu can’t use it as an ace in the hole for his election and giving his opponent, Gantz, the shock of his career. Trump has just played both sides, showing both men who have the best chance at being elected, the peace plan cards.

The Jerusalem Post reports that just two weeks ago, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz stated clearly that the unveiling of the much anticipated and much delayed Trump peace plan would be a “gross intervention” in Israel’s election. 

His rationale then was understandable, given that the plan is likely to be extremely generous to Israel and its demands vis a vis the Palestinians [and] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be able to present the plan as a huge success for his adroit diplomatic skills and talents.

Yet on Tuesday, Gantz suddenly reversed his opposition to the presentation of Trump’s plan, saying that he hopes it is unveiled, and that he expects that it will happen. 

What explains this U-turn? 

The Jerusalem Post understands that the peace plan is indeed likely to be unveiled in short order, that Blue and White leaders have been told as much, and that they have been given details of the plan by US officials. 

Given that there now appears to be no doubt that the plan will be presented, there is little purpose in Gantz continuing to oppose it, since he would look foolish and out of step with a Trump administration that has been so generous to the Jewish state politically and diplomatically, and which enjoys strong support from the large majority of Israelis. 

Additionally, because it is likely that the plan will be advantageous toward Israel and will probably endorse the annexation of Israeli settlement blocs, Gantz and Blue and White would damage their right-wing credentials if they reject its publication or content. 

The party and its leader are currently taking strongly to the right on issues regarding the future of the settlements and an arrangement with the Palestinians, in an effort to convince some right-wing voters to switch to Blue and White, and thereby end the political stalemate of the last two elections. 

Criticizing the Trump plan in any way would damage this strategic goal. In addition, taking such a stance could well upset leading figures in the Trump administration, including the president himself, and being on the receiving end of a Trumpian tweet would spell electoral catastrophe for Gantz. 

The Blue and White leader’s decision to fall in line with the new schedule is therefore a good indicator that we are likely to see in the near future, and before the March election, the long-awaited “Deal of the Century.

Rumors of the peace plan’s impending release began to spread when it was announced that Jared Kushner would travel to Israel this week.

Times of Israel reported that publishing the move now could be a boost to Netanyahu, especially if it is favorable to Israel, possibly easing some of the pressure on the prime minister stemming from the attorney general’s announcement that he will indict him on corruption charges.

Perhaps that’s the point. Trump wants to bolster Netanyahu because he would rather work with him than Gantz or anyone else. Even if Gantz knows the details and neither candidate can use secret knowledge to his advantage, Netanyahu still has the history of friendship and statesmanship with Donald Trump that Gantz lacks. This could appear to Israeli voters as a stronger position for Netanyahu despite all of his scandal woes especially in the light of what Israelis surely know is coming: war with both Iran and Jordan. People often feel more secure with the man whose leadership they already know.


Not only is Israel setting itself up for war in the West Bank and with Jordan, the Shi’ites and Sunnis are preparing for war with each other over the Islamic Caliphate.

Just weeks after Turkey’s parliament approved deploying troops to western Libya after Turkey signed a controversial Mediterranean deal with the embattled government in Tripoli, Ankara is now the central player in Libya. 

Fresh from the success in pushing the US out of part of Syria and attacking a US partner, Turkey set its sights on Libya. It recruited the same Syrian rebels it used to fight Kurds to go to Libya and fight [General] Haftar.

Last month phone footage of men with Syrian accents claiming to be in Tripoli surfaced on social media, in which one man said: “The Free Syrian Army is in Libya to defend Islam.” 

The footage was questioned by many who wondered how and why Syrian men – nominally still fighting in the nine-year-old war against Assad – had ended up so far from home. 

Both Ankara and Tripoli have repeatedly denied the presence of Syrian fighters in Libya, as has the SNA. The Guardian understands that Syrian fighters in the country have since been banned from posting any evidence of their whereabouts to social media.

Within weeks of sending them Turkey was already discussing a ceasefire deal with Russia but General Haftar walked out of talks in Moscow this week.

There is more to this than mere politics and cozying up to Russia. Erdogan is preparing for the return of the Sunni-controlled Caliphate which is desired to have its capitol in Jerusalem.

Palestinian preacher Nidhal Siam told an enthusiastic crowd last week at an event in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque marking the anniversary of the 1453 C.E. capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire that three prophecies will soon be fulfilled and expressing his hope that his audience will be the ones to fulfill them. 

The three prophecies, said Siam, is that a rightly guided caliphate will be established; that Jerusalem will be liberated and established as the capital of the caliphate; and that Islam “will throw its neighbors to the ground” and its reach will span the globe.

This will not only involve overthrowing Israel, from the Palestinian perspective, but also overthrowing the Shi’ite King of the North. This means the Sunni Palestinians are preparing for war with Israel and they are also getting ready to fight Iran after it invades Israel. I doubt they understand Daniel’s prophecy about the end times King of the North but they likely understand that Iran is coming and soon.

The most problematic concern for the KOTN after invading Israel is what it will hear from the north – Turkey – and the east – those Sunni countries to the east of those Iran invaded territories and east of Iran itself.

Oman could be particularly important to Turkey after Israel’s conquest by Iran. To this end, President Erdogan recently made a visit to Oman. The two nations have good long-standing ties.  Most Omanis (about three-quarters of the country) belong to the Ibadi Muslim faith—meaning they are followers of the Abd Allah ibn Ibad—but there are some Shia and Sunni Muslims as well. Oman is the only country in the Muslim world with an Ibadi-majority population.

The question, then, is what will Oman do when Iran attacks Israel with whom it also has good ties? Will it side with Iran and the Shi’ites or with Turkey and the Sunnis? I believe it is possible that this is at least part of the news the KOTN will hear about in Daniel 11:44. He could well hear that Turkey, who already has good relations with Oman, is making deals of protection for their brand of Islam in return for doing something. Doing what, you may be asking?

Here is an important paragraph from AA.com with a political analysis of the fast-changing politics of the Middle East:

Its exceptional location in the Strait of Hormuz brings Oman geostrategic value. The Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, the only way (sea lane) out from the Gulf, are very important spots for establishing global energy supply security. The energy security problems (which were in the background of the Iranian threats regarding the Strait of Hormuz) have been stabilized due to Oman’s neutral status until today. While there is no evidence that the new Sultan would change Oman’s foreign policies, it doesn’t seem very probable for him to make such an attempt either. This is mainly because the energy security problem is rather a global one and the great powers are directly involved in it. However, changes in “softer” topics might sabotage Israel’s political motives. For instance, Oman’s mediating role in the Palestinian conflict regressing might create unfavorable consequences for Israel. In addition, Iran’s influence on Oman might increase in this new period.

Turkey is no fan of Israel and Israel’s suffering would not be a reason for Erdogan to seek increased relations with Oman but keeping Iran from having unfettered access in and out of the Strait will be what Turkey seeks. What if Turkey were to try a military agreement with Oman like it did with Libya to tie Iran’s exit and entry from and to the Persian Gulf in an attempt to stop Iran’s further expansion? Given that Oman has good relations with Israel, too, and is likely to be shocked by Iran’s sudden and brutal attack on Israel, Oman might feel vulnerable because of its strategic location at the mouth of the Persian gulf.

I have mentioned this before but let me do it again. Let’s go to Daniel 11:44-45.

After the KOTN’s initial attack, there will be disturbances by nations to the north and east of Iran and its now newly conquered nations.

Daniel 11:44 But news out of the east and out of the north will trouble him; and he will go out with great fury to destroy and utterly to sweep away many. -WEB

Why is the east mentioned first instead of the north? You know, Turkey is north of the 4+1 Coalition and has more military and political clout than Oman. So why is the east first to be mentioned? It’s first to mentioned because, I believe, it’s about what Oman will decide regarding the Strait with the help of Turkey’s military that desires to hold Iran hostage in the Persian Gulf. This is why Iran will go forth with such fury!

The place to the north of the Coalition territory is Turkey, the seat of the former Sunni Ottoman empire. Who is east of Iran’s Coalition territory? Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. But east of Iran’s newly conquered territory, meaning to the east of Saudi Arabia, are Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE but on Saudi Arabia’s southern border at the mouth of the Persian Gulf sits Oman.

What do Afghanistan and Pakistan have in common? Afghanistan is an Islamic republic where Islam is practiced by 85% of its citizens. As high as 90% of the population follow Sunni Islam. Pakistan is also a majority Sunni nation.

And what do Pakistan and India have in common? They both are now nuclear nations which Iran will see as a threat to itself. India is also a Sunni majority nation.

Turkey has now shown itself to be a leader of Sunni nations in the Middle East that is rising up in opposition to Iran already. Recall that just a few weeks, Turkey, with the help of the president of Malaysia, held the first ever meeting of a Sunni coalition of nations where they made Iran the token Shi’ite nation. I reported on the importance of that.

Turkey’s Libya move is a trap for Iran because of its recent military cooperation agreement with the Libyan government. No Turkish troops have been sent to Libya; only proxy Syrian fighters. When the time comes, Turkey will be required by its military agreement to fight with the overthrown Libyan government against Iran and Turkey will need a strategic foothold in the region. That strategic foothold is the Persian Gulf.


Iran’s continual missile lobbing now is beginning to look like a war of a thousand paper cuts. Iran could attack the US with more fury than this but is trying to wear out the US’s Ephraimite troops as I said a couple of weeks ago.

Eleven US troops were injured in this past week’s missile attack.

“More important than a military strike, it was a serious blow to dignity, a blow to the dignity of the U.S. as a superpower.” Talking about the strikes against the US bases in Iraq. 

That’s how Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, described recent missile strikes against bases in Iraq housing American troops during a rare Friday prayer sermon in Tehran last week. Earlier, Khamenei likened the strikes to a “slap” against America. While Iranian officials are no stranger to bombast and invective against the U.S., Iran’s broadcasting of the missile strike, and Khamenei’s repeated touting of it, does not neatly comport with Tehran’s long-established preference for proxy warfare and deniability.

In other words, it appears Iran has changed strategies. The idea behind it is to humiliate the US into leaving the Middle East. If that doesn’t work – and it won’t because American leaders are as hard-headed as Iranian leaders – there will be a more serious conflict.

Until the strikes began on January 8, however, Iran never chose to use its [missile arsenal] directly against America. That is why Khamenei described the operation as a game-changer. The decision to do so represents a growing confidence in the accuracy of Iran’s SRBM platforms, as well as in confidence that no matter the target, the strikes would not invite a devastating kinetic reprisal against the Iranian homeland. 

This confidence requires Western analysts to revisit their assumptions about the risks Iranian security planners are willing to tolerate in times of crisis. It also requires analysts and policymakers to revisit their assumptions about the punitive and coercive value of Iran’s missile arsenal and the threshold for its use.

The Trump administration insists that it has no plans to withdraw. But it’s become untenable for the roughly 5,200 US troops to remain in Iraq, facing continuous threats from Iran and Iranian-allied Iraqi militias. The withdrawal of troops could take months, and the Pentagon has started preparing for the possibility of losing access to Iraqi military bases.


This week, it was revealed that Russia is supplying Iran with missile guidance systems that are hitting US bases in the Middle East.

Debka reports that the high precision technology accounting for the astonishing accuracy of Iran’s missile strike on the US Ain Al Asad air base in Iraq on Jan. 8 came from Moscow. [Russian media] name the technology as the GLONASS global navigation system, which corresponds to the American GPS, and had the effect of reducing the Iranian missiles’ targeting error to just 10 meters. 

The same sources report that the Iranians launched altogether 19 missiles against the Ain al Asad base in western Iraq, of which 17 struck dead center of their targets. 

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the accuracy of impact amazed US and Israel intelligence, which had not been aware of this Iranian capacity. Its significance is such that – whether provided by Russia or self-made – Iran’s short- and medium-range missiles can reach any point in the Middle East that is unprotected by effective anti-missile systems within a 700km radius.

The US and Israel wasn’t paying attention and diminished Iran’s self-reports over the last few years about its missile capabilities. These thousand-paper-cuts-by-missile-strike are just Iran now playing with the US and Israel like the cat playing with the mouse. Who knows what other military tech Russia is providing to Iran that will shock the US and Israel?

“Since last spring, pilots flying through the Middle East, specifically around Syria, have noted that their GPS systems have displayed the wrong location or stopped working entirely,” the Times of Israel reported in late June 2019.

See what I mean? We are just seeing the start of the coming tech Russia will unveil by releasing it to Iran for use against the US and Israel.

The signal that has been disrupting satellite navigation for planes flying through Israeli airspace in recent weeks originates inside a Russian air base inside Syria, according to data collected by a U.S.-based researcher. 

This interference to the Global Positioning System reception does not appear to be specifically directed at Israel, but rather the Jewish state is likely collateral damage in an effort by Moscow both to protect its troops from drone attacks and to assert its dominance in the field of electronic warfare, Todd Humphreys, a professor at the University of Texas, told The Times of Israel. 

Israeli sources “are increasingly convinced” that three weeks of GPS disruptions for civilian flights are a side effect of Russian jamming and spoofing in Syria, Breaking Defense reported. “Moscow is trying to interfere with both Western airplanes — including cutting-edge stealthy F-22s and F-35s — and improvised terrorist drones.”

It appears that the Russian jamming system still has bugs but Russia also has disrupted GPS in Europe. The U.S Army is planning to test jam-resistant GPS systems in Europe as a potential step toward countering Russian electronic warfare.

Debka’s January 13 report says Tehran will revert to its plan of assault on US bases across the Middle East, starting in Iraq. Iran also debunked the idea coming out of the US and Israel that Iran’s first attack on the Iraq US military bases “closed the account” on Soleimani’s death. In fact, Iran appears to be planning to replicate the Shiite militia campaign conducted 14 years ago which harassed US forces in Iraq on the move in convoys and in bases with IED roadside bombs. Another part of this plan is expected to include rocket strikes against Israel.

General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force, said last week that attacking every U.S. base, killing President Trump, and killing U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper would not be sufficient to avenge the blood of slain Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani.

The General who replaced Soleimani, Brigadier General Esmail Ghaani, has said Iran will continue to fight the US in a ‘manly way’ and also called the US cowardly for the way Soleimani was killed. In fact, there is now a price on Trump’s head of $3 million.

Now the media is asking “how strong is Iran’s military”? The answer is becoming more apparent and the information isn’t pretty.

A US Defense Department report describes the country’s missile forces as the largest in the Middle East.

It’s not possible to give precise figures but the US-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies says Iran has thousands of missiles of more than a dozen different types.

By the way, Iran will have a full nuclear program by the end of next year.


This section comes with a direct instruction from YHVH about something I have not thought about in a long time. I asked Him if I was done with BWN. He said I needed to go look at what Russia is doing in the Arctic. Then He told me to tell you that He told me to do this. Apparently, YHVH is giving Americans and Europeans this warning so pay attention. If you have been listening to me for any length of time, you will know that I have never presented a “thus sayeth YHVH”. The information I present is always from Him, but I have never been given a direct “thus sayeth YHVH” before. So, here goes.

The United States and Russia continue their confrontational stance against each other in the Arctic Circle. From the Arctic, Russia’s massive number of missiles can reach the mainland of the US and Europe. Practically speaking, this is really why Russia has not flexed its muscles against the US in Syria “so says YHVH”! It doesn’t need to. When the time is right, and Russia’s President Putin gets fed up with the US, he will strike the US and her European allies.

The Russian navy has increasingly integrated Arctic components into its major rotational exercises. In 2018, the Northern Fleet dispatched ships to the eastern Vostok exercise via the Northern Sea Route. Russia has accelerated its submarine activity in the High North, a region strongly affiliated with Russian nuclear doctrine and the “bastion defense” concept. Russia’s Northern Sea Route Administration has tightened Moscow’s grip on Arctic maritime traffic. And Russia’s mid-2010s Arctic building spree, though it has recently slowed, was instrumental in helping Russia recapitalize military and dual-use Arctic infrastructure.

The US has one military unit operating in the Arctic. It may have a few small others, but this one is the most recent.

A recent development in Russia should give Americans a clue about Russia’s intentions. A couple of weeks ago, Putin forced his cabinet to resign. In effect, he fired them all and made himself president of Russia for life. Why? Well, a look at who he appointed as his new Prime Minister will tell the tale. This is information that YHVH revealed to me by inspiring me to go and look for it.

Russia’s new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, who was appointed by Putin last week, vowed to shift into a higher gear with [some] “national projects”.

What projects? Putin wants to pump billions of rubles into crumbling infrastructure and humanitarian services such as healthcare for Russians and he also wants to pump funds into the Arctic military. He is planning to complete or build a number of gas and oil pipelines, and develop shipping routes towards the Arctic, made more accessible and navigable by climate change.

This article mentions Russia’s vulnerability to flooding and other issues due to global warming. That may be part of the latest preparation for increased military presence in the Arctic, but it is more likely Putin wants to really tighten the noose on the West.

Russia’s buildup is not insignificant, with new airfields throughout the country and a new Northern Command which manages two Arctic brigades. This is coupled with the world’s largest military base in the Arctic, Arctic anti-ship missile systems, and plans to build the world’s largest icebreaker fleet.

Jeremiah 51:11 Make bright the arrows; gather the shields: the LORD hath raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes: for his device is against Babylon, to destroy it; because it is the vengeance of the LORD, the vengeance of his temple. 

America is as much Babylon as Israel. Washington is the daughter, Jerusalem the mother. And what have they done to His Temple? Oh, they’ve all but destroyed it with their Kabbalah stuff.

Russia’s missile reach is vaster than either America or Israel understand because they are paying attention to the immediate threat to Israel from Iran. Big mistake! While everyone’s attention is on the Middle East and the global goal to rule the world and own all the gas and oil, Russia has been quietly building up the Arctic Circle for the last 2 decades.

Here is what the US is now doing to “keep an eye on Russia”. The 435th Contingency Response Squadron was sent last November to monitor Russia’s activities. They have now “assessed runway surfaces, glideslope obstructions and firing capes” and conducted a landing zone survey and assessment so C-130J Super Hercules aircraft can land at the Jan Mayen airfield in order to provide transport and resupply to the station located there“. They also conducted US marine exercises there.

They are on the island, Jan Mayen, north of Iceland and between Greenland and Norway, the latter of which administers and supplies it with regular flights by C-130 aircraft. 

It has been used for centuries for whaling, hunting, and, more recently, meteorological monitoring. During the Cold War, it was a base for communications and navigation systems. Though it doesn’t have a usable port, its airfield can be used for research and search and rescue. Prior to this exercise, U.S. aircraft could not land on the island. 

The island is also above the Arctic Circle and, the release noted, “along sea-routes connecting Russia to the Atlantic Ocean.

Like Russia, China should be watched carefully, but if the United States were to react violently at this point to any Chinese actions in the Arctic, it could be a tragic mistake. China likely has more sinister designs in the Arctic than any other country, but at this point they should not be considered a major threat. 

In 2018, China released its first Arctic Strategy, a move which itself should raise eyebrows. China has observer status in the Arctic Council, describing itself a “Near Arctic State”. This is clearly nothing but rhetoric-The Chinese border is some 900 miles from the Arctic circle at its northernmost point. The country clearly has future plans for the Arctic, envisioning a sort of “Polar Silk Road”, a goal which has already received some hundred billion dollars. 

Up to this point, China has not flaunted any international laws governing Arctic affairs, and has offered Arctic communities significant investment into infrastructure. Not least among these is investment into the Yamal natural gas exporting terminal in Siberia. 20% of the Yamal Plant is owned by CNPC, China’s national gas company, while the Chinese government’s “Silk Road Fund” owns another 10%. Nevertheless, much of Chinese investment in the Arctic has been blocked; most Arctic countries are suspicious of too much investment into territory, with the exception of Russia. The fear, held by the United States and other Arctic countries, is that China will eventually use its investments as an excuse to ignore or reinterpret the various laws and treaties which currently rule the Arctic. This fear is backed up by Chinese behavior in the South China Sea, where it has flaunted maritime law. This pattern is not unique to the Arctic or the South China Sea. China is also investing heavily in Africa, where it owns about 20% of all debt. In Africa too, the Chinese are investing billions into roads, railways, mines, and ports. The Chinese already have huge sway over African countries, where there are vast natural resources. Chinese investment in the Arctic appears to be repeating this same pattern.  

This being said, China does not yet have a firm foothold in the Arctic. Given China’s disregard for the rule of law, as well as their general apparent power-hunger, it is in the best interest of the United States to ensure that China does not gain influence in the region. This is best done by incentivizing Arctic countries to not allow Chinese investments. 

When the time comes for destroying America and Europe, Russia will call the shots, pun intended, and China will participate in America’s and Europe’s destruction.

It is good to know the Arctic has caught the attention of the US navy and air force. Is it too little too late? We may soon know.




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