Saudi Arabia and the West’s NEOM Plan

It may be that the new Saudi-Russia partnership is another attempt to realign Russia with the West. It may be that this is another attempt by Donald Trump to heal the breach in the global New World Order. Instead of this situation foreshadowing Saud Arabia’s departure from the Western New World Order, perhaps it is a grand attempt at helping the United States to maintain its globalist hegemony. Obtaining the participation of the Russian government in a western-oriented project of this magnitude may have been a real coup. 

If the attempt works, we could see peace in the Middle East. If not, there will be war. A Saudi-Israeli partnership will certainly increase the fury of the Iranians against Israel and the U.S. The Russians will not be willing to suffer the loss of Iran as an ally for continuing to participate in this deal should Iran make a fuss over it. It is possible that the Russians and Iranians are eyeing NEOM as their own door into total control of the Middle East through business deals and economic alliances rather than war  (see links below). In the end, Daniel 11 is clear. There will be war regardless of the plans of man.


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