The Coming War For Middle East Dominance

Preparations are being made on both sides of the Middle East conflict for the Bible’s Great Tribulation trigger wars. Iran is preparing to do battle with the US and Israel, and Israel is preparing to do battle with the Palestinians and Jordan. These trigger conflicts in scripture are known as the King of the North and Gog-Magog wars.

The US and global economies are not looking good and then comes Apophis, the asteroid that could hit the earth in 2029.

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Kimberly Rogers-Brown


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Iran, China, and Russia will hold their first-ever joint war drills starting on December 27 which leaders say are meant to send a “message to the world” about increased military cooperation.

Fox news reports that “the purpose of the war game is to ensure collective security and help strengthen security in the northern region of the Indian Ocean, which is witnessing incidents such as piracy,” Iranian navy commander Rear Adm. Hossein Khanzadi reportedly said on Saturday. 

He claimed his fleet could travel to the Gulf of Mexico or the Gulf of Finland. The naval commander also portrayed the games as a way of extending Iran’s commercial reach.

Clearly, Iran has intentions beyond the Middle East.

“The war game seeks to deliver this message to the world that any kind of security at sea must include the interests of all concerned countries,” he said.

The Jerusalem Post writes, “What’s really behind the scenes of this is that Iran wants to show off after the US and France have both announced maritime security initiatives in the Gulf”.

Iran is pushing a “Hormuz peace” plan called HOPE. Iran wants to work more closely with China. Having Russia on board is a win as well for Tehran. The problem for Tehran is that while China is an emerging naval behemoth and Russia is a historic naval power, Iran has a weak navy. Iran’s great naval “achievement” of the last years has been using fast boats to harass real navies. One US official said at a conference in February that the US could destroy Iran’s navy easily. In fact, Iran’s navy is bifurcated between the IRGC and the actual navy. The IRGC is the one that harasses Western governments. The actual navy doesn’t do much. But Iran has been showcasing new drones and other technology for its ships. 

So Iran’s message is that it can play in the big league with the Russians and Chinese. That would be a big win for Iran as it faces the so-called “maximum pressure” campaign from the US. The US National Defense Strategy, conceived between 2015 and 2018, is seeking to shift toward confronting big or threatening countries like Iran, Russia, China and North Korea. This is supposed to get away from the counter-terror obsession of 2001-2015. Go big or go home is the name of the game in this strategy. 

The US is going big at sea with a new $20 billion deal for submarines. China is looking to build its fourth aircraft carrier and recently ended US military port calls in Hong Kong as a message for the US to stop interfering. The US is spending $650 billion on defense while China is spending $250 billion. Russia has a new warship named the Gromky while it sent its advanced Admiral Gorshkov to Cuba this year. 

All this now impacts the [Persian] Gulf because of Iranian attacks on oil tankers that began in May and because various countries want to project strength. France is also in the game in the Gulf. It got the Netherlands to sign on to its naval mission, led from the UAE. 

The US held its Maritime Exercise IMX in the Gulf in October for three weeks to show its forces. The US Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain. The US has sought to lead an International Maritime Security Construct in the Gulf along with the UK, Australia, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. 

Iran’s defense budget, at only $20 billion, is peanuts in comparison. It has a relatively new destroyer called the Sahand and several other large ships. Overall though, Iran’s naval posturing is purely about showing it can do a joint exercise with other countries amid US pressure. This will lead to its message that nearby countries, such as Oman, should work with it on its HOPE initiative.

This move by Iran to secure military power via other world superpowers would have come sooner or later. Here we are at “sooner”. This military alliance was triggered by the US fomenting protests against the Iranian government. Those protests set the whole of Iran on fire, literally. The US has been at war with Iran since 1979 but it has been a tit for tat terrorism game. Now, Iran is about to change that with this new military alliance.

The US is in an economic war with China so China will be happy to go to military war with the US, and the US is also at war with Russia both in Syria and Ukraine.

Iran talking about reaching the Gulf of Mexico is a real threat to the United States but one that is likely not to be carried out by Iran, but either Russia or China.

“We do not condone the kind of security that only caters to the benefits of one specific country at a specific time and which disregards the security of others.”

Which country is Khanzadi likely referring to? Israel. 

He added: “Seas, which are used as a platform for conducting global commerce, cannot be exclusively beneficial to certain powers.”

Revelation 18 lists the cargo that will need to be imported for the Jewish temple operations. The US and Israel are also trying to secure easy access to Israel for these imports. So Iran could interfere with the imports for the Jewish temple, a move that would further anger Israel and the Trump administration.

Iran’s access to military might will not end with a mere alliance. This article says, Iran has built up the largest arsenal of short- and medium-range ballistic missiles in the Middle East — surpassing Israel’s — to deter and threaten the U.S. and regional adversaries and make up for shortfalls in its aging air forces.

U.S. sanctions and the United Nations embargo on arms sales to Iran have squeezed the regime’s ambitions to achieve military dominance in the region …but Russia and China are expected to supply new fighter aircraft and tanks when the embargo lifts next year.

In addition, Russia’s sale of the SA-20c surface-to-air missile system provided Iran with its first capability to defend itself against a modern air force. Currently, Iran has no nuclear weapons but its nuclear program remains a significant concern for the United States.

Iranian weapons have been seized by the US navy in the Persian Gulf. Fox News said on Wednesday, U.S. officials confirmed that a U.S. Navy warship has intercepted a “significant cache” of what is thought to be missile parts from Iran headed to rebels in Yemen. 

This is the first time such high-level missile components have been seized enroute to the four-year civil war in Yemen.

According to officials, the USS Forrest Sherman, part of the Harry S. Truman strike group operating in the region, was conducting routine maritime operations when sailors noticed a small wooden boat that was not displaying a flag from any country. 

Navy and Coast Guard personnel stopped the boat and boarded it for inspection when they found the weapons. They did not determine an exact number but asserted it was a significant cache.

They said the small boat was towed to port and the boat’s crew was transferred to the Yemeni Coast Guard. The weapons are being stored on the American warship.

Iran has been moving and positioning itself to attack US forces, according to new intelligence reports. CNN reports there is fresh intelligence of a potential Iranian threat against US forces and interests in the Middle East, according to several US defense and administration officials.

This is new intelligence gathered in November. Officials would not say in what format the intelligence exists. But in the last several weeks there has been movement of Iranian forces and weapons that the US worries could be put in place for a potential attack. 

The head of US military operations in the Middle East recently signaled the US expects some kind of Iranian action in response to the US sanctions and pressure campaign that is trying to get the regime to abandon its nuclear program. Not to mention the recent protests fomented by the United States.

The US is maintaining its presence in the Persian Gulf. The USS Abraham Lincoln …carrier is now expected to stay in the region until the next carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman, moves closer, from its current position in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Iran’s war preparations don’t stop there. CNN further reports that US intelligence agencies and the Pentagon in recent weeks have tracked the movement of a number of Iranian short-range ballistic missiles into Iraq. 

While some of the missiles may be categorized as ballistic, the official emphasized that they are very short range, without offering more details. 

The concern is the missiles could now be moved into areas where they could be fired at US troops by Iranian-backed militias.

Furthermore, Iran has continued its nuclear program, according to the Times of Israel. France, Germany and the United Kingdom say “Iran’s developments of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles” go against a UN Security Council resolution calling on Tehran not to undertake any activity related to such missiles. 

Footage released on social media April 22, 2019 is of a previously unseen flight test of a new Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile variant “equipped with a maneuverable re-entry vehicle.” The video says: “The Shahab-3 booster used in the test is a Missile Technology Control Regime category-1 system and as such is technically capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.” 

In addition to the April 23 flight test of the new Shahab-3 missile variant, these are cited: 

—The launch of the Borkan-3, “a new liquid-propelled medium-range ballistic missile, traveling approximately 1,300 kilometers,” which was announced by Iranian-backed Houthi forces in Yemen on Aug. 2, 2019, and is an advancement of Iran’s Qiam-1 missile. 

—The July 24, 2019, launch of a ballistic missile that flew over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), which media reports indicated was a test launch of a Shahab-3 medium-range missile. 

—The Aug. 29, 2019, attempted launch, reported by Iranian media, of a Safir satellite launch vehicle, which was unsuccessful. UN experts have said such launch vehicles share “a great deal of similar materials and technology” with ballistic missiles.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for increased pressure on Iran.

“We’re seeing the Iranian empire totter,” Netanyahu said on December 4 before departing for Lisbon, citing anti-government demonstrations in Iran, Lebanon, and Iraq.

U.S. President Donald Trump has imposed “tremendous” sanctions on Iran, he said. “It’s important to increase this pressure against Iranian aggression.”

Debka reports that the US and Israel are definitely ramping up their war footing. A Trump-Netanyahu conversation on Sunday night, Dec. 1, finalized the arrangements for military coordination against Iran that were set up during recent US generals’ talks in visits to Israel.

It has been confirmed that Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the US chiefs of Staff, arrived in Israel last week to put the final cap on the program of operational cooperation against Iran drafted by the US and Israeli generals. 

No details were released from Gen. Milley’s conversation with IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, except for a terse statement: “The two generals discussed operational questions and regional developments.”

I will have more on the conversation between these two generals later on.

President Trump went into the NATO summit meetings this week after America and Israel wound up their estimates and military preparations for a showdown, in an effort to deter Iran from going through with its planned offensive – or else to be ready for counter-attack.


Eight alleged CIA agents have been detained in connection with protests in Iran directed at fuel price hikes, after the country’s supreme leader called the unrest a “dangerous conspiracy” orchestrated by the United States. 

A total of six of the eight people were detained during the riots, while the other two were taken into custody while trying to flee the country. 

The eight suspects, who were allegedly in disguise as journalists and whose nationalities were not disclosed, were responsible for passing on information, pictures and videos of the unrest to the US intelligence agency.

Iran is holding the US responsible for the uproar in the country.

Iran is now becoming brutal with its own citizens.Fox News reports that families of anti-government protesters who have been killed by Iranian security forces during recent demonstrations are being demanded to pay for the bullets used to gun them down, a human rights group says. 

“In some cases, there are shocking reports that, when the authorities have returned victims’ bodies to their families, they have demanded payment citing several reasons, including the cost of the bullet that killed their loved one or compensation for property destroyed during the protests,” Amnesty International has said, while noting that the claims have been denied by an Iranian official.

Amnesty also has said that “some families are also being forced to make extortionate payments to have the bodies of their loved ones returned to them.” 

Iran state television on Tuesday also admitted to gunning down “rioters” in multiple cities – the first time authorities have offered any sort of accounting for the violence used to quell the demonstrations.

The Iran protests are wreaking havoc at the highest levels of Iran’s government. US News reports that the protests appear to have shaken the political powers and seems to have divided the government from Iran’s supreme leader who called Wednesday for those detained in recent gasoline price protests to be treated with “Islamic mercy”. So while the government wants to make everyone pay, the Supreme Leader is softening his approach. This is a clear division in approach between the government and the Ayatollah.

The comments by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has final say over all state matters in the Islamic Republic, appear to signal how much the mid-November protests shook the pillars of power in the theocracy. 

Khamenei also said citizens killed in the protests “without playing any part in instigating them” should be considered martyrs and their families should receive government stipends. Those “killed in shootouts with security forces” also should have their backgrounds examined, he said. 

Making them into martyrs and showing those families mercy over bullet and body payments extorted from families of the victims will ensure that Iranians understand they are at war with the US. This, in turn, will ensure the Iranians’ support of the coming war with the US and Israel. 

Authorities should “console those families that have never had any criminal backgrounds,” IRNA said, paraphrasing Khamenei. 

Khamenei’s comments soften earlier remarks he made immediately after the protests swept across 100 cities and towns.


The Jordan Valley is fast becoming war territory. Its ownership has come into dispute between Israel and Jordan. The Bible is clear: The Jordan Valley west of the Jordan River belongs to Israel, more particularly to the tribe of Benjamin (Joshua 18:21), not Jordan.

Israel wants to annex Jericho, a Palestinian-controlled city, along with the Jordan Valley. Ahead of this annexation, Netanyahu has spoken with Trump about forming a ‘defense treaty’ between Israel and the US. Such a treaty would require the US to get involved in any war with the Palestinians or Jordan. Can you imagine the mess that will ensue?

This week, the White House released a statement that said President Donald Trump spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran and other issues over the phone. 

“We talked about Iran, but we also talked at length about historic opportunities that stand before us in the coming months – and here is more about the talks between the Generals Milley and Kochavi  — among them are [establishing] the Jordan Valley as the recognized eastern border of the State of Israel, as well as a defense treaty with the United States. Things we could only dream of, but now we have the opportunity to realize them,” Netanyahu said.

This ‘defense treaty’ was an idea floated by Trump in September. Now, Netanyahu has begun pushing Trump’s idea of a defense treat between Israel and the US. Trump had tweeted about the possibility of creating this kind of defense treaty but was rebuffed by most people in the US and Israel. 

There is also a political motivation in the annexation of the Jordan Valley. The election mess is still bearing down on the House of Judah. Netanyahu continues to use the annexation issue as an election ploy. 

According to World Israel News, Netanyahu also said that he offered Blue and White Leader Benny Gantz to join him in this historic endeavor. 

“I’ve made Benny Gantz an offer — let’s realize these historic opportunities in a unity government that we establish right now in the format I’ve suggested. I’ve gone very far [in political concessions] toward this goal, because we must realize these opportunities,” he said.

Annexing the Jordan Valley Netanyahu said was the reason he made Kahol Lavan leader Benny Gantz an offer to execute these “historic chances in a unity government that will be formed now according to the outline I proposed,” which he did not elaborate on.

So, for gaining another term as Prime Minister, Netanyahu is willing to go to war with the Palestinians and Jordan!

Benny Gantz is opposed to the idea of a defense treaty between Israel and the US. He warned it would endanger Israel’s freedom of military action and breaks with decades of defense policy. 

He also cast concerns on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ability to properly negotiate such a deal while plagued by legal worries, as the premier faces charges in three corruption cases.

“Blue and White under my leadership will not support an international agreement that will limit Israel’s actions and the IDF’s ability to protect the country from the threats it faces,” tweeted Gantz, who is a former IDF chief of staff. 

 “I have deep respect for the strategic relationship with the US, our ally, with whom we share identical values and joint interests,” Gantz wrote. “But there is a serious concern that a prime minister who is busy with himself will allow the hands of security forces to be tied, as opposed to the position expressed by the security establishment for decades.”

The fear is that a US-Israel mutual defense treaty could mean the US would dictate to Israel its military activities, Israel would be called on by the US to get involved in US military interests around the world.

The other side of the coin is that Israel could call on the US to get involved in its West Bank and Jordan Valley battles.

This leads me to a new conflict begun by Israel’s new Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett, this week in Hebron.


Israel’s new Defense Minister Naftali Bennett ordered a new Jewish neighborhood at the site of an old Jewish marketplace in Hebron on Sunday. 

Bennett instructed the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories and the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria to inform the Hebron municipality of the plan. 

The new neighborhood will lead to a continuous Jewish presence from the Cave of the Patriarchs, where, according to the Bible, Abraham purchased a burial plot for his wife Sarah, to the Avraham Avinu Jewish neighborhood. It will “double the number of Jewish residents in the city”. 

The marketplace has been a focus of dispute and has remained empty even after Israel returned to the area in the Six Day War. The marketplace had belonged to Jews before the 1929 Hebron massacre, in which nearly 70 Jews were killed by Arab residents of the city. The pogrom led to the end of Jewish life in Hebron until 1967. 

Prior to the second Knesset election, held on September 17, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Hebron as part of his campaign. “Hebron will never be Judenrein… We are not strangers in Hebron. We will remain here forever,” he said on September 4. 

Regarding Defense Minister Naftali Bennett’s decision to approve Jewish construction in Hebron, Shaked said. “I spent two years of my life as justice minister, together with Liberman as defense minister. We presented a professional legal opinion, the Attorney General approved it and Naftali Bennett made a courageous decision and sent a letter to the Hebron municipality, informing them that the protected housing has expired.” 

Shaked explained that Jewish construction in Hebron’s wholesale market complex is the closing of a circle. “The land of those killed during the Hebron massacre in 1929 has been in the hands of the mayor of Hebron, a murderer, until now.” [The mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Shneineh, is one of four Palestinian terrorists who was convicted for killing six Jews in a Hebron alley in 1980, including 2 US citizens and one Canadian. He was sentenced to life in prison but released in a subsequent prisoner exchange. 

In light of the strong legal opinions of the Defense and Justice Ministries, I believe the matter will pass in court. We carried out very serious legal work. There is no reason for the Supreme Court to invalidate it. The Supreme Court today is more diverse and conservative and it’s indisputable that this is private Jewish land.”

The Bible says Hebron is in Judah’s allotted territory but there will be war as Judah takes back its territory.

Now let’s turn our attention to the US and global economy.


Americans are being lulled into thinking everything is ok because the Trump administration keeps lying to you about the unemployment rate. All US administrations have used the ploy of the unemployment rate since the 1990s to put people at ease. They can pull this off because they stop counting the number of unemployed workers after 2 years when they drop off of the unemployment rolls. The truth is that unemployment in the US is not around 4%; it is just over 8% – double of what Trump reports.

Eight percent is better than the unemployment rate during the Obama administration, however, it should bother people that Trump is not being more transparent about unemployment statistics. If he is hiding this number, what else is he hiding?

The US housing market is crashing. I want to play you some of this short video where top economists are giving warning about the upcoming crash. They say the next one will be worse than 2008.                  

In October 2019, foreclosure filings climbed upward, increasing 13 percent from the previous month, according to ATTOM Data Solutions’ newly released October 2019 U.S. Foreclosure Activity Report. 

The report featured the rise of foreclosure completions (or REOs) in October, which reached the highest point in 2019. Lenders repossessed 13,484 U.S. properties through REOs in October, up 14 percent from the previous month. 

ATTOM’s October foreclosure report also noted that foreclosure starts increased monthly in 36 states. Lenders started the foreclosure process on 28,667 U.S. properties in October, up 17 percent from last month but down 1 percent from a year ago — the first double-digit month-over-month increase since February 2018. 

States with the highest foreclosure rates were New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland and South Carolina.

The other way the US government is keeping Americans lulled to sleep about the state of the economy is through constantly stirring up controversies between the two political parties and the Democrats against Trump. This keeps the US news media busy reporting on things that don’t matter while the things you need to know go unreported in the MSM.


According to Business Insider, Deutsche Bank has made a financial move to stave off its woes for now by selling $50 billion in assets to Goldman Sachs. That does not mean the debt has disappeared. It has only been shifted to another place. The banks are robbing Peter to pay Paul. The debt is still there and it is the debt that will crash the global economy.

Folks, all is not well.

How do people survive in the USA video

Remember that two of the elements of the Great Tribulation are war and economies crashing. Other elements are natural disasters and plagues.

This brings me to the last segment of this report – Tom Horn’s prediction of an asteroid that could hit the earth in 2029 – brought to my attention by a friend.

On his live Thanksgiving night show, Tom Horn shared his belief that this could be the ‘Wormwood’ event prophesied about in the Book of Revelation. Mapping indicates that if Apophis impacts Earth, it will come down along the coastlines of California and Mexico, and unleash a blast equivalent to a billion tons of TNT or more than 65,000 nuclear warheads, Horn warned.

According to IBTimes, scientists believe that there are possibilities of this asteroid hitting the planet on April 12, 2060, followed by close approaches on April 11, 2065, April 12, 2068, October 10, 2068, April 13, 2076, April 13, 2077, April 13, 2078, October 10, 2089, April 13, 2091, and April 14, 2103.

Scientists say the 2029 arrival of this asteroid will be a flyby and will not result in an impact.

Some online rag magazines are calling this a disaster by the god, Apophis. They no not what they claim. When the earth begins to be hit by rocks, know with certainty that it is YHVH who is stoning the earth’s people for their rebellion, idolatry, treason and rejection of Him. Stoning is YHVH’s preferred method of punishment!

One way or another, maybe sooner, maybe later, the end is coming and I doubt that the world as it is will see the next 50 years, let alone the next 100.

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