Peace Plan: Dead or Deadly?

Islam pushed on its agenda this week in the United Nations. I’ll take a look at the impact of hate speech.

There has been news from the Jordan Valley. Also, the US has fired another volley into cyber space toward Iran after Trump cut short that retaliatory attack last week.

But first, President Trump’s peace plan was unveiled this past week in a few places – Bahrain, Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. The push for peace news comes right out of scripture with its origins having occurred about 3 millennia ago.


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Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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You have probably heard the news about the Trump peace plan’s revealing this past week. The Trump administration’s plan, which was unveiled by Kushner last Saturday, offers $50 billion-worth of investments in Palestine and neighboring Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. It claims to create a million jobs in the West Bank and Gaza which is supposed to double the Palestinian GDP in just a decade. However, the political part of the plan will only be presented when and if an economic settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians is reached.

The Saudis shared very good reviews of the plan saying it is a “clear path leading to complete Palestinian independence”. An anonymous Saudi official explained that although he speaks on his own behalf, he also claims that many other officials in the Saudi government agree with his sentiments. He explained that the Saudis and the Crown Prince have an interest in assisting the Palestinian leadership and see it as a “responsibility”, [and] they are trying to press the PA leadership to “seriously examine the political and economic plan”.

He went on to explain that both his and other countries are ready to invest “massive sums of money on a scale the Palestinians would never even dreamed of receiving”. He added that if they will transition to true independence, decent education, employment and a robust economy that isn’t dependent on handouts…This is where it may be hard for them to grow out of their self-perpetuating image of the eternal victim. They don’t believe they can manage without it”.

Some background: Stay with me while I explain.

The Biblical characters have different names than the modern ones, but they are still the same people. The two main characters today are the modern UN-created political State of Israel (not to be confused with Biblical Israel) and the United States. Scripture calls them the House of Judah and the House of Israel.

Where is the House of Israel today? It is scattered all over the earth with its Babylonian captor’s headquarters being the United States. Some of the House of Israel is inside the modern State of Israel in the West Bank. I will talk about that a little bit more as we go through today’s report, so you will want to stick with this to the end.

Where the US wants to take YHVH’s Land is back to its former condition of two states existing inside the boundaries. 2900 years ago, the Kingdom split into two parts. The Land was divided then and the US wants to divide it again.

The modern State of Israel has its own ideas of what the two States should look like. In Netanyahu’s vision, the ancient southern House of Judah will own parts of Israel that never belonged to them scripturally or historically, while shrinking the amount of land owned by the House of Israel’s descendants, some of whom are in the West Bank.

In 1 Kings, we read that it was YHVH who divided the Land.

1 Kings 11:31 And he said to Jeroboam, “Take for yourself ten pieces, for thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Behold, I am about to tear the kingdom from the hand of Solomon and will give you ten tribes

1 Kings 11:35 But I will take the kingdom out of his son’s hand and will give it to you, ten tribes.

YHVH, as the rightful property owner, has the right to divide and to restore His Land as He sees fit. It is His sole right to do that. We can debate the reasons He divided the Land some other time because there is not enough time in this broadcast. However, YHVH tells us throughout the prophets that He intends a full restoration of His Land; not a return to the original division. Why? Because that original division still exists today. (I will have more on this later, as well.) YHVH wants His people looking for ways to restore relationship so that He can restore their property liberty and tribal Land inheritance.

The original division in the Land 2900 years ago caused wars between the two Houses. The House of Israel was particularly virulent against the House of Judah, but they both had their moments. The House of Israel made an alliance against the House of Judah with the Assyrians who YHVH used to cart away the northern tribes away for the idolatry and rebellion.

Today, the two Houses, Israel and Judah, headed by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, continue to defy YHVH’s plan of reunification and restoration. They are devising their own plan, whether it be to deport all the Palestinians to Jordan and Egypt as was floated a couple of months ago, or to attempt to formalize the two existing States from 2900 years ago within the same borders created by the UN in 1948.

The House of Israel is, partly, today’s Palestinians. The irony is that YHVH says He will have in derision, will laugh at, those who bring forward their own plans. His derision is resulting in a split even in today’s scattered House of Israel because we have forgotten who we are so much that we don’t even recognize that the descendants of the House of Israel in the West Bank are the same people as us!

So now that you understand what is happening in modern times is the same situation that existed in ancient times, 2900 years ago, let’s look at the idea of peace in modern Israel and the peace plan that was put forward by the Trump administration this week.

First, all the peace deals presented in the past, along with this one, sound too lovely to be true! The Bible says it is too good to be true and that when they say “peace and safety” sudden destruction will come (1Thessalonians 5:3). So, right away there is a problem in that there will be no peace and no security.

Second, Trump’s plan has not yet determined how US and Israel plan to keep the Palestinian Authority from pocketing that $50 billion as they have done in the past, lining the pockets of their corrupt politicians, or how they will stop the PA from using that money to pay the families of Palestinian terrorists.

Third, the issue that Trump and his Evangelical base fail to understand is that dividing YHVH’s Land is a big no-no! And no matter how Trump seeks to work out this problem, he will find that dividing YHVH’s Land comes with a heavy price. That will be true whether the Palestinians get their own divided territory within Israel’s borders, or they are deported as was speculated a couple of months ago. Of course, to send the mostly Hebrew House of Israel descendants out of YHVH’s land would be the same as dividing the Land in YHVH’s eyes.

One more thing. Have you ever considered that possibly part of the reason that the Jews were sent into Babylon after the Assyrian captivity of the northern House of Israel was because YHVH did not want the House of Judah to gain control of that territory? Aside from Judah’s own rebellion, is it possible that the southern tribes would have made a land grab and that the way YHVH stopped it was by continually sending their enemies from Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome? And that when it was clear the Jews had made their final rejection of Yeshua after His resurrection, they finally had to be totally dispersed until 1948 to stop them from grabbing the northern House of Israel’s land because YHVH intended to restore it back to the House of Israel? I think that is very possible. Why?

1Ki 12:21 When Rehoboam came to Jerusalem, he assembled all the house of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin, 180,000 chosen warriors, to fight against the house of Israel, to restore the kingdom to Rehoboam the son of Solomon.

1Ki 12:22 But the word of God came to Shemaiah the man of God:

1Ki 12:23 “Say to Rehoboam the son of Solomon, king of Judah, and to all the house of Judah and Benjamin, and to the rest of the people,

1Ki 12:24 ‘Thus says the LORD, You shall not go up or fight against your relatives the people of Israel. Every man return to his home, for this thing is from me.'” So they listened to the word of the LORD and went home again, according to the word of the LORD.

Rehoboam intended to subjugate the northern tribes, but that subjugation would have also included control of the Land in a way that YHVH did not intend because that is what conquering via war means – you get the land you conquer. And today, the House of Judah is trying to get that land via peace – peaceful means.

This now brings me to Netanyahu’s and Bolton’s meeting last Sunday in the Jordan Valley.


Allow me to submit a Biblical perspective of the Jordan Valley meeting to show the prophetic impact of what is being proposed for Israel’s “peace and security”. I will also draw on historical facts that support the scriptural narrative and provide a view that most people in today’s world don’t yet see.

The reason I continually look to the past to explain the present is because that is what YHVH said to do.

Isa 46:8 “Remember this and stand firm, recall it to mind, you transgressors,

Isa 46:9 remember the former things of old; for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me,

Isa 46:10 declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose,’

Isa 46:11 calling a bird of prey from the east, the man of my counsel from a far country. I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed, and I will do it. -ISV

What we can know about the end of days literally stems from events in the distant past that most people, in the end of days, have no idea about. But just because most people have forgotten their past does not mean the past won’t catch up with them.  

With that in mind, I will start with the meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, this week. Bolton was in Israel for the summit between Israel, the US and the Russians. Netanyahu took advantage of Bolton’s time in Israel to show him the Jordan Valley to reiterate the Valley’s importance to Israel’s security. Russia’s top national security adviser, Nikolai Patrushev, was not with Netanyahu and Bolton for this trip. Some would say that is because the Russians are not involved in the Trump peace deal, however, the meeting was about Israel’s security, and they were meeting – the three of them together – for Israel’s security. Therefore, since the three men later met regarding Israel’s security, all three of them should have been together discussing the Jordan Valley issue.

According to, Benjamin Netanyahu, who on Sunday toured the West Bank with John Bolton, said he will listen to US peace proposals – but added that “any future agreement” with Palestine must guarantee an Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley.

Footage posted on Sunday showed Israel’s prime minister and the US national security adviser overlooking the Israeli-occupied area from an aircraft and on the ground, with Netanyahu seen giving Bolton an excursion.

Speaking English on camera standing next to Bolton, the PM rammed the message home that Israel will not be leaving the area under any deal, saying it ensures “the minimal strategic depth and strategic height for the defense of our country.”

Netanyahu was also adamant that the Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley “guarantees stability and security for the entire region,” and that the IDF leaving the occupied Palestinian lands would result in “war and terror.”

First, if the Jews would do what YHVH says, instead of what their rabbis say, there would be no such thing as ‘Jews’ or ‘Palestinians’. There would simply be Israel, reunited. But since they won’t cooperate with YHVH’s plan for a reunited and restored 12-tribed nation called Israel (they only want their four tribes), the prophets have declared they will suffer.
The Jordan Valley is vitally important to YHVH’s Land, and not just for security purposes against military incursions. The Jordan Valley belonged to the northern tribes. After the Kingdom split, the northern tribes became known as the House of Israel, and today, they are scattered all over the earth with the US as their current headquarters.

The Jordan Valley has rich soil that supplied produce for the Israelites 3,000 years ago as it does today. The loss of this area for food production would have been a major economic blow to the House of David whose grandson, Rehoboam, reigned over.

Food and security. Are these not two vital components of YHVH’s blessings listed in Deuteronomy 28? And for our collective disobedience to the Torah, is it not curses that our people will suffer? As Isaiah reminded both kingdoms – the House of Judah and the House of Israel in chapter 46, all of YHVH’s people will suffer in the end for the conditions created by them in the beginning.

This is very important for our people to understand. Somehow, we must learn to look to the past to understand instead of looking to the future with blindness. There is a scriptural and historical reality about our Israelite people that almost no one understands. It is this that I continually teach.

I have been trying to explain who the Jews and Palestinians are for quite a while now. I am not one of those who wrongly say the Palestinians are the true Jews. The Jews are the House of Judah and they are YHVH’s people.

So, who are they? Who are the Jews and Palestinians? They are brethren. They are both from the House of Jacob, the House that was split into two kingdoms. Right now, one side in this 2900-year-old civil war has the upper hand, the Jews. The Palestinians are fighting the Jews just as they have done for 2900 years. The reality is that neither side wants the other to inherit YHVH’s Israel.

Scripture and history show that through the many invasions by Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and Islam, the northern territory became mixed with peoples from the northern tribes (House of Israel), the Jews (House of Judah) and Gentiles from other nations. Today, these people are called ‘Palestinians’. Through DNA studies, we now know that 77% of the area now inhabited by this mixed people are actual physical Hebrews related to Abraham. They are his descendants!

YHVH said He will always have His people in the Land, and He always has. The Land has never been devoid of people who belong to YHVH. Let me prove to you that not all of the House of Israel was taken away by the Assyrians.

2 Ch 30:6 So the posts went with the letters from the king and his princes throughout all Israel and Judah, and according to the commandment of the king, saying, Ye children of Israel, turn again unto the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, and he will return to the remnant of you, that are escaped out of the hand of the kings of Assyria.

King Hezekiah wrote a letter to the remnant of the northern tribes, the remaining House of Israel, after the last Assyrian siege.

How do I know it was after the last Assyrian siege? Hezekiah’s reign was between 715 BC and 686 BC. His reign began six years after the last Assyrian incursion. Hezekiah witnessed the destruction of the northern Kingdom of Israel by Sargon’s Assyrians in 722 BC, but he was not yet king of the House of Judah.

There was a remnant of people left in the northern territories that Hezekiah wrote to asking them to return to Jerusalem for Passover, and promising them that if they would come to Jerusalem for the Feast, YHVH would soften the heart of the captors and let their families return.

2 Ch 30:9 For if you return to the LORD, your brothers and your children will find compassion with their captors and return to this land. For the LORD your God is gracious and merciful and will not turn away his face from you, if you return to him.”

And returning to Him means returning to Jerusalem!

This is a promise that still stands today, though most House of Israel people in the West still reject Hezekiah’s invitation that he spoke on behalf of YHVH. This is a major reason why YHVH has not softened the heart of the Jews toward the House of Israel today to allow us to make Aliyah. Most of our people still reject Jerusalem for the Feasts as Jeroboam did, so YHVH is still rejecting the Jeroboam-ized House of Israel, and He will have to punish the House of Israel for its continued intransigence. It’s really a very simple conclusion and outcome anyone can get just from reading the scriptures to the right of the first five Books of Moses and to the left of the New Testament, which I suspect most of the House of Israel in the West does not do, even though they call themselves Torah keepers.

Now you have a scriptural and historical overview of what happened in the distant past to our people, so you should now be able to understand the influence of the past on this week’s news.

The House of Judah, the Jews, want to control all the land that once, and still remains, part of the House of Israel’s northern territory. Rather than trying to rule with justice over all the people, as I have explained many times before, the tribe of Judah continues to do land grabs from the northern physical and spiritual remnant as proven in scripture, history and DNA about their true identity.

The Jews expect to engage the US President, who is also most likely a Hebrew descended from the ancient Israelites, to assist their treachery against YHVH by agreeing to the dividing of the Land instead of restoring it as was required in their self-declared Jubilee last year.

Do you see the irony? Do you see how He has them in derision? Do you see how He is laughing at them? And can you see why YHVH will punish both Houses during the Gog-Magog war? They will both have engaged in doing what YHVH would not allow them to do for the last 2900 years – divide His Land! He gets to do that. They don’t get to do that! Both the House of Judah and the House of Israel will be complicit in this and they will both end up fighting their own brethren as is described in Ezekiel 38:21.

Eze 38:21 I will summon a sword against Gog on all my mountains, declares the Lord GOD. Every man’s sword will be against his brother.

During this fight between the brethren, the sword that will come for Gog and will be Iran, the King of the North. He will be coming against Gog, the US, fighting to divide YHVH’s Land on behalf of the House of Judah!

Israel and the US will divide the land regardless of how the arrangement is made. They will do it by creating a separate Palestinian State or by allowing the Jews to annex territory that has never belonged to the tribes of Judah, Levy, Simeon or Benjamin.

The irony is this. If Israel would do what YHVH says, they would have the security they seek. But that would entail them adhering to YHVH’s Torah commandments, instead of their own Talmudic traditions. Regarding property commandments, the Torah commands that all Israelites, from all 12 tribes, be treated the same with equal rights to property inside Israel’s borders. The Jews won’t admit that there are any other tribes or House of Israel remnant that is not already converted to Judaism. This is how they justify what they’re doing – the land grabs. This is because they believe that the way back into the Abrahamic Covenant is through conversion to Judaism, not through the Messiah who died for us.

One more item from the article. Netanyahu made known his bewilderment at the Palestinian reaction to the proposal, saying “I can’t understand how the Palestinians rejected the plan before even hearing what it is in it.

It is because, sir, they are as intransigent and uncooperative with YHVH’s will as you are!


What was the outcome of the security meetings between Israel, the US and Russia?

Russia sided with Iran at the US-Israel-Russia security meeting to talk about Israel’s security against Iran in Syria. Russia’s top national security adviser spoke out on behalf of Iran during trilateral meetings with his Israeli and American counterparts in Jerusalem on Tuesday, backing Tehran’s claims against the United States and supporting its ongoing military presence in Syria, which Israel sees as a threat to its security.

The trilateral conference of Israeli, Russian, and US national security advisers is the first event of its kind to be held in Jerusalem and, according to Israel, is aimed specifically at countering Iran, including both its nuclear aspirations and its influence throughout the Middle East.

In press conferences on Tuesday, Patrushev rejected the view held by the US and Israel that Iran represents “the main threat to regional security” and said Israeli airstrikes in Syria against Iranian forces and its proxies were “undesirable.”

Commenting on the downing of a US drone by Iran last week, Patrushev said the Russian Defense Ministry had determined that the aircraft had entered Iranian airspace, as Tehran claims. The US maintains that the drone was flying in international airspace when it was downed.

“We have not seen any proof otherwise,” Patrushev said.

Patrushev also lauded Iran’s ongoing presence in Syria — which Israel sees as an unacceptable threat. The Russian official said Iran was “contributing a lot to fighting terrorists on Syrian soil and stabilizing the situation there.”

He said Moscow was aware of Israel’s concerns regarding Iran’s military presence in Syria and was working to address the issue with Tehran.

“We pay special attention to ensuring Israel’s security,” he said, calling it “a special interest of ours because here in Israel live a little less than about two million of our countrymen. Israel supports us in several channels, including at the UN. The prime minister [Netanyahu] has already said that we share the same views on the issue of the struggle against falsifying the history of World War II.”

Bolton said that Trump, while imposing “significant new sanctions” on Iranian leaders on Monday, “has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminate Iran’s nuclear weapons program, its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems, its support for international terrorism, and its other malign behavior worldwide.

As I said last week, when push comes to shove, Russia will side with Iran.


And now… the Bahrain ‘Prosperity to Peace’ summit.

While Jared Kushner was putting forward heartfelt pleas for his peace plan, Oman announced the opening of an embassy in the West Bank city of Ramallah in Palestinian territory, and of course, hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank protested against the US’s Middle East peace plan.

Kushner said the economic pathway forward was a “necessary precondition” for Israeli-Palestinian peace. The Palestinians will need to accept the money package before the political package will be revealed.

“To be clear, economic growth and prosperity for the Palestinian people are not possible without an enduring and fair political solution to the conflict – one that guarantees Israel’s security and respects the dignity of the Palestinian people,” he said.

He also called the Middle East peace plan “the opportunity of the century” rather than “the deal of the century”.

“My direct message to Palestinian people, despite what those who have failed you have told you, [is] President Trump and this administration have not given up on you,” he said.

Typical of the rich, offering money is always their solution. The rich believe “stability and security” can be bought for the price $50 billion.

Athletes believe these things can be settled by playing games.

The head of the international football federation FIFA, Gianni Infantino, and the lone Palestinian [at the Bahrain conference], is a West Bank businessman who is viewed with deep suspicion by many fellow Palestinians …[after] he participated in the event despite a last-minute direct appeal from the Palestinians to reconsider, said he was hopeful that sports, particularly soccer, could have an important role in giving hope to Palestinian communities and improving relations with Israel.

“With football, through football, we can really build bridges,” he said in a discussion about using sport and entertainment as catalysts for development. “Let’s use football as tool to show what is possible. We play football in Palestine, we play football in Lebanon, it is possible. Football can play a little role, but an important one.”

Analysts criticised the economic part of the US’s peace plan for failing to address the main problem that has heavily curbed the Palestinian economy – the 52-year-old Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Critics slammed the proposal, comparing it to a “real estate brochure” — complete with glossy promotional photos from Palestinian aid programs that the Trump administration has cut.

I said that Trump was doing the “take away” when he cut the PA aid programs. He took them away so that he could re-introduce them to entice the PA back into the US’s fold again without having to increase what was being paid to them before. It has not worked.

And now, here is my clarification when I say the Jews are now grabbing land that doesn’t belong to them because this article talks about the “occupation of the Palestinian territories”. Let me be clear. The re-establishment of Biblical Israel needed to begin with secular Israel. Judah needed to return first and, to that end, the Jews needed to temporarily occupy territory to hold it for the return of the House of Israel from the West. The Jews also needed to govern the Palestinians who wanted to stay in Israel fairly, according to the Torah. So, when the leaders and politicians denounce Israel’s occupation of the West Bank for 52 years, they don’t know what they’re talking about. The West Bank only became occupied territory beginning last year – 2017-2018 – at Yom Kippur, the Feast of Atonement.

Why? It is because the Great Trump of freedom, liberty and restoration is blasted at Yom Kippur to declare the Jubilee when everything in Israel is to be restored to its former glory! 2017-2018 was the year that the House of Judah declared the Jubilee and they should have returned their tribes to their known southern territories (and start using their names: Judah, Simeon and Benjamin, instead of continuing to call them all “Jews”) while inviting all who are from the northern Territories (people from all over the earth including the Palestinians) to make Aliyah and settle in the north. Because the Jews have not done that, now – this year, 2019 – they are in violation of the commandments.

Kushner’s peace plan push is not going well. It won’t go well until someone comes along who understands and will implement what YHVH said at the beginning. That person will be Yeshua because it was He who made those commands and it is He who will have to enforce them because His own people reject what He said in favor of their own opinions and ideas.


After last week’s Iran drone attack and the subsequent retaliatory response by President Trump that was pulled back, the President said he was in “no hurry” to attack Iran, the morning after he called off missile strikes against the country with 10 minutes to spare.

In a series of tweets Friday, the president said he called off the strike because he believed the attack would have been disproportionate to Iran’s downing of an unmanned American surveillance drone.

“We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die,” Trump wrote. “150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not […] proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world.”

The White House response and subsequent pullback was more than mere thoughtfulness for 150 people’s lives. It was a clear message that the White House will respond to Iran.

Trump also said he preferred to move forward with economic pressure. And move forward with more economic pressure on Iran, he did.

Trump signed an order on Monday that targets Iran’s supreme leader and associates with additional financial sanctions.

The targets of the new sanctions include senior military figures in Iran, blocking their access to any financial assets under US jurisdiction. They also work to deny Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s and his close aides’ access to money and support.

Trump said the supreme leader and his associates were ultimately responsible for what the US president called “the hostile conduct of the regime”.

“Sanctions imposed through the executive order … will deny the supreme leader and the supreme leader’s office, and those closely affiliated with him and the office, access to key financial resources and support,” Trump said, and so he believes.

President Trump also began cyberattacks against Iran. The cyberattack this week disabled Iranian computer systems that controlled its rocket and missile launchers. Officials who spoke about this cyberattack all spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the operation.

Fox News has learned Iran shut off some of its military radar sites around the time the U.S. was poised to launch retaliatory strikes. It’s not clear if those radar sites were turned off by the cyberattack or if Iran shut them off deliberately in anticipation of this.

Reaction from US Middle East allies toward Iran was very negative this week. Jordan’s Ambassador Sufian Al-Qudah, condemned Iran’s recent attack, stating that “any targeting of the security of Saudi Arabia is aimed at the security of Jordan and the entire region”.

Making a thinly veiled threat, he also stated that “Amman supports all measures taken by the Kingdom to maintain its security and to counter terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.”

Kuwait too said that they stand “by Saudi Arabia and fully supports all necessary measures taken to ensure security and stability of the kingdom.” Afghanistan also condemned the attack but stopped short of supporting retaliation.

Egypt condemned the attack as well. The country’s Foreign Ministry released a statement also supporting retaliation saying, “Egypt affirmed its support for Saudi Arabia in taking necessary measures to safeguard the security and stability of the Kingdom against such desperate attempts to undermine it.”

Ironically, Yemen, the country hosting these very rebels, jumped on the bandwagon and condemned the deadly attack. This could be because they are reading the writing on the wall and fear a massive Saudi retaliation on their turf.

The Trump administration is not admitting to the cyberattacks. Debkafile has this to say:

Just as, in the absence of proof, Tehran has never owned up to its recent sabotage provocations in the region – although its hand is self-evident, Washington too intends to duck formal attribution for any cyberattacks against the Islamic Republic.

President Trump has not said this out loud, but his turn to clandestine cyber warfare in retaliation for Iranian attacks, in place of direct military strikes, takes the campaign against Tehran out of the hands of the US Central Command and over to the Cyber Command and the CIA, in line with his resolve to avoid full-scale war.

This is a sly move on his part. He must live up to the persona presented to the American public that he wants to get America out of the Middle East’s wars. Most of the US public won’t understand that he is now pulling the war strings.

Under consideration are operations not just to disable various missile bases and command centers, but also a range of Iranian vehicles of aggression. They include the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) patrol boats used to damage Gulf oil tankers this month, as well as Iranian proxies across the region, such as Hizballah and Iraqi Shiite militias. The CIA will deploy covert forces inside Iran for striking essential infrastructure and stirring up unrest.

The first operation of the first cyber war in military history was in fact launched by Washington on Thursday, June 20, just hours after an Iranian surface-to-air missile shot down a US Navy drone over Gulf waters. It targeted the computers of the IRGC missile command centers, as well as the computers and networks of an Iranian intelligence group which US spy agencies hold responsible for managing the strikes on the oil tankers.

President Trump believes that his constantly toughened sanctions supported by this clandestine, unadmitted cyber campaign is the correct and fitting response for Iran’s aggression and upholds his vow not to entangle America in another Middle East war.

Iran is unlikely to stand alone… Russia and China may decide to [come] to Tehran’s aid for seizing a unique opportunity for testing their own offensive cyber weapons in a real confrontation with America.

The US’s cyber warfare on Iran will push Iran and China closer together.


A rabbi in Israel has now predicted the failure of Israel’s September elections and says this will lead to the Gog-Magog war by the end of this summer. His predictions are based on Talmudic prophecies. I cannot disagree with him. I, too, see how the September elections could cause such internal strife that Gog may intervene.


Pakistan [asked] the United Nations for help cracking down on what it considers Islamophobia and hate speech around the globe.

The United States opposes any idea of the kind, invoking the U.S. Constitution and saying “speech restrictions do not work. Instead, they constrain democratic engagement, diminish respect for human dignity, and stifle change and social advancement.”

Let’s talk about free speech restrictions in the US, via mainly the big online corporations Google, which controls Youtube, and Facebook. The US government has found a way to censor negative-but-true speech by using their corporate shills. If they don’t like what you say online, on Youtube or Facebook, they just silence you without a shot fired from the end of a pistol. No fuss, and more importantly, no muss.

The idea of ‘hate speech’ was first brought forward in political circles in 1949. It is defined as “abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation”.

Therein lies the difficulty and the opportunity. It is a difficulty for someone, like me, who wants to draw attention to unrighteousness, and it is an opportunity for those seeking to advance an agenda such as the Islamic one.

Google, Youtube, Facebook and even, covertly, the United States government have begun the practice of stopping negative but true speech under the guise of ‘hate speech’.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

This week, the hate speech issue was dropped into the lap of the UN. Do you see the problem? Islam is using America’s new hate speech movement to bring its agenda to fruition globally.

Islam plans to use the same strategy that the US government is using to shut down free speech: The “private sector actors, including social media companies, on steps they can take to support UN principles and action to address and counter hate speech, encouraging partnerships between government, industry and civil society.”

You know… Just one big giant corporation that runs the world and tells you what you will do, how you will do it, what you can and cannot say.

One social media company, Twitter, has shown a willingness to voluntarily enforce Pakistan’s Islamic blasphemy rules even if the U.S. government doesn’t abide by any potential hate speech treaty that could stem from the planned conference. This raises the possibility that it and other social media companies might voluntarily follow suggestions from U.N. bureaucrats to the detriment of free speech.

The US government New World Order folks will never admit that they want to remove free speech in America, so they will comply, at some time in the future, with the UN just as they have done with Agenda 21!

Pakistan has tried to compel social media platforms to impose its blasphemy laws internationally. Twitter’s legal department sent American writers Michelle Malkin and’s Jamie Glazov notices that their posts violated Pakistani law.

These are American citizens, folks! And now, one last thought from DebkaFile.

Censoring free thought and expression is a problem when countries like Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia do it to their own people. But it is even worse to allow them to impose their will beyond their borders. Yielding to Islamist censorship is disappointing and dangerous.

Well, so is the collusion between the US House of Israel and the Israeli House of Judah.

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