A “New” Human Race For The “New Normal”

Nations worldwide are declaring a state of “war” on COVID. The real war has yet to come but Antifa and BLM are looking ever more like the beginning of global war.
Doctors are now warning that the human race is about to be permanently altered by the coronavirus vaccine. Wait until you hear what the “new” humans will be!


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The U.S. reported more than 1,000 coronavirus-related deaths on Tuesday for the first time since May 29, according to the COVID-19 Tracking Project. 

Why it matters: Deaths from COVID-19 had slowed after months of lockdowns, but they’re starting to tick back up again as new infections and hospitalizations continue to surge across the country. 

The U.S. made it through the spring without realizing one of the experts’ worst fears — overwhelming hospitals’ capacity to treat infected people. But that fear is re-emerging as the virus spreads rapidly throughout almost every region of the country.

Spain’s coronavirus rate has tripled in the last three weeks. Easing of lockdown restrictions is being blamed.

A “wartime” state has been declared in the capital of Xinjiang …as authorities implement strict and sweeping measures to stem a spike in coronavirus cases. 

Since last week, [the city of] Urumqi has also recorded 50 asymptomatic cases. In China, these are not considered confirmed cases under government guidelines. To stop the outbreak escalating, authorities are now implementing the so-called Beijing model. 

On Friday, after Urumqi reported just six new infections in two days, authorities locked down all residential communities in the city of 3.5 million people, banning people from leaving their housing compounds. Shopping malls and hotels were also closed. 

On Saturday, the Xinjiang government declared that Urumqi had gone into “wartime” mode…

What really is emerging is that, after skewing the numbers, perhaps THIS time people will really get scared. They got more angry than scared last Spring over having to lock themselves down. Well, the lockdowns are coming again.

The US is now in the throes of becoming like Nazi Germany for traveling.


Here is the new sneaky way the US is stopping people from traveling. Thirty-one states are now on the tri-state quarantine list; people coming to the region from those states, which are in the midst of viral outbreaks, must self-isolate for 14 days.

More than half of America is now on the tri-state quarantine list, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday, as coronavirus continues to surge unabated across the country.

So if you travel to New York from one of these States, you have to go into 14-day quarantine.

New Jersey and Connecticut have joined New York in mandatory quarantines. The travel advisory list includes states that have more than 10 per 100,000 residents testing positive for the virus or more than 10 percent of tests coming back positive, on a seven-day rolling average. Last week, 22 states made the list.

Travelers from these states are required to fill out an online form or face fines up to $2,000 … “We do not have a mechanism to get to people who may be driving into the state or passing through the state,” New York’s Governor Cuomo said.

Don’t be surprised if out of state drivers are pulled over more often and asked to prove they’ve filled out the required forms.

International travel is still possible from the US, however there are restrictions depending on which country you are traveling to. See this government’s travel website for information on wherever you are traveling to.

Americans are facing international and domestic travel restrictions now. It may be that Americans will be prevented from all travel as the authorities continue to tighten restrictions. If you have had thoughts of leaving America, it might be prudent to simply pack up and do it now leaving everything behind. You won’t need it in the Kingdom, anyway.

Also, I think it is possible that after Mystery Babylon’s “new normal” is established there will be travel once again for those who have the required documentation, i.e. you’ve taken the COVID vaccine and you can show your papers.

I don’t know if the COVID vaccine is the actual mark of the beast or if it is a precursor to taking the mark. The technology for the COVID vaccine and the mark of the beast will be very similar if not exactly the same.

Given that there is a risk that the COVID vaccine will be the mark of the beast, if you’re planning on getting out of your country – America, all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere believers are living that want to get to the wilderness specified in scripture (where the woman will be nurtured for 1260 days) – now appears to be the most opportune time to move.

Israel announced on Monday that its borders will remain closed until September 1 due to the recent surge in virus infections in Israel. The ongoing ban allows only returning Israeli citizens or those who obtain special permission from the Population Immigration and Border Authority to enter the country. All those who do arrive are required to self-quarantine for two weeks.


According to Mike Adams at Natural News, a young couple from Kentucky is reportedly under house arrest – ankle bracelets and all – after the wife supposedly tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and refused to self-quarantine. 

Elizabeth Linscott went to get tested before traveling to visit her parents in Michigan. Her test was positive so authorities told her she needed to agree to self-quarantine for two weeks, which she refused to do. She was also required to sign paperwork agreeing to contact the health department every time she wanted to leave her house. 

Just a few days later, law enforcement officers showed up at the Linscotts’ door. Both Elizabeth and her husband, Isaiah, were forcibly put into ankle bracelets equipped with tracking devices on them, which alert area officials every time they leave the house. They were also ordered not to leave their home or travel any further than 200 feet from the property line. 

Moral of the story: Don’t get tested.

In Texas, The Statesman.com reports that Hidalgo County officials are ordering residents who test positive for COVID-19 to self-quarantine for 14 days amid surging cases in the Rio Grande Valley and as Texas surpassed 4,000 coronavirus-related deaths Monday. 

The order, which went into effect Monday, says rule violators may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil court proceedings. It’s unlikely, however, the county has the authority to take those actions because Gov. Greg Abbott has not allowed local leaders to impose such restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus.

Review the order here.

Now hear this from Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez noted that he has little power to enforce the order. 

“I understand that some of the orders that I may put in place tomorrow may not have the enforcement capability that I would require, but you know what, I don’t think I’m going to need it,” Cortez said in a Facebook news conference Sunday. “I believe that you voluntarily are going to do the right thing.”

Yep. You go it! This arrogant judge believes the threat of this unlawful order will be enough to make Hidalgo county residents comply with the “new normal”. And it will. Do you know why? Because they will fine people and/or throw them in jail. Then, that person will have to cough up the money for a bail and a court date after which will come the cost of appeals if the victim is found guilty. And yes, I said victim on purpose.

Anyone that a law enforcement authority puts in jail under this illegal health order is actually going to war with a US citizen and that will make the citizen a victim in the New World Order’s war on Americans!

And just this morning, California authorities have quarantined an entire apartment building. Mike Adams of Natural News reports that residents of an apartment building in Ventura, California, found themselves prisoners in their own homes as they were “locked down” in their own apartment building and subjected to mandatory covid-19 testing and quarantine restrictions.

Natural News has acquired a letter that was sent by the property manager to all 78 residents of the 7-story apartment building warning that all residents are ordered to appear at the “Palms Community Room” to participate in mandatory testing for covid-19 on July 17, 2020 (last Friday). 

The letter further explains, “Except for essential workers, no one will be able to enter or exit the building during the lockdown.” 

In addition, “Security personnel will be posted on all entrances of the building 24 hours 7 days a week,” the letter says. “All resident card keys will be deactivated during the lockout.”

 In essence, 78 American citizens were imprisoned in their own apartment building in Ventura, California in a China-style “medical prisoner” crackdown scenario. However, there is more to this story, and it also involves Ventura County, which actually initiated this lockdown.

Long story short, this particular lockdown was instigated by Ventura County authorities.

For those of you who are listening in countries other than America, do not think this won’t happen in your country. It will! How do I know? Because America’s civil war has already traveled around the globe under the auspices of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

You see, the New World Order has realized that COVID19 is not killing enough people. They need to also stir up other trouble to kill people so they stirred up Antifa and BLM’s race pot with the murder of George Floyd. Then they moved this nonsense to other countries like Israel and the UK, Paris and Berlin and across the globe to Australia and Japan. The New World Order will go to all out military conflict against citizens if necessary as long as the global population refuses to cooperate with the “new normal”.

Israel Unwired reported that the riots [in Israel] are a clear import from America.

Portland, Oregon has become a BLM-Antifa flashpoint. For almost two months, the city has been in the grip of typical vandalism, chaos and bedlam that is the hallmark of the fascist group Antifa, a federally declared terrorist group. They, along with the Democratic-aligned Marxist group Black Lives Matter, have made Portland a hellscape for the law-abiding citizens who live there. 

This story is now only being covered because President Trump realized local Democratic leadership had no real interest in ending the chaos and sent in federal law enforcement to establish the law and order every American wants and deserves.

The city is in chaos. People are being hurt and killed. Businesses are being destroyed. President Trump sent in federal troops to regain order in the streets. Trump’s move is being called political rather than protective of a city whose Democratic mayor is slacking on the job! Nancy Pelosi describes Trump’s federal assistance as nefarious further feeding the frenzy. And there is war between the protestors and the US government on the streets of Portland.

Israel Unwired reports that Antifa and BLM have police on the run in Chicago, Paris and London.

Understand. The US is now at war with its own citizens and it is probably going to get worse!

The truth is that both the Republicans and the Democrats are using this chaos to forward their agendas. And both have communist agendas. Hang in here with me while I explain.

The Democrats have a communist agenda that is easily seen in the Antifa and BLM movements. Trump has the agenda of bringing Jerusalem to the forefront as Mystery Babylon. These two things seem to not be connected. But here’s the paradox, the thing that doesn’t make sense on the surface of it all. You have to understand it by digging down into it.

The basis for Mystery Babylon is Judaism, particularly Kabbalistic Judaism, as I said last week. Let’s compare the ongoing communist/Democratic revolution happening now in America and around the Westernized world with Russia’s Bolshevik revolution. Marxist economics and philosophies were interpreted by Russian Jews as Kabbalistic. It fit their idea of Judaism. Jews flooded into the Bolshevik revolution. It was truly a Jewish revolution as much as a revolution of the “working man”.

Karl Marx was born into a Jewish family that converted to Christianity when he was 6. They became Lutherans. However, Marx continued to learn Kabbalah at his grandfather’s knee.

Marxian scholars try to pin Marx in various ways: As religious, non-religious, a man with an outlook and heart for the common man, etc. The truth is that Karl Marx fomented one of the worst revolutions in Russian history.

Marxist thought and Kabbalism go together. Mystery Babylon, which Trump is working toward, will be communistic in nature with one small caveat that I will tell you about in a minute. In the strange world of Jews, Aaron Shemuel Lieberman (1843–1880), known as “the father of Jewish Socialism,” was the first to interpret Marx’s works through a Jewish prism. Lieberman asserted that Kabbalah …offered a uniquely Jewish worldview, one that fundamentally differed from medieval Jewish and Christian philosophers.

…Lieberman identified Marx’s program in Biblical and Kabbalistic terms. He believed that Marx’s theory of the intelligentsia reflected the Kabbalistic concept of the thirty-six righteous people and equated Communism with a “messianic” age. Though Marx would have vehemently denied any links between his own theory of labor and certain strands of Biblical and Kabbalistic traditions that critiqued historical institutions, Lieberman thought otherwise and immediately identified what he believed to be latent affinities between Jewish-messianic and Marxist discourses.

It is this affinity between Communism and Judaism that is the basis of the coming Mystery Babylon!

So important was Marx’s communist economic ideas to the Bolsheviks that he was thought of as another Moses to Russian Jews.

Folks, what you must understand about what is going on in America and across the Westernized world right now is that both the Democrats and Republicans are leading America into Jewish communism under the auspices of Kabbalah!

The only difference between their ideologies from the 19th century to the 21 century is how to get to the “new normal”. The Democrats are going with Marxian anarchy under the guise of Antifa and BLM. Trump is shooting for Jerusalem as the world’s new Communist economic power and the “new normal” and he is also exerting his Marxist authoritarianism. So what actually is happening is the Democrats are converting America to Communism while Trump works on the global level to convert the whole world to Communism under Mystery Babylon.

The Communist agenda is being spread globally through the violence of Marxist Antifa and BLM in other nations where their Communistic political parties are protecting Antifa and BLM and those on the opposite side are working with the United Nations and Trump and others to bring this change about. The same scenario is playing out in other nations that is now happening in the US. We are having now a global Bolshevik revolution!

As they say here in Jordan when comparing what looks like 2 different things: “Same same”.

The earth’s “new normal” is a communist model with one exception: It rids the earth of too many humans. Karl Marx sought to raise the standard of living for the Russian poor. His philosophy, which got out of control to become something he didn’t want, was in favor of the worker. Today’s communist model favors the rich, the elites, over the worker. This is even more dangerous than the Russian Bolshevik revolution of the 19th century!

Furthermore, Antifa and BLM care not for mankind. They care only for the Communist agenda which most of them probably don’t even understand but are pretending to be defenders of it. The disingenuousness of the Antifa and BLM movements can be seen just by knowing it is passing over one area where blacks are treated horribly – North Africa.

The global wave of anti-racism protests sparked by the US police killing of George Floyd has barely touched North Africa, despite everyday discrimination in a region with a long slave-trading history. 

Black citizens in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who come to work, study or try to reach Europe, say they suffer endemic day-to-day racism. 

“Floyd’s death awakened the anger and rage dormant within us,” said Fabrice, an undocumented Cameroonian in his 40s who lives in Algiers, adding that it twisted “the knife in the wound”. 

But the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, most observers agree, has not triggered a major debate on racism or police violence against black Africans within the Maghreb region itself. 

Only Tunis saw a small demonstration in early June of around 200 locals and foreigners, at the call of the association Mnemty.

If this movement really cared about blacks, it would not pass by poor blacks in North Africa. Instead, this movement is about destroying Western culture because Western culture represents the “old normal”. We are being driven like cattle into the “new normal” chute!

But the Black Lives Matter movement is turning the heat up on South African rugby, hitting out at a glaring lack of diversity in the coaching department. 

It has prompted SA Rugby president Mark Alexander to admit they had failed to provide opportunities for black coaches, unlike the transformation of the Springboks who won last year’s Rugby World Cup in Japan with a team reflecting “the Rainbow Nation”. 

South Africa is regarded as a white and racist nation despite that blacks are now in control of the government and are murdering white farmers with impunity. South Africa is also considered to be a Western nation because of its population’s European ancestry.

Speaking of “rainbows”, BLM and LGBTQ are marrying, pun intended. Metropolis Japan dot com says, While the movement is currently amplifying the voices of Black people globally, there’s another fight within the movement people aren’t seeing: the fight for Black queer/LGBTQ lives. … BLM wouldn’t exist without queer and transgender women of color at the forefront.

Black trans women are the most targeted identity when it comes to police violence,” said one black female queer lesbian abominator in an interview. “Their average life expectancy is 35. That is not OK.”

Repent! You will live longer!

Be aware that it’s not even black on white violence that is growing, but all violence. …When politicians allow rioting, looting and threatening police, without punishing the law-breakers, yet arrest women for spilling paint on Black Lives matter graffiti, this is the result. The public gets the message. It’s not about law and order, it’s about one’s ideology.

And there’s another clue. This is not about black lives. It’s about a bunch of New World Order white guys like Soros and the Obamas, the US Democrats and Trump that do nothing but foment chaos so America and the other Western nations can burn. It’s about these New World Order white men using black people for their false flag orchestration to destroy the “old normal” and getting the global population to the “new normal”! These poor blind black folks, and the other lighter skinned people with them, are being used and they don’t even know it!


I have continually reported that the COVID numbers are being cooked. MSN is reporting that the Connecticut department of public health laboratory uncovered a flaw in one of the testing systems it uses to test for SARS-CoV-2. Ninety people who received positive COVID-19 results did not have the virus …and 90 of 144 people tested between June 15 and July 17 received a false positive COVID test report.

Even more alarming, the State Department of Health said the flawed numbers came “from a widely-used laboratory testing platform that the state laboratory started using on June 15.”

Connecticut said adjustments have been made to ensure the accuracy of future tests.

Last week, it was Florida that got caught. This week, it’s Connecticut. And Connecticut is one of the 3 states restricting travel into their State from 31 other States. The numbers are being skewed to raise alarm for the purpose of continuing toward another lockdown, an unnecessary lockdown.

Some people are saying COVID is a hoax. I understand why they are saying that but we need to be more precise in our understanding of it. COVID is not a hoax. Instead, let’s understand that it is manufactured, a false flag, a manmade created, orchestrated and very real event. No one would say 9/11 was a hoax, but it was a false flag to start the world on the path toward this “new normal” that we are running headlong into right now. A hoax is a deception. There is no deception about the consequences of this virus. COVID is very real and very real people are dying from its impact from the worsening of chronic diseases already present in their bodies.

This week, a video by Dr. Carrie Madej is going viral because it exposes the true nature of the genetically engineered purpose of the coming coronavirus vaccines. She describes the genetic changes that will be made to humans who take the vaccine, but underneath the layers of her information lies the purpose of the vaccine. What is its purpose? To create a hybrid race of demon-humans such as existed in the days of Noah called ‘Nephilim’. I have written about this before and exposed that Judaism’s Talmud clearly points to the coming Antichrist as a Nephilim. And if you’re going to be in his image, you also will be a Nephilim.

Dr. Madej also raises the fact that when you take the vaccine you will become a product of the New World Order because you will now have become a GMO – a genetically modified organism! Think about this. You will no longer be a human but a genetically modified entity owned by a corporation because you allowed them to put into your body a vaccine with an ingredient that can modify you DNA!

I am adding here that your product code – your personal bar code – will come from the RFID tracking number on the vaccine dose!

Dr. Madej has done an excellent job of explaining the “what” of the coming vaccine, even explaining how living humans will experience DNA changes. However, she did not explain the “why”. It isn’t about money or even power. It is about creating a new transhuman race of beings who souls cannot be saved by YHVH!

The truth is scientists are doing Satan’s work of creating a race of Nephilim – half human, half demon – beings whose souls cannot be saved. That is why taking this vaccine means you may have taken the mark of the beast. YOU will become not merely a “product” of the big pharma companies as Dr. Madej says, but a “beast”, not human. Beasts do not have redeemable souls! Only the human soul is redeemable. Revelation 14:9 says of these non-human souls:

Revelation 14:9 Another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a great voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead, or on his hand, 
Rev 14:10  he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is prepared unmixed in the cup of his anger. He will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb. 
Rev 14:11  The smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever. They have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name. 

The reason for YHVH not being able to forgive those who take the mark of the beast is twofold. First, that person will have “married” Satan, i.e. will be in covenant with Satan, and Yeshua will not be coming to forgive people for it this time. He or she will not be in an unbreakable covenant with Satan.

And second, he or she will now be a Satan-created “beast” whose soul is part demon. The demons are doomed to enter into and be tormented in the lake of fire.

Remember Yeshua’s words about the days of Noah? The days of Noah were all about Nephilim. Satan had created a race of beings through his demons having sexual relations with human women. Now, the demons – who, by the way are also those beings we call extraterrestrials or aliens – are using technological breeding programs and have successfully introduced genetic altering technology to human science and medicine. The Nephilim spirit/soul cannot be destroyed but their souls remained. We now call them demons.

If you have not read my article about the Antichrist being a Nephilim, you can read it here. This is where I quote from the Jewish Talmud. In Judaism’s own words, it has been revealed that the Jewish Antichrist is expected to be part demon, part human – a Nephilim!

Scientists are doing Satan’s work of making man in Satan’s image!


This Dr. Mercola article reveals that wearing masks does not prevent aerosol particles from coming out or from going in. You’re not helping the people around you by wearing a mask, and you’re not helping yourself avoid the disease by wearing a mask. 

Infectious viral respiratory diseases primarily spread via very fine aerosol particles that are in suspension in the air. Any mask that allows you to breathe therefore allows for transmission of aerosolized viruses.

Another of his articles further validates what we already know which is that this virus is manmade. The article says, Nobel Laureate Luc Antoine Montagnier said on French media that COVID-19 was manmade, contains elements of HIV and a parasite that causes malaria.


If ever getting chipped could be appealing, it may be that Elon Musk has arrived at an answer to get people to stand in line for the RFID bar code and DNA-altering vaccine. His new neuralink chip will allow people to listen to music directly to the brain!

Responding to computer scientist Austin Howard, Mr Musk confirmed that Neuralink’s technology would allow people to “listen to music directly from our chips.” 

He also said that Neuralink “could help control hormone levels and use them to our advantage (enhanced abilities and reasoning, anxiety relief, etc.).”

Did they also say the chips could be used by nefarious governments controlled by Nephilim Antichrists and other demons to send subliminal and other messages directly to your brain? No! Why not! Well, think about it from their side! That would be stupid!

Speaking at the 2019 event, Mr Musk said the firm was working on a “sewing machine-like” device that would provide a direct connection between a computer and a chip inserted within the brain.

Huh! Forehead!

The technology will first be used to help people suffering from brain diseases like Parkinson’s, but the ultimate aim of Neuralink is to allow humans to compete with advanced artificial intelligence, he said. 

The process of having the chip fitted will be similar to Lasik laser eye surgery. One part of it will involve a neurosurgical robot, which fits flexible “threads” into the brain connected to a tiny implantable computer chip.  A research paper detailing the device claims that a single USB-C cable will provide “full-bandwidth data streaming” to the brain. 

Mr Musk hinted that Neuralink’s chip will be able to cure depression and addiction by “retraining” the parts of the brain responsible for these afflictions. 

Trials have already been carried out on animals and human trials were originally scheduled to take place this year, though details are yet to be made public. 

More information is set to be announced on 28 August.

Huh! A new announcement about a wonderful new health RFID chip for your brain that will make your life so wonderful announced right in the middle of the second coronavirus wave! No planning or forethought by the useless elites there!

And now, about the coming Jewish messiah? One rabbi is now saying that on Yom Kippur 2021, the Messiah will reveal himself and then disappear. The rabbi then sources the Talmud revealing that in the end of the Jubilee year, the Messiah will re-emerge again on Yom Kippur 2022 which falls on October 4-5.

Well, I guess that Rabbi doesn’t know that Israel has already had its Jubilee in 2017-2018 which is why Jerusalem has been having such political and other turmoil and trouble. Or perhaps what we are being told is that the true Biblical last Jubilee begins at Yom Kippur 2021 and will end at Yom Kippur 2022. If that happens, start counting the years until Yeshua returns!


What will people focus on now in these end times? The pestilence or the wars and rumors of wars?

On the war fronts, Israel and Iran are duking it out… Or should I say Israel keeps whopping Iran and Iran is just laying on the ropes?

Israel raised its alert level on the Lebanese border this week and so did Lebanon after Israel killed a Hezbollah leader in Syria in another strike on Damascus. There was another explosion at an Iranian power station on July 19th.

The US has ordered the Chinese embassy to close in an uptick of tensions between the two nations.

A Chinese official at the consulate in Houston called the move ‘outrageous and unjustified’ and said it will sabotage relations between the two countries. 

“The unilateral closure of China’s consulate general in Houston within a short period of time is an unprecedented escalation of its recent actions against China,” Wang said at a daily news briefing. 

Besides its embassy in Beijing, the U.S. has five consulates in mainland China, according to its website. They are in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenyang. 

The U.S. said in a brief statement that the consulate was ordered closed “to protect American intellectual property and American’s private information.” It did not provide any details.

The move comes after China bailed out Iran with their new trade and military treaty. But there is another reason for this closure, according to one news report – China has been arming BLM! US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had interdicted and seized a shipment of over 10,000 full-auto upgrade parts that convert semi-auto rifles into full-auto weapons of war. 

According to the CBP announcement from June 26th, the shipment originated in Shenzhen, China and was destined for “a residence” in Melbourne, Florida. Inside the shipment was over 10,000 small machine parts that function as full-auto drop-in upgrades for AR-15s.

Media reports in Houston said that authorities had responded to reports of a fire at the Chinese Consulate. Witnesses said that people were burning paper in what appeared to be trash cans.

The burning and destruction of documents is a foreboding sign that the US and China could soon be at war. At the very least, relations – what there were of relations – are souring. That’s the way the New World Order wants to make it appear. I’m revealing all kinds of illusions from behind the curtain this week.

Yeshua said there will be wars. He also said there will be rumors of wars. I have come to believe that Yeshua was providing us a clue about the nature of the wars coming. It is quite possible, at least in my mind, that the “rumors” of wars are actually Yeshua telling us the wars will be false flags, manufactured events.

That’s why I disagree with this report of China arming BLM from Mike Adams that says Natural News was able to determine that this operation was part of an attempt by communist China to destabilize the United States by arming Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists.

Do you remember the false flag of 9/11? The US was in cahoots with the people – Saudi Arabia – that hired the men who killed over 3,000 Americans. Remember that? And I just told you that the communist Democrats and the Republicans are on the same Marxist page.

Unfortunately, people who do not have the Kingdom perspective often do not see that the beasts – the UN, the Judeo-Christian beast and even the Islamic beast – are in collusion with each other. They are bringing change to this earth in a swift and chaotic manner like nothing that has ever been seen before! That’s why we see the beasts cooperating with each other in Revelation until it is time for the Islamic beast to destroy Mystery Babylon, the whore.

Sorry, Mike Adams! I don’t buy that this is unknown to the US State Department or even to President Trump! The US has been trafficking arms, drugs and technology into and out of other countries for decades to make it appear to the US public that there is some kind of war going on between the nations. The reality is that the US has been doping up its own people and arming them to the teeth to get them to kill each other for decades. But the US needs a fall guy for this round of arms shipments to BLM which was created by the deep state which Trump is part of. Do not be fooled! This is all being orchestrated for the larger purpose of bringing in the “new normal”. Out with the “old” and in the “new”.

COVID restrictions are strengthening, not easing. The US is at war internally and likely to be at war externally soon. Keep your eyes on Yeshua and keep His promises in mind about His return.

Be Blessed!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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