War, Jewish Messiah and Other Prophetic News

Iran Unveils Cruise Missile Neither Israel Nor US Can Intercept 

Russia has superior weapons to the United States and Iran’s weapons, too, outstrip the US. But not only the US – Israel!

Rav Chaim: Moshiach Will Arrive Before The Israeli Elections

Yes, this article is similar to one I published a few weeks ago. Not to bore you, but… just sayin’…

Rabbi: Smartphones Will All Explode When Messiah Arrives 

Certainly when the holy Messiah arrives, God will bring upon us a spirit of holiness from above and all of these impure gadgets will explode and nothing of them will remain. The more impure they are, the greater the explosion will be.”

You will be without communication when the Antichrist moves across the earth.

Will The Messiah Do Genetic Testing?

Reestablishing true identity is one of the functions the Messiah will perform at the end of days,” Rabbi  Berger said, citing a law from the Mishnah Torah written by Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, the foremost Torah authority of the 12th century known by the acronym Rambam.

Jewish genealogical roots are, in fact, already beginning to be revealed in an unexpected magnitude. A recent genetic study surveying the DNA of Latin Americans indicated that there may currently be over 150 million Latinos with Jewish ancestry.

Hey! That’s great! Will the messiah look for those who are from the tribes of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Zebulun, Issachar, Joseph and Benjamin, too!?

By the way, according to Genesis 12:3, Abraham’s DNA will be all the families of the earth by the end of days. That means everyone will have Hebrew DNA, not just those from the tribe of Judah. Most certainly, those from the other 11 tribes will have Hebrew DNA, but they won’t be Jews… They will be Hebrews, just like all other Jews.

Of course the Jewish Messiah will have to do genetic testing. First, he is a man, not YHVH (God) like Yeshua, so the only way for the man messiah to determine who is “in” and who is not will be through Satan’s technology.

Oceans Turning Bluer, Indicative of Greater Sense of Godly Revelation

Fluctuations in ocean temperature is ongoing and not a scriptural sign of the coming messiah. However, the Cabal must promote everything as a sign of their Jew who will pose as a messiah. They cobble together Numbers 15:38, Zechariah 14:9, Isaiah 11:9 and Ezekiel 1:26 because the Talmud says, “the color techelet (blue) is similar to the [color of ] the sea, the sea is similar to the [color of ] the heavens, and the heavens are similar to the [color of] God’s throne of Glory”. However, scripture does not predict a bluer color for the oceans as a sign of the messiah.

The Talmud is full of lies and leaven of the Pharisees of old and modern times because the Rabbis string scriptures like pearls to make new doctrines by taking them out of context. Text out of context is pretext.

Did you know that wearing tefillin is good for your health?

If you’re a Christian, and you have “Jewish” DNA, you will be healed by wearing tefillin. But, for that to happen, you will have to convert to Judaism first because tefillin wearing is only for Jews.

TRUMP, Netanyahu align in Israel election poster.

Nope… There’s no mutual collaboration going on.  

TRUMP aligns with Israel.

Sister States… House of Israel, House of Judah working together to bring the Jewish messiah.

Aligning with Israel is a good thing as long as the alignment is with Biblical Israel and not the political, Babylon/UN-created STATE of Israel.

UN says abortion, suicide are human rights.

Netanyahu says the Talmud will rule the world.

America will never be a socialist country – TRUMP

Why does the orchestrated political fight exist between the right and left? To keep you focused away from the activities of the New World Order.

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