Turkey Readies For War With Iran; Anti-Semitism: It’s Not What You think

There was an exponential increase in chaos in the Middle East, Israel and the US this week!

The Middle East and North Africa have become a greater powder keg this week and this time it doesn’t center on Israel and the US. It does, however, continue setting the stage for the King of the North (KOTN) to attack the Middle East’s southern region and North Africa according to Daniel 11:40-45’s prophecy.

Besides this new geo-military shift, a new Islamic geo-political-religious shift is in the making in the Middle East. This is something to watch because of how it could fulfill Daniel 11:44.

I’ll have an analysis of the uproar Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Executive Order is causing and the latest on Israel’s elections, including what the real issue is that everyone is ignoring.

But first…

Thank you for listening!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown


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Trump just sent more troops into Iraq, a testimony to how much he doesn’t want war in the Middle East.

Hundreds of US troops landed at the US Al-Assad airbase in western Iraq on Monday, Dec. 16 after an American threat of reprisal against pro-Iranian Iraqi Shiite militias for their rocket attacks on US bases in that country. That threat sparked an Iraqi militia exit from Iranian Al Qods bases and command centers in Iraq and Syria – among them, DEBKAfile’s military sources report, the big Iranian military complex near the Syrian-Iraqi border town of Abu Kamal.

The Iraqi militiamen crossed into Iraq and scattered in the desert and dry river areas of the western Iraqi province of Anbar. The new American military personnel were transferred by nearly 500 military vehicles from Jordan to the Al Assad air base, which is the largest US military installation in the region. It has come under repeated rocket attack and shelling. 

The American threat of reprisal was greeted by those militias with a promise of more attacks. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper held conversations with Iraq’s caretaker prime minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in the last few days. They warned him that US patience was running out after constant rocket harassment by the local pro-Iranian militias. Since early November, American military and civilian locations, including also the US embassy compound in Baghdad, have taken at least 10 strikes by rockets, mortar shells or Katyusha fire. Esper stressed when he talked to the Iraqi prime minister on Dec. 16, that the US has the right to self-defense.

After their conversation, which was described as “tough,” Adel Mahdi called on all parties to exercise restraint and warned the US against taking action. The statement issued in Baghdad said: “Unilateral decisions will trigger negative reactions that will make it more difficult to control the situation and will threaten Iraq’s security, sovereignty and independence.” 

This was taken as indicating that the Iraqi prime minister had received information that the pro-Iranian Shiite militias were ready to take American punishment but had also completed their preparations to retaliate with more attacks on American bases in Iraq. Those bases house some 5,000 US troops and also serve as the logistic infrastructure for American forces operating in Syria.


Another plot to stir the war pot came in the surprise “leak” of the Trump peace plan to a Hezbollah news station.

My speculation is that Iran may have tried stirring up the Gog-Magog war this week with the release of a report about Trump’s peace plan for Israel. The report was reported by the pro-Hezbollah Al-Mayadeen media group but was likely instigated at the behest of Iran.

I am speculating on this because Hezbollah and all its proponents are liars and Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy. The gullible Israeli media picked up the story and RAN with it!

Lebanese Hezbollah-backed Al Mayadeen TV channel claimed on Monday to have obtained parts of a draft of US President Donald Trump’s much anticipated Israeli-Palestinian peace plan proposal. 

According to the Hezbollah report, the “Deal of the Century” would see a trilateral agreement signed between Israel, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas, with the establishment of a Palestinian state branded “New Palestine” on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Right there, the Israeli media should have backed up for a moment and given this a second thought. They are now openly reporting that Trump’s peace plan does not involve a Palestinian State within Israel’s borders!

The state would not include existing Israeli settlements, as well as isolated settlements, to remain under Israeli sovereignty …and Jerusalem will not be divided [but] that it will be “shared between Israel and New Palestine,” having the Israeli-Arab population living mostly in East Jerusalem become residents of the Palestinian state. 

[Regarding] the Hamas controlled enclave, the draft stipulates that new lands would be handed to New Palestine by the Egyptians for the purpose of setting up an airport and factories, agriculture and for commercial use, “without permitting the Palestinians to live in them.”

The Times of Israel was the only media outlet in the Middle East, Israel or the US to call Hezbollah’s report “unconfirmed”.

Times of Israel quickly rebutted the false claim, saying, “The White House on Tuesday denied reports from a Lebanese television channel that its supposed peace plan will include a three-way deal between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas”.

“Rumors about the content of the Trump Administration peace plan are false,” a senior administration official told The Times of Israel. “We are confident that the so-called source has not seen the plan.” 

The report — by the pro-Hezbollah Al-Mayadeen — features details that starkly contradict the limited information that Washington has released about the proposal, and that stand at sharp odds with known US and Israeli positions.

Again… the Israeli news media should have known better! This nonsensical report could have sparked any number of protests to the point of chaos which is what I think Iran wanted to do by using their proxy, Hezbollah.

[Furthermore], the report, which was widely covered in Hebrew-language media Monday, said the United States would end its economic support for Israel if its government rejects the deal. It also said the plan provides for establishing a Palestinian state in Gaza and parts of the West Bank to be called “New Palestine.”

This could have sparked Jewish protests.

The settlement blocs in the West Bank would be annexed into Israel, along with isolated settlements, the report claimed. The Jordan Valley would remain under Israeli control. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has in recent weeks said he has US agreement to annex the Jordan Valley.

Oh! Here comes Jordan’s army to protest!

The same ending of support was said for the Palestinians, although the report claimed that if Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad groups balk, and the PLO accepts, it would distinguish between the Ramallah leadership and the terrorist groups.

…Sparking Palestinian and Hamas protests and missile-lobbing.

The report further claimed that Saudi Arabia would become custodian of Temple Mount.

More reason for Jordan’s army, accompanied by masses of rock-throwing Palestinians and missile-lobbing Hamas, to descend on Jerusalem.

Can you see how irresponsible media outlets could have caused a chaotic reaction instigated by Israel’s enemy? If the media would just stop and think a moment… I received the article friends – several friends – and just sat in my chair for a moment thinking, “This is a Lebanese media outlet reporting this. How in the world would they have gotten this White House leak? If the White were going to leak the information, why would they leak it to Hezbollah?” Now, if I can think this through, why can’t the Israeli media? They were playing into the liars’ psyop!

Think about this critically for a moment. Trump is trying to stay in control of the Middle East. A report like this could spark an uprising in any of the agitated populations: the Palestinians, any group of Jewish settlers, Hamas. Or perhaps Iran would use the report as an excuse to attack Israel to prevent there being an Israel to divide!

One of my friends thought, and rightfully so, that the leak might have been perpetrated by the White House to be a distraction so people won’t pay attention to some activities on Temple Mount to facilitate the building of the Jewish temple.

For the first time this week, the Jews held a prayer service on Temple Mount while the WAQF looked the other way. Maybe they took my advice from BWN on November 7, 2019 when I said, “The failure of the WAQF to see that preventing the Jews from praying on their holy mountain that is in Judah’s territory is driving a backlash that will end up with the Jews in full control of Temple Mount. So, exactly what the WAQF doesn’t want is exactly what the WAQF is going to get!

Look… I’m being facetious! However, YHVH is in control of the volatile situation on Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, Israel and the Middle East. No matter how many ploys happen by Israel’s enemies, it will all happen in YHVH’s timing.


Another end times player, Turkey, just put a fuse in the Middle East powder keg and that fuse could be ready to be lit at any moment.

From The Hill: Turkey, Daniel 11:44’s troublemaker for the new Shi’ite Caliphate when it is established, is now involved in a swiftly worsening crisis, prompted by a new stage in the Libyan civil war.

Libya is mentioned in the KOTN’s attack on Israel, Jordan, Egypt. This attack will include Saudi Arabia even though the scripture does not specifically mention that nation. This is because when the Shi’ite KOTN takes control of the newly formed Caliphate, it will be necessary for the Shi’ites to control Mecca and Medina.

Two weeks ago, …Ankara and Tripoli (Turkey and Libya) signed an agreement delineating a maritime border because of disputes over Mediterranean gas and oil and created a military treaty between them.

Until they created this new maritime agreement, few realized the two countries had such a [maritime] border because the Greek island of Crete was in the way. But, you see, Turkey does not regard islands as having economic exclusivity stretching up to 200 miles beyond territorial waters. Thus, Turkey thinks its maritime border stretches all the way to Tripoli! 

Tripoli, Libya’s capital, now shares this view, even though the administration clutching to power in the Libyan capital controls much less than half of territorial Libya at present, and not even the bit of Mediterranean coastline used to justify the claim. 

At the time of this cartographic surprise, some speculated that Turkey wanted to annoy Greece — yet again — in order to claim what it regards as its share of potential lucrative natural gas reserves at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Way to the south, Egypt already is an established producer. Israel’s Leviathan field, which comes on stream this month, will mean that that country now is self-sufficient and can export the surplus, initially via Egyptian gas liquefaction plants.

In fact, I will report a bit later on protests in Jordan regarding these gas exports.

Over the weekend, detail emerged on a separate Turkish-Libyan military agreement: Ankara essentially promised to safeguard the government in Tripoli.

So what we have here is Turkey maneuvering to fill its pockets and do some other things I will now explain.

Libya is in a civil war and, at present, Washington supports the legitimate government of Libya.

The US also supports the Libyan government, so what is Turkey doing muscling in on Libya? And how does this situation move toward fulfilling Bible prophecy? I will answer the first question in a minute. Right now, I will explain Libya’s role in the KOTN invasion.

Libya will be overrun by the KOTN not because Libya has any special love for Israel or that it is somehow connected to Israel in a treaty like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In fact, there are now no Jews in Libya and relations between Israel and Libya are just, well, non-existent. However, Libya is a major military territory of the United States in Northern Africa. Turkey is at odds with the US now and is branching out, making new allies. And as we will discover, Turkey is a new leader in creating a new confederation of Sunni nations that will make trouble for Iran, the KOTN. This is why Libya will get caught in the KOTN’s invasion.

What are the implications of Turkey’s military pledge to Libya? Euronews answers: Turkey is ready to send troops to Libya. 

Ankara’s latest move comes as the Libyan [civil] war enters a crucial stage, with eastern Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar launching what he said would be a “final battle” for Tripoli.  

But Turkey has another interest in Libya: A strategic interest is to develop a Mediterranean policy which may compete with that of the Europeans.

Turkey is taking its NATO fight with the US and Europe to a strategic area – Libya – which quite conveniently happens to be in the midst of war!

How likely is a Turkish intervention?

We don’t know at this point. Will the KOTN find Turkey already in Libya when Iran attacks? Or will Turkey be obliged by treaty to respond after the Iranian attack? We will have to wait and see.

According to the text of the military agreement, Tripoli could request vehicles, equipment and weapons for use in army, navy and air operations. It also provides for new intelligence sharing. 

What would be the impact on EU-Turkey relations? 

Turkey’s pledge to offer military support to Libya comes at a time of heightened tensions between Ankara and EU countries on a number of fronts — not least, Ankara’s military intervention against the Kurds in Syria earlier this year. 

Ankara’s actions risk an anti-Turkish coalition forming comprising Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Italy. These countries came together under the umbrella of the eastern Mediterranean gas forum – an outwardly energy-related but ultimately military partnership from which Turkey was excluded. The natural gas reserves in the region are estimated to be around 122 trillion cubic meters in total. 

In the third Turkish foreign policy flashpoint with the US, Çavuşoğlu also said Turkey would not rescind its deal with Russia over the S-400 missile defense system. 

The US Congress, also angry about Turkish intervention in Syria, has said the use of the S-400 defense system is incompatible with Turkey’s membership of NATO, and called for sanctions. 

Çavuşoğlu responded: “Sanctions and threatening language never work. But if sanctions are placed, Turkey has to reciprocate.” 

The US approved the sale of the Patriot missiles last December in the hope that Turkey would tear up the deal for the rival Russian surface-to-air missiles. But the Russian deliveries went ahead and the US said in August that its offer was off the table. 

The US has started unwinding Turkey from their joint program to build F-35 fighters and has threatened it will not sell the jets to Ankara for fear the technology could be compromised by the proximity to Russian technicians servicing the S-400. 

In a sign of the deteriorating relations between Turkey and the US Congress, if not the White House, the Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution officially recognizing the Armenian genocide, joining the House in condemning the Ottoman Turkish mass slaughter of 1.5 million people early last century.

Regardless of men’s reasons for doing what they do, the truth is that YHVH is orchestrating all of this. What the military agreement between Turkey and Libya really means is that Libya will call on Turkey when Iran attacks it and Turkey will be obliged to answer that call. Thus, Daniel 11:44’s prophecy could be driven by this treaty! I will explain what I mean by this in a minute.


There is fighting in the Middle East, North Africa (Libya) and in the maritime zones over the changes coming to the region, namely Israel’s gas fields that are coming online for the purpose of exports. The US and Israel want to make a major change in Jordan and now Jordan is becoming a hotspot because of protests that I believe the US is stirring up. The most recent protest is over the import of Israeli gas.

Jordan is expected to witness a wave of popular protests as the implementation of a $10 billion gas deal with Israel looms on the horizon. Activists and lawmakers in the Hashem-ite Kingdom have been calling on the government to cancel the agreement with Israel, saying that the US has forced Jordan to sign the deal despite its economic and moral prejudices. 

According to its opponents, the agreement about “the gas stolen from Palestine” stipulates that if any gas fields are discovered in Jordan during the lifespan of the deal, the buyer (Jordan) may not reduce the import price by more than 20 per cent. 

Campaigners calling for the cancellation of the agreement have asked for a meeting next Tuesday to discuss ways to convince the government to cancel it. The Coordinator of the national campaign to cancel the gas agreement with Israel, Hisham Al-Bustani, told Quds Press: “There are two ways to confront the agreement with its imminent implantation date at the beginning of next month. We either press parliament to stop its implementation or wait for popular escalation through vigils.” 


Islam reflects ancient Israel in that it is split into two “Houses” – Sunni and Shi’ite. This split is also along the Esau-Ishmaelite lines. Important geopolitical and Islamic religious changes have begun this week, changes that mirror Daniel’s prophecy about the KOTN wars.

The beginning of this geopolitical and Islamic religious split is happening with the first ever Malaysia Summit. This has the appearance of the beginning of a Sunni coalition that will push back against the coming Shi’ite caliphate the KOTN will set up in Israel.

Malaysia is hosting an Islamic summit from December 18 to 21, but it will not include six of the most prominent Muslim countries, raising questions about the political vision of the organization. 

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad said a mini-Islamic summit in Kuala Lumpur would include Malaysia, Qatar, Indonesia, Turkey and Pakistan but exclude Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and Jordan. 

“The five countries will be pioneering the beginning of broader Islamic cooperation that includes several fields facing the Islamic world,” Mahathir bin Mohamad said. 

The gathering …will focus on sovereignty, integrity and good governance, culture and identity, justice and freedom, security and defense, trade and investment and technology and internet governance.

This organization is going for an all-inclusive kind of governance of all the Islamic countries in the organization which excludes those just listed. I will explain the reason for that in a minute.

Mahathir bin Mohamad said the meeting would develop strategies to confront violations against the Islamic world, including Israel’s aggression against Palestinians.

Hmmm! Sounds similar to what is happening in America. Trump with his Anti-Semitic trope and now these Islamic nations seeking protection for Islam. I can’t wait until they up rise in America to get the same protection as the Jews there!

Right now, the Malaysia Summit does not look like a split between Sunnis and Shi’ites because Iran’s President Rouhani is attending. Iran’s presence is more likely because Iran doesn’t want to miss what is happening in the “other” House.

According to this Aljazeera article there are notable absences including the leaders of Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan whose Prime Minister, Imran Khan, cancelled his trip after a visit to Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

When asked about the absence of reasons behind Malaysia’s decision not to invite Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Syria and Jordan, Abdel Rahim Abdel Wahed, an Egyptian researcher on Malaysian political issues, said, “Search for the Turkish, Qatari and Muslim Brotherhood influence”.

As we shall see, his answer is disingenuous. That’s not what this is about at all. Could the real reason be that even though Turkey is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood it is not a supporter of Israel? Could it be that Israel and these Muslim countries’ relations with Israel is the reason?

All of these excluded nations, except Syria, have various kinds of ties to Israel. Syria was not invited because it is a vassal of Iran now and so will be represented by Iran. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be attacked by Iran during the KOTN’s first attack. The other excluded nations are likely to be attacked after Iran’s first military foray when it goes forth after hearing bad news from the north and east of the Middle East.

Here is what Al-Monitor has to say: Malaysia’s upstart summit is causing controversy over its exclusivity, mainly because Iran was invited but its archrival, Saudi Arabia, was not. 

Apparently, the idea occurred to the leaders of Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia during a meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in September. Later, Iran and Qatar were invited to participate.

It turns out, though, that Pakistan has closer ties and is politically controlled by Saudi Arabia and so will not attend.

Many [other] major Muslim countries have not been included yet. 

Mahathir bin Mohamad denied rumors that he expects the summit’s organizing group to replace the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). 

Some critics say the OIC is losing relevance and a new broad-based alliance could help sort out differences in the current regional scenario. But major powers like Saudi Arabia are feeling left out of this process and perceive the Kuala Lumpur Summit as a rival forum to the OIC. 

Though other countries had also expressed interest, just five main states will decide the main direction of the Islamic alliance and lay its foundation. There is also a proposal to introduce a common currency. 

At this point, it’s too early to assess whether Mahathir bin Mohamad’s efforts will prove sustainable and effective.

The reason this is important to watch is because it could be forming a rift that will leave the King of the South (KOTS) with only the nations listed in Daniel 11. In other words, no help for the KOTS when the KOTN attacks because the other Sunni nations north and east of the Middle East will have formed an exclusive alliance and they will ignore what happens to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia and they will probably rejoice at what happens to Israel.

Daniel 11:44 But news from the east and the north shall alarm him, and he shall go out with great fury to destroy and devote many to destruction.

After the KOTN attacks the KOTS, KOTN will hear disturbing news from the north – Turkey – and the east – other Islamic nations that were not included in the KOTN’s first attack. Turkey is north, northward, of the Middle East. The other nations are east, eastward, of the Middle East. Now, in the second attack, the KOTN goes forth to subdue and conquer. The Shi’ites go forth to conquer the Sunnis to put them under Shi’ite control and to convert the rest of the earth to Islam.


If you’re wondering where the chaos of Anti-Semitism is leading, I’m about to tell you. It gets worse by the day!

Two US lawmakers jumped at the opportunity to make use of President Trump’s new Anti-Semitism executive order. If you are following this at all, you are probably already aware of this, but I want to share some things you might not already know.

Rick Wile’s latest rant against the Jews was in calling the effort to impeach President Trump a “Jew Coup,” and said that Jews also will “kill millions of Christians” after they overthrow Trump.

YouTube removed the video of Wiles claiming the effort to impeach Donald Trump is a ‘Jew coup’ – but his channel remains online. 

The two US lawmakers who jumped on Rick Wiles are Reps. Ted Deutch of Florida and Elaine Luria of Virginia. They sent a letter on Monday to White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney expressing surprise that TruNews participated in White House media events and Trump took a question from the website during a news conference. 

The letter continues: “An extremist website that frequently attacks Jews and other minorities has no place in the White House. President Trump and other officials in this Administration should publicly condemn these anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and make clear that antisemitism will not be tolerated by this White House, including from its supporters.” 

They also said, “We believe that this requires a whole-of-government approach, including public statements by our national leaders to consistently and firmly reject antisemitic ideas, language, and violence.”

Now, let’s analyze Deutch and Luria, their opinions and what all of this means for non-Jews and Jews in America.

First, Deutch and Luria show an air of superiority when they say the Administration should publicly condemn Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and that Anti-Semitism should not be tolerated by the White House. What do they think Trump just did with his Executive Order? Their push back is not about mere condemnation. Read between the lines. They are pushing for more than what Trump’s Executive Order provided. I believe this is a veiled request for harsher punishment of alleged Anti-Semites.

Second, what are they going to do to Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.; Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.; Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.; and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.? Will Deutch, Luria and others censor them? Punish them?

Did you know that Elaine Luria may be a descendant or relative of Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-1572) whose written works on Kabbalah is the basis of modern Kabbalism? Chabad is a Kabbalist movement harking back to Isaac Luria.

Elaine Luria is not a Chabadist; she is a Reform Jew. I can’t find anything that links her to Isaac Luria except that rarity of the name which hints to me the connection, and now she is in a position to push Judaism’s lashon hara agenda.

Who is Ted Deutch? He is a Jewish congressman member of the United States House of Representatives for Florida’s 22nd congressional district.

Ted and Elaine very much dislike Rick Wiles of TruNews, but I wonder what they want to do to other Jews who disagree with them? Anti-Semitism is all about agreeing with A Jew, THE Jews, the State of Israel and Judaism.

The Anti-Semitism definition includes anyone who disagrees with A Jew, THE Jews, the State of Israel and Judaism. ‘Anti-Semitism’ is nothing more than the re-packaged Jewish ‘lashon hara’ law and Rick Wiles is now being subjected to Judaism’s ‘lashon hara’ law, the very Jewish law that justified the Jews killing all the prophets and Yeshua sent to Jerusalem to get them to repent and return to the Father.

Unfortunately, Rick uses name-calling which is forbidden as ‘yanah’ in the commandments. Don’t confuse what YHVH says in the commandments with lashon hara because lashon hara does not appear anywhere in scripture. It is a made up Jewish cultural tenet, not a law from YHVH. He has commandments that tell us how we are to speak to each other. These are what we should be following because they allow for righteous people calling unrighteous people to repentance. Lashon hara – today’s Anti-Semitism – won’t put up with that!

It would be to Rick’s advantage if he would stop name calling, but he is correct in saying Judaism allows for killing Christians. Judaism’s laws allow for killing idolaters and Christians are idolaters, according to Judaism. One of the reasons there is such a push in Judaism to turn people into Noahides is because Judaism’s authority does not necessarily extend beyond the Noahides. Noahidism is a subset of Judaism. One must be part of Judaism to suffer the punishments available to punishers. Those who refuse to convert to Judaism or Noahidism are not covered under Jewish law but Trump has, with this Executive Order, subjected Americans to Jewish law, hasn’t he?

Jews don’t dislike Christians because they observe pagan rituals like Christmas and Easter which are idolatrous, but because we believe Yeshua is THE Messiah and that He is God in the flesh.

As I said last week, Trump has now destroyed free speech in America and has raised Judaism to a level of protection not afforded to Christianity or Islam and he has subjugated Americans under Jewish law, in effect, making all Americans Noahides if not in principle, then in practice. There was no need for Trump’s Executive Order because Jews already had the same protections as everyone else under US discrimination law which includes protections for religion in schools and the workplace in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title VII.

It doesn’t stop there. Anti-Semitism is being labeled on Jews who disagree with the Israeli State. In this BWN article of September 12, 2019, I asked the question, ‘can a Jew be an Anti-Semite’?

In that article, I revealed that Health Minister Yaakov Litzman had said Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid (of the Blue and White party) are now infected with the same disease. What is that disease? Litzman said Lapid was “infected with anti-Semitism.”

Who was Trump talking about a few weeks ago when he said there are Jews who don’t love Israel enough? He was talking about Jews who disagree with the Jewish State! The implication was that Jews who didn’t vote for him don’t love Israel. In Trump’s mind, He IS Israel! He wants to be the king of Israel and if not king, then Prime Minister!

Without understanding what he is doing because of his hubris and hunger for dominance, Trump is actually doing harm to Jews in America.

This Washington Post article addresses that.

The vast majority of Jews in the United States do not see themselves as a separate nationality or a race. In most polls, they describe their Jewishness as a cultural or religious identity, or simply as a matter of heritage, while their nationality is American. 

The accusation that Jews have not been devoted to the countries in which they live but rather have different national loyalties …is an age-old anti-Semitic trope. It was often used to deny Jews full rights and privileges in their respective countries of residence and opens up a question of Jewish belonging that the United States has not seen before — a scary proposition for American Jews.

Trump does not realize that his Executive Order actually implies that Jews are a separate nationality within a nation. Trump is caught in the “Israel is a Jewish State” trap but doesn’t know or understand it.

In Israel, “Jewish” refers to nationality rather than to religion, as is stated in each citizen’s identity papers. This was confirmed in 2018 when the Knesset ratified the basic law of “Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People.” The decision of who is a Jew was several times brought before the Israeli Supreme Court, as it is a question of far-reaching legal consequences: Every Jew has the automatic right to immigrate to Israel.

The Jewish State’s Supreme Court’s ruling makes all Jews everywhere a part of the Jewish State. Thus, it was the House of Judah’s disobedience to YHVH that has caused this conundrum because they separate themselves from everyone else on earth including all the other Israelites who have a right to the Land and Abraham’s inheritance!

It is important to take measures to protect Jewish students from anti-Semitism on campus, but not at the price of classifying Jews as a nationality [within the United States]. This contradicts the feelings of most American Jews and opens up a dangerous discussion that really never existed in this country. In the end, in the name of protecting Jews from anti-Semitism, such a maneuver might lay the groundwork for a much more serious anti-Semitic threat.

Could Jew-to-Jew Anti-Semitism be one form this new threat will take? Back to the question, ‘can a Jew be an Anti-Semite’, let’s look at what some Jews are saying about other Jews this week.

Here is Israpundit’s Jewish news website with a recent report about ‘fake Jews’ – Jews who try to harm Israel and the Jewish people by Michael Wise, PhD. No, I’ve never heard of him, but he sure thinks he’s somebody. Listen to what he says. 

Israpundit says, “We brand Jews [these] Jewish people as “FAKE” JEWS. [Those are the author’s capital letters, not mine. He is screaming mad, eh?] They advocate Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions against Israel (BDS) and vilify Israel as a genocidal apartheid state, occupier and violator of human rights. 

Many “FAKE” JEWS deny their Jewish parentage and go out of their way to hurt the Jewish people. They malign Israel and mislead many uninformed people.  These Jews provide legitimacy to the assault against Israel. Not surprisingly, US President Donald Trump says “some American Jews don’t love Israel enough.”

The opinion of Michael Wise is that being Jewish is more than religion, it is nationality. He is upholding Trump’s sentiment. And Wise accuses Jews who disagree with their own nationality as traitors to the State of Israel! Treason. He is accusing them of treason!

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who I quoted in the BWN September 12, 2019 article, and Michael L. Wise in this Israpundit article, are making worse accusations than Rick Wiles!

Now Michael Wise launches into an area that we all know to avoid – Kabbalah. Yes, he’s a Kabbalist! 

He says, “According to Kabbalistic thought, in every generation, “FAKE” JEWS (Erev Rav) cause many of the problems affecting the Jewish people. A daily prayer is said every day for such Jews: “May the slanderous internal enemies have no hope”.

Now, there’s mercy for ya! Don’t call them to repentance! Don’t let them change their minds and come to YHVH. Let them suffer no hope! No! We can’t any of us have something to do with that repentance thing. Why, if we did that, it could mean that we would see something we need to repent of and we’re not going to go there!

Allan Dershowitz explains that “people who use their credibility as Jews to destroy the Jewish people, shall not have any hope.”  A moser or a traitor is a FAKE JEW who tries to gain favor in the eyes of the rest of the world by acting against other Jews.”

Did you think I was extrapolating the Michael Wise is accusing of Jews who disagree with the Jewish State are traitors? Well, here you see that he actually calls them ‘traitors’!

Furthermore, as smart as Michael Wise thinks he is, he should know that the ‘erev rav’ the Jews pray for every day were not Jews. They were all the non-Israelites that followed the Israelites out of Egypt. There were people from the tribe of Judah but they were not yet known as Jews. You see, false accusations are built on false premises that come from rejecting the truth of the Law of Moses. If the Jews were not so rebellious that they can actually believe that ‘Rabbis decree and God obeys’, this would not be happening! 

The Jews that despise other Jews who disagree with them are most often from Chabad. Almost all Chabad Jews would agree with Chabad-proponent President Trump that Reform, Conservative, Messianic and secular Jews have no place in Israel if they disagree with Israel’s policies including that Israel is now a religious State. But sometimes, a Reform or other sectarian Jew slips through to agree with the Chabad Kabbalists like Ted Deutch and Elaine Luria do. 

But now, Trump’s Anti-Semitic battle cry is spreading across the pond to Britain! British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is aboard the Trump Anti-Semitism train.

PM Johnson is going to make good on the Conservative promise to ban BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) attempts by any U.K. governmental office, his special envoy for post-Holocaust issues said in Jerusalem on Sunday.

I disagree that BDS is the same as Anti-Semitism. What the New World Order Jews are doing is rolling everything they disagree with – BDS, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism – under one big and messy umbrella called lashon hara! 


Now, let’s quickly look at a possible upset happening in Israel’s election process.

The Knesset dissolved itself again. Likud will hold its primary on December 26th and Israel is officially headed into a third round of elections.

Netanyahu has a party rival – Gideon Sa’ar. Sa’ar, according to Times of Israel, has cast himself in the role of “savior of right”.

A number of prominent Likud members have lined up behind him in recent days, but many Likud members have criticized Sa’ar over his public challenge of Netanyahu’s leadership, with some even accusing him of “betrayal.”

I wonder why they’re not calling Sa’ar an Anti-Semite?

Despite polls showing Likud sinking by four seats under Sa’ar, he claimed that he would be able to boost the party’s numbers by returning voters who formerly voted for the Kulanu party and who are currently supporting Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu.

Here is what you need to know about Sa’ar. He has the same agenda as Netanyahu. What is that agenda? The Jordan Option. We are circling back to the beginning of this broadcast with the Hezbollah news story about the peace deal. What Hezbollah said just ain’t so. The Jewish leadership in Israel are on board that Jordan Option boat and that thing has already sailed!

Sa’ar said that the solution needs to be an autonomous Palestinian entity linked together in a federation with Jordan just like last week’s Uri Banks. “Between the Jordan River and the (Mediterranean) Sea there cannot be another state,” he said.

Sa’ar attacked Netanyahu for ‘endless concessions’ for helping perpetuate the idea that a Palestinian state is the only way to achieve a peace deal.

Sa’ar knows better. Sa’ar knows that Trump and Netanyahu are not looking at a 2-State solution any longer. Netanyahu has in recent years also moved away from tacit support for a two-state solution and has, over the last few months, been promising to annex the Jordan Valley in the West Bank if reelected. However, a lie spoken often enough will be believed by people. Sa’ar is falsely accusing Netanyahu. How does that make Sa’ar better than Netanyahu?

My point is that the Jordan Option is coming. March 26’s election results won’t stop that. This is the more important issue than who wins the election unless it is won by a left-wing candidate.

Despite the defections within the Likud party, Netanyahu is expected to defeat Sa’ar.

As you can see, Jerusalem has become the center of attention. From trying to use a fake leak of Trump’s peace plan to stir up war in Israel to fomenting war between Jews and everyone else and Jews and ‘fake Jews’, the chaos will only continue to worsen.

Zechariah 12:3 On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who lift it will surely hurt themselves. And all the nations of the earth will gather against it.

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