COVID, Peace, Politics & Tribulation Timing: What’s Next?

There was an important leak about COVID this week that you might not know about yet that reveals just how big a scam the coronavirus is and which also reveals what kind of plans the New World Order has for all of us.

I will tell you how the Kabbalist New World Order is justifying persecuting Christians now and will update you on a new twist to the coming mark of the beast vaccine delivery system.

There are further developments with the Abraham Accord as new nations begin to acquiesce to its demands.

I will examine last week’s Republican National Convention (RNC) and end with insight into the timing of the fast approaching Tribulation.


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Let me begin with this GATEWAY PUNDIT SHOCK REPORT: This Week, CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses. 

So let’s get this straight – based on the recommendation of doctors Fauci and Birx the US shut down the entire economy based on 9,000 American deaths due entirely to the China coronavirus? 

…The Director General of the WHO on March 3, 2020 set off the panic with his highly flawed statement: “While many people globally have built up immunity to seasonal flu strains, COVID-19 is a new virus to which no one has immunity. That means more people are susceptible to infection, and some will suffer severe disease. 

Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected”. 

This statement caused a global panic. The WHO leader’s coronavirus death rate number of 3.4% was false. The coronavirus fatality rate reported by the liberal mainstream media was completely inaccurate – …the media was lying again. 

Doctors Fauci and Birx next pushed ridiculous and highly exaggerated mortality rates. [Their] fraudulent model predicted 2.2 million American deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. The information was shared with the White House and Doctors Fauci and Birx …urged [President Trump] to shut down the US economy and destroy the record Trump economy based on the faulty and overblown figures. 

Today we now have empirical evidence that the WHO, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx were all wrong.  They were charlatans. They lied. 

The CDC silently updated their numbers this week to show that only 6% of all coronavirus deaths were completely due to the coronavirus alone.  The rest of the deaths pinned to the China coronavirus are attributed to individuals who had other serious issues going on or were advanced in age. 

Throughout history, plagues have killed mostly healthy people. But Coronavirus has killed mostly sick people. See the difference? Hang in here with me because I will explain why and how the CDC’s move to update their figures and make this big announcement benefits the agenda of the New World Order. 

Not only are the number of deaths linked entirely to the China coronavirus minuscule, but the virus appears to be naturally dying out. 

Let’s face it – at this moment in time anyone who is pushing for more lockdowns and other abuses on our personal rights is either evil or terribly misinformed.

Based on the lies that were told to the global population by the New World Order United Nations WHO agency, Pastor John MacArthur now has ammunition to fight the State of California in its ongoing persecution of his church.

The megachurch in suburban Los Angeles had closed its doors in mid-March because of the coronavirus pandemic. It announced plans to re-open in May, but a federal court upheld the state’s ban on indoor services. The church reopened in late July. 

“People started slowly coming back,” MacArthur told CNN, “and they just kept coming until there were six or seven thousand.” 

That’s several thousand more people than California allows at indoor worship services. According to an order issued July 29, houses of worship in Los Angeles County must limit indoor gatherings to 100 people or 25% of the building’s capacity, whichever is lower. 

…The church’s lawyers announced they had filed suit on behalf of the church challenging California’s restrictions on indoor services. 

Los Angeles County sued MacArthur and his church for continuing to “hold in-person, indoor worship in violation of the State and County public health orders.” 

The county said in a statement that it “took this action reluctantly after working with the church for several weeks in hopes of gaining voluntary compliance with the Health Officer Orders, which allow for religious services to be held outdoors in order to slow the spread of a deadly and highly contagious virus.” 

The pastor told CNN on Tuesday that no members of his megachurch have contracted the virus. MacArthur also said he doubted the accuracy of California’s coronavirus numbers.


As the coronavirus swept across the US this spring, lockdown orders for churches followed in its wake. Just 6% of Americans who regularly attend services say their congregation is operating as usual, according to a recent survey. Most of the pastors who have bucked the rules are [considered] fringe figures in American Christianity. 

MacArthur is not. While he seldom backs down from a theological argument, the longtime preacher is considered a respected if fiery-tongued figure among many evangelicals.

Attorneys for Los Angeles County sent a cease and desist letter to Grace Community Church on July 29 threatening arrest or a daily fine of $1,000. Lawyers for the Thomas Moore Society, which also represents the church, declined CNN’s requests for interviews.

John didn’t back down and he didn’t desist, either. So, Los Angeles County sent him an eviction notice for the parking lot MacArthur refuses to hold church services on. And for good reason. Has anyone noticed California is burning and the temperatures are hot, hot, hot!

MacArthur is right! Corona is a non-pandemic that has been used for fearmongering and which will be used for further fearmongering in the future to catch all the sheeple in one of 2 chutes leading to the slaughterhouse. One chute will lead to directly to slaughter for those folks who refuse to take the next rounds of shots and implants. This chute leads to physical death but eternal life if they believe in Yeshua as Messiah.

The other chute leads to both physical and eternal death for those who deny Yeshua as God and rightful King of Israel and who align themselves with Yeshua’s nemesis, the Jewish Antichrist.

The question to be asked is what is in it for the New World Order to allow the CDC to release numbers that so highly contradict their former lies which they have kept up since last March?

Don’t you think they know people are spouting that they will refuse to vaccinated? Of course they do. Those polls are reported regularly. So, how, oh how, can they get people to take the vaccine when we all know about their scam and now they have admitted it?

Good question! The reason for the “come clean” is to set the trap! For over 100 years, the Rockefeller and other Foundations and rich people have been experimenting with ways to make the general population sick and keep them that way. It turns out that a sick population is an easy one to control when threatened about not getting healthcare. Now that the global population is mostly in socialized or other medical systems, the New World Order can do the big takeaway!

Ah! Ah! Ah! No more healthcare for you, oh one who has heart disease, cancer or diabetes if you won’t get vaccinated. “Guess what”, they will say, “we discovered that it is the sick and old who die from the virus, not the healthy as in other historic plagues. And now that we have you in our grip, we can blackmail you! If you take the vaccine, you can stay in the medical system. If not, well then, you’re on your own. Go and die!”

Sick people have weak minds much of the time and not the will to resist such blackmail. They’re scared of dying anyway. The threat of contracting a virus that preys on the sick and elderly will only ramp up their fears. Many, perhaps most, will succumb out of fear of not getting medications, doctor visits (because you know, we can’t have unvaccinated people endangering the lives of our patients in the waiting rooms), emergency healthcare for heart attack, strokes, accidents and so forth (because you know, we can’t have unvaccinated people endangering the lives of our patients in the emergency room). So, no identifiable vaccine record under the skin, no help.

The CDC’s numbers really tell another tale. This is one way the New World Order plans to cull the population down to its 500,000,000. They think we won’t see through this but YHVH, our Elohim, protects His people and one way He does that is by opening our eyes to understand what we see!

Here is something important for you to understand: The White House and the media are saying nothing about this! Folks, this is huge news! Yet, only a few alternate news outlets like this one are telling you about it. They don’t want you to know their plan to blackmail the mostly sick people of the world but, because the New World Order has an internal obligation to send warnings, this information has been released and then immediately suppressed in the media. At least that is what it appears to be right now. Maybe the CDC’s information will be reported at another time, but I doubt it.

Other Pastors are grappling with the issue of how to handle the government’s requirements, too.

Across the USA, faith leaders debate how they can continue to pray in fellowship with others while keeping staff and members safe in the age of coronavirus. Some churches have moved completely online, others have embraced drive-in service, and some are adamant about holding in-person gatherings. 

Proponents of church services argue that places of worship are a crucial source of strength, community and solace for many Americans, who should be allowed to safely congregate. Critics said soaring cases of COVID-19 have made it impossible for large groups to interact and follow public health guidelines. In July, the Supreme Court ruled for the second time during the pandemic that churches can be restricted from worshiping to protect public health. 

Churches are essential. If protesters can assemble, so should people of faith, you would think. And all the more so as we see the days of Tribulation approaching.

Look at what is going on globally, though. People… Please understand this is not an American issue. This has now become the Kingdom of Satan vs the Kingdom of Yeshua issue for however many thousands of years, whichever way you want to calculate it, and it is leading us into the Tribulation. Here a few examples from America and across the world  of such persecution.


I have been reporting about the neo-Bolshevik revolution happening now. As far as I know, I’m the only pundit who recognizes who the sides truly are – the atheist Communist Left and the Religious Communist Right. But even though most people do not understand the meaning of the chaos around them nor do they truly comprehend who their enemy is, here is a commentary on the cultural revolution happening now in America.

It’s happening all over the globe in almost all, if not all, of the Westernized and even some Third World nations. The trigger for it was COVID. Let’s listen to this short piece by Tucker Carlson explaining this cultural revolution.

LISTEN – Tucker Carlson

The important piece to garner from Tucker’s explanation is something he also does not understand. It will be these same kind of mobs under the control of the Judeo-Christian Right-wing in Israel, the US and the other Westernized nations who will stir up these mobs against believers in Yeshua. Tucker’s explanation is revealing and clear. I just wish he knew where this was going.

This past week, a Trump supporter was killed in the open street like something out of the old wild west with one exception. The crowd around the incident cheered that the man had died!

The victim, identified as Aaron Danielson, reportedly was wearing the cap of conservative-libertarian group Patriot Prayer, whose caravan of pickup trucks festooned with flags drove through the city that day. 

But because he was a supporter of President Trump, the victim did not deserve to live, according to BLM-Antifa.

These are the kind of people who will turn in those who insist that Yeshua is God and King of Israel and the world. This will be seen by Israel and the world as treason against the newly arrived god and king messiah of Israel, the Antichrist. Children will turn on their parents the way the little sniveling idiots did in Carlson’s audio. That and worse.

The persecution has already started. John MacArthur is standing up to it but he is also drawing attention to the “Christian problem” as seen from the Left.

A 28-year-old pregnant Australian woman has been arrested after she allegedly organized a protest event for Saturday that breaches the government’s coronavirus restrictions. 

Zoe Buhler uploaded a live Facebook video on Wednesday afternoon as Victoria police entered her home in Miners Rest, north of Ballarat, with an arrest warrant. 

The mum, with the Facebook name Zoe Lee, can be seen in her pajamas with her two children and partner watching on. Police explain to Ms. Buhler she is being placed under arrest for incitement and …handcuffed.

She was carted off to jail just moments before she would have been leaving her home to go to the doctor’s office for an ultrasound.

Although COVID-19 has no longer grabbed the headlines in China, the Chinese government is using the pandemic to target underground Catholics to coerce them into joining the state-sanctioned churches. Those who fail to comply risk closure. The Chinese are not just shutting down churches. They are persecuting Christians in other ways, too.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to hit Africa hard, a leading human rights group is warning that the persecution of Christians is getting worse during the crisis.

Discrimination against Christians around the world has increased over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, an international Christian charity has claimed. 

In nations with limited religious freedoms, persecution has been stepped up during the pandemic. In China, churches have continued to be demolished and Christians have been arrested for holding prayer meetings online. 

In the developing world, many Christians have been denied food and other forms of aid and are excluded from support systems during lockdown due to their faith, the charity Release International claims. Paul Robinson, the CEO of Release International, said that “cries for help are being ignored by local charities” who are discriminating against Christian families.

These are only the first connections between COVID 19 with its coming vaccination technology and believers in Yeshua ha Moshiach. From here, it will only get worse.


Short answer: I don’t know. It could be or perhaps a precursor, a dry run used by authorities worldwide to check compliance with instructions when the real mark is set to be administered.

There is a new twist to the vaccine delivery system that you need to know about. Scripture says the mark will be taken voluntarily and I have reported about advertising messages designed to coerce and shame people into taking the COVID vaccine because the New World Order United Nations World Health Organization knows, and is following, their version of the scriptures. They use the prophecies like a script thinking they know how to control and prevent Yeshua from winning this war between Kingdoms.

Dan 12:10  Many will purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked will do wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand; but those who are wise will understand. 

The New World Order thinks it understands, but it doesn’t which plays into the question of how they will get people to volunteer to take the mark. I just told you how great the pressure will be to take the mark if you have preexisting medical conditions that need ongoing healthcare. Once people agree that they must enter the medical system, what will ensure that the mark they take will have been completely voluntary? Will it be enough to walk yourself into a clinic and sit still while another person pokes you with a needle?

Listen to this section of audio from a Rob Skiba video before I answer that question.

Here are the elements of ancient palisade technology that will be put to use in the microneedle mark of the beast patch.

Do you see the charax, the palisade? Imagine these palisades fill the entire internal area. That’s the vaccine patch.

Now, you see the technology – what the bible describes to you – what that means. So, back to the question about just how voluntary will this mark need to be? How about voluntary enough that you vaccinate yourself instead of someone else doing it?

The vaccine microneedle patch may be delivered to you by mail! People will put it on like a bandaid!

The Star dot com reports that sometime soon your annual flu vaccine may come to you by mail in the form of a microneedle patch, thanks to the work of researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology & Emory University. 

The patch is like a Band-aid with tiny needles no bigger than the width of a hair, which are made up of a polymer substance that’s water soluble, according to Mark Prausnitz, a chemical and bio-chemical engineer and professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. 

The researchers successfully tested the patch on mice and have reported their findings in a recent edition of Nature Medicine. In the study, the patches delivered the correct dose of the flu vaccine.

I have reported about the new technology, the new delivery system called “quantum tattoo”. It is a microneedle patch. This patch, we have been told, is a new delivery system that will mark the skin with invisible dye. It will be scanned everywhere you go so you can be properly identified.

Now go back and look at the date stamp on The Star dot com’s article. It is July 21, 2010! Oh yeah! “They” have had this in the works way before they began telling us about it!


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jared Kushner are hailing their new “different kind of peace”, a peace that isn’t peace but really is just an excuse for the US and Israel to make arms sales to the Middle East’s Sunni States.

Netanyahu also said he’s thrilled that the Palestinians have lost their veto on peace. This revolutionary peace is a good deal all around except for the Palestinians and the Shi’ite Iranian Coalition and its two partners Russia and China.

Israel and the UAE made their first commercial flight. Several top Trump administration officials were on board the plane, escorting Israeli government officials from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi for talks with their Emirati counterparts, as part of the White House-brokered plan.

The Boeing 737 was given permission to fly through Saudi Arabian airspace, in a first for Israeli carrier El Al, its captain Tal Becker announced shortly before take-off. The flight would have taken seven hours if it had not been allowed to use Saudi airspace.

The word “peace” was painted in Arabic, English and Hebrew on the side of the El Al aircraft making the historic journey. The flight was named “LY971” in honor of the Emirates’ international calling code.

That calling code is interesting. Israel’s is 972.

Both Israel and the UAE may… And I say MAY deliberately… both think they have conquered the other. Israel for its brighter prospects of being able to get under way with building the temple and the UAE for its better prospects at retrieving the lost Caliphate in 1922.

Saudi Arabia has officially announced it has agreed to let flights between Israel and the United Arab Emirates through the kingdom’s airspace, Saudi state media and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday. This is warm and welcome news and also may imply that Jared Kushner was correct saying the Saudis joining the Abraham Accord “is inevitable”.

And UAE’s Etihad Airways has officially begun selling airline tickets in Israel.

However, there are still some nagging and unanswered questions that need to be worked out. Here are just a few of the issues on the agenda: 

– Whether Saudi Arabia will permit Israeli airlines to fly regularly over its territory. 

– Whether the Emirates will agree to sell oil to Israel. 

– Solving the headaches for the Shin Bet’s security division, like protecting Israeli tourists who wish to visit UAE cities and beaches located practically a stone’s throw from Iran, whose agents are everywhere. 

– Whether Israeli security guards will be permitted to carry weapons. 

However, the biggest nut to crack somehow before the ceremony takes place is the Palestinian issue. The Palestinian Authority is now foolishly boycotting the Emirates (recalling yet again Abba Eban’s famous dictum that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity). But even so, it has played an important role here. The prime minister and the [political] right are hoping that peace agreements between Israel and Arab states will make it unnecessary to deal directly with the Palestinians, but that is not so. 

Crown Prince Mohammed’s official justification for the agreement with Israel is that it prevented Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank. The Emirati ruler said the agreement put an end to annexation, and Trump and Kushner also think annexation is not happening. But Netanyahu, who thinks only of how to please his right-wing settler base, still insisted it was a just a temporary suspension, and that annexation is still on the table. And in so doing, he angered the Emirati rulers, who punished him by postponing an official trip by Israeli functionaries. 

One source predicted that the crown prince will demand that annexation be taken off the table for [only] 10 years [which would be a compromise], but would ultimately agree to a five-year delay. President Trump and Kushner will call for at least four years – the time frame designated by the Trump plan for negotiations with the Palestinians (eight months of which have already passed). And Netanyahu? Naturally, he will seek to commit to as little time as possible. For him, even two or three months is too long. 

On one subject at least, there is already a tacit understanding – the sale of F-35 aircraft to the UAE is a done deal. With each passing day it becomes that much clearer that this was the Emirates’ condition for the so-called Abraham Agreement, and if there’s one thing Trump is known for, it’s his fondness for making deals, and a particular enthusiasm for arms deals. 

This will be the first time in Israel’s history that the relationship between peace and weaponry is reversed. This is the first time that Israel is signing a peace deal and not receiving an American reward. In the peace agreements with Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians, Israel demanded and received from the United States a “security package” that included military upgrades and financial compensation. 

The only problem with the F-35 deal is the way the extremely talented Netanyahu once again fell prey to his worst self-destructive instincts. Unable to overcome his paranoia, narcissism and megalomania, he went behind the cabinet’s back, particularly that of his putative partners, Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi.

One more item before I leave the Abraham Accord issue. Here is a headline from Israel 365: Trump’s Abraham Accords Brings True Sons Of Ishmael To Temple Mt As Prophesied In Zohar.

The agreement to normalize relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel has raised the unprecedented possibility that in the near future, large numbers of Muslim pilgrims will be coming to pray on the Temple Mount. Ironically, the Israeli government is welcoming them with open arms but the Palestinian religious leadership has already issued a Fatwa (religious ruling) banning Muslims from countries that have signed agreements with Israel from entering the silver-domed al-Aqsa Mosque. 

Though essentially an agreement concerning political and economic considerations, the agreement relates directly to the Temple Mount. 

“As set forth in the Vision for Peace, all Muslims who come in peace may visit and pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque, and Jerusalem’s other holy sites should remain open for peaceful worshippers of all faiths,” the agreement states.

This will lead to the trampling under foot of YHVH’s holy grounds by the Gentiles.

Revelation 11:1 A reed like a rod was given to me. Someone said, “Rise, and measure God’s temple, and the altar, and those who worship in it. 
Revelation 11:2 Leave out the court which is outside of the temple, and don’t measure it, for it has been given to the nations. They will tread the holy city under foot for forty-two months. 

Folks the measuring of the temple and the altar has already begun. The modular sections which have already been built are waiting to be erected. All that Israel needs is the Sunni nations’ agreement to erect it for the purpose of “prayer for all nations” as the Jews keep touting Temple Mount will be.

And Israel will have to find someone new to govern Temple Mount if the Palestinian Waqf refuses to comply with the rest of the Sunni world.


This will likely get me in hot water with Donald Trump fans but I have to say this anyway. Those who are putting their faith in Trump to save them from what’s coming need to stop that and look to their Messiah Yeshua.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) last week was more like 4 nights of church-like testimonies than a political convention. Trump and God; God and Trump. There is no church Sunday night testimony meeting that could be better than the rah, rah for God and President Trump, President Trump being, of course, the Messiah.

The play on emotions through epic music and inspiring speeches for a man who is not leading America back to some former or future greatness but to an entirely different way of life was obscured by the production. Trump really knows how to put on a show!

Simultaneously appearing on the internet and social media were the stories of Trump’s random acts of kindness. Him writing out checks for thousands of dollars and giving them to people; stopping his car to help someone changing a tire on the roadside and giving him cash; paying medical and college bills.

Perhaps he did do those things. However, it sure seems strange that these anecdotes began appearing around the time of this year’s RNC. Even though stories like these may have been floating around the internet before, the propaganda value during this election year cannot be underestimated.


Everyone wants to know when the coming Tribulation will start. To that end, tens of thousands of people create and post timelines and justifications for those timelines on the internet.

Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord Yahweh will do nothing, unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets. 

I am not a prophet, but I am a servant and I believe YHVH helps me to understand what is happening. That does not mean that I think I am always getting things right. It means I listen carefully, pray that only His Words will be spoken or published through me and try to keep my own words out of what I tell you. I hope my own words don’t get mixed in with YHVH’s which is why I give you all the information I use through links and provide my reasoning on scriptural matters so you can be a Berean and check out what I say like Paul was checked.

That said, I want to explain something about timelines and timing of the Tribulation.

Timelining is wicked because it is a form of divination, a method of foretelling the future by taking YHVH’s numbers and forcing them to fit in places and in ways that He did not intend. Everyone who has ever published a timeline with a starting date for the Tribulation has acted as a sorcerer, a witch, practicing divination.

The Bible Codes are an abomination to YHVH because they turn His Torah into an oracle for foretelling the future. We are not to foretell the future! We are to pay attention to the prophets and servants of YHVH and, most of all, Yeshua who told us to watch (Matthew 24:42-43, 25:13, 26:41; Mark 13:33, 35, 37, 14:38; Luke 12:39, 21:36) and know the times and seasons (Matthew 16:3; 1 Thessalonians 5:1).

We are to watch, not decipher, not forecast. With that said, let me explain how we will know when the Tribulation has begun. To do that, I must explain the prophetic years found in the Book of Daniel chapter 9 verses 24 to 27.

The 70 weeks of years given in verse 24 are non-consecutive. They get fulfilled at different times. 70 weeks are 490 years. But they are broken up into 7 (49) years, 62 (434 years) and 1 year (7 years).

The 49 years and the 434 years were fulfilled before Yeshua was born. This leaves the 7 years to be fulfilled in the future. Of course, the 7 years corresponds to the Tribulation period.

You must understand that YHVH never specified start times for His prophetic events. He only and always told us watch and know the seasons. The sign that we have entered the first half of the Tribulation is Revelation 6:2, the first seal with the rider that has only 1 crown (1 shot at doing his dirty deeds), a political bow with no arrows and rides a pseudo-religious and symbolic conquering white horse. This is the first Antichrist, the Jewish Antichrist who will wreak havoc among the brethren who believe Yeshua is God in the flesh and the rightful King of Israel.

The Jewish Antichrist will seat himself in the temple showing himself to be god and king. He is the usurper but will do everything to kill anyone who says otherwise. The Antichrist will not allow detractors from his reign as god and king of Israel. That is why he politicks the nations, getting them to do his killing for him while he denies knowing anything about why the governments of the earth are killing their own people by having hired the mobs to kill us.

Mob killings, those described by Tucker Carlson earlier and which are happening all over the planet now, is the same way Yeshua and His followers were killed 2,000 years ago. That will be repeated. YHVH’s patterns always repeat. It will happen again and soon. The mobs now operating on the earth are fighting between atheistic and religious Communism. That will end in the future but these same or other mobs will be hired to turn their attention to Yeshua’s people. They will drag believers into synagogues for questioning as Yeshua said. When they answer incorrectly and refuse to accept that the Antichrist on Temple Mount is god and king of Israel, they will be taken to other places to be killed.

So it is this last 7 years that we must understand and we should stop looking to time its start. Instead, we should be watching and knowing the times and seasons and know what the trigger is – that first rider of the first seal whose other 3 horses will follow in quick succession after him.

And I have one more exhortation. Stop being lone wolves out there! If you don’t have a Shabbat-keeping fellowship of believers in Yeshua as God in the flesh and rightful King of Israel, find one ASAP. And for the leaders of Fellowships: Meet together more frequently. Keep up with each other’s insights and the news each other reads and pray for each other. This cannot be done online through Skype or Zoom. The congregation will never be a virtual one. It will be virtual media that will stream the image of the beast! We have to stay away from even the appearance of evil. In this case, even the appearance that we are worshiping the beast’s image by having it in our homes through internet or cable streaming.

From the New World Order leaking the truth about the coronavirus numbers to the Abraham Accord to the US elections and more, we have events to watch, times to discern and seasons to see. Let us keep our faith in Yeshua, the God and rightful King of Israel!

Go to The Messianic Message for more details about the Tribulation.

Be Blessed!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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