Mystery Babylon Making Progress Toward Dominance and Destruction


Israel just muscle flexed with a show of its nuclear capability. Perhaps you haven’t heard this in the news.

President Donald Trump is at the forefront of boosting the rise of Mystery Babylon at the same time as Israel continues its progress toward implementing the Jordan Option.

The economic outlook is getting more negative press, too.

Stay tuned for more!

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Kimberly Rogers-Brown


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Israel’s I24 News reports that Russian fighter jets hindered Israel’s air force from conducting strikes on a military base in Syria on Monday.

According to the report, Israeli planes seeking to attack the Syrian Air Force T-4 base located in the Homs district were confronted by the Russian Air Force’s advanced Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft deployed to intercept them from the Khmeimim Air Base, operated by Russia, in the south-east [section] of Latakia. 

Over the last two weeks Iran has been moving around heavy cargo to the T4 base, as part of its preparation for an attack. 

The T4 base is divided into three areas each one controlled by the Russian, Iranian and Syrian armies, This raises challenges for Israel’s air force because the base also is now protected by the formidable Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. The T-4 base was likely targeted by Israel because it is important for Russian aircraft and gunships.

Russian and Syrian sources report that Iran has deployed an advanced Bavar-373 air defense system at the large Syrian T-4 air base east of Homs. Debka reports no such confirmation. 

The Bavar-373 system has a range of 250 km and its radar controls a radius of 350 kilometers. The new Iranian defense umbrella now covers all of eastern Syria, including the border with Iraq, Deir ez-Zour and Al Quds troops and Iraqi militias based there. Tehran would have needed permission from the Russian command in Syria before positioning the Bavar-737 there. This indicates that Russia is removing some of its prior restrictions on Iran’s military movements.

New satellite images of an apparent cargo transfer from Tehran to Syria containing a variety of missiles last month suggest Iran may in fact be planning a “revenge attack”, as estimated by Israeli and US intelligence.  

The images dated November 21, 2019, provided by “Intelli Times ” and “Satellite Pleiades from Airbus Defense & Space”, show a large cargo trailer on the runway of the Iran-operated T4 military base. 

The images were taken after a plane left the Iranian capital in the early morning hours and landed at the base, unloading three containers onto semi-trailer trucks generally used by the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Syria to move and deploy air, ground and cruise missiles.    

Over the last two weeks Iran has been moving around heavy cargo to the T4 base in the same manner as before Iran attacked Saudi Arabia’s oil field last September.

According to Fox News, Iran considered striking US bases before deciding on Saudi Arabian oil fields. The evidence is mounting for Iran’s involvement in that attack even though the UN has said it is unable to confirm Iran was involved.

The US and Iran have exchanged direct fire. US aircraft conducted a direct strike against one of the Iranian Al Qods military facilities in Syria that were targeted hitherto solely by the Israeli air force. US forces shot back immediately after Iran-equipped Iraqi Shiite militias lobbed five rockets into the big Ain Al-Assad airbase in western Iraq last week. Washington was signaling Tehran that the former US non-response to Iranian aggression was over and that the US will now respond with force for every attack by Iranian or pro-Iranian forces on US or allied targets. This retaliatory strike was the first time US aircraft conducted a direct strike against one of the Iranian Al Qods military facilities in Syria.

Iran shut down its Al-Kiswah south Syrian command center opposite Golan and consolidated its Abu Kamal hub. This may appear to have Iran pulling back from Israel but, in fact, Iran is repositioning itself against US forces.

Military sources report that shutting down Al Kiswah is part of a revised strategy by Tehran to concentrate its limited resources on deployment in the eastern regions near the Iraqi border which are closer to US forces. 

This command post, situated 15km south of Damascus, was the Iranian military’s nearest point to Israel’s Golan border. According to Debka’s sources, the pullout from Al Kiswah was in response to Iran’s need to economize on funds that [have been] sharply depleted by U.S sanctions. Around 50 percent of Iran military manpower in Syria has been sent home, reducing the total to the unprecedented level of 2,300-2,500.

This is no reason for celebration, though, because it appears Russia is taking up some of that slack. That’s why Israel ran into a problem with Russia this past week. Also, Iran is planning to augment its Syria operations with smaller air bases for different types of drones for use by the Iraqi Shiite militias.

Drones are not the US’s only worry. The US government believes that Iran is behind a series of recent increasingly sophisticated rocket attacks on joint US-Iraq military facilities in Iraq. The US is concerned that Iran may be planning new attacks against US troops and interests. There have been nine rocket attacks on or in the vicinity of Iraqi facilities that host US troops in the last five weeks with the most recent one taking place on Monday. 

Multiple defense officials have told CNN that the US is weighing deploying 4,000-7,000 additional troops to the Middle East in the face of the increased threat from Iran.

In the meantime, the U.S. will impose a fresh round of sanctions on Iran’s largest shipping company and biggest airline. 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo targeted the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, its China-based subsidiary, E-Sail Shipping and Mahan Air. The sanctions on IRISL and E-Sail will take effect in 180-days in order to give customers that ship humanitarian goods time to adjust their contracts. The sanctions on Mahan Air, however, will take immediate effect. 

“The Iranian regime uses its [civilian] aviation and shipping industries to supply its regional terrorist and militant groups with weapons, directly contributing to the devastating humanitarian crises in Syria and Yemen,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement. 

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Tehran will overcome U.S. sanctions by either bypassing them or through negotiations. 


Did Israel test nuclear warhead delivery last week, warhead delivery that can reach beyond Iran?

Last Friday, Israel’s Defense Ministry laconically announced that it had carried out a test launch of a “rocket engine propulsion system.” 

Foreign reports claimed that the test was of a surface-to-surface Jericho missile. Though the Defense Ministry said that the test was planned in advance, it was hard to ignore the timing and not to interpret it as a warning and threat directed at Iran. Indeed, Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, [tweeted] that while Western democracies accuse his country of secret intentions to develop nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them, Israel is actually the only country in “Western Asia” that possesses nuclear weapons and develops missiles for delivering them.

Israel’s missile systems are well known, but Israel has never admitted that it possesses Jericho missiles.

According to The Drive, it’s hard to discern much from the available pictures and video and virtually impossible to estimate the rocket motor’s range capabilities without knowing how the test article was configured and how high it flew before apparently plunging into the Mediterranean. However, how tight-lipped Israel is being about the launch, combined with Palmachim being the launch sites, does seem to point to a test related to the country’s Jericho ballistic missile family. 

Jericho II is reportedly a two-stage intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) [with] a range of somewhere between 1,864 miles (3,000 km) and 3,418 miles (5500 km). Experts believe that Jericho II served as the basis for the publicly acknowledged Shavit series of space launch vehicles which, in turn, reportedly contributed to the development of Jericho III. There are reports that Jericho III first entered service in 2011. All of the Jericho missiles are understood to be nuclear-capable. 

Beyond that, the Palmachim base is widely understood to be the center of Jericho testing. It is a highly sensitive location which Israel has sought to conceal on publicly available satellite imagery. 

It is also possible that the latest test may be related to the development of Israel’s upper-tier ballistic missile defense systems, such as the Arrow 3. The Israeli Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) tested an Arrow 3 interceptor at Palmachim in January 2019. 

Whatever the case, the launch comes amid a flurry of reports about the increased potential of Iranian threats toward U.S. interests in the Middle East and those of its allies and partners, including Israel. 

“Israel today tested a nuke-missile, aimed at Iran,” Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif wrote on Twitter later on Dec. 6, 2019. “E3 [Europe] & US never complain about the only nuclear arsenal in West Asia—armed with missiles actually DESIGNED to be capable of carrying nukes—but has fits of apoplexy over our conventional & defensive ones.”

What you can read into Zarif’s statement is a now an implicit need for Iran to continue it missile development and testing. This is further fulfillment of Daniel 11’s prediction about the King of the South provoking the King of the North.


Moving on, there is another war afoot as I have been reporting in the last few weeks. Let me bring you more unreported news about how the Jordan Option is moving forward with the help of the Israeli government, the Trump administration and the entire Republican party! You heard me right. I will have quotes from an Israeli news source about the collusion between these entities to dethrone Jordan’s King Abdullah!

Let’s first start with how the Israeli government is moving ahead with it plans that will, at some point, lead to war in the West Bank.

Israeli bulldozers have started levelling some 40 hectares (approximately 99 acres) of Palestinian-owned land north of Hebron building a bypass road to connect Hebron to Jerusalem. The completed road will make it impossible for Palestinian farmers to reach their land on the other side.

I reported last week that Defense Minister Naftali Bennett ordered his office to begin the planning process to convert a former Palestinian market in Hebron into Jewish settler housing, potentially doubling the number of Israelis in the West Bank city.

This week, Haaretz reported that Israel demanded that the Palestinian municipal government of Hebron consent to a plan to demolish [Hebron’s] wholesale market, where the [Palestinian] municipality [office] is a protected tenant. The plan is to build over the market with additional housing to accommodate Jewish settlers.

The Israeli custodian of government and abandoned property in the West Bank claims the [Israeli] government has a legal basis to evict the [Palestinian] municipality from the market and as a practical matter, to lift its standing as a protected tenant since the municipality has another marketplace at its disposal (the location of the other marketplace was not specified). The letter states that the municipality will retain its rights to the [alternate] property’s ground floor if it doesn’t oppose [Israel’s] plan. 

Background: The Hebron wholesale market site was under Jewish ownership before Israel’s establishment in 1948. Most of the Jews left in 1929, when Arabs attacked Hebron’s small Jewish population, killing 67. Under Jordanian rule after the War of Independence, Jordan leased the land to the Hebron Municipality through a protected tenancy. After the Six-Day War in 1967, the buildings on the site were transferred to the custodian for abandoned property, but the municipality remained a protected tenant. 

Samer Shehadeh, who represents the municipality, claims that Israel needs the municipality’s consent for its proposed plan because the protected status rights include the entire site, including air rights to build additional floors or demolish existing buildings. He disputes that there are legal grounds for rescinding the municipality’s standing as a protected tenant. “This letter is akin to a threat and an attempt to pressure the municipality to grant its consent to the move, but it will never happen,” he said.

All institutions in the Palestinian city of Hebron shut down on Monday in protest of Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett’s announcement that a new Jewish neighborhood would be built in the city. 

Shops, schools and offices were shuttered in Hebron, and young men clashed with troops in the city center as Palestinians protested a plan to expand Jewish settlement activity in the flashpoint city Tuesday.

A Hebron resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that he saw a group of activists with their faces covered, making sure that store owners closed down their shops. 

In the early afternoon, clashes broke out in the center of Hebron between young Palestinians and Israeli security forces. Videos and pictures showed the Palestinians lighting tires on fire and hurling rocks at the security forces, who responded by firing tear gas. Dozens of Palestinians suffered from tear gas inhalation.

Yehudah Glick, former Temple Institute director and a leader of Temple Mount activists, has joined the fray this week to increase the pressure of Israel against the Palestinians by surreptitiously putting forward the Jordan Option in a video by Uri Bank. The video says, “CEO of Shalom Jerusalem, Uri Bank, has an important message to all Israelis and the world, regarding how to achieve true peace”.

In the video, Uri Bank calls for Israeli Sovereignty over Judea – Samaria – and for “re-affiliation” of Palestinians with Jordan. This is double-speak for making Israel’s Palestinian citizens become Jordanian citizens after which they will be removed from Israel or suffer a different fate.

I have repeatedly stated that because Israel is now a Jewish State, non-Jews will not be allowed to remain, or if they do, they will be required to become Noahides and submit themselves to the authority of the Nascent Sanhedrin.

This September 2018 Haaretz article quoted Rabbi Oury Cherki, head of the Noahide World Center, saying, “Our friends all over the world, the Noahides… You are the lucid persons in a perplex world. You are the hope of the world”. 

But who are these Noahides? They are members of a new religion, subordinate to Judaism, founded by rabbis from Israel, mainly from Chabad and the religious Zionist movement. According to the World Center, there are dozens of Noahide communities across the world, with more than 20,000 believers. That’s a hefty number, given that the religion was only founded at the beginning of the decade. Small Noahide communities exist in various countries, with the largest one in the Philippines.

However, it isn’t the worldwide Noahides that are in question at this point. It is Noahides in Israel that is in question. It is Israel’s policy that all non-Jews either leave Israel or become Noahides! That is the hidden point of the Yehudah Glick sponsored video of Uri Bank’s speech on “re-affiliating” Palestinians back to their former citizenship in Jordan.

He said now that Israel has extended sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, the Palestinians will become residents of Israel, but they will no longer have any legal right such as the right to vote. This situation is already in effect since most Palestinians were not able to vote in Israel’s April and September elections anyway. Those who did manage to vote will not be able to do so in the future.

This also means, although Bank did not say this in the video, that there will no longer be Palestinian representation in the Knesset.

Bank further said Palestinian residents of Israel will need to go to Amman to vote in the Jordan elections. Palestinians, just simply, will no longer be citizens of Israel.

Listen to Uri Banks.

It all sounds so reasonable, doesn’t it? But for scriptural and prophetic reasons, it isn’t reasonable, is not correct according to the laws of Abraham’s inheritance or the Jubilee laws and it won’t work out quite as easily as Uri indicates. Changing their citizenship status from citizen to resident is the first step in kicking the Palestinians out of Israel. The next step will be to convert all non-Jews in Israel including Christians either to Judaism or Noahidism. I don’t expect the process to happen all at once. The primary and first target for being removed from Israel will be the Palestinians whether they are Christian or Islamic. Other Christian groups deportations may be delayed until Israel rids itself of its House of Israel brethren.

In 2016 Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef taught that Jewish law requires that the only non-Jews allowed to live in Israel are Noahides: “According to Jewish law, it’s forbidden for a non-Jew to live in the Land of Israel – unless he has accepted the seven Noahide laws.”

Here are links to 2 more videos by the publisher and editor of Israpundit, Ted Belman, pushing the Jordan Option (HERE and HERE). Both videos are from December 2017. The Jordan Option is not a new idea, as I have said. It was conceived in 1980 and that is where all of this is going.

Belman interviewed Mudar Zahran on December 9, 2019 – just this week – on the fall of King Abdullah of Jordan. I introduced Beast Watch readers to Zahran in August 2019 when YHVH showed me the Jordan Option. He literally dropped the information in my lap. Zahran talks about protests happening now in Jordan. The areas with the protests are Palestinian areas and, in the video, Zahran announces “proudly” that he and his organization instigated them.

Who is Mudar Zahran? He is a Jordanian Palestinian writer who has been described as the secretary general of the alleged Jordanian Opposition Coalition and he is the wannabe king of Jordan. He wants to replace King Abdullah to make Jordan a secular State and friend of Israel so that Jordan can become the Palestinian State leaving Israel only to Jews.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Zahran had faced accusations by some in Israel (including columnists Ruthie Blum and Dr Harold Rhode, the Post’s writer Caroline Glick and the Elder of Ziyon blog) of being a “fraud” and that his so-called “Jordan Opposition Coalition” is only present on the internet without a real backing in Jordan.

This is why he has stirred up protests in Jordan in December 2019. He is trying to prove that he is somebody. In fact, there are Jews like Ted Belman who back Zahran. In fact, in this video, Zahran states that the current protests in Jordan are proof that he can “mobilize the streets”.

Israpundit published this video of Zahran’s Sun News interview in September 2019 in which he states that Jordan has always been Palestinian and that the only thing in Jordan that is not Palestinian is the King. He also said Palestinians know that their problem is not the Israelis but the Hashemites.

Well, I would like to sit with him and show him in the scripture where he is wrong. I doubt I will have that opportunity. If Zahran thinks he’s going to mess with Amman, Moab and Edom and get away with it, he’ll also have to come to “Jesus” meeting, a YHVH in the flesh of Yeshua meeting. Those territories belong to the people that YHVH gave them to!

See also The Ultimate Alternate Israel-Palestine Solution which states, “Michael Ross, a Republican, wrote after the election of Donald Trump, “Trump Must  Speak to Mudar Zahran“ because Zahran offers the alternate solution that President Trump is looking for”.

Belman revealed in his first video that Trump has already met with Zahran many times and that there is a psyop going on to make it appear that the US and Israeli governments are sidelining him. This could be another reason why he has recently been denounced by Israeli journalists and turned away at the border in an attempt to continue the obfuscation of the US and Israeli plan against Jordan’s King Abdullah.

Here is a Facebook video with more from the “The Jordanian Opposition Coalition”.

There is more. According to this Israpundit article, not only is Trump on board with Mudar Zahran, but so is the entire Republican Convention! This article is from April 2017.

The GOP unanimously approved a pro-Israel platform at their convention in July 2016 which stipulated: 

“The U.S. seeks to assist in the establishment of comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East, to be negotiated among those living in the region.” 

David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, representing Donald Trump, participated in the drafting and were in complete agreement with the final text.

At the time, I knew this happened but didn’t think much about it. Now I know they were setting up approval for Trump to move forward with the Jordan Option. Everyone acts like no one knows what is in Trump’s peace plan. Well, I now do not believe that his plan is all that secret. The leaders of the Republican party know what’s in it! And it has been noted in the US and Israeli press that the Trump administration does not talk about a two-state solution and never has. Here is why:

Gone was any reference to the Palestinian people or to a two-state solution. In addition, the platform included the words “We reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier.” If not an “occupier,” then presumably Israel is a sovereign.

This has been agreed upon by the Trump administration and the Republican party platform that there will not be a two-state solution in Israel! The only other option is the Jordan Option. Israel and US are moving forward with the Jordanian Opposition Coalition to implement the Jordan Option!

Here is another statement from Israpundit: 1.75 million Palestinians live in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). The 800,000 Arabs in Hebron, Nablus, Ramallah, and Bethlehem could remain there as Jordanian citizens.

No they can’t. Israel has become, by law, a religious State. By culture, the battle is still being waged between the religious and secular. Non-Jews who remain in Israel will be treated as second class and, eventually, the religious Jews will try to force Noahidism on them.

Ramallah is only 42 miles from Amman, the capital of Jordan. A new highway could be built connecting all these cities to Amman. The rest would have to be transferred to Jordan.

With Jews in Israel and Palestinians in Jordan calling for the end of the Hashemite Kingdom, how long will it take before the Jordan Option becomes a reality?

Furthermore, according to Israpundit, Consider for a moment, that if Jordan agrees to grant citizenship to all Palestinians, as their law currently provides, and invites the return of all of them to live and work in Jordan, the conflict would soon be ended. While King Abdullah isn’t about to do so, the Jordan Opposition Coalition (JOC) would. This coalition represents all opposition groups in Jordan that back a secular state. The JOC since its creation six years ago has supported good relations with Israel. It does not include groups that support terrorism. This alliance has agreed to work together in order to form the government of Jordan should King Abdullah abdicate. Although at least 75% of Jordanians are Palestinians, the King has disenfranchised them to a great extent in favor of the ethnic Hashemites and Bedouins. 

The JOC has produced a detailed plan, Operation “Jordan is Palestine,” which clearly identifies their goals and the operational steps needed to implement their plan. Copies are available upon request. 

All that is necessary for this to come to pass is for the U.S. to instruct the king, who currently spends most of his time outside Jordan, to not return home. Then it would arrange for the Jordanian army, which it controls, to support the next popular Palestinian uprising, and to designate who among them would form the interim government.

As part of this solution, all Palestinian refugees enrolled with UN Relief And Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East could be repatriated to Jordan and given citizenship. Thus UNRWA could be wound up and the current UNRWA funding could be transferred to Jordan to assist in the resettlement.

The US and Israel will attempt to involve the UN in this situation! Do you remember when it was announced in Trump’s peace plan that there is funding for Jordan to take Palestinians? Well, part of it is to come from UNRWA!

The Murad Zahran plan, which Trump and 100% of the Republican Convention of 2016 signed onto, is to remove Abdullah, one way or another, from his Jordan throne. But King Abdullah and his family will be protected by escaping from Jordan.

Dan 11:41 and he [the King of the North] shall enter into the land of beauty, and many shall fail: but these shall escape out of his hand, Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

Before the KOTN attacks to fight Gog and Israel in the West Bank (because they are trying to relocate 1.75 million Palestinians to Jordan), it will become apparent to King Abdullah that his and his family’s lives are in danger. He will escape either as if he is escaping danger or through negotiations with Trump and Netanyahu who will give the family asylum in another country. Either way, Abdullah will be out of the way when the KOTN’s (Iran’s) attack comes. This is YHVH’s hand protecting King Abdullah and his family.

Why would YHVH protect King Abdullah? First, it may because of the injustice that Trump and Netanyahu will have done to him. Second, the territories of Edom, Moab and Ammon are protected by YHVH from the time of first Exodus. Trump and Netanyahu will try to take away YHVH’s sovereignty over these areas just as they will be usurping His authority with the mostly Israelite stock that the world calls ‘Palestinians’ whose rightful territory is Samaria, the West Bank.

The Jordan Option is Gog’s and Judah’s plan to accomplish the goal of completely ousting all non-Jews, but the paradoxical aspect of this is that neither modern Gog (the US) or Israel (House of Judah) understand this will be YHVH’s retribution nor will it completely oust all of the House of Israel brethren of Judah from the Land! If they succeed at tossing some of the Israelite Palestinians out or killing them, the Gog House of Israelites will still remain – what is left of them after the war. You see, YHVH said – and He means what He said – “I WILL have all 12 tribes in the Land and no one will usurp My authority!”.

So the US and Israel will try to usurp YHVH’s authority in Jordan in the areas of Ammon, Moab and Edom (which YHVH explicitly told the Israelites not to mess with), and they will do it in Samaria, too, to no avail because they will destroy themselves in the Gog war, soon after which the KOTN will attack, King Abdullah will have escaped and Israel as we know it will be destroyed. The next time Israel rises will be under its true King, Yeshua! But not without other wars coming to Israel first – Armageddon.

Meanwhile, in preparation for a likely third election campaign, the interim Netanyahu government has announced a splurge of new settlement building and boosted settler budgets. 

One more item before I move to the Israeli election. The Democratic-led House voted 226 to 188, largely along party lines (in keeping with the Republican National Convention of 2016), for a non-binding resolution saying that only a two-state solution can both ensure Israel’s survival as a Jewish state and fulfill the Palestinians’ “legitimate aspirations” for their own state 


Speaking of the third round of Israeli elections, it appears the next result will probably be the same as the last two results with one possible game changer that I will tell you about in a minute.

A middle-class suburb near Tel Aviv has so closely tracked the country’s national politics that it has become known as the Ohio of Israel. 

Now, with Israel initiating the process to dissolve parliament and call an unprecedented third election in less than a year, residents in this town of 140,000 are—like the nation as a whole—divided on whether to return Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister in a new ballot expected in March. 

Many in Rehovot, while exasperated over a new ballot, say they would stick to the same candidates they chose twice before in April and September, raising questions about how or when the deadlock can be broken. 

Several recent opinion polls suggest a third election will yield almost the same outcome, though politicians and analysts said parties might negotiate differently after two failed elections. The attorney general may also rule on whether Mr. Netanyahu can form a coalition while facing criminal charges, which could also alter the outcome. 

Some of those in Rehovot say, “The issue here…is [religious] radicalization”.

Could this mess force the Sanhedrin to bring forth the Jewish messiah? Gil Hoffman, the chief political correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, says he believes with complete faith that a Messiah will still come and prevent a third election.

Here comes the possible game-changer: Gideon Sa’ar. Likud is moving toward holding its party primary on December 26th. Gideon Sa’ar, who was once a protégé of Netanyahu, says he’s ready to be PM.

Trump to the rescue! Two former campaign aides for President Donald Trump, including campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, are visiting Israel this week to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

The Jewish Insider news website first reported the visit on Tuesday by Lewandowski and David Bossie, who served Trump as a deputy campaign manager. They are being considered to join Netanyahu’s campaign for a likely national election in March. 

And Trump to Israel’s rescue in another important way by pushing Judaism’s Mystery Babylon agenda on America’s population.

Trump signed the executive order as he threatened to do a few weeks ago making antisemitic speech illegal in the United States.

The order is designed to cut off aid to colleges that tolerate anti-Semitism, but which critics call an effort to stifle free speech and criticism of Israel. 

Along with pushing the lashon hara on Americans, this order also violates the separation of church and State because it raises Judaism to a level of protection not afforded to Christianity or Islam or any other religion. Judaism defines antisemitism and antizionism the same. The Noahide laws disallow any criticism of a Jew or the Jewish people. You can read why and how Judaism’s lashon hara law masquerades as Antisemitism HERE, HERE and HERE.

Consider this, too. This is a Trump election ploy to get greater Jewish and Evangelical votes.


Now quickly to the economy.

Zerohedge points out that the economic numbers being reported by the White House are confusing.

A confusing economic situation has just been made more confusing.  The government claims that jobs are still being created when other indexes show otherwise.

The Department of Labor and Forbes reported that factory outputs declined in October, yet the U.S. is somehow adding jobs? Forbes was baffled too. 

Brandon Smith, Founder of, notes that it is also important to point out that the REAL economic data on employment, GDP, etc. shows aggressive declines. 

Government data on employment is utterly rigged to the upside, says Zerohedge, as they continue to ignore around 95 million working age Americans without jobs. If these people were counted (as they were during the Great Depression), the unemployment rate would be closer to 25%. If GDP were calculated as it was during the 1980’s, then the US would have negative growth for most of 2019 and would already be considered in recession. Ultimately, the economic crash going on right now will plant its feet somewhere, and right now it is becoming obvious in debt related sectors.  With consumer debt, corporate debt and national debt at historic highs, the crash will spread from debt into everything else… 

Fears of a slowdown in the US housing market are mounting — and Home Depot just slashed its 2020 sales…forecast on Wednesday amid fears that the US housing market is poised for weakness in the year ahead. 

The disappointing 2020 forecast comes amid reports that the housing market is poised to slow in 2020.  Next year could see home price growth will flatten, inventory will remain constrained, and mortgage rates will increase, all weighing on sales, according to’s national forecast. 

The November earnings release was the second time this year Home Depot has cut its year-end outlook, citing issues such as the timing of benefits associated with One Home Depot strategic investments, continued lumber-price deflation, and the potential impact of tariffs. 

Home Depot expect its 2020 sales to fall in a range of 3.5% and 4%.

Mystery Babylon is rising and preparing for war just when the global economies are not doing that well but are being portrayed as wonderful! These two factors are areas to watch, along with natural disasters and plagues, for the coming Great Tribulation.

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