The Mark of the Empire & the Transformed Human



The new normal that we all find ourselves trapped in has a reality to it that few realize the meaning of. The new normal is a slavery of such a magnitude that it can barely be described. It is much greater and worse than the first slavery of the Israelites in Egypt and that’s the point. Those Israelites were only put to hard labor. Today’s Israelites will be put to death.

Empires used to mark their slaves in various ways. Most often, this was done through tattoos, branding with hot irons, even cutting off ear lobes and the end of noses. Those markings were instantaneous and permanent. This last evil empire is using a process which is also permanent but not instantaneous. It is a slow drip from the end of a needle that changes human DNA.

This marking has already begun and it is a process this time, and it designed to trap Israelites. Let me define a Biblical Israelite: Israelites are those from the 12 tribes who know this one crucial thing – that Yeshua is both their God and King.

Humans are now being changed from human to trans-human with each and every COVID shot. By slowly transforming humans into trans-humans, a combination of human and machine, they become unredeemable by YHVH much to Satan’s delight!

In the days of Noah, demons mated with human women who then bore half demon, half human babies. Satan has been in the business of destroying YHVH’s creation from the beginning. Over the eons, interbreeding between animal species and the hybridizing and GMO’ing of plants and animals at the behest of ha Satan have become commonplace. Many do not think of this as perversion but it is.

Humans are still in Satan’s crosshairs but his conquering no longer comes through military sieges and taking captives in the former way. The military attacks will come later but right now the marking is happening before any military attacks. Enslavement comes from the end of a needle and the jabbed become permanent captives to Satan.

The mark of the beast has always been more than just a simple mark in the flesh. This mark is simply the evidence of rebellion against YHVH. It is administered by Satan’s worker slaves, yes, but he cannot make a loyal citizen of Israel into a slave. He does not have that kind of authority. But he can do the Balaam doctrine and make the people curse themselves.

In exchange for one’s disobedience and rebellion to YHVH, the beast will “bless” the vaccinated person with becoming a trans-human, one immune from disease and death. If you think I’m kidding, listen to this article from the Wallstreet Journal in June 2020.

It sounds bitterly ironic now, in the midst of a global pandemic, but not long ago some of the most forward-looking people in the world believed that humanity was close to abolishing death. “If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500? The answer is yes,” said Bill Maris, the founder of Google Ventures, in 2015. Three years later, biomedical researcher Aubrey de Grey estimated that “people in middle age now have a fair chance” of never dying.

Eternal life through advanced technology seems like a pipe dream for a society… Yet Covid-19 may turn out to be just the kind of crisis needed to turbocharge efforts to create …a “transhuman” future. With our biological fragility more obvious than ever, many people will be ready to embrace the message of the Transhumanist Declaration, an eight-point program first issued in 1998: “We envision the possibility of broadening human potential by overcoming aging, cognitive shortcomings, involuntary suffering and our confinement to planet Earth.”

What is the Transhumanist Declaration? Here’s a preview:

  1. Humanity stands to be profoundly affected by science and technology in the future. We envision the possibility of broadening human potential by overcoming aging, cognitive shortcomings, involuntary suffering, and our confinement to planet Earth.

Huh! Satan is confined to planet earth. Do you suppose transhumanists feel sorry for him and think YHVH is unjust against him and by extension all of humanity?

  1. Research effort needs to be invested into understanding these prospects. We need to carefully deliberate how best to reduce risks and expedite beneficial applications. We also need forums where people can constructively discuss what should be done, and a social order where responsible decisions can be implemented.

Huh! Social order directed to the many by the few. Interesting, isn’t it? Ain’t that what we have now under this COVID lie?!

  1. We advocate the well-being of all sentience, including humans, non-human animals, and any future artificial intellects, modified life forms, or other intelligences to which technological and scientific advance may give rise.

Oh! There it is! Satan’s perverted life forms, the artificial intellects and modified life forms. Just like in the days of Noah. Satan messing with YHVH’s creation!

The promise to the jabbed is well-being. The unvaccinated, to whom the vaccine self-spreads, are intended to die from the spike proteins. The lie to the jabbed about well-being will soon become evident as people begin dropping dead not only from the jab but from famine, natural disasters and wars.

Transhumanists …have long been driven by the fear that our entire species could be wiped out by nuclear war, asteroid collision, technological accident—or a pandemic. [Or through physical intervention by YHVH who commands the heavenly host]. In March, as the coronavirus was spreading around the world, the science writer Tom Chivers observed that it proves the need for technological protection against such existential threats [like YHVH coming back here to take control again]: “Humans could be around for a billion years, or more, if we don’t screw it up. Coronavirus won’t be the thing that kills us all, but it’s a bloody good illustration of how something could,” he wrote in the online magazine UnHerd.

People have always feared death and dreamed of escaping it. But until now, that hope has been formulated in religious terms. Transhumanism promises that death can be conquered physically, not just spiritually; and the movement has the support of people with the financial resources to make it happen – Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and Google.

Transhumanists envision several possible avenues to immortality. Nanorobots could live inside our cells and constantly repair damage, halting aging in its tracks. Genetic engineering could eliminate the mechanisms that cause us to age in the first place. Such technologies are still out of reach, but transhumanists believe we will be able to master them sooner than most people think, with the help of superpowered artificial intelligence.

Ultimately, however, the hope is that we won’t just use computers—we’ll become them.

A transhuman future in which mortality is optional may sound like paradise, but if it arrives sooner for some of us than for others, it could prove to be a dystopia.

This Forbes article titled, Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030, says that one way the change is coming is through human augmentation.

The coming years will usher in a number of body augmentation capabilities that will enable humans to be smarter, stronger, and more capable than we are today…

Both wearable and implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) are in development from organizations that include Elon Musk’s Neuralink, Facebook, and DARPA.

DARPA has provided the hydrogel with the little self-assembling nanobots that assemble themselves inside your body to use the CRISPR technology to snip out the area of the DNA that has the God gene to replace it with the Lucifer synthetic program that changes the human into a trans-human in the new and emerging Lucifer Race.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum says trans-humanism is evolution in hyperdrive. The central premise of transhumanism …is that biological evolution will eventually be overtaken by advances in genetic, wearable and implantable technologies that artificially expedite the evolutionary process.

The transhuman medical movement has already begun, with many devices in use today, such as pacemakers, stents, joint replacements, prosthetic, and ear implants. However, there are future technologies on the horizon such as nanotechnology and enhancement with brain/computer interaction that will usher in the age of super longevity, super strength and super intelligence.

The COVID jab is designed to fulfill this agenda.

Today, a thriving pro-cyborg medical industry is setting the stage for trillion-dollar markets that will remake the human experience. Five million people in America suffer from Alzheimer’s, but a new surgery that involves installing brain implants is showing promise in restoring people’s memory and improving lives.

This is not about Alzheimer’s. It is about permanent, non-redeemable enslavement to the last wicked empire!

The use of medical and microchip implants, whether in the brain or not, are expected to surge in the coming years. Some experts surmise as many as half of Americans will have implants by 2020. It’s truly a new age for humans.

An American technology firm began to embed microchip-sized rice grains into its employees. The Three Square Market, a Wisconsin company, said 50 of its employees volunteered to have their chips installed since August after they signed a radio frequency identification technology agreement (RFID).

Chips will be implanted between the thumb and forefinger, and this will allow them, among other things, to pay for food at the company. RFID technology will be used for paying, opening doors, using photocopiers, logging on office computers, unlocking phones, sharing business cards, and keeping information on employee health.

British companies are seriously considering chipping their workers. That information leaked after the Swedish technology company Biohax discovered that there was negotiating a deal with a large number of British legal and financial firms.

One of them is allegedly a part of the big four audit firms and has several thousand employees. The reason for the introduction of chipping is not greater control of employees but better control of valuable documents.

This article by Matt Frew, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Transformational Technology at University of the West of Scotland, says Covid-19 has unmasked a dual power one that shows the frailties of the old discourse of events and festivity while accelerating a ‘new discourse that produces a new power-knowledge-subject triad or new world …of events and festivity with a new transhuman or trans-event consumer or ‘subject’.

Isn’t it interesting that the COVID vaxxports are first being rolled out at sporting and other events and festivities such as music concerts? Huh! Now don’t you think “they” didn’t have this planned all along!?

Covid-19 simply …animated …the power and potential of transformational technologies.

The Journal of Medical Ethics has an adverse opinion about transhumanism.

The medical standard of human health is based on our predominant, innate biological characteristics, our species-typical natural state, which is in turn associated with a range of innate biological functions. When any innate biological function cannot be reliably fulfilled towards a species-typical outcome, this constitutes a deficiency of health. There appears to be no other objective point of reference for the concept of human health. The Public Health model, specifically, requires an empirically grounded standard in order to justify any population-wide medical interventions or guidelines, for example vaccines, pandemic preparedness, or even food safety regulations. Nevertheless, not all public health interventions are strictly compatible with the objective standard of health. Vaccine mandates, for example, are motivated by the prospective benefit of vaccines to human health, but the mechanism of vaccination is to alter the innate state of our immune system… Vaccine mandates therefore implicitly negate the normative standard they rely on to justify their public health benefit. Another example is the inclusion of contraception in the category of reproductive health; it is unclear why the medically induced, temporary infertility, with possible side effects, should count as health. Based on the objective standard of health, contraception may be generally unhealthy, but is deemed desirable for other reasons.

One possible objection to this argument is that the idea of improvement in public health, associated with vaccines, for example, or with certain transhumanist enhancements of the body, does in fact respect the standard of health based on our species-typical, innate biological characteristics, but makes an additional conceptual step of extrapolating this healthy human functionality towards some ideal state. The characteristics developed via evolution offer us the conceptual basis for further optimisation or improvement. Nevertheless, logical consistency demands that the notions of optimisation or improvement beyond the healthy natural state are bound by the same standard of health as that which applies to our natural state, in which case transhumanism is normatively on par with contraception, motivated by reasons other than health. In any case, it is a strange proposition that by altering an organism that is already healthy we could make it healthier. At present, transhumanism seems to evade this explanatory problem via a conceptual sleight of hand, by replacing health understood as the state of functional integrity of a living organism with ‘health’ as the purely functional capacity of a tool. In light of this objection, transhumanism could be characterised as a deficiency of health, which is tolerated only for the sake of gaining access to new tools.

But does all this transformation to transhumanism make the COVID jab the mark of the beast just because it changing humans from purely human to part human part machine? Yes, because Satanic transhumanist agenda aside, there is one specific feature and condition of the mark of the beast that defines it, plainly and clearly. This condition is now a reality on earth for the first time in human history – the issue of buying and selling.

When people are having their freedoms curtailed because of not having a jab, it’s the mark of the beast. reports that Pakistan will now disable the SIM cards of the phones of the unvaxxed. Minister Yasmin Rashid …said that the policy would disable SIM cards belonging to those who fail to get vaccinated “beyond a certain time” and that “we are doing all we can to compel people to get vaccinated… The government cannot allow individuals, who do not want to get vaccinated, to risk lives of those who are already vaccinated”.

Well… It should be the other way around. The vaccinated are harming the unvaccinated through the new gain-of-function technology in this jab that transmits the little jabbers, the spike proteins, to the unvaccinated.

Plus, vaccines are supposed to protect the vaccinated from the disease they got jabbed for!

Listen to this brave leader from Finland, Ano Turtiainen, member of Parliament of Finland, [give] a straight speech 9.6.2021… He warned all members of the Finnish Parliament and media that if they continue misleading citizens by telling them fairy tales about safe vaccines, they are intentionally involved in several different crimes, the most serious of these may be even genocide.

Turtiainen’s specific words were, “Finland is currently injecting its citizens with toxins disguised as COVID vaccines”. He further said that he was providing evidence to the Finnish Parliament so that none of the Parliamentarians could claim ignorance of this fact in the future.

78 Finns have died from the vaccine. There have been 1306 serious adverse reaction reports and 3630 unprocessed reports.

When people have to be vaccinated to enter a country – Israel or any other one, it’s the mark of the beast. Vaccinated individual tourists are to be allowed into Israel from July 1.

A spokesperson for the tourism minister told The Jerusalem Post that the decision will not require any further approval by the government and there won’t be any limit on the number of visitors allowed in… as long as they are vaccinated and take a PCR test.

Only vaccinated travelers – and not those who have recovered – will be allowed in. They will have to present their vaccination certificate before boarding the plane, as well as the results of their PCR test.

Why is there still a need for PCR tests? It is because this is about the mark! It is not about the disease at all. And they need to verify that there are spike proteins and little nanobots in your body and not coronavirus antibodies. Jerusalem is now full-fledged Mystery Babylon. No one may enter the Jewish-only nation as a tourist without the mark!

And Jordan is now following suit with Israel. Although unvaccinated travelers can still enter the country of Jordan (who knows how long that will be the case?), no longer can unvaccinated visitors travel to Jordan’s main tourist areas Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Petra starting on July 1. Currently, there are 21 countries that require the COVID vaccine mark of the beast to enter as a tourist.

There is more coming than just this COVID jab. That’s just the start – Revelation 6:2 – the rider with the piece of cloth that is translated as “bow”.

The word for Revelation 6:2’s bow is “toxon”, a noun and tikto is its root word. This bow, the cloth, that starts the woman’s and the earth’s pregnancy and delivery process.


Thayer Definition:
1) a bow

I understand that phonetic comparison of “toxon” with “toxin”. They are related words and that comparison is relevant but G3115, toxon, comes from G5088 tikto.

Tikto is a Greek verb meaning:


Thayer Definition:
1) to bring forth, bear, produce (fruit from the seed)
1a) of a woman giving birth
1b) of the earth bringing forth its fruits
1c) metaphorically to bear, bring forth

These 3 definitions describe the Tribulation. We know about the woman giving birth to the Kingdom in Revelation 12 has to have birth pangs between chapters 6 and 12, but the earth is also bearing its fruits, the GMOs, and poisons (toxins – there’s that related word) and the wickedness that the earth is called, along with the heaven, to witness against the Israelite people who are scattered worldwide and the Gentiles whom they are among. Tikto means to deliver that which has been conceived! In other words, the world is about to get what it has sown into the earth!


So what more is coming? Well, Israel now has the most far-right religious government it has ever had led by a Jewish Chabad supremacist. Will the altar be erected under his watch? If it’s going to be, it needs to be done before his tenure in office ends in the next 2 years because it is less likely under Yair Lapid, although it could still happen.


June 25th is the day the US supposedly will release UFO information which, it is being said, neither proves or disproves the existence of extra-terrestrials or that they are visiting the earth.

The point of the release of this information is not for the purpose of proving or disproving the existence of aliens in the skies. Nope. It is for setting up the scenario of people witnessing Jesus ride through the clouds on his white horse and other misunderstood and twisted visual phenomena from scripture.

I believe it is possible the New World Order will use its considerable holographic technology to make it appear Jesus is coming through the clouds on His white horse. The effect of Jesus coming through the clouds in the sky, though, will be to deceive Christians. They will think they’ve missed the rapture and will then flock to Jerusalem, all vaccinated and marked by the beast, to convert to Noahidism under the Jewish Antichrist.

Yeshua, when He comes, will be completely on planet earth when He comes and will follow the Exodus route of the first generation. The clouds will be the same kind of clouds as before – pillars of clouds – that He used to surround and protect His people in the first Exodus. His rescue route will begin in Egypt when He comes to rescue us from the sheepfold in the safe place and then His trek will end at Jerusalem.

Barack Obama had something to say about the release of the UFO information in an interview on June 9th. He claimed that concrete proof of extraterrestrial life would not change any of his beliefs but would probably lead to the creation of “new religions.”

In an interview with the New York Times’ Ezra Klein podcast, he said there would be changes in society.

“It’s interesting. It wouldn’t change my politics at all. Because my entire politics is premised on the fact that we are these tiny organisms on this little speck floating in the middle of space,” he said.

He explained that he hoped that discovering aliens …would make us realize how much we all have in common on Earth, and that it’s more important than our differences.

The other reason for releasing this information right now is to give mankind a common cause. But this is not a cause to fight the demons posing as aliens. No, it is a common cause to accept them and agree with the demons who are posing as extra-terrestrials and their agenda.

Ephesians 6:11  Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 
Ephesians 6:12  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 

Ephesians 2:2  Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: 
Ephesians 2:3  Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others. 

This COVID jab is the mark, the sign, of the beast and its system because it is all about changing the flesh to match what is spiritually inside those who get the jab!

“But no doubt there would be immediate arguments about like, well, we need to spend a lot more money on weapons systems to defend ourselves,” he said. “New religions would pop up. And who knows what kind of arguments we get into. We’re good at manufacturing arguments for each other.”

What Obama is clearly not aware of, according to Israel 365, the Jewish-to-Christian propaganda outreach website, is that the Bible already addresses the subject.

Oh really? This article relates UFO phenomena to Nephilim and suggests that Ezekiel saw a UFO in his vision.

Do remember that the Talmud in Sanhedrin 97a describes how the Nephilim will return as a part of the Messianic process.

Israel 365 says, Though it may seem counterintuitive that proof of aliens would cause people to turn to new religions, religions have cropped up on flimsier bases. Star Wars was not only a wildly successful cinematic franchise but it also led to the establishment of a Jedi religion with hundreds of thousands of adherents. The development of computer-based artificial intelligence was incorporated into the transhumanist movement which is a strange mix of science, philosophy, and religion with its own vision of a computer messiah.


Part of the point of movies like Star Wars is to turn people away from YHVH toward the more visual and imagination enhancing realms outside of the earth. Aliens coming to earth, then, necessarily appeals to the faithless and, to this end, the New World Order is building a religious complex in Abu Dhabi to be opened next year. It is called the Abrahamic Family House. This complex will include a mosque, a church and a synagogue.

“The Abrahamic Family House epitomizes interfaith harmonious coexistence and preserves the unique character of each religion”. It “captures the values shared between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”.

The 3 united Abrahamic religions can then stand together to welcome the demons posing as aliens when they arrive.

Israel taking Temple Mount, the introduction of a Nephilim Antichrist, UFOs and Jesus riding on a white horse through the clouds in the sky, earthquakes and other natural disasters, more pestilence, famines and economic collapses. That’s what’s coming. And then worldwide war, as well.

We have never understood the Book of Revelation. It is rolling out with a piece of fabric which name is related to toxins coming out the end of something that pierces the skin. And it began to be associated with buying and selling, the curtailing of economic freedoms and the freedom to travel, from the moment the vaccinations were introduced.

If you don’t know by now that the United Nations beast is the final empire that has rolled out the mark of the beast and that is has now risen out of the all the people of the earth through their obedience to the COVID vaccine dictates, and that Israel has lead the world in the United Nations agenda to cause all people worldwide to serve the empire, then there is nothing more I can do for you. And if you do know this, there is still nothing more I can do for you. You either get it or you don’t.

The United Nations has been slowly removing sovereignty from the world’s nations since October 1945. Using “agendas” to take control of each nation’s leaders in 1945 finally led to the UN controlling individuals living on earth in 2020.

The United Nations now controls individual movements (even in their local areas), their food supply, their medicine, access to internet and true, complete and factual information. Individuals no longer have the freedom to choose because the purveyors of information are not telling the truth or providing complete information based on actuals facts. What we get now is bits and pieces of information based on political and religious agendas. It takes a lot of focus, time and energy for analysts like me to piece it together and present it to you as a truthful, complete and factual report.

In America, people are still fighting over the flag, political parties and religion. Meanwhile, China and Russia, as allies of Iran, are preparing for the worst world war to ever happen starting with the United States and Israel.

Let me tell you something. Donald Trump is not America’s savior and America is not YHVH’s New Jerusalem as is being preached in the Hebrew Roots movement now!

Yeshua has only one bride, not two, and marriage is between one man and one woman, not one man and two or more women!

The Jews are not still in covenant with YHVH. They were kicked out of it 2,000 years ago in fulfillment of the prophecies. Read Romans 11. Yeshua was killed by His own people. When He died, the Kingdom was destroyed with Him and lay in the same grave for 3 days and 3 nights. The Jews became “kingdom-less” and “covenant-less” at that time.

When Yeshua resurrected, the restored Kingdom arose with Him. His death and resurrection made it possible for the restored Kingdom of Israel to have people who would do what the first generation who came from Egypt to the cross would not do: spread the message to all the world so that everyone would have a chance to come into the Kingdom.

That was Israel’s job from the beginning but our wicked Israelite ancestors wasted the Kingdom’s treasure of salvation to the world on themselves. They gave into their lusts for demons just like this last generation is doing now. They wasted the Kingdom’s resources on satisfying their flesh! They resurrected and worshiped the Egyptian gods within 2 months of their deliverance from Egypt.

Jerusalem is the center of the earth. America is not! There is no other capital of the Kingdom than right here on the earth, not in heaven. And it is that little itty bitty most important piece of land called Israel. And the only way to inherit Israel is to come through Yeshua. It was that way the first time when He delivered the first generation of Israelites from Egypt and it is that way now, ever since the cross. Yeshua is God and King of Israel from the foundation of the earth! He didn’t come to earth to live to become God and King of Israel! He is already that forever!

He has been reaching out to mankind from the beginning starting with the creation of Adam and Eve. He reached out to create a people, Israel, who would go to the nations around them and tell them what a wonderful and awesome God and King YHVH is. The Israelites did not do that. Rather, they took Israel to the demon gods around them!

So Yeshua came in actual human form to reach out to the utmost of His ability. He gave everything. He died because Israel broke His covenants with them. But the brilliance of YHVH’s redemption plan was that Israel was completely restored at the resurrection so the people could come back through Him through personal choice.

The Book of Hebrews tries to explain that the problem was with that first generation, not the first covenant a has been inserted into the King James text, and that Yeshua created a place for a second generation that would be comprised of those who love Him and will obey Him.

Yet teachers are still teaching that there are 2 separate houses of YHVH’s people and that these are not restored yet. They are! He restored us. The problem is not Him, it is us who continue acting like His death and resurrection meant nothing to Israel in this regard! Those who come to Yeshua, God and King of Israel both before His physical life and afterward, become citizens of the Kingdom of Israel. How much simpler can it be? Yet, there are those still teaching that the Jews remain in covenant with YHVH and America is the New Jerusalem for the House of Israel! Apostacy!

Ecclesiastes 12:9  And moreover, because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge; yea, he gave good heed, and sought out, and set in order many proverbs. 
Ecclesiastes 12:10  The preacher sought to find out acceptable words: and that which was written was upright, even words of truth. 
Ecclesiastes 12:11  The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd. 


From H2449; wise, (that is, intelligent, skilful or artful): – cunning (man), subtil, ([un-]), wise ([hearted], man).

That word for the “wise” means subtle, crafty and cunning like Pharoah’s wise men were crafty and cunning in Genesis 41:33 in the story of Joseph. These are religious men who do “wonders” to fool the people. Isn’t that what the beast does in the end of days? Signs and wonders?

Ecclesiastes 12:12  And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. 
Ecclesiastes 12:13  Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. 
Ecclesiastes 12:14  For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. 

What does YHVH want and what does He expect from those who call themselves by His name? What is it that He has the right to demand? Loyalty. It is loyalty to Him. And how we show our loyalty to Him is by DOING His commandments! Think! Have you done all that you can to show your loyalty to Yeshua YHVH Elohim? After all, He is your king!

Much study devoid of obedience is vanity, my friends, and it is worthless!

I do not know what more I can say. The reason I read Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 to you is because it is time for me to quit talking, quit broadcasting on Hebrew Nation Radio and podcasting on my websites. Let me tell you why I know it is time to end this.

I started Beast Watch News and The Messianic Message officially in 2009 after being called by YHVH to do so. He even gave me the names of the websites.

Then, YHVH told me in 2013 that the ministry would change and eventually end. I heard that from Him many times over the years. I began to understand the ministries would end at the end.

Over the years, when I have gotten frustrated and asked YHVH if I could quit, each and every time I received 1 or more emails from readers letting me know what a blessing this ministry is to them. I always knew that was His way of telling me ‘no, you cannot quit’.

I began to feel the need to quit recently and once again asked YHVH if I should. This time, there was no supportive email from anyone! He didn’t lay it on anyone’s heart to bless this ministry with encouragement. Therefore, I know that it is time. And I believe the end of the ministry is right on time for the Tribulation.

This is my last broadcast. I may post in the forum and on the website from time to time but not regularly. When I do, I will send emails. The information will remain online as long as the ministry has money to pay for the servers and as long as YHVH lets it remain. And I will still be around to answer your questions but not as regularly as in the past. You can still email me.

Those who reject becoming trans-human will not be allowed to live. That is why Yeshua said no flesh would be saved unless He comes to stop Satan and his agenda.

May you be found capable (“worthy”, as the KJV says) to escape all the things that are coming!


Be Blessed!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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Heads up! Hebrew Roots and other religious leaders are now headed for Israel in September with their tours! These tours will require people to be vaccinated! Mike Clayton and Hanoch Young (see below for Mike Clayton’s response to someone’s inquiry). Perry Stone. Rico Cortes. Jewish Voice. Holissa Alewine. I have emailed Holissa to find out what her policy will be about this tour now that vaccinations for all tourists is a requirement. She has not responded.

UPDATE: As of 5/13/21, all of these tours are still headed to Israel. The Jewish Voice tour has been postponed to 2022.

Why will still need to wear face masks and be PCR and serum tested when entering Israel? It does not make sense. If the beast wanted everyone to believe the vaccines are real and that they work, they would not have these requirements. However, their DNA altering is not finished in people yet so they are bringing out variants to keep people getting more jabs until they can introduce the quantum tattoo for the sake of convenience and to finish the marking process. THATs why they will make people get the PCR and serum tests even after being vaccinated! Hebrew Roots leaders who lead people to the vaccine are leading them to hell!

I will let you know when I hear back from Hollissa Alewine and will continue watching to see if any of these leaders cancel their trips.


[Kimberly’s friend] followed up to Mike with the question:  If it does require the vaccine, will the tour go on?  This is the reply, I suppose this is his office mgr.
Thought you might like to know…
———- Forwarded message ———
From: Jodi Coxon <>
Date: Mon, May 17, 2021 at 2:57 PM
Subject: Israel Sukkot Tour
To: <[Kimberly’s friend]>

Hi [Kimberly’s Friend].  We are following the covid guidelines for tourism in Israel. The U.S. is not on their list for entry yet and if a vaccine is required and you don’t have one, it will be a full refund back to you.  If you want to put down your deposit through the registration form on our website, this will reserve your spot on this tour.  A decision will be made at the end of June on whether this tour will officially be able to go so an email will be sent out to all registrants. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Have a great week.


Jodi Coxon

Blossoming Rose Office Manager
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