Wars & Antichrist: Russia Threatens America!

Welcome to this report. We’ll look at fighting between India and Pakistan as the blows have caused tensions to rise to a 50-year high. Could a nuclear exchange in this region spark global nuclear war?

President Donald Trump was in North Korea for a nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un this week.

Speaking of nuclear war… Russia threatened the US with a nuclear strike this week, and even published a map of strike locations.

Before we get to these stories, let’s find out what the Jewish messiah – who true believers know is the Antimessiah, the Antichrist, is doing. The Jews are looking forward to his revealing. We’ll take a look at how that is going starting with this Breaking Israel News title, Bible Codes Show Messiah Will Be Anointed On Purim.


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According to Breaking Israel News, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, a Bible Codes expert, says Purim, which will be celebrated on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, is a particularly auspicious time for Moshiach (Messiah) to be anointed.

In a recent Bible Codes video which has already been viewed more than 10,000 times at press time, Rabbi Glazerson explained that the findings in this table “are far away from being coincidence.” In the case of this table, it’s because the codes include unusually long sentences and other conditions that make “for a very significant table,” in Rabbi Glazerson’s words.

When will Moshiach be anointed? Glazerson pointed to a code that reveals the date of the 14th of Adar. Adar is the Hebrew month that falls around February or March each year on which is celebrated the holiday of Purim. In other words, the Jewish Chabad Cabal expects the Antimessiah to be revealed at Purim in some coming year, perhaps even this year.

In fact, the article states, Given that the 14th of Adar and the holiday of Purim occurs every year, Glazerson showed three other codes that help pinpoint the date more specifically. Going in chronological order, the first is 5776, which was February 23, 2016. The second is 5779, which is the current year in the Hebrew calendar. The third date he found was 5781, corresponding to February 26, 2021. Glazerson emphasized that three dates in one table is “not usual.”

In other words, the Jewish Antimessiah could have been revealed in 2016; he might be revealed in 2019; or he might be revealed in 2021 – this son of perdition. How the Chabad Jews explain the code discrepancies away is by saying there is “a process of Messiah that started in 5776.” The appearance of Moshiach in the current year is “dependent on repentance. Only if Jews would keep the Torah, keep the Sabbath, keep everything which God wants them to keep.

Of course, if their messiah doesn’t show up, they simply say, ‘Meh… We didn’t do what we were supposed to’. They most certainly won’t admit to being false prophets!

Furthermore, Glazerson’s statement means that the process of redemption began in 2016, continues this year and, even without full repentance, will end in 2021.

He concluded by stating that, “All of them coming here in such a clear way teach us that by keeping the Torah, keeping the Shabbos (Sabbath), keeping everything that God really wants us to keep, only then we’ll have Messiah. If not, then we’ll have to wait, unfortunately, for another almost two years.”

Actually, the scriptures say that Yeshua will come as Messiah when the whole earth is so evil that only a remnant of obedient Hebrews are left, not when the Jews decide to start keeping the Sabbath. The problem I see is that the Jewish Cabal believes what the Talmud states: The Rabbis decree and God obeys. He won’t show up until all Jews are falling in line with Orthodox Judaism.

The truth is that everything will happen in YHVH’s timing, not man’s. We shall see if their much-acclaimed Jewish messiah is revealed this year.

The Palestinians held a protest at Temple Mount’s Eastern Gate AKA the Gate of Mercy and the Golden Gate, the Gate where Yeshua will enter when He returns. It may have been that the Palestinians are trying to stop the Jews from trotting their Jewish Antimessiah through this gate.

This Breaking Israel News article states that thousands of Palestinians entered through the Gate last Friday and claimed that this was a great victory for them.  

The Muslims called for incitement against the Jews and broke into a compound that had been closed for 16 years by Israel’s Supreme Court, since it was found out that the terrorist organization Hamas was using the compound. Their screams say it all “with spirit and blood we will redeem Al-Aqsa”.

The gate was sealed by the Muslims in 810 CE, opened by the Crusaders in 1102 CE, and sealed again by Suleiman in 1541 CE. The Gate was then sealed by Israel in 2003, probably in anticipation of the Jewish messiah’s arrival since there has been conjecture by scholars that the motivation for Muslims sealing the gate was to prevent the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. And now their occupation is meant to do the same thing.

Knesset Member, Ahmad Tibi, visited the Golden Gate site on Saturday and said its opening was “an important and significant step.”

The Israeli police did not try to remove the Muslims from the Eastern Gate compound after it had been invaded.

Both Islam and Judaism desires to rule the earth.

The Muslim leadership alleges that Israel wants to keep the Golden Gate sealed off for Muslims “in order to give Jewish fanatics, who call for rebuilding their temple inside Al-Aqsa compound, free access and presence in the area.”

Israel arrested a senior PA official on Tuesday in east Jerusalem on charges relating to “fraud and forgery” but the arrest was linked to tensions over the Eastern Gate invasion. A second suspect was also arrested, the police said. Both were later released.

The Jerusalem Waqf Council announced that the Gate which was closed by Israel in 2003 will now remain open, even after the arrest of two of its senior officials. The Muslims believe they can prevent the Jewish messiah from appearing by controlling access to the Gate. The lends credence to my opinion that there will be a second messiah to try to enter this gate. The Muslims will fight the first one and welcome the second.

The Muslims, as well as the Hamas terror organization, have threatened an outbreak of violence if Israel attempts to re-shut the area.

You may recall that last November, a sinkhole appeared in front of this Gate. The sinkhole was one of three phenomena that happened on Temple Mount that seemed to presage prophetic events. The other two mysterious events were the appearance of a snake high up in the Western Wall and a 200-pound stone that slipped out of place and fell almost killing a Jewish woman praying at the Wall.

This uproar over the Eastern or Golden Gate seems to be coming from the Palestinians and the Jordanian government as a means to maintain control over East Jerusalem. It may be that this is not only about the coming Jewish messiah, but President Donald Trump’s peace plan.

Jordan handed over more control to the PA last week. For the first time, Palestinian Authority officials and religious leaders were installed in the body, which has historically been made up of individuals close to the Jordanian monarchy.

Ha’aretz analyst Amos Harel thinks the unrest around the Golden Gate is related to the Israeli decision to halt the transfer of tax revenues and import duties to the Palestinian Authority over its so-called ‘pay to slay’ policy of distributing monthly stipends to jailed Palestinian terrorists and their families.

Harel …is wrong about the connection to the decision to withhold the funds the PA uses to pay terrorists who killed or wounded Israelis and their families …because tensions on the Temple Mount spiked roughly a week before the decision of the Israeli Security Cabinet.

This [invasion] happened after the Jordanian custodian Waqf formed a new extended council that would administer the Temple Mount on February 19th.

The new council now consists of Fatah members and PA officials next to Muslim Brotherhood members with ties to the radical northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel and to the Islamist regime of Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The new Waqf council openly encouraged the renewed violence on the Temple Mount and the take-over of the Golden Gate under the pretext that Israel was planning to build a house of prayer for Jews there.

Of course, there is no such plan but Mahmoud Habbash, Religious Affairs Adviser to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas nevertheless deemed it necessary to call upon his fellow Muslims to defend the Temple Mount.

Habbash said the Golden Gate was part of “the Islamic doctrine” and warned Muslims not to concede one inch of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount since that would be equal to conceding Mecca and the Quran.

Secondly, Jordan and the PA seem to brace for the publication of President Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ the not yet published new American peace initiative which has already been rejected out of hand by the PA and other Palestinian groups.

Full Palestinian control over the entire Temple Mount will challenge Israel’s drive for international recognition of its sovereignty over all of Jerusalem and will establish facts on the ground Trump’s peace team can’t ignore.

And then there is this fact. According to scripture, this territory is Judea and Jerusalem is part of Judea. This territory belongs to the tribe of Judah. And they will be getting back!

Then there is the fact that foreign actors are trying to interfere with internal Israeli affairs in Jerusalem and are funding and inciting Arab activists in the eastern, northern and southern part of the city against Israel.

Jordan has historically administered the Muslim shrines on the Temple Mount and is aware of attempts by other Muslim states to get a foothold in Jerusalem. 

Saudi Arabia and Morocco are two of these foreign countries while Erdogan’s Islamist regime in Turkey is the other one.

Dr. David Koren of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, says “Turkish popularity in eastern Jerusalem has grown so much in recent years that leaders in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the PA have told Israel that Erdogan was building up spheres of influence in eastern Jerusalem that jeopardized their interests and those of Israel.

The Turks are another separate Muslim entity of Sunnis who want control of Jerusalem again to re-establish the old Ottoman empire. The King of the North will have to deal with them after he invades the King of the South. See Daniel 11:44 regarding the bad news from the north and east after the initial invasion.

The Turks work together with local Muslim Brotherhood members and fund a large part of the so-called Dawa activities (charity with the goal of persuasion and proselytizing) in Jerusalem.

There are also non-state actors actively working to establish full Muslim control over the Temple Mount and at least in Arab Jerusalem.

One of them is the Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir (the party of the liberation) an organization which was founded in Jerusalem but has now branches all over the world.

Hizb ut-Tahrir, just like ISIS, wants to establish a global Caliphate but aspires to do so through Dawa and non-violent Jihad.

In Israel, Hizb ut-Tahrir aims to replace the ‘Zionist’ government and replace it with a Muslim government which strictly adheres to Sharia, Muslim law.

So far, the global Islamist organization has not succeeded to mobilize the Muslim masses in Israel and only tries to enforce Sharia adherence in the Arab neighborhoods and suburbs of Jerusalem.

The PA and Jordan are now working together to foil an Israeli plan which aims to significantly improve living conditions in the Arab parts of Jerusalem and to change the matriculation programs at Arab schools in the city.

The massive Israeli rehabilitation program in Arab Jerusalem is viewed by the PA and Jordan as a ‘Zionist plot’ to uproot the Palestinian and Muslim character of Jerusalem.

Another reason the PA and Jordan increased their cooperation on Jerusalem-related issues is to thwart Islamist dominance over the Arab Muslims in Jerusalem and to reinforce Palestinian Jordanian control over what is generally dubbed East-Jerusalem (north, east and southern Jerusalem).

The Muslim desire to replace the Israeli government with a sharia government is not unique to Hizb ut-Tahrir. The Iranian Shi’ites also have this aspiration. And you can see from this article, the Jordanian and Palestinian Sunnis have a different agenda than the Turkish Sunnis. Just like YHVH’s House, the Islamic house is very divided, as well.

I have a speculation that I want to share. This is something that keeps coming to my mind lately. Let me read Daniel 9:27 to you.

Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week. And in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease, and on a corner of the altar desolating abominations, even until the end. And that which was decreed shall be poured on the desolator.

This verse is related to, but disconnected from, Daniel 9:24-26 where the prophecy about the Messiah Yeshua who comes to finish the transgressions of YHVH’s people with His own blood.

The ‘and’ of verse 27 is not about the Messiah Yeshua, but about two other messiahs who will greatly affect the 12 tribes of Israel and the whole earth. The near fulfillment of verse 27 came through the Greek General Antiochus who was part of Daniel’s prophecies about the rising Greek empire. Daniel 11:3-39 has to do with the Greek empire and the fights between Generals as the Greeks try to hang onto Jerusalem.

Daniel 11:40-45 corresponds to Daniel 9:27 which has to do with end times messiahs. I believe Daniel 9:27 is one of those rare prophetic scriptures that only has one fulfillment and that it comes at the end of days. Most prophecies have a near and far fulfillment, but I do not believe this is so for verse 27.

There are two different messiahs in Daniel 9:27. I believe if the Catholics had rendered this properly, they would have added a verse 28, when they were adding numbers to the sentences of the scrolls, because the first “he” mentioned in the first sentence of verse 27 is a different “he” than the one mentioned second. The second “he” should have his own verse because he is a different messiah.

The first “he” of Daniel 9:27 confirms a covenant with a group called “many”. The Hebrew word is ‘rab’ from where we get the word for ‘Arab’. This most likely is a peace treaty of some kind.

The Hebrew word for ‘confirm’ is ‘gabar’.





A primitive root; to be strong; by implication to prevail, act insolently: – exceed, confirm, be great, be mighty, prevail, put to more [strength], strengthen, be stronger, be valiant.

Many have said this means the messiah will strengthen the covenant. But there is a violence in this word ‘gabar’. Yes, it means to be strong, but it is strength through prevailing such as when a treaty is forced on a people, the Palestinians, and perhaps even on the Israelis, as well, if the Israelis don’t like the plan or won’t agree to “A” plan. If this is correct, we will see this forced and enforced peace treaty become the premise for the Gog-Magog engagement with the Iranian Shi’ite King of the North on Israeli soil.

This is what I believe could happen. The first “he” in verse 27 is a messiah who will force peace in Israel during the time of the end. This forced peace treaty will usher in Jacob’s Sorrows, the first 3.5 years of the 7-year period.

The next “he” will shut down the Jewish messiah’s altar by means of war and usurping the altar, even destroying it, for his own purpose. The second “he” will be the Mahdi of the Shia. This act will usher in the last 3.5 years AKA Jacob’s Trouble or the Great Tribulation.

Right now, this is what I am beginning to see. Am I right? I don’t know. Could I be wrong? Yes.

I have another belief to tell you about. Beliefs are opinions, as you know, and they can change as the prophetic events are fulfilled exposing the next event to come. What I believe, until I understand it differently, is that as the earth moves forward into the last 7 years before Yeshua returns, prophecies will become clearer. We will get to understand what needs to be understood as the time gets close – very close – and not before. Prophecies have always engendered much speculation and we know much of that has proven incorrect, but until the time comes close, the truth of the prophecy most likely can’t be clearly seen.

President Donald Trump’s administration’s latest statement that he believes his ‘deal of the century’ has low odds of succeeding may make him force his deal on the Palestinians and the Israelis if the two don’t agree.

The Palestinians are expected to be the main stumbling block, having broken off relations with the Trump administration.

The plan also faces “fierce opposition from the Evangelical community in the United States,” which opposes pressure on Israel.

This kind of pressure from Evangelicals could cause Trump to wait until after the next election to force the plan IF he intends to force it. This will coincide with the last 3.5 years of the 7-year period which is to start with the war between Gog and the King of the North on Israeli soil because the elections won’t be over in America for another couple of years.

However, Jared Kushner described the plan as “very detailed,” touching on all aspects of the conflict, including the “redrawing of boundaries and resolving final status issues.”

Kushner said the plan sought to “formulate realistic solutions for the issues of 2019, which will improve quality of life.”

The plan would “have a broad economic impact, not only on Israel and the Palestinians, but on the entire region as well,” Kushner asserted . “We want to ensure there is free flow of people and of goods. We must create new opportunities.”

In other words, he’s trying to get this deal done now. So we shall see what happens.

Noting the intra-Palestinian political divides — with the Palestinian Authority in charge in parts of the West Bank and Hamas ruling the Gaza Strip.

Kushner said in a Monday interview that the US has tried to figure out a “realistic… and fair solution” to the issue.

“We’ve focused on the following four principles that we’ve used in which to create the plan,” he said in an interview aired on UAE-based Sky News Arabia.

“First principle is to have freedom. We want people to be able to have the freedom of opportunity, the freedom of religion, the freedom of worship, regardless of your faith.

Well, the Jews are not going to allow that because this kind of freedom requires equal citizenship which went out the door with the Jewish State law last July.

“Respect. We want all people to have dignity and to respect each other. Opportunity. We want people to be able to better their lives and not allow their grandfather’s conflict to hijack their children’s future. And the final one is security.

The Palestinians say that all signs indicate the plan will fall far short of their longstanding goal of establishing an independent Palestinian state in the Israeli-controlled West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip.

Moving on…

The end of days are about messiahs and wars, wars and messiahs. Aside from the threat of war on Israel’s internal soil, this week, Russia threatened the United States with nuclear war.


I have said that Russia will attack America one day and that Iran will attack Israel. Russia and America are equals as super powers and Iran and Israel are equals as Middle Eastern nations. So, when the attacks come, they will probably come simultaneously.

Nonetheless, President Trump has pushed President Putin with nuclear weapons in Eastern Europe and Putin is pushing back.

The Guardian and other sites have reported that Russian state TV has shown a map of potential US nuclear targets.

The map shows facilities Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, according to the Moscow Times. The targets included the Pentagon and the presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland, along with McClellan Park, the former Air Force Base outside Sacramento, and Jim Creek, a naval communications base in Washington state just outside Seattle, among others. A hypersonic missile Russia is developing would be able to hit them in less than five minutes once launched from a submarine.

According to the New York Times, Even given the rotten state of diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States, having a famous St. Petersburg cathedral choir sing a ballad to nuking America might seem like an odd choice.

That weekend performance on Defending the Fatherland Day was just one element in a series of references to nuclear attacks that made it appear on Tuesday that Moscow was dusting off its old MAD playbook — Cold War shorthand for Mutual Assured Destruction.

The new assertiveness about the Kremlin’s nuclear capacities seems to be related to President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which banned the placement of such weapons in Europe.

The widely circulated concert video coincided with a broadcast news report by Dmitri Kiselyev, the Kremlin’s top propagandist, during prime time on Sunday night, detailing what mainland targets Russia would put in its nuclear sights should the United States deploy new missiles in Europe.

The threat is so bellicose and out of character for Putin that one would have to say he means it!

President Putin said he is ready for another Cuban missile crisis if the United States is foolish enough to want one and that his country currently has the edge when it comes to a first nuclear strike.

Putin’s comments, made to Russian media, follow his warning that Moscow will match any U.S. move to deploy new missiles closer to Russia by stationing its own missiles closer to the United States or by deploying faster missiles or both.

Putin fleshed out his warning in detail for the first time, saying Russia could deploy hypersonic missiles on ships and submarines which could lurk outside U.S. territorial waters if Washington now moved to deploy intermediate-range nuclear weapons in Europe.

Putin said that if the United States moved missiles into Poland, Russia would deploy submarines off American shores.

“[We’re talking about] naval delivery vehicles: submarines or surface ships. And we can put them, given the speed and range [of our missiles]… in neutral waters. Plus they are not stationary, they move and they will have to find them,” Putin said, according to a Kremlin transcript.

“You work it out. Mach nine [the speed of the missiles] and over 1,000 kilometers [their range].”

The Tsirkon hypersonic missile that Russia was developing could reach their targets in less than five minutes if launched from Russian submarines.

The U.S. State Department dismissed Putin’s earlier warning as propaganda, saying it was designed to divert attention from what Washington alleges are Moscow’s violations of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

Other critics were scathing, suggesting that Russia was saber rattling from a position of weakness. Just moments before, the same news program reported that some 200,000 Russian children attend schools with only outhouses for toilets, one commentator noted on Twitter, asking what exactly was worth defending with nuclear-tipped missiles.

That’s the wrong question. What this pundit should be looking at is the fact that Russia is pouring its resources into its military and not into schools. Kids don’t have to be trained beyond the three Rs. They only need to be trained how to push the right buttons, and because they will want to escape their “outhouse” existence, kids like that will flock to the military just to get some relief sometimes (when they’re not in field training or battle).

Threatening Washington, they noted, was an old method of improving relations. Just as new rules for interaction were forged out of the Cuban missile crisis, so too could a renewed sense of threat help entente, which has not worked out as swimmingly as the Kremlin envisaged under President Trump.

The US said it had no immediate plans to deploy such missiles in Europe. However, the US decision to quit the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty over an alleged Russian violation, which Moscow denies, has freed it to start developing and deploying such missiles.

President Trump is also dealing with another nuclear power – North Korea.

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un kicked off two days of meetings in Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, to discuss the question of Pyongyang’s nuclear-weapons and missile programs.

Trump told reporters he thought the talks would be very successful and that he was “not walking back on denuclearization.”

But North Korea wants the same deal the US gave to India in 2006. Remember that India received US nuclear advice, technology and other assistance in exchange for mangoes. That’s how all those mangoes suddenly showed up on your grocery store shelves. Mangoes were rare, but suddenly they were everywhere.

And the parties departed without agreement.

Syria remains a hotbed for war. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cut short his Moscow trip on Wednesday, Feb. 27, because Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad has been in meeting with Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei. Even President Vladimir Putin doesn’t know what is coming out of the Assad-Khamenei talks in Tehran.

The Russian media are meanwhile highlighting the new Israeli UAV, the Harop, which carries “tactical loitering munitions” and is on exhibition at the India Aero Show in Bangalore. This suicidal drone was used extensively, according to Russian sources, in Israeli F-35 air strikes on Jan 20 and 21, and it destroyed the Russian Pantsir-SA-22 air defenses operated by the Syrian army, and the Chinese JY-27 radar, which defended the air defense network around Damascus airport. The Syrians claimed at the time to have shot down 30 Israeli cruise missiles.

The Russian president hopes to come out of his talks with Netanyahu at least with a commitment to abstain from such attacks in the future, especially in the Damascus region. However, often when they talked in the past, the next thing that happened was an Israeli air or missile attack on Iranian targets in Syria.

Shortly before he flew to Moscow, Netanyahu reiterated that Israel would not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria or set up bases near its borders. This was slight modification of his standard assertions on the subject: rather than Iranian bases in Syria as a whole, he cited borders. Our sources report that he made this adjustment in the light of the amended US military evacuation plan. Netanyahu has presumably been apprised of its details. Several hundred American troops are to remain in northeastern Syria and, furthermore, Trump’s adviser Jared Kushner and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan are currently in discussion on placing some Turkish soldiers in that part of the country. This leaves Iran and its proxies’ presence on Israel’s borders as Netanyahu’s immediate problem, which is why Netanyahu, who is also defense minister, took with him to Moscow Air Force commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin and Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Tamir Hayman.

For now, both Netanyahu or Putin are still in the dark about where Syria is going after Syrian President Bashar Assad gets his orders from Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, but Netanyahu told Putin Israel will continue its strikes in Syria. Israel can meanwhile count on its upgraded Harop drone for a measure of security. This UAV is not preset to strike a single target but cruises through Syria air space, using its unique beam detection and optical capabilities to locate its quarry and destroy it.

Another part of the world to watch is India and Pakistan.

According to conflicting reports this week, Pakistan says it shot down two Indian jets over Kashmir, while India claims to have shot down a Pakistani fighter jet. Pakistan said it had “taken strikes at [a] non-military target, avoiding human loss and collateral damage” while Indian authorities said the Pakistani jets had been pushed back.

Two weeks ago, tensions between the two nuclear-armed powers flared after a Pakistani Jaish-e-Muhammed terrorist carried out a suicide attack on a bus carrying Indian Border Guard police officers and killed 44, the deadliest terrorist attack since Kashmir was partitioned between India and Pakistan in 1947.

On Feb. 26, the Indian air force retaliated for the attack with strikes against targets in Pakistan, which responded with cross-border artillery shelling of Indian sites in Kashmir. Pakistan then claimed to have shot down two Indian Air force jets over the Pakistani side of Kashmir and taken two pilots captive, one injured. India confirmed the loss of an MIG21 fighter and said that a pilot was missing. During this air fight, Pakistan closed its air space to commercial flights, while India followed suit, although limiting the closure to areas close to embattled Kashmir.

In the wars between the two powers over Kashmir, India has lost more than 70,000 dead. Indian Kashmir has a population of 7 million, both Hindu and Muslim. The Pakistan side has 6 million inhabitants, almost all Muslim. 

DEBKAfile notes that, while Kashmir is a long-rankling issue between New Delhi and Islamabad, both tend to scale up military tensions over the disputed territory when security concern arise on the Indian subcontinent in other fields. This time, it was sparked by the Afghan peace talks in progress between the US and Taliban leaders. Pakistan, which has strained relations with the Trump administration, suspects that the Americans aim to oust its positions of influence in Kabul and open the door for the Indians to step in. Last week Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman visited both capitals and tried his hand at mediation. But tensions were so high, that the prince could not cross the border and was forced to return to Riyadh before flying back to India. Since then, Pakistan and India began trading serious air and ground warfare.

The use of nuclear weapons in this part of the world will certainly increase the chance that other nations will decide they can do the same.

So, will the Jewish Antimessiah be revealed on March 20th, on Purim? We can only wait and see. When will the Trump peace plan be published? Will the US continue to be a threat to Russia’s border? And will war escalate between India and Pakistan? For now, please consider getting away from danger in Babylone. And remember to stay updated with BWN every day 24 hours a day.

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