Dinah & The Satanic New World Order At The End Of Days

This week’s Torah Portion was particularly telling regarding Israel’s history and its fate. Don’t be fooled by the lack of persecution over the COVID vaccine. The persecution has not even started.

NOTE: These were my teaching notes from the Vayishlach Torah Portion on 11-20-21. As I spoke, comments were changed, added to or ignored. In other words, the recording is not verbatim with the notes.


The account of Dinah is a prophecy about how Israel would defile itself through engaging in worldly activities which would cause Israel to be defiled and it is also Tribulation prophecy. Dinah represents Israel who played fast and loose with the world and the world afflicts them afterward.

There are 2 words – anah (afflict) and akar (afflict) used in this chapter. Anah is used throughout the Exodus account to describe what was happening to the Israelites and why they needed to be rescued by YHVH Yeshua.

Anah – the affliction of Dinah personally – and akar – the affliction of the whole family are the two words I want to address. The coming Tribulation will be both personal and national.

Jewish and Christian commentators say Dinah went to a Shechemite festival without permission and there was seen by Shechem. The Book of Jasher says the whole family went to a dance in the city.

According to Jasher, Shechem sent men to kidnap Dinah and bring her to him.

Jasher 33: 11 And he sent and had her taken by force, and Dinah came to the house of Shechem and he seized her forcibly and lay with her and humbled her, and he loved her exceedingly and placed her in his house.

The scripture uses the word anah, afflicted, for Dinah’s situation. This word means to both be humiliated when someone afflicts you and to be humbled when you do afflict yourself. Anah is used for our self-affliction on Yom Kippur (Leviticus 16:29).

Shechem wanted Dinah very badly. He wanted her so badly that he was willing to afflict her. The furthest meaning of anah affliction is rape, the forcible penetration of something into the human body. We understand what this means by sexual nature, but anah penetration, rape, can come at the end of a medical needle. In the end of days, this affliction anah that leads to thlipsis and tsar, Tribulation, starts with the COVID vaccine. Ron Kurzweil of the New World Order said all humans will be a hybrid. Hybrids are mixtures and here, in the story of Dinah, is Satan’s first attempt to mix, to hybridize, Israel’s seed with the seed of the wicked.

Note this happened after Yeshua revealed the name of His nation and put that name on Jacob and, by succession, Jacob’s family. Abraham and Sarah, along with Lot and ask the other members of Terahs family, were pure Shemites.

Isaac was pure Shemite. Jacob was a pure Shemite (Esau, too) who married, like Isaac, back into the same Shemite line. All of Jacobs children were pure Shemites.

Note, Satan now knows which Yeshua plans to have a pure line of Shemites to bring forth the promised Messiah from Genesis 3:15. Satan wants to thwart that but he failed before. Now he is trying again with Dinah.

One fulfillment of the prophecy in the account of Dinah is found with Esau who took Canaanites as wives. That ended the purity of the Shemite line through Esau so that disqualified Esau’s line from bringing the promised Messiah. Esau’s actions also opened the door as an example to Jacob’s line for mixing the Shemite line with other lines later on all through the history of the Israelites from the time they went to Egypt.

This is one reason why Yeshua had to die. His blood has to cleanse humanity of the impurity of mixture into the Shemite line and, particularly, into the Israelite line.

I am not saying the Kingdom is based on the purity of a physical line. I am saying, though, that mixing of the physical brings mixture of the spirit of the lines. A marriage between Dinah and Shechem would have mixed the spiritual DNA of those lines. Sin is inherited through the DNA and the DNA has spiritual inheritance properties in it as well as physical inheritance properties. The line of Israel faced its own sinfulness. It did not need help by the other lineages through intermarriage. Both Abraham and Isaac tried to prevent intermarriage into the Canaanite line, mixture, by disallowing both Jacob and Esau getting wives from the Canaanite lines. (Not all foreigners were disallowed from marrying an Israelite).

If I am not advocating a physically pure line for the Kingdom, then what was YHVHs plan to bring all of humanity to Yeshua? If other lineages were to come to YHVH, how could that happen without intermarriage?

The plan was for Israel to become a nation of priests (Exodus 19:6) in the Order of Melchizedek who would be witnesses to all of mankind to bring them to the Kingdom.

Yes, the impure of the nations would join the pure in the Kingdom. How is this different than intermarriage? Marriage is of the flesh but converting from being Gentile to be Israelite in the Kingdom is of the soul. And it is the Law of the Kingdom that converts the soul (Psalm 19:6)! It is the human soul that matters! Once the soul is converted, the physical lines can marry.

A person from the wrong physical line can become of the right physical line through conversion of the soul because it is not the body that matters. Ruth marrying Boaz is a good example of this. Her soul was converted by the Law that Naomi lived by and which Ruth had practiced.

But when we, in the flesh without regard for the spiritual things of the Kingdom, become defiled through affliction like Dinah and we produce a mixed line of Shemites, the soul simply follows what the flesh has done. A Shemite marrying into other lines becomes that line because of the flesh. Other lines converting to being Israelite becomes of Shem through Abraham.

Galatians 3:29  And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

That’s because conversion is of the soul. It is the foundation of human redemption and it is for this reason that those from outside the line of Shem can be called by thoses who are of the line of Shem through Abraham.

This Shechem incident happened because Dinah who represents all Israel was put in a position to be defiled by the world. Her family engaged in a social situation with the Shechemites that they should not have. We must keep ourselves separate from the world in order to avoid possible defilement. This tells the story of Israel from the beginning. Not only did ancient and modern Israel engage in worldly things but even engaged in the world’s idolatry!

At the end of days, the ultimate defilement is trans-humanism. Satan has failed to utterly defile Israel and prevent the world from coming to Yeshua because Yeshua’s blood washes away all worldly defilement much to Satan’s chagrin, so he is now creating Humans 2.0, as reported by Dr. Carrie Madej, in order to make humans unredeemable by Yeshua. Intermarriage did not work. It did not defile the line of humans so that Yeshua would reject them. No, Yeshua used what Satan had planned against Satan by dying on the cross to wash all humanity in His blood. This washing does away completely with the impurity of the soul from one’s own sins and those inherited from our fathers or from simply being born of intermixed lineages. We need to understand just how far-reaching and extensive Yeshua’s cleansing blood is.

We must understand who the Hivites of Shechem were. They were sons of Canaan (Genesis 10:17). Who are the largest Canaanite population on earth today? The Sinites, the Chinese.

Where is the excuse for the COVID vaccine come from? Wuhan, China. The Canaanites are still in hot pursuit of us Shemites today!

Satan lost. So now his plan is to make humans unredeemable by injecting into humans not only horribly unclean things but by making humans part machine!

So Dinah was personally afflicted, anah, which Jacob said would bring affliction, anak, on the whole family. Thus YHVH moved them to Bethel.

There are more details of this account in Jasher one of which is that Simeon took a Canaanite virgin from Shechem as part of the spoils and Simeon married one of them. Jasher says that the Shechemite women were with the family until the family went to Egypt.

The personal injury of Dinah brought the danger of national injury to the Israelites, Jacob’s family in the Book of Jasher. The Canaanite kings wanted to make war with the family which is not mentioned in Genesis.

Judah stood up to Jacob on behalf of Simeon and Levi’s actions in Shechem. Jacob feared the trouble that would come on the whole family but Judah assured him that YHVH would deliver the surrounding armies into the hands of the brothers just as YHVH had delivered the entire city of Shechem into Simeon and Levi’s hands.

Jasher says that Isaac and Jacob prayed for the sons to prevail and that YHVH sent utter fear into the hearts of the kings of those armies. The kings reckoned that YHVH had given supernatural strength to Simeon and Levi and then considered the reputation of YHVH in helping His people from the time that Nimrod threw Abram into the fiery furnace to all the miracles that YHVH had done to save that entire line. They then decided to retreat and not engage Israel.

This is upheld in Genesis 35 with one small mention of the terror that the Canaanite kings surrounding them had of them:

Genesis 35:5  They traveled, and a terror of God was on the cities that were around them, and they didn’t pursue the sons of Jacob. 

The Canaanites will not back off of their intent in the end of days. China will kill millions of Israelites.

See also how the Torah Portions prophesy about the end of days! Genesis is the most prophetic Book in the Bible!

ADDENDUM: Prohibited marriages are specific to the various Canaanite lines of which I spoke in this article. I brought this out in the story of Dinah and Shechem because the coming Tribulation is being brought to us by the medically manufactured coronavirus which now requires a needle insertion, a vaccine of unclean things and which attempts to transform the vaccinated person into a transhuman, from Wuhan China. The Chinese come from Canaan through their ancestor, Sino (the Sinites), the son of Canaan (Gen 10:17).

Be Blessed!
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