The Week’s Most Prophetic Headlines In Review – Week of May 09, 2021

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Third wave of COVID-19 ‘inevitable’, says top [India] govt adviser; virus kills record 3,780 in 24 hrs

Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by design)

Government caught “scrubbing” Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths

Uber, Lyft to Provide Free Rides to Covid-19 Vaccine Sites Until July 4

Top US health advisor Dr Fauci backed controversial Wuhan lab for risky coronavirus research

China, Fauci and the Origins of Covid

CDC Officially Recommends COVID Jab for Pregnant Women

Fauci’s agency spent over $400k on experiments grafting aborted fetal scalps onto mice and rats

Vaccine Effects

Why We’re Not Hearing About COVID Vaccine Side Effects

Calgary, Canada pastor jailed for daring to open church

Drs. Tenpenny, Palevsky latest “Critical Thinking” show

Israel and its citizens will meet a horrific end over the coming 2 or 3 years

Reuters: Muslims, Jews have higher COVID death rate, UK figures indicate Do you think that’s an accident? China hates Jews and Muslims and their respective religions.

New Jersey doctor dies of Covid on trip to India — After getting both Pfizer shots in USA

Indian Health Ambassador Gets COVID Vaccine Live on TV to Show Everyone How Safe It Is – Dies 2 Days Later

8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccine Can Kill You

From Mind Control To Viruses: How The Government Keeps Experimenting On Its Citizens

Vaccine Passports

Overwhelming Proof, the Vaccine Passport Is a TRAP

UMass Amherst Students Suspended for Being Maskless Outdoors, Off-Campus


Globalist Bill Gates’ Agenda

New Oregon Law Seeks to Ban Meat

The countdown to mass famine has begun, and people you know will starve

Bill Gates-Funded Company Releases Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in US

Melinda Gates Apparently had Problems with Her Husband Bill Gates’ Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

White House

Chinese State-Run News Agency Xinhua Registers as Foreign Agent in US

Hyperinflation begins in America as gas stations and refineries SHUT DOWN

More than 178,000 illegally crossed southern U.S. border in April, a two-decade high


Beijing’s Mouthpiece Calls for Missile Strikes on Australia

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Lays Out Plan to Control Global Internet: Leaked Documents

China shuts down Bible App, Christian WeChat as new crackdown policies go into effect

Nephilim / Aliens

HUMANITY may be just weeks away from finding out the truth about UFOs and potential aliens
The engineered mass famine in America is now under way, with the deep state sabotage of the Colonial Pipeline already causing trucking to suffer fuel shortages across Southeast states, impairing some food deliveries.

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