The Week’s Most Prophetic Headlines In Review – Week of February 21, 2021

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Read and/or listen to this week’s Jerusalem Report: COVID Vaccine IS the Mark of the Beast. Let me show why, how and what it means.



US woman died after receiving coronavirus-infected lungs during organ transplantation, study reveals

Family of pregnant woman who died of COVID say she was wary of getting vaccine

Death of mother, fetus highlights sharp rise in COVID infections among pregnant It’s called a “baby”! Mothers have babies, not fetuses.

Spain: Second Pfizer Shots Halted After 46 Nursing Home Residents Die After the First Shot

‘Dozens and Dozens’ of Teachers in Northern Italy Call in Sick After Taking AstraZeneca’s Experimental mRNA Injection

Hospitals in France Forced to SLOW DOWN Covid Experimental Injections as Healthcare Workers Fall Ill in Droves

Health Care Worker in Orange County, California Dies Four Days After Getting Experimental COVID-19 Injection

22 Elderly with Dementia Dead in 1 Week After the Experimental mRNA COVID Injection in the Netherlands

Immunologist: Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Could Cause Long-Term Chronic Illness


CCP Withheld Pandemic-Relevant Data From Public, Leaked Documents Reveal Huh! Ya don’t say! Then how was the WHO able to determine that the Wuhan virus did not come from Wuhan, huh!? Liars, the lot of them!

In Hunt for Covid-19 Origin, WHO Team Focuses on Two Animal Types in China – Ferret, badgers and rabbits

50% of mild, moderate COVID patients still have symptoms after 6 months – study

Hospitals in France forced to SLOW DOWN covid vaccinations as healthcare workers fall ill in droves

Keep that mask on: Fauci says face coverings could be needed even in 2022, as he defines new ‘normality’

Health Ministry reportedly to seek nighttime curfew over Purim festival Why? Close to 90% of people aged 60 and older in the country have received their first dose of Pfizer’s 2-dose vaccine so far. Now, data collected by Israel’s Ministry of Health show that there was a 41% drop in confirmed COVID-19 infections in that age group, and a 31% drop in hospitalizations from mid-January to early February. In comparison, for people aged 59 and younger — of which just more than 30% have been vaccinated — cases dropped by only 12% and hospitalizations by 5% over the same time. The figures are based on analysis of roughly a quarter of a million COVID-19 infections. 

Israel releases astonishing results about effectiveness of COVID vaccine

As Israel Reopens, ‘Whoever Does Not Get Vaccinated Will Be Left Behind’ Imagine the Jews preaching to people about beling “left behind”!

Vaccine CRACKDOWN! – Israeli Grocery Stores DEMAND Vaccine ID!

Trucking, Freight Industry Seek Faster Route to Covid-19 Vaccinations

Poop Could Be Our New Secret Weapon Against Mutant COVID Strains

Zuckerberg said in July 2020: “I do just want to make sure that I share some caution on this [vaccine] because we just don’t know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people’s DNA and RNA … basically the ability to produce those antibodies and whether that causes other mutations or other risks downstream. So, there’s work on both paths of vaccine development.”

First cases of H5N8 bird flu strain detected in humans: Seven poultry workers in Southern Russia infected, reveals health watchdog



Aldous Huxley told everyone what the New World Order was planning 63 years ago

WhatsApp will not allow users to read or send messages if new privacy rules rejected

Pope’s visit to Iraqi Ziggurat to bring together several faiths – and hopefully lure more visitors The Pope will pray in the ancient city of Chaldea from where Abraham hails in order to unite the world into one religion – Chrislam.

No Jews to be present for Pope’s Ur prayer

Biden climate policy on track to punish blue-collar America, prop up Putin, experts warn

NASA warns of STADIUM-SIZED asteroid headed towards Earth


Amazon quietly ends sales of books it labels ‘hate speech’

YouTube Takes Down New Trump Interview


With Chinese Media Under Control, Beijing Sets Sights on Foreign News

China’s Crackdown on Muslims Spreads to Tropical Hainan


In act of utter hatred, Israel to send excess vaccines around the world as an act of diplomacy rather than giving them to the Palestinians

ISIS STRIKE BACK Ten thousand ISIS fighters poised for new wave of terror after bloodthirsty jihadis exploit Covid to rebuild


Damaged Fukushima Reactors Leaking Coolant After Last Weekend’s 7.3 Earthquake

Electric Customers in North Texas Stuck with Electric Bills as High as $17,000 Following Cold Snap

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