The Week’s Most Prophetic Headlines In Review – Week of February 14, 2021

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President Harris…

Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall Transcript in Full—President on Trump, Vaccines and More Here’s an excerpt:

COOPER: You’ve made passing a COVID relief bill the focus of your first 100 days. Those on the right say the proposal is too big. Some on the left say it’s not big enough. Are you committed to passing $1.9 trillion bill or is that final number still up for negotiation?

BIDEN: I’m committed to pass — look, here’s — some of you are probably economists or college professors or you’re teachers in school. This is the first time in my career — and as you can tell, I’m over 30 — the first time in my career that there is a consensus among economists left, right, and center that is over — and including the IMF and in Europe, that overwhelming consensus is, in order to grow the economy a year, two, three, and four down the line, we can’t spend too much.

WSJ-Biden’s Endless Winter: Thank goodness this statement is not accurate. There is not an “overwhelming consensus” among economists that no amount of federal spending is excessive. This column is often skeptical of conventional expert opinion. But even for those who aren’t, the Biden economic plan is notable for the way it has drawn criticism not just from economists in the center and on the right but from Mr. Biden’s own former colleagues on the left. Many of the critiques specifically warn that he is indeed spending too much taxpayer money on a recovering economy which does not need another massive intervention.

Biden calls for gun law reform on anniversary of Parkland shooting

Navarro: Republican Party Must Move Forward With Trump Priorities

Facebook “bans” Australia

Bill Gates: ‘All rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef’


The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis

Entire School District in Ohio Cancels Classes After Too Many School Staff Have Negative Reactions to the Experimental COVID mRNA Injections

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Expresses Concern About COVID-19 Vaccines in Leaked Footage

Web of Players Trying to Silence Truth

Covid-19 pandemic: China ‘refused to give data’ to WHO team Yeah? Then how did the WHO issue its statement that the Wuhan disease did not come from Wuhan?

One-Third of Troops Turning Down CCP Virus Vaccine: Pentagon

Double masking becomes a fashion statement

Wearing 2 masks required to enter some federal courthouses in NY

COVID-19 Has Made Americans Lonelier than Ever – Here’s How AI Can Help

Crippling storm hampers vaccinations as FEMA opens new sites

UK Lockdown to be eased when cases ‘fall below 1,000’ as every adult ‘vaccinated by August’

Covid-19 Dims Job Prospects, So Young People Sign Up for the Military


Trump Impeachment Attorney Canceled by Law School, Civil Rights Law Group

Fired Football Coach Sues School Officials for Retaliation Over Political Differences

Elementary students in Philadelphia forced to celebrate Angela Davis in simulated Black Power rally

Pure Racism: New York City Principal Sends Home White Identities List to Parents to Convert Them to the “White Traitors” Stage of Whiteness


Record Breaking Winter

Mexico Blames U.S. as Energy Crisis Spills Across the Border

Sweden Shows Texas How to Keep Turbines Going in Icy Weather


China topples US as EU’s top trade partner over 2020

China Targets America’s Rare Earth Vulnerability

China buying EU companies, expanding forced labor


Biden ‘methodically ignoring’ Netanyahu, says expert on US-Israel relations

BUT… The call is made: Netanyahu and Biden finally speak

New Sec. of State refuses to back Israeli sovereignty in Golan Heights

Jerusalem: Rabbi calls on 70 Nations to Organize, Establish Half-Shekel as World Reserve Currency

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