The War Between The Left And Right

Believe it or not, the chaos that is rising in America and globally can be boiled down to a few simple factors all of which are fulfilling prophecies and prophetic patterns.


You probably realize by now that you have found yourself an active participant in a war, one not of your making but created by an ever widening split between the ideologies of the Left and Right. And not only are you in a war not of your own making but you are the target. The problem with this war is that the enemy may or may not be easily identifiable.

America is not the only place where this war is being waged but this report will focus on America because the problems in America have already spread around the globe, for instance, to Myanmar where this past week there was a military takeover of the country because of election fraud from their November 8, 2020 election. Sound familiar? And yes, Dominion voting machines were used there. President Joe Biden is freaking out because if it can happen there, it can happen in America.

It has been for decades that the rot happening in America has spread to the rest of the world both among the modern Western nations and to the third world countries. America leads the world in everything that is going wrong on the earth. America, through President Donald Trump opened the door to the final phase running up to the last 7 years that man has to mess up everything before Yeshua comes!

So, now, the world finds itself with two ideologies that are now at war with each other. Their respective adherents do not wear uniforms, they are only identifiable by the hatred spewed from the Left to the Right. But don’t take that statement as that I am saying the Right is a victim of the Left. Oh no! The Right has had its hands in the mud, too.

The Left’s ideology is mostly secular and atheistic. The Right is mostly religious. These are the broad strokes.

President Donald Trump’s presidency did not start the widening rift between the Left and Right. He merely escalated it by uniting two religious ideologies – Judaism and Christianity. Under his presidency, Jews and Evangelicals united in a way not seen before in modern history. Trump appealed to both religious groups who actually have the same agenda to make Jerusalem the capital of the earth thus fulfilling Apostle John’s vision in the Book of Revelation about the rise of Mystery Babylon.

You’ve heard me say much about the rise of Jerusalem as Mystery Babylon over the last 2.5 years after the modern UN-created State of Israel passed its Jewish State bill in July 2018 making Israel a “Jewish-only” state. Trump’s Jerusalem policy made this possible.

The Jewish Chabad Cabal now pushes Jewish supremacy and is actively engaged in “gathering” converts from other religions in a manmade “ingathering” of the Jewish kind.

But there is another religious entity across the Atlantic from Israel that has been hiding behind various names since the 1970s and Ronald Reagan’s time without which most of this would not have been made possible. This religious movement has hidden behind the names “Moral Majority”, “Christian Right” and more particularly and recently “Christian Zionism” AKA “Christian Dominionism”. Christian Dominionism (Zionism) is a Christian supremacy doctrine and one that matches Jewish supremacy doctrine in ferocity.

Unlike Jews who claim all of Israel for themselves, Christian Dominionists (Zionists) are happy to help the Jews achieve this because the Christian Dominionists will be holding down the fort until Jesus comes to take them to the place of their inheritance – heaven.

Christian Dominionists believe they must control the “7 mountains” or cultural areas of American and global life: family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government and to help the religious Jews achieve Israel being a religious Jewish only State. Thus, the end times rebellious Houses of Israel and Judah are finally united in a cause – the handing over of all Israel to just the 4 tribes out of the 12 that the Jews recognize as being with them.

This article titled, Hidden in Plain Sight: Dominion Theology, Spiritual Warfare, and Violence in Latin America, applies to the US also since Christian Dominionism imposes its moral right to rule in all nations. Whereas the Jews want everyone to gather in the UN-created Jewish-only State of Israel, Christian Dominionism wants to dominate the rest of the world. Effectively, this two-horned Beast (Revelation 13:11-18) wants to divide the globe between them. I will explain the prophetic significance of this in a minute and how YHVH plans to handle these 2 groups of His people.

The article states that in Latin America …Evangelicals have entered the political arena in force. Many are motivated by ‘Dominion theology’, a long hidden movement that works to bring a network of conservative Christians to political power in order to affect ‘dominion’ over the earth to hasten the Kingdom of God. Although its origins are in the United States, this is a global movement, hidden in plain sight.

Let me reiterate that Latin American evangelicals were led into the political arena by American evangelicals. Thus, I will use this article to describe what has happened in America because it happened in America first.

Dominion theology demand[s] the politization of the faith to reconstruct a Godly society from the rubble of secular liberalism. … Dominion theology claims that evangelical Christians are charged by God to ‘claim dominion’ over their home nations, if not the entire world.

This may seem correct to those practicing religion. But to those who understand that YHVH did not create a religion – He created a nation – it will be understood that anything man’s religions do will only worsen mankind’s situation before YHVH.

These 2 religions are the horns on the 2nd beast of Rev 13 who both claim the lamb, Judaism through Passover (which Christians don’t observe) and the cross symbol of Yeshua the lamb of God. The politization of Dominionism/Zionism started the rift in American politics in the 1970s, came to the forefront under Reagan’s ‘moral majority’ and has continued to strengthen since then. And no, I am not saying the Left are victims. I’ll get to them in a minute.

This two-horned beast of Judaism and Christianity will cause the rise of the Antichrist because Judaism is looking for a messiah of its own making (John 5:43) and Christians want to see the return of Jesus. The latter will be deceived by the Christian perceived closeness between the Jews and themselves. The Jews will convince Christians that the coming Jewish messiah, who will actually be the Antichrist, is the one the Christian Dominionists/Zionists have been expecting.  

Back to the article.

The principal goal of dominion theology and the seven-mountain mandate is the political and religious domination of the world, country by country, through the implementation of the moral laws and sanctions of the Bible, particularly of the Old Testament. (All except the correct Sabbath, of course… And those dietary laws – they have to go. Oh! And the observing the 7 Feasts of YHVH instead of Christmas and Easter. Oh! Oh! And then being sure to only observe those Feasts in Jerusalem… Aside from that and a few other laws Christians know nothing about, they want to impose some of the things they agree with from the Old Testament on the whole world).

The prophetic significance of this is found in the Old Testament. History is prophecy. These 2 religions, Judaism and Christianity, are descended from ancient Israel’s split Kingdom and its House of Judah and House of Israel. Both religions are at once united with each other yet at war with each other, and like their ancient Israelite forebears continue in their various rebellions against YHVH’s Torah.

America is the end times headquarters and leader of the globally scattered Ephraimites and the current state of affairs in America is repeating a Biblical pattern established in ancient Israel through the infighting between various factions wherein wars were fought and kings of Israel were assassinated (King Nadab killed by Baasha (1 Kings 14:20, 15:25–29), King Elah killed by Zimri (1 Kings 16), King Zimri killed by Omri (also in 1 Kings 16), Joran killed by Jehu (2 Kings 9-10), King Zachariah killed by Shallum (2 Kings 15:8–12), Shallum killed by Menahem (2 Kings 15:13–17), King Pekahiah killed by Pekah (2 Kings 15:25)).

The infighting that happened in ancient Israel has been repeated in every country where the Israelites were scattered throughout world history and it is now happening again in America. This infighting has led to the deaths of Presidents: Abraham Lincoln (1865), James A. Garfield (1881), William McKinley (1901), and John F. Kennedy (1963). Additionally, two presidents have been injured in attempted assassinations: Theodore Roosevelt (1912; former president at the time) and Ronald Reagan (1981).

The House of Judah are the Jews. They are scattered around the world in all countries, too, but now the State of Israel encourages them to make Aliyah to occupy the land from where they plan to rule the world. Neither contingent of this two-horned beast has explained how they will both rule the world from their various capitals – Jerusalem and Washington DC.

The problem for this two-horned beast is that mankind has reached the end of the line. We are now in the 120th jubilee that YHVH promised to Noah (Genesis 6:3). This time, the violence and chaos will be such that Yeshua will have to come rescue His Bride, the Israelite remnant, or they will all die (Matthew 24:22, Mark 13:20). This trouble is only beginning and will continue to escalate.

The modern UN-created State of Israel is in turmoil with its 4th election. It appears that the longshot runner, Yair Lapid, is now in direct opposition to Netanyahu, something few in Israel saw coming. It may be that the Leftist, non-religious, secular Lapid will do in Israel what Biden did in America. Lapid may take the reigns from the religious Right in Israel and turn it to the Left, as well.

Eventually, the Jewish people will tire of the turmoil and rise up like the ancient Israelites did and ask for a king to be set over them (1 Samuel 8:5). The Nascent Sanhedrin will be happy to trot out the messiah of their own making AKA the Antichrist. The appearance of this Jewish messiah will trigger the 7-year Tribulation.

The Tribulation’s purpose is to destroy the religions of Israel! And not only Judaism and Christianity but Islam, too. The Tribulation is not for punishing the nations. It is for punishing YHVH’s people who are still rejecting Him and continuing in their rebellion against the covenant they made at Mount Sinai over 3500 years ago! The nations will be punished because they also have a wicked agenda which is to destroy all of Jacob’s descendants.

Donald Trump played in both circles, Judaism and Christianity, and because of him the two-horned beast rose up. He united Jews and Christians into a single cause, that of making Jerusalem the capital of Israel, but also escalated their separate causes which opened the door for Israel to be a Jewish-only State while promoting the cause of Christian Dominionism in America and inspiring it across the globe.

That very generalized and brief overview of the Kingdom’s perspective of the Right side of politics will now be countered with an even more brief overview of the Left’s secular agenda which is really quite simple. The Left wants nothing to do with God, even those who claim to believe in God. They only want to relegate belief in God to the realm of ancient and modern mythology. It is ok to believe in a god, if one must, but it is not ok to claim that God has any rules for living and that we all need to live by them. Rather, for them, it is man who makes the rules.

It turns out, though, that the Left is violent and vicious in ways that our generation did not imagine. They are possessed of the Leviathan twisting spirit. One way they twist things to their liking is to change the definition of words, words like “gender” and “unity”. These now mean a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man and the unity part is that everyone must agree or be persecuted for disagreeing.

The Left cries “white supremacist” everywhere. Why? This is a reference to the two-horned beast with its two separate Jewish and Christian supremacy doctrines. The Leviathan spirit is trying to bite the head off of the two-horned beast!

The battle in America also rages all over the globe. On the world stage are the two communist ideologies – Russian Bolshevik communism and Chinese Maoist Communism. These 2 countries are involved in wars and skirmishes everywhere trying to push their separate ideologies.

Russian Bolshevik communism tolerates Judaism and Christianity today even though that was not the case in the past. In fact, Putin has been working with the religious Jews and Christians for decades. As Russian Bolshevik communism evolved into more tolerance of religion, Chinese Maoist communism has evolved into greater intolerance of religion.

Russian Bolshevik communism shares much in common with Judaism’s Kabbalah1 2 (see the linked superscript articles) while the Chinese Maoist communism is atheistic.

The Right knows there is a God and that there are rules. They just don’t understand them and they don’t want to obey even if they do understand them just like their House of Israel ancestors. The Left, however, doesn’t buy it nor do they want to hear it! Because the Right speaks so loudly about “morals” from the Bible, the Left just wants to kill everyone on the Right. To this end, the first battle in this war is called “cancel culture”.


The Left are now coming after the Right both nationally and individually. In this Democrat blueprint by the Secular Democrats of America that was given to Joe Biden in November 2020, we read: We ask that you counter this movement’s narrative by actively working to dismantle its grip on our government and counter its inaccurate and revisionist messaging around our nation’s founding. It is no longer enough just to champion the rights of minorities and marginalized communities or to promote inclusion and equality. We urge you to champion America’s original constitutional secularism and the separation of church and state as core governing principles that protect religious freedom for people of all faiths—and none at all.

“This movement” is a reference to the Right and its religious Dominionist ideology.

The rise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat. We recommend you: encourage the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to dedicate resources to deradicalization programs aimed at hate groups, including, but not limited to, white nationalists; increase monitoring of such groups, including the online environment, and take action to address increased hate crimes toward minority faith communities; and shift rhetoric to label violent white nationalist extremists as terrorists.

Folks, this has already been done. The DHS has already stepped which I will show you in a moment. There they define what they’re fighting against. Christians. The blueprint goes on to say that thousands of people of all religious faiths and none at all are suffering under religious oppression—including imprisonment, execution, and state-sanctioned mob violence for blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy—all over the world. The United States and its allies should take the lead in freeing people from religious imprisonment and persecution, and defending the dignity and equal rights of all believers and non-believers at home and abroad.

They then ask Biden to work with Congress to pass H.Res. 512/S.Res. 458, a bipartisan resolution that calls for the global repeal of blasphemy, apostasy, and heresy laws.

There is so much wrong with the Leftists’ brains that I barely know where to begin. They’re calling for the US government to stop Christianity in America through persecution of Christians and then they call for the opposite – the stopping of persecution.

The flaw in the legislation they called for is that the US does not have legislative authority over the entire globe! As a world leader, the US can encourage other nations to follow but it cannot legislate laws in other nations.

It is clear that the Lefts want to do away with the Right. Not “unity” is what they want, but conformity. It will either be conformity or misery and possibly death.

This war between the Left and Right is not limited to America. It is global and it is against America the nation, too. The lesser battles may be fought within national borders like Myanmar, America and elsewhere but there is a greater war starting, a global one. Let’s examine the global Left’s Moaist Chinese that have been coming after America with the help of the Obama and Biden administrations.

This Epoch Times article, Beijing Tells Biden Administration to Play by the CCP’s Rules, says China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi warned the Biden administration not to cross Beijing’s “red line” in a half-hour speech on the evening of Feb. 1.

“The United States should stop interference in the affairs of Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang,” Yang said, calling the issues regarding the three regions China’s “internal affairs.”

Yang added: “They constitute a red line that must not be crossed. Any trespassing would end up undermining China-U.S. relations and the United States’ own interests.”

Of course, it is ok for China to interfere in the US and US elections and so forth. And they do have a precedent for this because the Obama and Biden administrations have been in the process of handing over America’s economy along with its security to the Chinese for almost 12 years.

Yang called on the Biden administration to “restore” the China-U.S. relationship to a “predictable and constructive track of development.”

He named areas in which he said the two countries could cooperate, including drug control and cybersecurity.

Read between the lines. Yang wants as much legal access as it can get to US cybersecurity information and for the US to engage with China in its false flag drug war against the US. These are the 2 excuses that the Chinese have provided Biden with for establishing closer ties with China to further his China pivot not to mention any more about the shutting down of the Keystone Pipeline which will likely become an inroad for the CCP to establish its Belt & Road Initiative on American soil with low-paying solar and wind jobs which Americans won’t take which will in turn make it necessary for the CCP to import Chinese workers into America. I talked about all that last week.

China is the largest source of illicit fentanyl and fentanyl-like substances in the United States….

According to data from the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were 70,630 drug overdose deaths in the United States in 2019; the majority of the deaths were related to the use of fentanyl.

Fentanyl is 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroin. As little as two milligrams is considered a lethal dosage for most people.

And now, China has also brought Sars-CoV2 onto the world stage to help Biden overthrow Trump’s Rightist presidency.

While China pushes on Biden, Biden and the Left Democrats are pushing on DVEs (Domestic Violent Extremists). That’s those on the religious Right!

The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin [on January 27, 2021] due to a heightened threat environment across the United States, which DHS believes will persist in the weeks following the successful Presidential Inauguration.

  • Throughout 2020, Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) targeted individuals with opposing views engaged in First Amendment-protected, non-violent protest activity.

They’re talking about those protests that their Leviathan spirit insists were peaceful. You remember, those protests that burned cities and killed dozens of people including police.

DVEs motivated by a range of issues, including anger over COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 election results, [now we’re really getting to it] and police use of force have plotted and on occasion carried out attacks against government facilities.

 Burning cities and killing police by Leftist protestors – oh, say in Portland! – was ok, but as soon as someone on the Right goes for the head of Leviathan, the Democratic Left, suddenly that is not ok.

 Long-standing racial and ethnic tension—including opposition to immigration—has driven DVE attacks, including a 2019 shooting in El Paso, Texas that killed 23 people.

  • DHS is concerned these same drivers to violence will remain through early 2021 and some DVEs may be emboldened by the January 6, 2021 breach of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. to target elected officials and government facilities.
  • DHS remains concerned that Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVEs) inspired by foreign terrorist groups, who committed three attacks targeting government officials in 2020, remain a threat.

These are “homegrown” extremists like those who attacked the Capitol building. Those extremists are influenced by unnamed foreign terrorist groups. However, the Left is proud to announce online the foreign entities (China) backing Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups. But that’s ok because the Left’s ally, China, only has America’s best interests at heart.

  • Threats of violence against critical infrastructure, including the electric, telecommunications and healthcare sectors, increased in 2020 with violent extremists citing misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 for their actions.

This may be DHS’s way of giving some small inclusion about the Left’s protests but it also provides an excuse for their actions – COVID restrictions. The only excuse for the Right is their damned religion!

  • DHS, as well as other Federal agencies and law enforcement partners will continue to take precautions to protect people and infrastructure across the United States.
  • DHS remains committed to preventing violence and threats meant to intimidate or coerce specific populations on the basis of their religion, race, ethnicity, identity or political views.

Which specific population does this memo target? Those speaking against the Left or those speaking against the Right? We are already seeing that speaking against the Left is now prohibited for the Right but going beyond speaking against the Right by the Left into actual persecution is supported by the Left.

The Left blames Trump for the incitement but the Obama-era with its agenda to destroy America and turn it into a Maoist Communist nation where religious people can be put to death for their beliefs is the real culprit! The attack on the US Capitol building was driven by fear and anger. The Leftist protests of 2020 were created to instigate war. Now that the Left has it, they justify their instigation as the right thing to have done.


Rightwing US individual citizens – religious or simply conservative, are being persecuted now. Here is something Tucker Carlson had to say about it this week.

But, you know, Doug Mackey’s a special case. He’s a journalist and he has opinions… From 2016. Aren’t there some kind of statutory limits on memes like there are for rape?

Here’s an excerpt about a non-journalist, a regular citizen who has been canceled by the cultural Left. Glenn Beck has the story.

This woman was fired over her choice of social media.


Dictators crack down on dissenting opinions of themselves. This kind of crackdown is exactly what the dictatorial Left is doing to the Right. The Left’s new weapon against the Right is big tech. Here is Dr. Mercola.

Restriction of free speech has accelerated in recent months, when Facebook, Twitter and YouTube took the unprecedented steps of silencing the U.S. president’s social media accounts.

Regardless of one’s political affiliations, the move highlights the immense control that corporations have over online information and how it can be yielded to support, or dismantle, certain agendas.

Zachary Vorhies, a Big Tech insider for more than eight years [and] former senior software engineer at Google and …YouTube, said everything was great — and then something happened: Donald Trump won the election in 2016. In the first week after the 2016 election, Vorhies [said that] Google had an all-hands meeting.

The company’s CFO broke down in tears over the election results, while founder Sergey Brin said he was personally offended by them. In short, the bosses at Google were devastated by Trump’s unexpected victory, and soon after Vorhies said, “The company took a hard left and abandoned liberal principles and went toward authoritarian management of products and services.”

Eventually, …Vorhies realized Google …appeared to be attempting a coup on the president.

According to Vorhies, at the all-hands meeting that took place shortly after the 2016 presidential election, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that one of the most successful things they had done during the election was applying “machine learning” to hide fake news.

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that’s [now] behind Google’s rampant censorship — something they’ve dubbed Machine Learning Fairness, or ML Fairness. “As you imagine,” Vorhies said…, “they’re not going to call their censorship regime something bad. They’re going to call it something like ‘fairness.’”

“So, if you’re against that, you’re against fairness. It’s a euphemism. I discovered there was this umbrella project, ‘ML Fairness,’ and there were these subcomponents like ‘Project Purple Rain,’ which is a 24-hour response team that is monitoring the internet,” he said.

By 2017, Vorhies had uncovered more than 950 pages of confidential Google documents showing a plan to re-rank the entire internet based on Google’s corporate values, using machine learning to intervene for “fairness.” He resigned in June 2019 and turned over the documents to the Department of Justice, then released them to the public via Project Veritas to expose Google’s censorship activities.

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, made pushing down “fake news” and increasing “authoritative news” sound like a good thing, …but when Vorhies looked at Google’s design documents, the fake news they were censoring wasn’t really fake.

One method used by Google to censor free speech is through the internet’s sudden rise of “fact checkers”. This is another form of censorship that’s interfering with free discourse….Data from Duke University Reporters’ Lab [shows that] “fact check groups more than quadrupled in number over five years from 44 to 195.” Fact-checking now represents a multimillion-dollar industry that stands to benefit certain interests.

“Facebook and Google are major funders of news organizations and fact check efforts,” “spending hundreds of millions of dollars.” The problem with labeling something as “false and misleading information” is the damage that occurs if said information is not actually false or misleading. When a banner pops up on social media warning readers that the content is false, most people will not click through.

See what was learned by the collusion between social media like Facebook and the government that I spoke about last week? They studied us and found out how to outsmart most people.


Here is Glenn Beck talking about Biden’s oligarchs, what scripture calls the “merchants of the earth” (Revelation 18:3, 11).

The Book of Revelation talks about the power of the merchants of the earth and how they will cry and whine when Mystery Babylon is blown to pieces. Did you ever wonder how they would get that much power by the end of days? Here is a Breitbart article to shed some light.

During Sunday’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News Channel, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) warned of big corporations acting as “the hand of the government.”

According to Hawley, Democrats are cheering on big tech companies and big corporations to use their “unprecedented concentration of power” to impose their viewpoints on the American public.

“The Democrats, they love what tech is doing,” Hawley added. “When … tech destroyed Parler, destroyed a competitor, you talk about an antitrust violation, the Democrats cheered them on. They thought that was wonderful. When tech is out there censoring conservatives, kicking them off the platform, they thought that was wonderful. They want them to do more. What they basically want to do is use these corporations as the hand of government.”

It turns out that the governments of the earth will hand their authority over to the merchants of the earth in exchange for the merchants doing their bidding to harm citizens through censorship and spying on them.

These “merchants of the earth”, thankfully, will have a very short-lived existence.

The Jerusalem Report is produced so that you can see the action from YHVH’s throne room perspective. Too many of our people are still possessed of the idea that they need to fight on the side of Right! Wrong! Neither the Left nor the Right’s views qualify as part of Yeshua’s Kingdom. He has no place in His Kingdom for atheists. His people who are trapped in religion do have a place there through the blood price that bought them for those who believe in Him but they will have to give up religion and repent of their sins committed while adhering to those religions. What is the alternative to religion? Being a citizen of Biblical Israel. Start being an Israelite instead of a Jew, Christian or Muslim.  Start obeying every commandment and have the testimony of Yeshua!

It is imperative that YHVH’s Bride step away from this battle between the Right and Left. We have no part in that. This is now YHVH’s war. We must wait for Him and His heavenly host to come and conquer all the world – both the religious world of Jacob’s end time descendants who are trapped in the falseness of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and their atheistic enemies.

Folks, America is Babylon. Israel is Babylon. Come out of her in every way there is available to do that including removing your body from the danger zone.

Be Blessed!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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