Gog-Magog: The Culmination Of Two Wars Simultaneously

Here is an insight about the Ezekiel 38 war. The descriptions of the two different armies has the hallmarks of two different wars happening at the same time but on Israeli soil.

The alef tav which is translated as “with” in Ezekiel 38:5 would be better translated as “against”, I believe. The reason I believe this is because in all other instances throughout scripture where Israel was attacked by an invading army, the “alef tav” is translated into English as “against”. In the interest of consistency, then, I believe it makes sense, from the description of the Persian invading army entering Israel, that the word “against” is a better choice when the Persian army invades Israel. The Invasion will not be “with” the Gog army described in verses 1-4 but “against” it.

Gog is a different army from the Persian army. There are two different descriptions of these armies – Gog in verses 1-4 and Persia in verse 5-6.

Verse 7 returns to dealing with Gog and how his army is be a “guard”. The words “to them” were added by the English translators. Interestingly, the US has been in Israel “guarding” it since 2017 when the US permanent military base was inaugurated in June 2017 by the US National Guard General who, in his speech, said the US was there to “guard” Israel.

I say all that to say this about a news story today from the Jordan News. Egypt and Jordan are concerned that Israel, in the midst of trying to rid itself of Gaza, is also trying to push all the Palestinians out of Israel from both Gaza and the West Bank. Indeed, the IDF’s attacks on Palestinians and Palestinian towns and cities in the West Bank is on the rise.

The Jordan Option has been on the table since 1980 under PM Begin and President Reagan who thought up this wicked plan to remove a population whose DNA is 61% from the House of Jacob. This population plus the Jews represents the physical descendants of Jacob. We know the Kingdom is not inherited by flesh and blood but YHVH declared that Biblical Israel is comprised of 12 tribes. So the Israeli government trying to oust all non-Jews is tantamount to flipping YHVH in the face to say “only 4 tribes will inherit the promised land, thank you”.

Ezekiel 38:21 says the war in the mountains of Israel will be a war of “brother against “brother”, “Jacob-ites” against “Jacob-ites”. Egypt and Jordan are trying to prevent Israel from pushing all Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt and from the West Bank into Jordan to make Jordan become the “new Palestinian State” so that Israeli Jews can have the land of promised land all to themselves. Of course, after pushing all the Palestinians out of Israel, the next to be pushed out will be anyone who believes in Yeshua as God in the flesh.

While Israel is busy trying to force the Palestinians into Egypt and Jordan, Gog will come in to guard Israel against threats made by the surrounding Arab nations who won’t like this idea. The internal war between the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza will further erupt, and when that happens, the King of the North will strike!

So, I leave you with this for consideration. Thank you for reading this short post.

Be Blessed!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown


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