Avoid Judaism At All Costs

The news that our dear friends in Aqaba had decided to deny Yeshua was devastating. My husband and I were on vacation when the announcement was made and had no way to talk with them. It was not a surprise, exactly.

The  night before traveling to Jerusalem for Shavuot, Bob and Val Parham told us they were headed in this direction because of Jewish anti-missionary books they had received from Rivkah Lambert Adler, a mutual friend from Ma’ale Adumim, Israel.

Bob asked us to refute what Asher Norman said in 26 Reasons the Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus upon our return. We asked them to not talk with anyone about their inclination until we returned from our vacation as it was too late to cancel our plans without severe financial cost. He indicated they were only “studying” at that point and they only intended to stop having Shabbat in their home until further notice. We were satisfied they would be silent about their studies until we returned.

The day we arrived at our vacation destination an email was in my inbox from someone in our Aqaba group who had discovered the group in a secret meeting discussing why Yeshua is not the Messiah in Isaiah 53 and using Asher Norman’s book and other anti-missionary books to do it. 

Many from our Aqaba congregation were present at this meeting. The secrecy of the meeting upset the individual, but he was more upset when he was told by Bob the content and purpose of the meeting. They were already recruiting our people for conversion and we still had 3 weeks of vacation left!

We had no way to communicate with them electronically, by phone or otherwise. Every option was blocked for various reasons. So, I wrote this article for our entire congregation so that everyone would plainly see the reasons we must not convert to Judaism.

Word of the article got out and it was sent around the world by an angry member of our congregation. Hanoch Young asked John Wyatt to send it and became incensed at its content. I believe YHVH wanted to have this message be sent out. This 10-page article became the first and foundation of many articles in Beast Watch News to explain why we are so near the end of days, the violations the Israeli Jews are perpetrating against the Torah and revealing the Rabbinic conversion agenda and the worldwide Jewish conversion ring.

By the time we returned from our vacation, eight of our congregation had decided to convert. We met with the congregation for Shabbat midrash twice attempting to refute the anti-missionary material, but Valerie and others constantly interrupted or poo-pooed everything we said. 

I had told Bob and Val before we left for Jerusalem that I could easily refute every lie in the anti-missionary material. Refutation is so easy, but they insisted they couldn’t find a way to refute the lies for themselves.

Valerie accused me of sounding like Josh McDowell. I had written almost 20 chapters of notes for a book refuting everything while we were on vacation not vacationing because we were dealing with this devastation. But every time I spoke, they’re attitude was one of rejection. Valerie’s accusation that I sounded like Josh McDowell was strange to me since I did not know who he was. I had to research to find out!

At our second midrash the next Shabbat, they made me “answer for” the article I had written that had angered all of them and Hanoch Young, and by then many others. Their attempt to shame me was unsuccessful. John Wyatt became so angry that he and Sue walked out of the meeting because they could not blow a hole in anything I said in the article.

The result of that meeting was that my husband broke fellowship and friendship with all of them and we went home. But more importantly, one of the eight people repented of even considering denying Yeshua. The number of people denying Yeshua was reduced to seven.

Bob and Val broke their word to be silent about their decision until we returned. Valerie made the excuse that she actually had not talked to anyone in our congregation; each one had come to her to talk, she said. But how did our people know to come to her? She had left several different anti-missionary books lying conspicuously around the living room where we met for Shabbat. Someone would see books and ask to read them.

In fact, this is how Valerie was exposed to the anti-missionary material. During a visit in Ma’ale Adumim with Rivkah Lambert Adler, she saw 26 Reasons Why the Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus lying on a table. She wanted to read it. Valerie says Rivkah tried to talk her out of reading it the way Valerie would later say she tried to talk people out of reading the material.

This is a two-fold method of enticement. First, have the material lying around to get interest, then tell the interested person not to read it unless he wants to have his life changed. Gain the interest, the use reverse psychology to trap him!

Rivkah had given me Let’s Get Biblical! by Tovia Singer during one of my visits at her home at Passover 2017. The book was not lying around. She had to go get it, hand it to me and explain that it would help me understand Jewish rejection of Yeshua. I took the book when she handed it to me, but when I later began reading it saw what it was. I continued to peruse it so I could be conversant about the book with Rivkah and could refute Singer’s deceit later.

I still have Singer’s 2-volume set. While the set was in my Aqaba home, the back cover was destroyed. Per the Torah, I replaced the set with a new one and gave the new set to Rivkah at Sukkot 2017 when I met with her. I am glad to have the destructive material so that I can quote Singer’s lies exactly and refute them completely!

Valerie would tell our interested congregants, as she had told us when I asked her to let me read Asher Norman’s book so I could refute it, that the book would change their lives! I had told her that it would not change mine! I had no intention of ever denying Yeshua! She just smirked.

I did, indeed, receive and read several anti-missionary books from Bob and Val to take from Jerusalem to our vacation destination. But these same books destroyed our people’s faith in Yeshua and Val knew that would happen. It angered her that I could answer every lie the anti-missionaries tell about Yeshua and the New Testament, so she made a demand of me.

Her angry demand was that I provide just one scripture in the Tanach that says we must believe Yeshua is the Messiah. This is an unreasonable demand since she understood well that the New Testament writers relied on the numerous prophecies from the Tanach to prove Yeshua’s Messiah-ship. There isn’t just one; EVERY scripture is about Him, something she taught through “Yeshua pictures in the Old Testament”. 

Rather, the anti-missionaries spend their time going prophecy by prophecy teaching why each one is not about Yeshua. They reject that the scriptures unfold like a scroll (progressive revelation) with new understanding as it unrolls. His name had no need to be given until it was time. 

Just as Genesis foretells the entire account of the Hebrew people all the way to the end of days, the details of those prophecies are not given by YHVH until the time has come. Thus, there is no one scripture in the Tanach that has Yeshua’s name in it. Rather, hundreds of prophecies reveal aspects and attributes of the coming Messiah, both as Messiah ben Yosef (whom the Jews reject) and Messiah ben David.

We hope their blindness is not complete. I believe everyone will be able to repent, even of this, until the moment one takes the Mark of the Beast. Once that is done, the person will have married another and Yeshua is not coming to die for them this time, but to judge!

Please read the article attached. Understand that YHVH’s people have now entered the time of great deception and falling away and that it has to do with the Jewish messiah, Judaism’s doctrine about the messiah that comes through the line of Solomon. 

This was only recently revealed to me by YHVH. It came because I prayed about the disparities in the Matthew and Luke genealogies the anti-missionaries use to destroy the entire New Testament. 

Hang onto Yeshua at all costs and deny the Jewish messiah vehemently!

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