What Do Abortions Have To Do With The Mark Of The Beast?

This week’s broadcast is an intensive study of the nature of the mark of the beast. It doesn’t identify the Antichrist but posits the idea of the mark coming from personal digital ID starting with your acceptance of a non-mark of the beast in the form of a vaccine that be enhanced later on perhaps. Even if you disagree that the mark of the beast is something digital, please listen to this rather technical, at times, broadcast. I have tried to make the technicalities easy to understand. You need to know these things, especially if you believe that 5G and the mark of the beast go hand in hand.




In previous weeks, I have spoken about the possibility that a vaccine will deliver the mark of the beast. Most people don’t know what the mark will entail. The new vaccine delivery method appears to be the means to separate people into one or the other of the two Kingdom systems that exist on the earth. These have existed together on earth since the creation of the human species, a species that ha Satan has repeatedly messed with especially in the realm of genetics. (Remember the situation from the days of Noah.) One Kingdom belongs to the Creator, YHVH Elohim. The other to YHVH’s arch enemy, the created being known as Heylel, the Hebrew name of the Roman church’s Latin name “Lucifer” (Isaiah 14:12). [This was misspoken in the audio].

The Roman Church’s system is only one of many contrived by Heylel. Other religious systems created by Heylel are all designed to have people worship him instead of YHVH because it is the worship of one or the other that defines to which one the person belongs.

The reason the mark of the beast will so easily fool people is because of the current spiritual awakening. This awakening is taking the form of individuals walking in Torah, the Messianic Jewish movement that has picked up steam in recent decades, the Black Hebrew Israelite and the Hebrew Roots Movements. Mostly Christians have awakened to the Torah since 1948 with the bulk of them moving towards Torah since the 1990s. The Catholic and Protestant churches are falling by wayside and will completely crumble when the Jewish Antichrist is revealed.

Heylel’s coming beast system will not look like Babylon, Persia, Greece or Rome although these are the basis of his system. John, in Revelation, calls Jerusalem “Mystery Babylon” not only because YHVH had in the Tanach equated Jerusalem with Babylon https://beastwatchnews.com/why-jerusalem-not-rome-is-mystery-babylon and because the Jews took up Babylon’s mystery religions but also because John was not able to see everything about Mystery Babylon. Our view of Jerusalem is coming clearer only now.

So, Heylel’s Jerusalem Mystery Babylon beast will not look like the former wicked empires. No, it will have a completely different look. It will have the appearance of righteousness. What will that appearance be?

Revelation 13:11 I saw another beast coming up out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke like a dragon. 

The two horns like a lamb are symbolic of Christianity and Judaism. But the “Christian” horn will not be the regular “church” horn that we usually think of. That horn is specific to those who do not keep Easter, but Passover, and who also believe Yeshua is Messiah and God in the flesh.

These Yeshua believers are being targeted by the Rabbinic international conversion ring that Yeshua warned us about.

Matthew 23:15 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel around by sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of Gehenna as yourselves. 

The beast will appear righteous like the lamb that unsuspecting believers associate with God – the God who brought the Israelites out of Egypt and who said He will re-establish His Kingdom after Heylel has had 6,000 years to establish his and which YHVH will conquer.

That beast system, and its mark, has its base in Judaism which is informed by the Kabbalah and other evil mystical practices. Mysticism is all that Heylel has to offer because he cannot offer salvation or eternal life and face-to-face communication with the Creator of the universe, but he can confuse people into believing they can achieve eternal life through their own practices and become god in their own right and this will part of the appeal of the mark of the beast.

People will get caught in the beast’s trap, a system of seemingly righteous religious practices that seem to appeal to Hebrew roots and Messianic Jewish believers and that involve keeping Sabbath, eating kosher and practicing the rituals of clean and unclean. People will be required to enter this Judaism system through some means called a “mark”.

YHVH’s people are marked by the Sabbath. Satan’s people will also be marked by the Sabbath. That is what the buying and selling prohibition is about for those without Heylel’s mark in their flesh. The Sabbath of YHVH marks our soul with His Ruach who seals us; Judaism’s and Heylel’s Sabbath marks the flesh and seals the person for that Kingdom which, by the way, is going away.

Heylel’s, Satan’s, system will be in every way a mimicry of YHVH’s Kingdom system which is a non-religious system. Keeping kosher is evidence that we belong to YHVH as is obeying the rituals of clean and unclean, and all the other… going to Jerusalem for the Feasts and so forth. The beast’s people will also be marked by these things in the flesh by those same practices under the mark of the beast system.

So how will the two groups of people, each members of opposite and competing Kingdoms who are at war with each other, be identified? Heylel cannot use the mere keeping of the Sabbath or these other practices as a mark the way YHVH does because these are activities of YHVH’s righteous Kingdom. Heylel needs a real mark, one that is visible, or that can become visible upon inspection.  

Enter Bill Gates’s new vaccine delivery system – the invisible tattoo otherwise known as “quantum tattoo”. You can read about this technology all over the internet, so I won’t repeat it here. The purpose for bringing this up is to show you how this technology will not only deliver vaccine records embedded in your skin that are invisible to the naked eye but that can be seen with the proper equipment, even smart phones, but the question of which messiah you swear is your messiah can be embedded in there, as well. Will you choose the coming Jewish human messiah who will declare himself god or the messiah of Israel who came through the tribe of Judah 2,000 years ago who proved that He is God in the flesh through many way including the things He said and through His resurrection? This may sound obvious, but let me say it anyway. The lack of acceptance of the Jewish man messiah will result in the lack of a mark of the beast. The lack of a mark will prevent you from entering stores, malls, hospitals, dental offices, banks, and even Temple Mount! You won’t even be able to travel!

Temple Mount authorities already have and used full body scanners. As easily as having put technology into a smart phone that detect the quantum tattoo, that technology will be, and probably already has been, put into full body scanners in anticipation of future need.

The wickedness of Bill Gates’s quantum tattoo vaccine https://bioengineering.rice.edu/news/quantum-dot-tattoos-hold-vaccination-record is even worse that you may think because the original use of the delivery system could come via a healthcare scare like this one. Not only the next tattoo delivery system will be different than needles shots, but the history of vaccinations in itself is wicked and that’s the next topic in today’s report.

Vaccinations are made from aborted babies’ cells. The use of aborted babies’ cells have been the basis of scientific study since the 1960s. One area of study is the means to make humans immortal.

Fetal cells are used by researchers because they are “immortal”. According to this Harvard article from June 2019 https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2019/06/harvard-medical-school-dean-george-daley-voices-concerns-about-new-trump-administration-restrictions-on-use-of-fetal-tissue-in-research/, in which Harvard Medical School Dean George Daley spoke with the Gazette about fetal cells calling them the “workhorses” of the medical research industry and saying they form a line of immortal cells…

…Fetal tissue research …is research on the tissues that result from either elective or spontaneous abortions. 

The use of fetal tissues has contributed to the development of numerous vaccines that have saved countless lives and prevented a huge burden of disease, especially in childhood, as well as various therapeutic strategies for diseases affecting adults.

Stop right there! According to the statements of many doctors, vaccines may – and that is a big “IF” – may prevent disease, but vaccines have not proven to be an effective therapy once the disease is contracted by the individual. So this altruistic statement is nothing but a lie and a way to make a grey area so people can’t choose between the right to life for one over another! It’s why people can’t decide if abortion is murder!

After many decades of experience, we know the cell lines that grow from early fetuses are easier to grow and more plastic in their properties, and consequently have lent themselves to very vigorous establishment and use in laboratories. 

…Cell lines from fetal tissue [are] important research tools. What is a cell line and why is it important to scientific research? 

DALEY: When we establish a colony of cells in a petri dish, growing in a nutrient liquid, those cells will divide: One cell becomes two; two become four; four become eight; and before you know it, you’ve got millions of cells that can be studied. 

GAZETTE: And they’re for a specific type of tissue? 

DALEY: That’s right. We typically establish a population of cells in a petri dish that are all the same cell type. One might cultivate a petri dish full of liver cells or brain cells or muscle cells or blood cells and those become enormously powerful tools for studying tissue development. 

And, at some low frequency, some of these cells will become immortal.

Notice that Daley doesn’t tell us what that specific low frequency is but folks, there’s a clue about one of the reasons for the onslaught of 5G. It uses very high frequencies to send data, but its carrier signal can carry low frequencies, as well. Here is what https://www.phys.uconn.edu/~gibson/Notes/Section5_5/Sec5_5.htm has to say using the music analogy: “if we play two notes, one at 500 Hz and one at 502 Hz, they will beat together with a frequency of 2 Hz. Or, if we play a note at 500 Hz and another at 625 Hz there will be a beat frequency of 125 Hz”. These are called “combination tones”. What we are talking about here is wideband digital communication using “orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is a type of digital transmission and a method of encoding digital data on multiple carrier frequencies”.

The low band – 1 MHz – could be frequency band that will allow fetal cells injected into the body along with a virus that changes your DNA, as we know coronavirus does, to respond as if that body is immortal. The 5GHz band wave will send data signals to the nanobot sand other electronic receptors in the tattoo and in your body to change your behavior if you get out of line.

Back to the Gazette article:

[Non-fetal] cells in a petri dish typically have a limited lifespan. Fetal cells tend to have a much-prolonged lifespan and occasionally will convert into an immortal cell type. That will then be considered a “cell line,” a lineage of cells deriving from its original forebears, but that can be perpetuated forever in culture. 

Many of these lines derived from fetal tissues have become workhorses of research around the globe. (In other words, these cell lines are shared with labs all over the earth.) They’re employed in developing vaccines and have become vehicles for generating and manufacturing gene-therapy products. One can see how vitally important they are to cell biology and to biomedical research. 

GAZETTE: Some people have asked, “Aren’t stem cells a viable replacement for fetal tissue?” 

DALEY: My research over the last two decades has included deriving continuous cell lines from human embryos, creating so-called embryonic stem cell lines. 

These embryonic stem cell lines can grow forever in a petri dish, and they’ve been enormously powerful tools for research and the first therapies derived from embryonic stem cells are being tested in the clinic. However, they alone aren’t an adequate substitute for fetal tissue. We need to compare and contrast the results of our experiments in the petri dish with what actually happens during human fetal development, and for that we need fetal tissue.

For that kind of research, researchers need dead babies! If this doesn’t make you sick, nothing will! Thus, the Planned Parenthood industry feeds the research to create immortality in humans and the research to make immortal humans also disease free.

In this article from 2018 about the use of fetal cell research to create immortality in humans, https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/5-ways-we-can-become-immortal-according-to-modern-science-and-reasons-were-not-immortal-yet-441760/, we read:

Companies like Google are now investing millions of dollars into the research of eternal life. Along with the breakthroughs, scientists have also come across some challenges, as well. 

Immortality has fascinated people for thousands of years. The perspective of living forever has had such a strong case against the fear of dying that people have been looking for an elixir or a remedy to prolong life for many centuries. 

The idea of immortality is so captivating that modern science and medicine may bring us as close to discovering a solution as ever. 

For example, at Northwestern University in the US, scientists learned to turn off the “genetic switch” that causes aging, however, not in humans yet, but in worms. Of course, it’s a huge step from worms to humans, but this technique is already an important achievement. 

Another achievement was to revive old mice by infusing blood from young mice. Researchers think this procedure could also work on humans.

Think Bohemian Grove and all those sacrifices of babies and children and then the participants inject the blood from those sacrifices. They may also be drinking that blood.

Silicon Valley is also involved in this science, and we have some big names standing behind the research. 

A great amount of money is being put forward for immortality research, and there are many celebrities who are involved in the contribution: 

Larry Ellison: one of the five richest men on Earth and one of the owners of Oracle. 

Sergey Brin: co-founder of Google and the Calico foundation, which focuses on health, well-being, and longevity. 

Aubrey de Grey: a scientist and a researcher; the founder of numerous studies on regenerative medicine. 

These famous people confessed that they’re afraid of aging and death and they’re now investing in finding remedies against this seemingly “inevitable” outcome. 

Scientist and author of Ending Aging (2007), Aubrey de Grey, is working on strategies to exclude death from our genes. He is currently working on the “7 deadly SENS” — things that cause aging on a cellular level… 

Folks, these wicked people just told you they know that SIN leads to death! In mimicry of what YHVH said, using the word SENS, they are coming up with their own way to counteract their wages. Here is one of the five ways scientists believe they will be able to achieve immortality: 

Unlocking the gene power: by cracking the mysteries of genes, scientists may be able to find an “immortality gene” and “implant” it.

Think mark of the beast! They have an agenda. It is immortal life without the specter of disease so they won’t have a miserable immortal life dealing with disease. But immortality and cure for all diseases will only include those who take the mark of the beast! But I have a caveat for that so keep listening.

It is hard to find the truth online sometimes, but it is there if you know how to research. I thank YHVH every day that he provided a job where I learned to manipulate the databases online and got paid for it, too! The story that the general population of researchers make is different than what you’ve just heard regarding the use of aborted fetal cells. They put an altruistic and humanitarian spin on it: It’s because some scientists hope they might provide cures for a range of diseases from Parkinson’s to crushed spinal cords.

Stop! The New World Order folks hope to one day get around to their eugenics program where they kill off all the people who refused to take the mark of the beast to get Heylel’s fake immortality and those that they dub useless eaters even though they have supposedly taken the mark. And that’s the caveat I just mentioned.

Do not think you will be the recipient of the immortality and disease cures in the mark of the beast system. I don’t know how I know this except that the Father has shown me that the injection and tattoo that you get won’t have the good stuff in it. That stuff will be reserved for those who are NOT useless eaters. So you won’t benefit from the mark of the beast’s tattoo in any way. You will, however, lose your eternal life with YHVH!

Back to the article by NBC News.

Fetal cells were used to develop vaccines, including the measles and polio vaccines. 

Companies such as NeuralStem Inc. have developed cells taken from aborted fetuses into possible therapies. They’re testing some now in people with crushed spinal cords who cannot walk, to see if the cells can grow over the injury and restore the nerve connections. 

A team at Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital has been testing fetal stem cells in patients with Parkinson’s disease. In Parkinson’s, the brain cells that produce an important message-carrying chemical called dopamine are destroyed. The transplants aim to replace those cells and restore the dopamine. 

They’ve had dramatic effects in some patients, not-so-dramatic effects in others.

Scientists also extract cells from the bodies of those who have just died. The case of diabetes especially illustrates why fetal tissue might be needed: not enough people donate organs after death. There’s a procedure called the Edmonton Protocol, in which pancreatic cells can be transplanted from the bodies of people who have just died.

It’s given several hundred patients a break from taking insulin, although the transplant eventually fails in almost everyone and they must return to taking insulin. Diabetes researchers complain it’s very difficult to get the pancreas cells they need, because there is such a shortage of donated organs. (Another excuse for killing babies.) According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, more than 123,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/planned-parenthood-video-raises-question-why-use-tissue-fetuses-n393431.

So great! Scientists think they can use both fetal and adult cells to cure disease. Some will say that’s wonderful! And when they get a cure for diseases – actually I think it is possible the cures already exist – the door will open for people to be cured and entering through that door will require swearing an oath to the Jewish Antichrist which is the same as swearing to worship Heylel, Lucifer, the dragon, ha Satan, the old serpent! However, as I said before, unless you’re one of “them” and not just some “useless eater”, your vaccine, your tattoo will be different. It won’t give you immortality or make you disease free. In fact, it will probably give you a disease. Hang on. I’m going to share that with you, too! All the mark will do for you is make you susceptible to behavior modification by the use of 5G to send input to the nanobots now in your body.

For now, though, “they” need people to become unafraid of being vaccinated and to think that vaccinations work to cure disease. Their opportunity has come knocking because YHVH is making use of COVID-19 for His purposes. The biological weapon the New World Order planned to use in the future to coerce people into Heylel’s system was released early. They were not prepared and they are not yet ready with all the components of the system in place. The Sanhedrin-controlled Israeli government is just now rising to full power. The Sanhedrin has been pulling strings for decades, but now this beast has legs! But the first weapon to corral people into the beast’s system came too early, so the globalists are scrambling and they change their stories almost daily.

By the way, that 2018 Brightside article said immortality might only be 17 years away. In 2020, that is only 15 years away but don’t be fooled. They only tell us the technology is future only after it has already been known to work!

Fauci has been getting pushback from Americans about the vaccine and Donald Trump https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/trump-says-coronavirus-vaccine-will-be-voluntary-not-everyone-is-going-to-want-to-get-it has had to reassure Americans that the vaccine will be voluntary. Well, the mark of the beast will be voluntary, folks!

Why then did the US military purchase 500 million vaccine doses a few weeks ago and the US government purchased 300 https://www.jpost.com/international/us-secures-300-million-doses-of-potential-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine-628917 million this past week. That’s 800 million doses. [This was misspoken in the audio]. The US doesn’t have that many people!

If you think I’m way out on a limb and falling into science fiction, here is an article from Natural News in which Mike Adams explains some things you need to understand about COVID-19. His article titled, Witchcraft or Vaccines? Covid-19 vaccine will contain GMOs and “continuous” aborted human fetal cells, which develop into CANCER in your body https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-05-25-covid-19-vaccine-will-contain-gmos-aborted-human-fetal-cells.html says, Vaccine sorcery – that pharmakaeia thing from the Book of Revelation – is underway folks, and you if don’t learn how to read vaccine literature right now, you are in for a rude awakening. Most healthcare workers have no clue what they’re injecting into their patient’s muscle tissue, they just regurgitate what they hear from the top – the script that’s siphoned, censured, and “peer reviewed” by a highly experimental industry that can never be sued, for anything.

This is medical sorcery, these scientists, who engineer sickness by breeding it in infected animal cells (think chicken eggs), even including African Green monkey kidney cells, and then combining all that with multiple, live virus strains and MRC-5 abortion cells that have been genetically manipulated, modified, and mutated (with foreign DNA insertions, inversions and deletions). These dirty vaccine sorcery injections are embedded with codes in viruses meant to attack human tissue, your cleansing organs, your brain, and your central nervous system. 

They’re using “recombinant DNA” which is just a technical word for genetically mutated and highly unpredictable human albumin. There is nothing proven safe and nothing proven effective about injecting today’s vaccines. This is what they call “heightened immune response” and it’s dangerous in the short term, and deadly in the long term. This is not some simple shortlist of side effects from necessary medicine. It’s medical crime, and it’s about to be fully brought to light.

I don’t know if I’d say it’s going to be brought to light. It’s going to be brought to market.

The aborted human cells used in vaccines come from lung tissue and are considered “abnormal” cells because they keep dividing, spreading, multiplying in the human body after being injected, and that is the definition of cancer. You can find these cancer-causing, cannibal-style injections listed on the CDC vaccine website, and you might even recognize a few of them. These dangerous and dirty vaccines include the MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella), Hepatitis A & B, Chicken Pox (Varicella), Polio, and in the works now … wait for it … novel Coronavirus or “Covid-19.”

The company cheered in mainstream headlines, Moderna, that’s claiming to be developing a Covid-19 vaccine, is using human abortion cells to do it. It’s just plain witchcraft, and the benefits (if any at all anymore) do NOT outweigh the risk. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists do not understand this, and even if a few do, they can never speak out without getting fired or forever labeled “anti-vax” and “anti-science.” This is population control and cancer breeding exposed by forensic medicine experts. 

Vaccine witch doctors are using aborted human fetal cells that are cancerous called “oncocells” or “oncogenes” that are proven to be mutagenic (notice base word mutant here) and literally the cause of auto-immune disorders. We’re talking about bio-weapons that are bred in monkey kidneys and human abortion tissue (diploid) and they breed indefinitely.

Now… Let me make this sound even more science-fictiony. I said a few weeks ago that the DNA experiments are aimed by ha Satan at creating Nephilim out of humans without having to breed with humans! That’s right. You take this mark of the beast medicine in your body and you will have the unhappy fate of having been made into a Nephilim incapable of disobeying Satan! And your fate will be the same as all the Nephilim, the beast, the Antichrist, the false prophet who will be thrown into that lake of fire that comes out from under YHVH’s throne!

In other words, the mechanism has been deleted that controls and limits how they divide and multiply, making them by default carcinogenic. It’s a mutant injection that is turning humans into mutants (think mad cow disease. I just said think Nephilim). And these cells have been used since the 1960s in vaccines, so don’t think it’s something brand new that the scientists are using because they’re in some rush to save us all from Covid-19. That’s all propaganda folks.

Cancer! Now there’s a disease everyone wants a cure for. They’re going to give you cancer so they can blackmail you into taking the health-related mark of the beast in order for you to get your cure but you won’t actually get cured – you’ll get killed. You’ll GET the cancer along with no immortality gene and you will die in their eugenics program plus you will lose your eternal life! Sucha deal, as the Jews say!

Here is forensics nurse, Rachel Seller. Here is the link to the Italian reports Seller mentioned https://www.corvelva.it/en/component/tags/tag/rapporto-vaccini.html.

Other areas fast moving toward digital ID – you know, getting you ready to want that thing in your skin so you won’t have to carry a physical certificate – are the travel and retail industries https://www.nec.com/en/global/ad/campaign/going-seamless-with-nec/index.html, https://www.iata.org/contentassets/4cb32e19ff544df590f3b70179551013/roadmap-safely-restarting-aviation.pdf and https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/markets/digital-identity-and-security/government/identity/digital-identity-services/trends. With a digital implant, you will be able to pass by those pesky lines at the airport and the retail store clerk will immediately recognize and know your needs when you arrive to shop. These systems are also being touted as “contactless”. Oh yeah! Social distancing made permanent! Wow! And why?

If you can’t get close to anyone, you can’t tell them where the next protest against the Jewish beast will be held or how to avoid being caught by FEMA!

The greatest appeal to get the mark of the beast will not just be about getting food as we have always thought or traveling and shopping without being inconvenienced. The New World Order folks know you can grow food and barter with others to get it. While traveling is a pain, it is one that doesn’t last that long – it’s not a constant, but only an occasional pain for most folks. And better shopping is not really a good reason to sell your soul to Heylel, is it?

The greater appeal will be the cure for your disease that they have carefully crafted with the chemicals in the processed food that wreck your health and by giving you the deadliest disease of all – cancer – in the very medicine they tell you will cure diseases! And the cherry on top of that cake will be the temptation to become immortal. The beast wants to give some people, not you, immortality without disease as a mimic of YHVH’s eternal life. Immortality will be worthless if you’re sick all the time. This disease-less immortality will prove that ha Satan and not YHVH deserves to be worshiped.

And now you know what abortions have to do with the mark of the beast.

Be Blessed!

Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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