The Week’s Most Prophetic Headlines In Review – Week of January 28, 2021

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America to split into FREE states vs censored “slave” states

House GOP votes decisively to keep Rep. Liz Cheney as House GOP Conference Chair

Senate approves power-sharing agreement, allowing Democrats to take control of committees

Payback: Republicans who backed Trump impeachment face rising rebuke, including censure

Democrats seek to censure, expel QAnon-backing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Texas Governor Orders Agencies to Sue Biden Administration for Climate Actions that ‘Kill Jobs’

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Praised Biden’s Executive Orders

Americans Buying Guns at ‘Blistering Pace,’ FBI Data Shows

Antifa’s True Goals and Tactics Exposed

LEFTIST Youtube channels demonetized This is Kim Iverson’s Youtube channel. However, I have not been able to find any news reports saying Youtube is removing Leftist content. She is making the same complaints about this that the Right-wingers are. Is it possible that the Leftist Youtube channels were canceled by Youtube to make it look like they are being “fair”? The selected only a handful of Leftist channels to demonetize. This may be a move on Youtube’s part to deflect accusations from the Right about the rampant demonetization hitting the Right.

YouTube Demonetized Epoch Times

Parler CEO John Matze says he’s been terminated by the organization’s board

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos to Step Down as CEO He said he’ll have more time for side projects: his space exploration company Blue Origin; the newspaper he owns. Other words, Bezos will escalate his involvement of the Left’s oppression of the Right.

Anti-Trump NY Times Writer Arrested for Working as a Secret Agent of the Iranian Gov’t – News Punch


Chinese journalist mocks America after the incident on Capitol Hill

CHINA-TAIWAN: The Next Major War Is Coming…Fast

Religious Books Seized and Burned in Communist China, Believers Given Jail Terms

The Biden / globalist agenda to DELETE humanity through global extermination


Why Won’t the President Listen to the Experts?


Israel Puts Its Foot Down On Biden’s Plan To Rejoin The Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran tests ballistic missiles program as Biden admin wants to rejoin Nuclear Deal

GIFT TO IRAN: Biden Freezes Arms Deals With The UAE and Saudi Arabia

Israel and Kosovo establish diplomatic tiese

The terrorists that President Biden wants to give funding to

Erdan vows to reconnect Israel and all sectors of US Jewry

Israel Election: At Netanyahu’s Urging, Kahanist Party Joins Forces With Far-right Slate

Israeli Lawmaker Foresees the Downfall of ‘False Messiahs’ “Every time a new messiah rises on the left tries to defeat Netanyahu, and every time the Likud wins. We aren’t going to give up. We are going to win this time as well.”


Beijing City Is Underreporting the Number of CCP Virus Cases: Chinese Official

Amid reported deaths following COVID-19 vaccinations, experts allay fears, discourage alarm

CDC orders mandatory masks on airlines, trains and public transportation

HEADS UP! Netanyahu expected to sign ‘green passport’ tourism deal with Greece Israel and Greece are scheduled to sign an agreement for mutual recognition of vaccine certificates that will make it possible to renew tourism between the two countries. NOTE: This is just the first of many such travel deals. You will not be able to travel without having been vaccinated!

South African variant identified in US for first time


MEDIA BLACKOUT: Antifa Terrorists Armed with Hatchets Take Over Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, WA – Occupy 17 Rooms, Demand Shelter For Homeless      

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Antifa Riot at Portland ICE Facility Overnight, Throw Mortar Explosives at Federal Police Officers



Understanding Christian Dominionism will explain a lot about 3 important men on the US political stage: Mike Pence1 2 3 4, Ted Cruz1 2 3 4 and Mike Pompeo. Click each superscript number to read the articles.

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