Next Step: “New Normal”

Is Israel being used to show the world the way to the “new normal”? All nations are affected by coronavirus, but the chaos designed to teach the world what not to do is centered in Israel. Why is that?


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Just weeks after reopening restaurants, malls and beaches, and allowing large gatherings in public places for weddings and entertainment Israel is now seeing a 50-fold surge in new coronavirus cases. From approximately 20 new cases a day in mid-May to more than 1,000 new cases a day less than two months later, Israel is rushing to once again close venues it so recently rushed to open.

The number of people with active infections rose in 262 communities, by an overall average of 499 percent; in some communities, the rise was many times that over the past month, according to this Haaretz article.

According to an I24 news and Haaretz report, Israel’s case numbers are skewed. The reporting criteria has changed and 40 percent of the patients reported as severe were not regarded as such by the previous criteria. Making matters worse is that Israel is not following WHO guidelines, which have changed while Israel’s has not, making Israel’s case numbers appear higher. Is this being done deliberately? Israel has not set government guidelines, either, and Israeli doctors and hospitals are setting their own guidelines.

Prof. Galia Rahav, director of the infectious disease department at Sheba Medical Center, recently wrote a letter to the Health Ministry asking it to standardize the situation and have Israeli hospitals match their criteria. “Definition of a patient has become a complete mess. Everyone describes the severity of the illness differently.” 

…A source in the Health Ministry said, that every so often, the criteria used by various organizations are published. The epidemiological team is discussing these criteria and will submit its recommendations to the medical division and distribute it as instructions or a guide sheet. There is no set rule for now.

Netanyahu is being widely criticized as incompetent and even mishandling this current wave which continues to worsen, even causing new record high numbers of virus cases in Israel. Times of Israel says, Once a source of worldwide praise, Israel’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has now emerged globally as a blueprint for how not to reopen the economy too fast as a second wave of infections, worse than the first, sweeps the nation. 

While many countries had looked to Israel’s early closing of borders and initial flattening of the curve, multiple recent international reports have focused on the Jewish state, asking themselves what went wrong and how that can be avoided in other countries. 

“Israeli prime minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu had boasted that ‘Israel is a success model for many countries’ and that ‘many leaders are calling us to know how to act’ — and now Israel is suffering such a deterioration,” wrote German paper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

There could be a deeper, darker reason for Israel’s departure from diagnostic standards and the appearance of chaos. What is the lesson Israel is demonstrating to the world this time? Do not return to “normal”. Other nations started into this second wave before Israel but Israel is being used as the example of what not to do. In the first wave, Israel was praised as the world’s leader of what to do: Lock down! Now Israel is being used as the example of what not to do: reopen. This is being followed by another lockdown scenario led by Israel again. The Times of Israel article continues:

“Britain beware — Israel living the consequences of trying to return to normal,” warned Sky News’s Middle East correspondent Mark Stone in a column published Friday. 

He said Israel’s reopening of the economy offered “salutary lessons” on what can go wrong with easing restrictions.

Yes, Britain and other nations, learn from Israel’s mistake of returning to normal. Oh wait! There is no “normal” now. There is now the “new normal”. We’re not going back to the “old normal”. I’ll have more on the “new normal” later.

Whether incompetency and mishandling can be pinned on Netanyahu, one thing has come of it that is not good if he is incompetent and mishandling the situation. writes, Netanyahu can now make decisions on emergency coronavirus regulations by himself, with just a rubber stamp of a quick cabinet vote, following the Knesset’s approval of the second and third readings of the bill early Tuesday morning.

If Netanyahu is incompetent or mishandling the situation, he is not the person to be in charge right now! continues:

According to the bill, the Knesset committee will discuss decisions made by the government and decide whether to approve them, in whole or in part, within seven days of when they passed. An extension of up to three more days is allowed. 

To the extent that the relevant committee does not approve the government’s decision within the aforementioned period, the decisions will be brought to the Knesset plenum as soon as possible.

A few weeks ago, I said Israel’s government is now run by the Sanhedrin and listed the various committees that were stacked by Netanyahu with right-wing and ultra-right-wing MKs who may now rubber stamp his decisions. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Alongside the Knesset approval process, the decisions will come into effect and will be implemented immediately upon government approval. If the committee or the Knesset plenary decides not to approve said order, or if it has not made a decision on the matter within the allotted time, the validity of the order will expire. 

Opposition leader Yair Lapid told his Yesh Atid-Telem faction the proposed bill was undemocratic and would allow Netanyahu to make decisions on his own. “The big coronavirus law means we can shut down this theater and tell us all to go home,” he told the Knesset on Sunday. 

Meretz leader Nitzan Horowitz said the bill would turn Netanyahu into a dictator and allow him to violate civil rights with no oversight.

Israel is now the example to the rest of the world about what not to do: Do not return to normal. There is a “new normal” now and we need to understand what it is and how it will affect the global population.

The new circular economy which I reported on last week must become the “new normal”. And not just the circular economy. Another “new normal” that the world must get used to is that Israel is now a religious State, not a democracy despite people lie Yair Lapid and Nitzan Horowitz believing it is still a democracy.

According to Wikipedia, “new normal” is a term used to reflect a change in society, particularly in relation to business and economics, that refers to significant change in financial and business conditions. This term came into use following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the aftermath of the 2008–2012 global recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Actually, “new normal” started being used after the twin towers fell in New York City on 9/11. This article is titled, Americans Sense a “New Normal” After 9/11-Most say U.S., their lives, still not back to normal.

The article from September 9, 2005 says, Americans’ current perceptions of the effect the 9/11 attacks have had on the United States and on themselves, personally, are similar to what these perceptions were on the first anniversary of the attacks. Even four years after the attacks, an Aug. 28-30 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll finds most Americans feeling that neither the country nor their own lives have fully returned to normal since terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001. 

When asked to evaluate how the country is faring since 9/11, a slim majority of Americans (54%) say the United States is not back to normal, while 42% believe it is “somewhat” back to normal. Thus, 96% of Americans perceive that the country remains changed by the event. Only a scant few (4%) say things are “completely back to normal.” These attitudes — collected before the full scale of the Hurricane Katrina disaster was known — are virtually identical to previous measures in 2002 and 2003.

Gallup further says that Americans were more pessimistic than in the past and that a total of 62% of Americans indicate that their lives remain changed by 9/11. People also lacked confidence that the US government can do anything about terrorism on US soil. Only 17% say government anti-terror agencies have made the country a lot safer since Sept. 11, 2001. Another 55% say they have made the country a little safer. Fifteen percent say they have made no difference and 12% say they have made the country less safe.

The term “new normal” was used next after the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and now during the coronavirus crisis. All of these crises are false flags, manufactured, in order to make huge changes. The coronavirus outbreak is the false flag that has afforded the New World Order the greatest opportunity to control the population worldwide in a way that has never been done before in the history of this planet!

This article portrays the future of the “new normal” as an in-between place where social distancing will still be practiced in the future and masks will still be worn and changes in urban infrastructure will accommodate large crowds for social distancing.

CNN reports that the “new normal” will include more people working from home. That will certainly reduce the carbon footprint of morning and evening traffic helping to satisfy the global recyclist circular economy’s Green New Deal advocates.

There will be healthcare reform. reports that the U.S. health delivery system is facing its own economic instability. To an unprecedented degree, physician practices are on the brink of collapse, with patients staying home and telehealth reimbursements plagued by delays and other challenges. Hospitals, too, are teetering financially, laying off physicians or cutting their salaries. 

And this is just the beginning. 

Covid-19 is a multidimensional health crisis. In Louisiana, for example, five parishes account for 56% of Covid deaths (as of June 16) — and 78% of housing evictions. How can we ask our sick patients to shelter in place if they have no shelter? 

In time, patients will return to their doctors’ offices and hospitals for routine checkups, deferred “elective” procedures, prescription refills, and more. But they will do so with their health compromised — even if they never had Covid-19 — presenting with diabetes, heart disease, mental health, and other conditions made worse by lost jobs and the struggle to afford food or rent. This will have a massive impact on physicians’ practices as they accept greater economic and physical risk and struggle with new practice challenges.

Over the past decade, state and federal governments, health insurance companies, health care delivery systems, and physicians have struggled over who should bear the cost when patients get sick. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and private insurance companies have increasingly shifted this risk to physicians, holding physicians responsible for patients’ health through quality measures and financial rewards and penalties. 

The problem is that these measures, incentives, and risk models focus almost entirely on clinical care. Yet social and environmental factors, such as access to healthy food, safe housing, and other social determinants of health, drive 70% of health outcomes. 

And that was before Covid-19. How does our notion of “risk” change when more than 36 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the past three months and nearly one-quarter of U.S. households are reporting that “the food we bought just didn’t last, and we didn’t have money to get more”? 

Millions of patients will show up in clinics exhibiting the physical toll of skipping meals to feed their children. They will have made impossible tradeoffs between refilling their heart medicine or buying food. They will carry the stress of spending weeks trying — and failing — to find a job as bills pile up and they fear losing their homes as the rent or mortgage goes unpaid and eviction bans get lifted. 

The way that CMS and health plans quantify and allocate risk to physicians is simply irrelevant in the face of our country’s post-Covid-19 realities. It is clear that we cannot return to “normal.”

So few people understand that the global population is being steered into taking the mark of the beast in order to access housing food and healthcare. Without the mark, you cannot buy or rent a house, or buy food or healthcare. Without the mark, there will be no help for the person having a heart attack or stroke, no way to get a broken bone set or get stitches for a flesh wound and nothing for those in need of shelter after losing their homes in this new circular economy.

CNN reported in June that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae foreclosures have been put on hold for another 2 months. In addition, homeowners affected by coronavirus have access to federally-backed loans that can delay or reduce payments for up to a year. Another delay. In other words, the foreclosure fallout is being stalled but it can’t be stalled forever. I think it is only a matter of time before the foreclosure rate goes through the roof again.

This article continues:

Nearly overnight, CMS implemented codes so it could pay physicians to diagnose and treat Covid-19 and account for the risk of complications. 

What is CMS? Content Management Systems. CMS is a universal coding system for insurance payment purposes.

Nearly overnight, this article says, CMS was able to create new codes to diagnose and treat COVID-19. Have you ever known any bureaucracy to work that fast? I suspect it is more likely that the new codes were already in place and only revealed after COVID-19 hit.’s authors are genuinely concerned about the affects of the “new normal” on the healthcare of their patients. They should be because it is all about to drastically change.  Israel could be leading the way to the “new healthcare normal”. It just announced that because of the coronavirus the Israeli health system is now overwhelmed and on Tuesday ordered hospitals to reduce activity in some outpatient clinics and surgical departments in order to redirect all staff and resources into fighting coronavirus.

The chief of Jerusalem’s top medical center warned against the Health Ministry’s order, saying many patients suffering from cancer, heart disease and other serious ailments have already delayed their treatments due to the nationwide lockdown.

Israel is becoming the model for reduced healthcare to induce everyone to eventually take the mark of the beast to receive healthcare.

The move would most likely result in many outpatient services, such as surgeries and tests, be delayed once again, having been postponed during the nationwide lockdown.  

According to the ministry, hospitals will be allowed to prioritize the manner in which the care will be reduced and have full control of the process. 

In addition, because of the increasing number of medical teams required to quarantine, having been in contact with confirmed coronavirus carriers, hospitals will be given the opportunity to source personnel from within the military to fill positions in different wards.

Older people with serious diseases and those needing surgeries are likely to not get those treatments now.

This article explains how COVID-19 is now boosting the RFID tech.

Technology vendors are simply taking advantage of new business opportunities that involve solving critical issues in how companies operate, which did not exist a few months ago, before the pandemic. 

First, it must be stated that companies that demand technology and have already understood the need for Internet of Packaging (IoP) systems—based on technologies such as RFID and digital printing, for example—have not stopped making investments. Due to the need for increased online sales via e-commerce, home deliveries, “buy online, pickup in store” (BOPIS) and other aspects of omnichannel retailing, investments in IoP technology have become more mandatory than ever. For this reason, the demand for solutions from companies that supply these technologies is high. After all, everything that had an online alternative now has a mandatory virtual connection thanks to COVID-19. 

There are, however, sectors of human activity that cannot survive or function simply online, without the physical presence of people. In these scenarios, with companies thinking about the resumption of their normal routine, albeit slowly, and with the gradual opening of stores, malls, offices and other spaces for human interaction, tools will be needed to guarantee people’s health and security without disregarding the needs of the new normal.

I will add here that part of the social distancing and keeping everyone locked down may be to allow AIs (artificial intelligence) to become an integral part of global society by using them to do the things people cannot because they’re locked away and social distanced.

Zebra Technologies recently launched its MotionWorks Proximity tool, which employs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a Wi-Fi connection and the company’s cloud-based Savanna software platform to allow proximity detection, alerting and contact tracking in the workplace. For companies that deploy the solution, including in the manufacturing, storage, transportation and healthcare sectors, existing Zebra’s devices can help to ensure social distancing and contact tracing. Those who do not have Zebra products can purchase a mobile-computing bridge from the company to perform these tasks. 

Another firm, Engineering, has launched a bracelet equipped with a radio frequency identification sensor, which emits audible and luminous warnings via LED if two people approach each other within less than the distance considered safe for avoiding coronavirus contagion. Engineering’s Smart Proximity device is designed to enable safe return to work once the quarantine has been lifted). 

Specialized equipment can measure employee temperatures without the need for physical contact. 

Here in Brazil, Acura, a major supplier of RFID equipment that stands out strongly in the country’s tolling sector, has also entered the arena of ​​solutions for the new normal. Its three new products, according to the company, can help businesses combat COVID-19 since they feature such technologies as a digital and intelligent thermometer that can measure a person’s temperature without the need for physical contact. The device may also have an alcohol dispenser attached. Other solutions from Acura control access by facial recognition, including the activation of locks, also without contact.

A friend recently asked me how facial recognition works with faces covered by masks. Good question! I suspect facial recognition may be sophisticated enough to actually be iris recognition but that is for another BWN research and article.

There is a growing trend in the market for existing technologies to be adapted, or to serve as the basis for new solutions that will allow for safer coexistence between individuals, especially in public environments. This will undoubtedly generate new business.

Oh! So good for the new circular economy!

The coronavirus is paving the road to hell! And the US and Israel, the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 – the Judeo-Christian beast, is at the forefront. It is the 2nd beast, the Judeo-Christian beast, that has the 2 lambs horns and speaks like the dragon which will implement the mark of the beast.

I have said this before and will say it again. The only 2 religions on earth that associate themselves specifically with “the lamb” is Christianity and Judaism. This is why that beast has 2 lamb’s horns! The only 2 national powers on earth capable of rising up as this beast is the US and Israel!

It is the consumers, the useless eaters, of the world who will suffer. The rich will do what the rich always do which is get richer. A friend sent me this article about how the Black Death made the rich richer. After many centuries, the rich have certainly figured out and have used every means to create wealth, even doing so over people’s dead bodies – literally! And they will continue to do so!

…The Black Death killed perhaps 80% of those who caught it.

That’s a far cry from COVID-19 with its roughly 4% kill rate.

While the Black Death resulted in short term economic damage, the longer-term consequences were less obvious. Before the plague erupted, several centuries of population growth had produced a labour surplus, which was abruptly replaced with a labour shortage when many serfs and free peasants died. Historians have argued that this labour shortage allowed those peasants that survived the pandemic to demand better pay or to seek employment elsewhere. Despite government resistance, serfdom and the feudal system itself were ultimately eroded. 

But another less often remarked consequence of the Black Death was the rise of wealthy entrepreneurs and business-government links.

That’s what we’re seeing right now, folks. I just read an article on how the RFID industries, an entrepreneurial technology, is developing what governments and businesses need because of coronavirus.

Although the Black Death caused short-term losses for Europe’s largest companies, in the long term, they concentrated their assets and gained a greater share of the market and influence with governments. This has strong parallels with the current situation in many countries across the world. While small companies rely upon government support to prevent them collapsing, many others – mainly the much larger ones involved in home delivery – are profiting handsomely from the new trading conditions. 

The mid-14th Century economy is too removed from the size, speed, and interconnectedness of the modern market to give exact comparisons. But we can certainly see parallels with the way that the Black Death strengthened the power of the state and accelerated the domination of key markets by a handful of mega-corporations.

The global State, the United Nations, has now gained power over the entire global population.

The sudden loss of at least a third of Europe’s population didn’t lead to an even redistribution of wealth for everyone else. Instead, people responded to the devastation by keeping money within the family. 

At the same time, the decline of feudalism and the rise of a wage-based economy following peasant demands for better labour conditions benefited urban elites. Being paid in cash, rather than in kind (in the granting of privileges such as the right to collect firewood), meant that peasants had more money to spend in towns. 

This concentration of wealth greatly accelerated a pre-existing trend: the emergence of merchant entrepreneurs who combined trade in goods with their production on a scale only available to those with significant sums of capital. For example, silk, once imported from Asia and Byzantium, was now being produced in Europe. Wealthy Italian merchants began to open silk and cloth workshops. 

These entrepreneurs were uniquely positioned to respond to the sudden labour shortage caused by the Black Death. Unlike independent weavers, who lacked the capital, and unlike aristocrats, whose wealth was locked up in land, urban entrepreneurs were able to use their liquid capital to invest in new technologies, compensating for the loss of workers with machines.

That’s coming again, folks. After human depopulation machines, AIs, will replace living breathing humans where needed.

In southern Germany, which became one of Europe’s most commercialised areas in the late 14th and 15th Centuries, companies such as the Welser (which later ran Venezuela as a private colony) combined growing flax with owning the looms on which workers span that flax into linen cloth, which the Welser then sold. The trend of the post-Black Death 14th and 15th Centuries was a concentration of resources – capital, skills, and infrastructure – into the hands of a small number of corporations. 

The age of Amazon 

Rolling forward to the present, there are some clear similarities. Certain large organisations have stepped up to the opportunities provided by Covid-19. In many countries across the world, entire ecologies of small restaurants, pubs and shops have suddenly been closed down. The market for food, general retail and entertainment has gone online, and cash has pretty much disappeared. 

The percentage of calories that restaurants provided has had to be rerouted through supermarkets, and much of this supply has now been taken up by supermarket chains. They have plenty of large properties and lots of staff, with the HR capacity to recruit more rapidly, and there are many underemployed people who now want jobs. They also have warehouses, trucks and complex logistics capacity. 

The other big winner has been the giants of online retail – such as Amazon, who run a “Prime Pantry” service in the US, India and many European countries. High street shops have been suffering from price and convenience competition from the internet for years, and bankruptcies are regular news. Now, much “non-essential” retail space is closed, and our desires have been re-rerouted through Amazon, eBay, Argos, Screwfix and others. There has been a clear spike in online shopping, and retail analysts are wondering whether this is a decisive move into the virtual world, and the further dominance of big corporations. 

Keeping us distracted as we wait at home for our parcels is the streaming entertainment industry – a market sector which is dominated by big corporations including Netflix, Amazon Prime (again), Disney and others. Other online giants such as Google (which owns YouTube), Facebook (which owns Instagram) and Twitter provide the other platforms that dominate online traffic. 

The final link in the chain is the delivery companies themselves: UPS, FedEx, Amazon Logistics (again), as well as food delivery from Just Eat and Deliveroo. Though their business models are different, their platforms now dominate the movements of products of all kinds, whether your new Toshiba branded Amazon Fire TV, or your stuffed crust from Pizza Hut (a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, which also owns KFC, Taco Bell and others). 

The other swing to corporate dominance has been the move away from state-backed cash towards contactless payment services. It’s obviously a corollary of online marketplaces, but also means that the money moves though big corporations that take their slice for moving it. Visa and Mastercard are the largest players, but Apple Pay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay (again) have all seen increases in their transaction volume as cash sits unused in people’s purses. And if cash is still imagined to be a vector for transmission, then retailers won’t take it and customers won’t use it. 

Small business has taken a really decisive hit across a wide range of sectors as Covid-19, like the Black Death, results in big companies gaining market share. (Really folks, that’s the whole idea behind the circular economy. Big corporations controlling everything including people!). Even those working at home to write pieces like this are working on Skype (owned by Microsoft), Zoom and BlueJeans, as well using email clients and laptops made by a small number of global organisations. Billionaires are getting richer while ordinary people lose their jobs. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, has increased his wealth by US$25 billion since the start of the year.

And let us not forget the huge boost to the RFID industry, the one creating the way for every earthling to be tracked everywhere we go and to keep us out of places or let us into places depending on whether we have the right tracking code or a tracking code at all!

Back to the BBC article.

But this is not the whole story. The other big trend in the response to the virus has been the strengthening of the power of the state. 

…Thanks to coronavirus, the state has come rolling back in again like a tsunami. Spending on a level which was mocked as “magic money tree” economics only a few months ago has been aimed at national health systems, addressed the problem of homelessness, provided universal basic income for millions of people, and offered loan guarantees or direct payments to a host of businesses. 

Folks, don’t believe me unless I can prove my point, and I believe I have! This new circular economy which is to become our “new normal” with all of its “stay at home workers”, electronic devices designed to track your social distance from others and the new way to see your doctor over Skype is the United Nation’s New World Order industrialists’ dream come true! It is the method for total population control! The UN beast can now control the entire earth’s population and put more money in the pockets of the new elites who are joining the old money elites made during the Black Death and other devastations along the way.

And that upcoming COVID-19 vaccination? The one that everybody’s so scared of… Well… Times of Israel reported this week that it comes with no guarantees that it will work. You, however, will still be required to get it.

‘If we’re lucky, we’ll get a vaccine that’s effective at 90%, but if we’re less lucky, it could be 30%, and if we’re unlucky, we could get no vaccine at all,’ warns Cyrille Cohen, head of the immunotherapy laboratory at Bar Ilan University. “We really don’t know,” he stressed.

Oh, there will be a vaccine that works. It will be given to the rich. Another vaccine will be given to the useless eaters so they can be tracked and die, as planned.

Speaking of tracking, Israel’s tracking trial was a disaster this week. writes that reports contain stories of tens of thousands of citizens receiving text messages warning them to quarantine because of their alleged close contact with someone with coronavirus, but many of the messages seem to be demonstrable mistakes.

Now in Israel, a growing number of people say they are being forced into quarantine by mistake, likely due in part to technology that fails to discern whether two people were actually within six feet of each other, close enough to transmit the virus, according to Times of Israel.

Ynet News reports that many who were told to enter isolation say they lost income after being misidentified by the controversial tracking system which is normally used in counter-terrorism. One woman was placed in a maternity unit despite not even being pregnant while one man currently in the UK received an order to isolate.

A recently launched Facebook group dubbed “Shin Bet tracking victims” intended to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of citizens who were mistakenly ordered into quarantine. 

“It is impossible that people in Israel are finding themselves imprisoned in their homes and in isolation due to Shin Bet tracking mistakes,” Marianna Kandov, who is behind the initiative, said.

The Israeli government is now considering shortening the quarantine period from two weeks to 10 days.

The New World Order is not using third world countries to work out the kinks in their systems anymore. This is no longer an experiment. I still believe this virus was released by divine appointment (YHVH) before they were ready and now the New World Order is scrambling to regain control. Rather than running their experimental systems in India and Africa, they are working out the kinks with their own people now.  

In fact, the new contact tracing system is being implemented worldwide without experimenting in third world countries. reported this week that less than two months after Apple and Google launched a system to help government health authorities slow the spread of COVID-19 by tracing people exposed to the disease, the tech giants have attracted a modest amount of participation. 

Multiple U.S. states and 11 countries, including Italy and Germany, are currently working with the companies to develop mobile phone apps to facilitate contact tracing, Dr. David Feinberg, vice president at Google Health, said on Wednesday at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health virtual conference. 

“We think it’s a tool that’s important in the big concept of how you really do contact tracing,” he said. 

Health authorities face a dire need to warn people who have been exposed to disease carriers, but tracing the contacts of infected individuals is a complex and difficult task.

And one that is being worked on right now, I might add.

In May, Apple and Google launched an addition to their respective mobile phone operating systems that would help track incidental exposures to COVID-19. The system is designed to protect the privacy of individual users while also avoiding false reports.

The article reassures us that Apple and Google do not keep records of coronavirus exposure.

Is Israel the world’s focus of the coronavirus chaos because the New World Order is refocusing our attention to Jerusalem’s rise as Mystery Babylon, the new economic and religious center of the earth in this “new normal”? In my opinion, it is no accident that Israel’s chaos has become the lead model on what not to do and perhaps Israel will regain control over its chaos by returning to its initial lockdown thus showing the rest of the world how to follow Israel’s lead so that Israel can become the new model of world leader. When the chaos ends, will it be Israel which rises from those ashes? Will it be Mystery Babylon that rises?

Welcome to your “new normal”!

Be Blessed!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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