NEW! Torah School for the Nations!

Come to Jerusalem for Passover and learn Torah from Rabbis! On April 1, 2018, Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler will present Torah School for the Nations, a 1-day Yeshiva-style school. 

Learn from Rabbis and Jewish educators like Yeshiva students! The wisdom of the sages!

The school will include four classes, each taught by a different Rabbi. 

$60/person until February 1, 2018. $75 starting February 2. 

Go to Ten From The Nations Dot Com for details and to register

Must be pre-paid. Cut off date for pre-payment is March 11, 2018. 

School starts at 11:15AM. It will be necessary to travel to Ma’ale Adumim just outside Jerusalem. Lite Rail and bus transportation cost not included in price. The entire class will meet at a central place and travel together. LUNCH INCLUDED.

Contact Kimberly Rogers-Brown at for more information and to ask questions.

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