Neither Israel or the Palestinians Want Peace. Here’s How To Know.


Israeli media relies on one major incident to claim the Palestinians do not want peace. This claim has been made in most, if not all, Israeli media over the years. Israel Unwired is running the same claim in this article which says The Palestinian Arab leadership doesn’t want peace, and this is how you know

The truth is much different than most people expect. 

Here’s the Israeli claim: People say, “If Israel would only do this and that, there would be peace.” But it is the Palestinian Arab leadership that has rejected peace multiple times! The far Left likes to blame Israel for the lack of peace in the Middle East. But if you take a look at history, you will see that the Palestinian Arab leadership has turned down peace offers. Saeb Erekat, a chief PLO negotiator, even said that Mahmoud Abbas has rejected past Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert’s land offers. Olmert offered more land than he ever should have, yet Abbas STILL declined. How much more obvious could it be that Abbas and the leadership do not want peace?

Here’s the truth. The Palestinians have always rejected peace with Israel because the two Houses of Israel and Judah are still fighting to conquer the other to take YHVH’s entire land for themselves.

And here is another truth. The House of Judah doesn’t want peace, either. The only way for there to be peace in the land is for Judah to step up as the kingly tribe and rule over all the people. But, you see, the House of Judah wants YHVH’s land all to themselves, too. 

A righteous kingly tribe before YHVH is required to treat all people in the land as equals – both the natives and the strangers. The House of Judah rejects this instruction from YHVH. 

The truth is that neither the House of Judah Jews or the House of Israel of Palestinians and the strangers who are with them want peace. Both sides want war and war is what they will get with the Gog-Magog war which is a war between brethren and the final spanking YHVH will give His people before the Great Tribulation begins!

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