US Government Now A Murderous Beast

Nimrod remains the prototype for all the genocidal regimes that existed since Noah’s flood. He was known for hunting humans as sport. America’s and the United Nations’ baby murdering also has to do with ‘sport’ – bedroom sports for which no one wants to pay the price.

Genocidal maniacs usually begin by killing those who are unable to defend themselves – the old, infirm and innocent children – before using humans for sport hunting. America has just crossed the line to officially become a genocidal regime. Don’t think the elites won’t start hunting humans for sport! They most certainly will!

This article rightfully states that infanticide is the hallmark of paganism. In addition to having become genocidal, America is now officially pagan. 

Abortion and infanticide have historically been common practices. In the first century AD, infanticide was a common and culturally accepted practice across the world. The murder of infants was a regular occurrence in Europe into the Middle Ages and beyond, despite being condemned by both church and state.

For Democrats it seems it’s all about undoing centuries of Judeo/Christian values. Nothing is sacred. Not even life?

The genocidal Chinese have practiced female infanticide for generations.

Infanticide Abortion May Be Only the Beginning, according to American Thinker.

Know this. If you stay in Babylon, your chances of dying in Babylon just increased by a bunch! And not only you, your children whom you seek to protect now have their heads on the chopping block. 

Friends, you are not safe in the Westernized nations any longer. America leads the West and is as corrupt as Nimrod’s Babylon. YHVH is trying to drive you back to the protection of Abraham’s land, the land which is your inheritance and your home, before the evil leaders of Babylon come hunting for you just because they can – because you stayed too long.

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