Update From the Wilderness Of The People

It has been almost 3 weeks since anything new has been posted on this website. YHVH laid it on my heart this morning to update you on what really has happened and why.

YHVH changed this ministry, as you know. The Jordanian government is slowly but surely doing here what America and the West are now doing – preparing for the next phase of the Great Reseters’ agenda for 2025 and militarizing the COVID vaccine, locking citizens within their countries (as is the case in Australia), preventing travel into nations without the jab (as is the case in at least 21 countries now) and generally trying to put pressure on getting people jabbed even though the Globalists realize they are not allowed to mandate the jab per YHVH.However, they know they can martyr people for not cooperating with the jab.

The advancement of the mark of the beast has moved faster here in Jordan than it is in America and most of the West (the exception is Australia). America is now about to experience what Israel and Australia have gone through early on – door to door harassment to get shot up with the transhuman-making poison!

Jordan has not yet taken the “door-to-door” step. It appears, at this time, to be sufficient to have locked down the “Golden Triangle” – Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Petra, Jordan’s main tourist traps.

They want this area to be 100% COVID free and have implemented a no-entrance policy for the unvaccinated visitor. Residents and citizens must present a vaxx certificate or PCR test no older than 72 hours to enter the Aqaba Governate now. November 1 is Jordan’s goal for the country to be 100% jabbed. It is likely that everyone entering Aqaba, Petra and Wadi Rum will to be vaccinated – visitors, residents of Jordan and citizens. Ninety percent (90%) of all workers in the Triangle are already vaccinated, according to the government.

YHVH moved Tabernacle of David Restored out of Aqaba to the “wilderness of Kadesh” to an area notoriously adverse to the government.

Kadesh (Kadesh-Barnea) is in both the Wilderness of Paran and the Wilderness of Zin. This is the area where the wicked first generation who rejected YHVH’s royal land grant (Numbers 13-14) lived out their days and died so the next generation could accept YHVH’s offer and go possess the Promised Land.

It is also the area where the second generation got involved with Baalpeor and Zimri and Cosbi attempted to fornicate (worship Cosbi’s demon deity) inside the Tabernacle only to be shot through with Pinchas’s (Phineas’s) spear! Twenty four thousand people died in the plague from this event.

Where these people were is where we are! Ezekiel called this the “wilderness of the people” in Ezekiel 20:35.

We in Tabernacle of David Restored prayed together for 40 days starting on April 29th. YHVH had already began laying on our hearts last winter that we were to move from our single apartments into a place where we would all be together so we could meet during any future lock downs.

YHVH had led us here and there inside Aqaba and then closed every door to every building we looked at. It turns out that staying in Aqaba was not His will. He just wanted us to do the exercise of hearing His voice because He had a better place in mind.

We began to hear Him leading us north, out of Aqaba, during our 40 days of prayer. He showed us places to go further north and then closed all those doors, too. But we found the place we thought was the one.

During the 40 days of prayer, I heard the name of the place where we are to go: Kadesh. At that point, we had already found the place that appeared to be THE place. It seemed perfect for providing for our needs and the needs of YHVH’s people who will come here. It has a well (so our water will be sure) and land to grow food (so our bread will be sure) (Isaiah 33:16)

When I heard YHVH say “Kadesh”, I was concerned that the place we thought was the right one was actually not the right one. But that was the not the case. The mapping we did proved that we had found the right property and it is smack in the middle of the wilderness of the people in Kadesh. The Kadesh wilderness overlaps with the Wilderness of Paran and the Wilderness of Zin. It is exactly where we need to be to ride out the Tribulation and prepare for Yeshua’s arrival!

We are in an area known in English as “try”, “test”, “tempt”. This area is also called “experience”. In other words, this place has the mark of that first generation that tried, tested and tempted YHVH in the wilderness not only with the evil spies’ report but also with Baalpeor! What an experience that was for Zimri, the Simeonite, and the 24,000 who lost their lives! We are in the right area!

YHVH moved us to the place where the first generation was tested and failed. There is another local name for this area: “Restoration”. The locals seem to not want to constantly be reminded that this is the testing area from 3500 years ago! However, that name also fits because this is the are where YHVH’s people will be restored to Him!

Here is the thing: Do you know what this means? THIS is the wilderness where the Revelation 12:6 woman will flee to and be tested as prophesied. This second generation will pass the tests as prophesied, right here in Kadesh!

Some people will look on their maps and say that we are in the wrong place. There are 5 suspected locations for the wilderness-of-the-people where the first Exodus folks were located. YHVH showed us where it definitely is! So, our entire congregation moved here to begin preparing for the Revelation 12:6 woman to come.

We can surely tell stories about how YHVH has unfolded His plan day by day, hour by hour, as we just watched it happen! We moved 5 households at the same time complete with trucks and crews to load us and unload us at our destination. Getting through customs was an ordeal through which YHVH showed us that HE is in control of everything! It was as if Aqaba did not want to let YHVH’s people go! But nothing happens that He does not want to happen and when He wants something to happen, it happens in HIS timing!

Our experience getting out of Aqaba mirrored in many ways the first generation’s escape from Egypt. And we escaped Aqaba right on time, not in our own timing but His, the day before the Jordan government locked down Aqaba from re-entry after leaving!

We are now living on a farm with 4 single dwellings and a central meeting house. It has a well and property to grow food, a pomegranate tree, fig tree and several grape vines. It also has 50 mature olive trees that produce olives every year.

There is land all around us since we are out in the country. Some of the land is lease-able. Bedouin tents are available and easily constructed for those who want to come.

YHVH’s hand is all over this situation. Now you know why it is impossible for me to continue with BWN as I had for 12 years.

We have much to do here to prepare for the people who will be coming to escape the Judeo-Christian beast! Join our forum or “The Ingathering” group on Telegram to stay in touch! The Telegram contact information is below.

Be Blessed!
Kimberly Rogers-Brown


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