Unspinning The Spin Of The Jewish Spin Machine

This is a special report about the ongoing Jewish propaganda. The Palestinians and Jews both have spin machines. Here is a rebuttal of a recent Jewish propaganda video.





13 Facts About Jerusalem

This is a rebuttal of the above propaganda video.

1-Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people since the reign of King David.

False. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. David united the 12 tribes into the confederacy that came out of Egypt: 12 tribes united. Thus, King David upheld the original Mosaic Covenant that established the Kingdom of Israel on 12 tribes. “The Jews”, under the diminutive and insulting name given to them by the Babylonians,

The fact that the Jews still call themselves by the Babylonian diminutive means they are still under the influence of Babylon, the influence of their captors. In modern psychology this is called the Stockholm Syndrome. The captive befriends its captor and even begins to peddle the captor’s culture. This is why YHVH is bringing “Mystery” Babylon to Jerusalem as a final statement that the 4 tribes that are with Judah scripturally are still bound by their captor’s ideologies, religion and culture. Egypt.

Also, part of Jerusalem sits in Benjamin’s territory. Benjamin is part of the House of Judah AKA “the Jews” collectively, but Benjamin’s tribe is Benjamin’s and his territory belongs to him. Thus, Jerusalem represents all 12 tribes because Benjamin is not from the mother, Leah, as is Judah (the tribal territory in which most of Jerusalem sits). Benjamin is from Rachel and he is Joseph’s full sibling. Judah and Benjamin are half siblings who represent each mother in Jerusalem.

2-Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity.

True. Arabs are from Arabia which is the location of Mount Sinai (Galatians 4:25). This was Midianite territory during Moses’s time. Midian was a son of Abraham from his second wife, Keturah. The area of the southern Middle East – Jordan, Saudi Arabia – were inhabited by Abraham’s other sons and grandsons.

The word ‘arav’ is derived from ‘erev’ which means mixed. Jerusalem is intended to be the capital of an unmixed population of 12 tribes of Israelites living in Abraham’s Promised Land. His territory is much bigger than the land given to the Israelites. It is from the Euphrates to the Nile, from the Mediterranean to much of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and almost all of Syria and is inhabited by Abraham’s other sons starting with Ishmael.

3-Jerusalem existed 1600 years prior to the birth of Islam.


4-Jerusalem is mentioned over 600 times in the Jewish Bible.

False. Jerusalem is mentioned over 800 times in YHVH’s scriptures that all 12 tribes have access to. YHVH’s Bible includes the New Testament AKA Brit Hadasha to tell the account of how He fulfilled His promise to Abraham that He would come to die when the descendants of Abraham broke the Covenant.

5- Jerusalem is not mentioned in Quran.


6-Muhammad never set foot Jerusalem.

True. Islam has an oral tradition about Muhammad visiting Jerusalem in a vision. This likely means that Muhammad likely had Jerusalem on his mind. However, Jerusalem has been the center of conflict between Muslims and Christians and Jews from the inception of Islam. Islam, while being one of the religious traps for the 12 exiled tribes of Jacob, is heavily infiltrated with the Edomites’ intentions to conquer Jerusalem for Esau thus regaining the birthright he sold to Jacob.

7-There has been a Jewish presence in Jerusalem for over 3,000 years.

True and false. The truth is that all 12 tribes have had access to and have even fought over Jerusalem for the last 3,000 years. Today, there are no people from the House of Judah, the Jews, who are not genetically mixed with other Israelites from the other tribes, Arabs or even Edomites. The history of this is long and convoluted. The Jews have never not mixed with other peoples.

Also, the Palestinians are a mixture of House of Israel and House of Judah descendants along with Edomites, Moabites, Romans and Arabs. (Read about genome study at https://beastwatchnews.com/unraveling-the-tangled-hebrew-knot and https://beastwatchnews.com/jubilee-trumps-peace-process.

8-Jews have had a continuous presence for over 2,000 years.

True. Jews are not the only continuous presence in Jerusalem for over 2,000 years. Two thousand years ago, Romans were present in Jerusalem. Today, Roman DNA is found in Jewish DNA along with the DNA of Esau, the Arabs and other ancient Middle Eastern people.

Two thousand years ago, people from all 12 tribes still inhabited Galilee and Samaria (the West Bank today) and all have had constant access to Jerusalem since that time even when the majority of Jews were being dispersed north into Europe and Russia.

The statement that should be made is that all 12 mixed-with-other-people-tribes of Jacob have had a continuous presence in Jerusalem for the last 2,000 years. However, the Jews refuse to acknowledge the other tribes existence. They do so only when pressed and claim to seek these tribes all over the earth. They reject the Biblical doctrine that YHVH scattered Israel among the Gentiles to well that they became known as Gentiles. At this juncture, as the world approaches the ingathering and Yeshua’s coming Kingdom, many so called Gentiles have come forward to say they are Ephraimites but the Jews reject that and continue to search for “the tribes” as whole communities that have survived 2700 years of exile together.

The House of Judah’s enemies are in Islam and Christianity. The Jews want to kill Muslims as much as Muslims want to kill Jews. In Islam, are House of Judah and House of Israel descendants that were forcibly converted to Islam. In Christianity, are House of Judah and House of Israel descendants that were forcibly converted to Christianity. In the House of Judah are Edomites and others who were forcibly converted to Judaism before and possibly during the time of Yeshua.

All 3 religions that are fighting over Jerusalem have Jacob’s people along with Edomites, Ishmaelites, Moabites and Ammonites, even Canaanites. It is not possible for anyone but YHVH to sort out who belongs to His sheepfold and who does not. One method He has always used to do the sorting is war.

9-The Palestinian Covenant of 1964 doesn’t once mention Jerusalem.

Technically true. The Palestinian Covenant set as its boundaries to conquer the area within the British Mandate https://israelbehindthenews.com/phantom-nation-inventing-palestinians-obstacle-peace-volume-ii-iii/11552/ which includes Jerusalem. It Yassar Arafat’s goal to take all of Israel for the Palestinians which, Biblically speaking, would have been to establish the modern UN-created State of Israel with only 9 of the 13 tribes that are sometimes referred to as the “ten tribes” (a statement that is also true from the Bible). Israel belongs neither to one House or the other.

The statement in video that “it [Jerusalem] was not an issue” may or not be correct since Jerusalem is part of the British Mandate’s territory.

It is also the case that Jerusalem has been a “non-issue” for many Jews over the millennia. Even today, there are Jews who have never even visited Jerusalem and many who do not want to.

10-Until 1948, the term “Palestinian” was synonymous with Jews living in the land of “Palestine”. The rest of the inhabitants were referred to as Arabs.

False. The name “Palestine” comes from the ancient Hebrew term for “Philistines”. The word “Pelesheth” first appears in 1 Samuel 17:8. This is the word for “Philistines”. The land was called “Palestine” for over 2,000 years. The Jews never used the name “Israel” until they confiscated the name that belongs to Joseph (1 Chronicles 5:1). After Rehoboam (Solomon’s son from the tribe of Judah) no King of Judah referred to himself as “King of Israel”. In the Writings, the Kings ruling in the south were referred to as the Kings of Judah and the kings ruling in the north were called “Kings of Israel”. Even in Yeshua’s time, the Jews lived in Judea and no one but Yeshua was called “King of Israel” because He is the King of 12 tribes and there were only 4 tribes in Judea. It is Yeshua’s job to bring back the other tribes. Even Herod was not called “King of Israel”. He was simply referred to “the king”.

It was during Rome’s occupation which began in the 1st century BCE that “Palestine” was used to refer to all the people who lived within the borders of the land – people from the House of Judah and who lived in Judea and its capital Jerusalem, the House of Israel who lived in the north but mostly in Samaria AKA West Bank, along with Edomites, Moabites, Ammonites, other “ites”, Arabs, etc. that had always lived in the land. It wasn’t only Jews who lived in the land for the last 3,000 years and that for about 2200 years have been called “Palestinians” from “Palestine”.

The rest of the inhabitants were not referred to as simply “Arabs”. From before the Greek invasion during the time of Cyrus of Persia, people living in Samaria were referred to as “Samaritans”. People living up north were referred to as Galileans. These names did not change until after the Jews were dispersed over a 300 hundred year period. The vacuum left by them quickly filled up with House of Jacob descendants from all 12 tribes who married Arabs while the House of Judah in its dispersion were busy marrying into Christian and Gentile stock.

11-There has never been any distinctive Palestinian language or culture.

True in a kind of-sort of way. The Promised Land morphed into a melting pot much like America is today. Most of the people spoke a common language but some did not speak that common Aramaic language at all. In fact, the Jews also spoke other languages such as Greek, Latin and Persian.

The Jews also do not have the correct Biblical culture on them. Their culture is a conglomerate of all the places where Jews live on the earth along with some of their traditions. Some Jews follow one set of traditions while other Jews follow a different set of traditions and then there are Jews who choose to reject all Jewish traditions. So there is no such thing as Jewish culture. What exists that is called Jewish culture is based on religious doctrines that are similar between the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox. The Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox are a small percentage of the total global Jewish population and an even smaller percentage of the global non-Jewish population.

The Palestinians actually have as much, if not more, cohesion as Muslims than the Jews do as Jews.

12-There has never been a country by the name of Palestine governed by Palestinians.

True. There has also never been a country named Israel governed by the House of Judah until 1948. Israel is the name of YHVH’s nation that He calls “Israel” and He requires that Israel will be established on 12 tribes not 4.

The modern UN-created State of Israel was allowed to rise to fulfill YHVH’s plan to end the wickedness of His people and the nations and to bring His Kingdom to the earth.

13-Records of a Palestinian entity are non-existent.

False, unless the Jews never existed in Roman Palestine.

14-Mark Twain wrote about the archaeological remains of a temple after his visit to Palestine in 1867.

Yes, and Twain wrongly called it “Solomon’s Temple”. That lie has stuck to those remains ever since in popular culture. The land was still called Palestine during Twain’s visit. The first temple that Solomon built, and which was subsequently destroyed, was not the same temple as the second one which remains Twain saw.

The major difference between the first and second temples is that YHVH’s glory was in the first temple but not in the second. The reason for the Jewish second temple lacking YHVH’s glory within is because only the House of Judah was present to build and ordain it. The Jews rejected their House of Israel and House of Judah brethren who had been resettled in Samaria and Galilee. Those northern people wanted to participate in the building but only after 70 years of Babylonian snooty culture, the Jews rejected their own brethren who had been in the land all that time. YHVH required the second temple to exist so Yeshua could walk there to teach the House of Judah and it would be from the Jewish temple compound that the Jewish leadership would convene and contrive allegations against Yeshua to kill Him.

Ezekiel’s temple, which is not this next temple that will be built again without the House of Israel, will have YHVH’s glory in it.

Jerusalem is not the “eternal capital of the Jewish people” as the ending caption of this video says. Jerusalem is YHVH’s capital city where He will sit as King after killing the Jewish messiah who will tout himself to be god by sitting on YHVH’s throne on Temple Mount. The King of Israel is Yeshua. He is from the tribe of Judah but is not from the House of Judah or the House of Israel. He is all Israel’s King!

Be Blessed!

Kimberly Rogers-Brown

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