Tent Cities & Violent Mobs

This Natural News article reports on a recent video by Never Alone With Christ going viral that claims the Portland Municipality is funding a tent city for the purpose of housing BLM and Antifa rioters. Natural News also says evidence to support this was not presented in the video.

A shocking new video has surfaced that appears to show a tent city compound in Portland, Oregon, housing a large number of people who are descried as Antifa agitators who reportedly join in the nightly chaos and mayhem that’s systematically burning down the city of Portland. 

According to the video, shown below, this tent city — described as a “war encampment” — is located between the Hawthorn bridge and Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland. The video shows the tent city consists of portable restrooms, emergency shelter structures, and what appear to be covered food service areas for serving food to the inhabitants. 

The video creator explains that the tent city is funded by the City of Portland, but there is no evidence presented in the video that supports the funding claim. A privacy fence surrounds the compound, reportedly with a sign that says the location is an “art installation.”

Two large buses are often nearby, but weren’t on the day of filming.

According to FOX 12, what is being shown in the video are actually temporary outdoor homeless shelters set up by Multnomah County and nonprofit JOIN to give people living on the street a safe place to stay during the pandemic for the duration of the state’s emergency order.

However, during the recording the videographer notices Camillo Massagi aka “Trumpet Man” who is a fixture at Portland riots and has an extensive arrest record.

Also while filming, one of the other camp residents comes out and begins using a slingshot to fire what appear to be rocks at the videographer.

Does one rioter and one person with a slingshot constitute an Antifa War Camp? Upon further investigation, the encampment was one of three that was opened by the city of Portland for homeless people during coronavirus.

The Oregonian covered the opening of the camps in April at the height of the pandemic outbreak. 

“The three sites — two on Southeast Water Avenue and one near the westside base of Broadway Bridge — will also group residents in a way that has rarely been done in Portland shelters. One site will give priority to LGBTQ people and one for people of color. Anyone who wants the services specific to those sites will also be allowed to camp there. The third site will be for everyone, with an emphasis on older people. Each location will have 45 tents on platforms with cots inside for an individual person or couple.

The city will provided sleeping bags and tents and the compounds are enclosed within fenced areas for security for storage of belongings within the tents. The three areas have bathrooms, showers and other amenities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 officials say the camps complies with social distancing measures and is routinely disinfected.

A tent city like this makes an ideal hideout for protesters and leaders. None of the articles specify how many people in the compound are actual homeless. There isn’t a way to determine that because a person’s status can only be based on his or her testimony.

Nothing is said about security at night. Are the gates locked? If so, how are protesters living there coming and going before and after the protests?

Federal agents cleared Portland’s public parks of its tent cities. There was a sweep clearing out the homeless population in the park across the street from the federal courthouse. The sweep—all too reminiscent of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s brutal eviction of the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park in 2011—took out Riot Ribs, obliterated the tents and belongings of several homeless people, closed down the parks, and generally enraged the dedicated activists of Portland’s burgeoning mutual aid community.

Portland’s huge homeless population is caught between being used by rioters and brutalized by authorities.

Two mob factions are at war in Portland. These are the BLM-Antifa Left-wing Marxist Communist protesters and at least one group, Patriot Prayer, a Right-wing Marxist Communist protest group. This Washington Post article describes the rise of Patriot Prayer as a protest organization in favor of President Trump. It describes how the group grew from a peaceful organization to now an oppositional, and thus, more violent one.

By the way, the other Portland – the one in Maine – may be heading down the path of Portland, Oregon. This article describes the same kind of homeless situation in Maine. Police are clearing city parks. Police are destroying what little the homeless have left. Desperate people do desperate things and their desperation can be used by political organizations like George Soros’s to militarize them. These sister cities are not alone in America and this is not just an American problem, either. Homelessness and poverty are rampant throughout the Westernized nations.

People left to their own evil devices easily deteriorate into humanity’s worst attributes. Their mob mentality is wicked on both sides no matter which ideology they espouse. It was mobs which killed Yeshua and His followers and it will be these same mobs who will kill His followers again. It won’t matter whether the mob is Left- or Right-wing. Dead is dead.

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