Temple Mount Prophecy Happening As Planned

Jewish sources describe that in the end-of-days the descendants of Ishmael will have a place and a purpose on the Temple Mount. A surprisingly detailed description of the Messianic process is given in the Zohar Hadash, a collection of previously unpublished manuscripts pertaining to the Zohar printed in the late 16th century. In one section (Balak 68b), the Zohar Hadash describes a process that will begin in the 274th year of the sixth millennium. This works out to be the year 5774 in the Hebrew calendar which began in September 2013. Part of the process described included a “destruction” in a synagogue in “the south” in which five tzadikim (righteous men) will be killed.

Indeed, in November 2014, two Palestinian terrorists armed with knives, guns, and axes carried out a bloody attack in a Har Nof synagogue on November 18, 2014. Four Jews were killed in the attack, as well as, Zidan Saif, a Druze policeman. The following October, Rabbi Haim Rothman died from the wounds he suffered in the attack, bringing the death toll to five, precisely as predicted more than 400 years earlier.

Also, Sanhedrin Calls for Nations To Observe Sexual Purity for Role in Third Temple

Judaism’s orthodoxy says Gentiles should be killed for keeping the Sabbath, yet they have recently called for the Gentile nations to do just. Now, they want the nations to observe the same kind of sexual purity that the Israelites observed for 3 days prior to receiving the Torah of Moses at Mt. Sinai. Do you think these calls have anything to do with converting Gentiles to Judaism?


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