SPECIAL REPORT: Peace Plan-What’s In It, What It Means

The peace plan likely will be unveiled on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

“It’s a great plan,” said President Trump, who will meet with Netanyahu at the White House on Tuesday. “It’s a plan that really would work.” He is also expected to meet Netanyahu’s election rival, Benny Gantz.

Though the peace plan likely includes support for the annexation of the Jordan Valley and the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Trump has told Netanyahu to cool his jets regarding it.

The Trump administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan — to be presented next week at the White House to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz — provides for full Israeli sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, for Israel to annex all West Bank settlements, and for no significant “return” to Israel of Palestinian refugees, Israeli TV reported Thursday night.

Trump [will] host Netanyahu and Gantz next week to discuss the prospect of “peace in the Holy Land” and announced today he will unveil the plan before they arrive. 

Netanyahu said “the president is seeking to give Israel the peace and security it deserves.” He added, “I suggested that Benny Gantz be invited as well” to the White House. 

The plan’s details are speculated to be as follows: 

Setting out the reported specifics of the plan, [a] TV report said, without specifying a source, that it provides for: 

* Israeli sovereignty in all 100-plus West Bank settlements, all but 15 of which would be territoriality contiguous. (An estimated 400,000 Jews live in some 120 official settlements.) 

* Israeli sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, including the Old City, with only “symbolic Palestinian representation” in Jerusalem. 

* Were Israel to accept the deal, and the Palestinians to reject it, Israel would have US support to begin annexing settlements unilaterally. 

* The Palestinians will be granted statehood, but only if Gaza is demilitarized, Hamas gives up its weapons, and the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital. 

US President Donald Trump, left, welcomes visiting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House in Washington, March 25, 2019. (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)

The TV report quoted unnamed Israeli sources specifying further provisions, including: 

* No Palestinian role in any border controls. 

* Full Israeli security control in the Jordan Valley. 

* Israeli sovereignty in all “open territory” in West Bank’s Area C. The TV report said this amounted to some 30 percent of the West Bank. 

* The acceptance of all Israeli security demands. 

* Some limited land swaps in which expanded Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank would be exchanged for minor territorial compensation in the Negev. 

* Possible minor absorption of Palestinian refugees in Israel; no compensation for refugees. 

Trump has reportedly asked Netanyahu to stop talking about the annexation of the Jordan Valley.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been told by the Trump administration that an Israeli move now to extend Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley could “damage” U.S. efforts to advance the president’s peace plan for Israelis and Palestinians, according to a source in the Prime Minister’s Office. 

[Israel’s] Kan public broadcasting subsequently reported that Netanyahu wanted to coordinate the move to annex the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea area with Washington. 

“The answer we received was ‘not now,’” an Israeli official told World Israel News (WIN). 

“Netanyahu announced Tuesday that he wants the Knesset to vote on the annexation of the Jordan Valley as soon as next week, but the White House position dramatically reduces the chances of that happening,” says Ravid in his report on Axios, which was based on U.S. and Israeli sources. 

“We were told that it could damage the chances of a positive public response in the Arab world, especially in Jordan, to the plan’s publication by the U.S. president if it immediately followed an Israeli announcement on imposing sovereignty in the Jordan Valley,” an Israeli official told WIN. Israel captured the territory from Jordan in the 1967 war after Arab military forces had amassed on the Jewish State’s borders. 

The official, a senior aide in the Prime Minister’s Office, said that the U.S. administration seemed concerned that an Israeli announcement now could give the impression that Netanyahu was “preempting” the peace plan instead of keeping the spotlight on Trump as “the author of a deal of the century.” 

In addition, Israel has been led to believe, says the Jerusalem source, that Washington views the Jordan Valley as a sensitive issue in consultations with Jordan’s King Abdullah and that the alliance with the kingdom is of great importance to U.S. officials. 

The source said that Netanyahu agrees with the American position on the importance of Jordan’s role in the process. Israel has been at peace with Amman since signing a treaty with the kingdom in 1994.

Trump is concerned about the Palestinian response. Annexing the Jordan Valley and the Jewish settlements is unsustainable, according to Yamina candidate Naftali Bennet last September. Bennett is no longer a candidate for Prime Minister because he is the new Defense Minister.

Bennett called the plan “hell for every resident of Ariel, Ofra and Kiryat Arba” and “an end to the settlement [enterprise].” 

“Folks, it’s time to reveal: This is the ‘Islands Plan’ of the ‘deal of the century,’ which will be imposed on us right after the elections,” Bennett wrote on Facebook. “In black, Palestine. In white, isolated Israeli ‘islands’ in an ocean of Palestine, surrounded 360 degrees by Hamas, Tanzim, PLO.” 

According to the image, Israeli towns and cities would be connected by narrow passageways to the State of Israel. Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley would be part of Israel, according to the map. 

[The plan] referred only to sovereignty in the “settlements” but not in Area C, said Bennett.

Here is where the last battle in the 2900 year old civil war between the House of Judah and the House of Israel begins. The Palestinians warned Israel and the US not to cross their red lines.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was not notified about the expected publication of U.S. President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace plan, Palestinian officials said on Thursday, adding that the news came to them during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Bethlehem.

“If the plan is released on the basis of the details that have come to light so far, which we reject vehemently, the Palestinian leadership will declare a series of steps by which we will preserve the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and Israel will bear responsibility as the occupying entity. We warn Israel and the U.S. administration against crossing red lines,” the statement from the Palestinian Authority read.

These words of warning indicate plans for uprisings throughout the West Bank. Expect riots, stabbings of Jews by Palestinians and bombs.

The officials added that areas that are currently under Palestinian control are expected to remain as such, and will be defined as a demilitarized state, “However, an immediate refusal by the Palestinians [to accept the plan] would legitimize unilateral annexation steps.

Washington and Jerusalem will impose the West Bank plan on the Palestinians the same way they will impose the annexation of the Jordan Valley on King Abdullah.

Haaretz reported last week that it seems that annexing the Jordan Valley is a tactical move meant to kill two birds with one stone: Both to bring about the annexation of the West Bank and also to lead to the rescinding of the peace treaty with Jordan. The strategic goal is the overthrowing of the Hashemite royal house and fulfilling the dream of Jordan as Palestine.

Complaints about the plan will immediately result in Palestinians’ loss of their government and right to remain in Israel as citizens.

Karni Eldad wrote, …after “we annex Judea and Samaria … We will let the Palestinians choose: Those who want to remain peacefully, be nice and abandon their national aspirations are invited to … Those who choose to take part in terrorism and dream about Greater Palestine … will be deported with their families.” In other words, transfer.

Any complaint from King Abdullah will result in the ending of the 1994 Israel-Jordan peace treaty.

It is being reported that the annexation of the West Bank will not include just Jewish settlements, but the entire West Bank. This is a better scenario given how broken up the Jewish settlements will be and the dangers inherent to Jews traveling through what would effectively become Palestinians territory.

According to Channel 12 News’ political correspondent and analyst Amit Segal, the White House will present Netanyahu and Gantz a plan that includes applying Israeli sovereignty to all West Bank Israeli settlements save 15, while creating a territorial continuity. 

In addition, the plan will once again recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will allow Israel to immediately annex West Bank communities, with Jerusalem agreeing to the establishment of a Palestinian state at a later time. 

Segal added that the conditions to be presented to the Palestinians will include the demilitarization of Gaza, the disarmament of Hamas, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and Israel as a Jewish state.

Don’t expect Washington and Israel to agree to a divided Israel – divided between the Israelis and the Palestinians – ever. Channel 12 is dreaming. If anyone thinks this is possible, please read this Haaretz article about Jewish brutality of Palestinians. We read much in the news about Palestinian brutality, but Kingdom citizens need to see that both sides are culpable. This article explains well the oppression visited on Palestinians by the Jews. Neither side practice YHVH’s justice.

This configuration fits Israel’s King Rehoboam’s plan from 2900 years ago to take all of Israel for the tribe of Judah, a plan that YHVH made him back down from (1 Kings 12:22-24). This plan has never left Judah’s mind, however.

So, an important consideration for Americans is how this plan will be implemented. There will necessarily have to be US troops embedded with IDF in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley. Expect the Palestinians to rise up. When they do, this will be the start of a harsh put down by the US and Israel, the Gog-Magog war.

In this final civil war battle, Judah intends to have all Israel, just as Rehoboam wanted when the Kingdom first split, by fighting with Gog (modern leader of the West, the US) whom YHVH has caused to return in the end of days for this purpose. This final battle of hatred between the Houses will end their problems with each but it will also give YHVH legal reason to destroy the majority of their troops.

American troops will be added to the number already in the Middle East with the additional troops deploying to Israel.

There has been no reaction yet from King Abdullah.

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