The Prophet Elijah & Russia’s New Proxy Battleground Against The United States

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Russia and the United States now have a new proxy battleground in Afghanistan. Russia is working to create an alliance with the Taliban and appears to be now engaging a former enemy that once defeated it in order to create another proxy battle ground against the United States. Although the Taliban did not appear as an organized Islamic religious sect and military force until the early 1990s, these are the same people that defeated Russia causing it to withdraw from Afghanistan in the 1980s.

In this new Middle East conflict, the two sides being used are the Taliban and ISIS. The Taliban as Russia’s puppet ally and ISIS as the United States’ excuse for escalating the war in Afghanistan. Russia is arming the Taliban and the US is bombing ISIS. Fighting ISIS has become the reason for US armed forces expansion in Afghanistan

Intelligence reports from the U.S. show that Russia is once again meddling in Afghanistan, this time by arming the Taliban, according to  U.S. intelligence has determined that Russian weapons were used by the Taliban to attack U.S.-supported Afghan soldiers in southern Helmand, Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces.

“”I believe what Russia is attempting to do is they are attempting to be an influential party in this part of the world,” Gen. Joseph Votel, chief of U.S. Central Command, told American lawmakers in March. “I think it is fair to assume they may be providing some sort of support to [the Taliban] in terms of weapons or other things that may be there.”

“The success of the Taliban in the north is due to Russian support. In Kunduz province, 30 miles from the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border, Taliban has control,” Kabul-based analyst Silab Mangal told Fox News. “That’s where they get Russian finance and logistics and their wounded fighters can get treatment.”

According to Mangal, who cites personal engagement with Taliban in those areas, the Russians have given them weapons over time, including the Dragnov sniper rifle and the PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle.

“Russia has a lot of influences with all the tribes here on the border. They know all the local commanders,” one Afghan official, who previously operated in the Panj region and had direct ties to Moscow, said. “In just a few minutes, helicopters can go and come back without too much notice. And boats attract little attention.”

Another well-placed intelligence source, who also requested anonymity due to safety concerns in the Taliban-infested region, told Fox News that the mysterious weapons transfers — coming from abroad — are empowering the Taliban to maintain a strong foothold in the north of Afghanistan.

A senior Afghan government security official told Fox News that they have solid, although classified, documents indicating Russia is supporting the Taliban through its ally Iran, under the rationale that they are trying to bring the terrorist group to the negotiating table to form a peace treaty similar to the one recently signed by militant group Hezb-e-Islami.”

Russia and Iran were once united against the Taliban, but heavy U.S. military presence has threatened their interests there. In February, Army Gen. John Nicholson Jr., a top U.S. commander in Afghanistan told the Senate that “Russia has become more assertive over the past year, overtly lending legitimacy to the Taliban to undermine NATO efforts and bolster belligerents” under the pretense that the Taliban were involved in the fight against ISIS, which the group vehemently opposed. He also said that “neighboring Iran is providing support to the Taliban.”

Despite accusations of collaboration between the Russia-Iran alliance and the Taliban, the U.S. has paid little attention to the war-torn nation in recent years and Trump has not formed any apparent strategy either.

“Iran is worried that with American troops in Afghanistan, the two militaries will end up confronting each other,” said Mohammad Akram Arefi, an Iran-educated politics professor at Kateb University in Kabul.”

Fighting ISIS has also become the excuse for NATO to operate in Afghanistan further cementing that nation as a proxy battle ground with the Russians. The US and NATO have not yet been engaged by Russia in Europe. Instead, they are being provoked by Russia on Afghan soil.

According to AFCENT, U.S. Air Forces Central Command, “This month, the NATO Resolute Support Mission to train, advise, and assist the Afghan Air Force saw significant results. The AAF centralized control of their Mi-17 helicopter fleet, through their higher headquarters, allowing for aircraft to be sent out on missions where they are needed most for operations within Afghanistan. AAF also assumed control of air mobility requests from the Afghan National Army. Three Afghan A-29 Super Tucano pilots returned to Afghanistan after completing training at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. In Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, Bagram Air Base welcomed the “Triple Nickel,” the 555th Fighter Squadron from Spangdahlem AB, Germany, to take over the ongoing F-16 Fighting Falcon counterterrorism air support mission. The 455th Air Expeditionary Wing used the MQ-9 Reaper platform to provide overwatch to the wing’s TAA mission through precision ISR and attack capabilities.”

Scripture says the Great Tribulation will begin with wars and rumors of wars. We can expect these skirmishes to begin in the Middle East, the area where mankind has fought for control over YHVH, YHVH’s Land and His people from the very beginning. The situations and events should make unbelievers anxious, but for those who are under YHVH’s authority, these are wonderful times in which to live! It is an honor to see the prophecies of the scriptures come alive!

How This Is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy?

Elijah and Elisha, in 2 Kings 2, represent the times before and after the start of the Great Tribulation.

Elijah’s ministry represents the time just before the Great Tribulation and the arrival of the King. But, the King’s arrival will be heralded by the Great Tribulation first. What was Elijah’s ministry? Was it just a general call for YHVH’s people to repent? Was it a call to the whole earth to repent? These are applicable, but his ministry was specific to the House of Israel. Elijah was the voice in the wilderness calling the House of Israel to repentance. In the end of days, Elijah’s ministry includes the call to prepare the way for the King before the Great Tribulation starts.

Elijah was not calling the House of Israel to repentance for just any random sins, either. The sins of the House of Israel were specific. First, the rejection of Jerusalem. Second, the idolatry of the golden calves at Bethel and Dan.

AMP 1 Kings 12:25-28 Then Jeroboam built Shechem [as his royal city] in the hill country of Ephraim and lived there. He went out from there and rebuilt Penuel [as a stronghold]. Jeroboam [doubted God’s promise to him and] said in his heart, “Now the kingdom will return to the house of David. If these people go up to the house of the Lord in Jerusalem to offer sacrifices, then their heart will turn to their lord, to Rehoboam king of Judah; and they will kill me and return to Rehoboam king of Judah.”

The first thing Jeroboam did was to find a way to keep people away from Jerusalem! He knew the Kingdom would be restored if the House of Israel began to join the House of Judah for the Feasts in Jerusalem. That is why he became the forerunner and foreshadow of the Antichrist by providing images for the people to worship at times and in places other than those specified in the Torah.

Two thousand seven hundred years later, the House of Israel continues in this treachery against YHVH! To reject His Land and His city is to reject His Covenant. This is treason against the Most High. Yet, from year to year, the House of Israel’s believers find places and times, other than those commanded in the Torah, to celebrate the Feasts. We are still deliberately keeping the Kingdom split because the enemy knows that if you go back to Jerusalem for the Feasts the Kingdom will be reunited and the WHOLE House of Israel will be restored!

That was, and still is, Elijah’s ministry: To call the House of Israel back to Jerusalem. Ha Satan knows that when we return, many of the issues that keep us fighting will be resolved. Things such as the calendar, the location of the Temple, the antisemitism that is still with us from 1,800 years of Catholic doctrine, and many other issues will become moot points.

Elisha was a prophet in the same vein as Elijah who continued calling the House of Israel to repentance, calling them to reverse the sins of Jeroboam. In the end times, he calls the House of Israel to repentance after Elijah is removed from the earth. This is a metaphor for the time during the Great Tribulation. The Book of Revelation that describes this time period is actually the account of the crowning of the earth’s King just prior to His return to re-take what belongs to Him. The Book of Revelation and Leviticus 26 are correlate scriptures that describe events and conditions for YHVH’s people and the world just prior to the King’s triumphant arrival.

Elisha, who traveled with Elijah, is warned by 50 ‘sons of the prophet’ of Elijah’s impending disappearance.

AMP 2Kings 2:7 Fifty men of the sons of the prophets also went and stood opposite them [to watch] at a distance; and the two of them stood by the Jordan.

The number 50 appears in this chapter 3 times. Fifty is the number of the Jubilee year, the year of restoration. The Great Tribulation is the beginning of the restoration of YHVH’s earthly reign.

In the account, there are 50 strong men who seek for Elijah.

AMP 2Kings 2:16-18 Then they said to Elisha, “Behold now, there are among your servants fifty strong men; please let them go and search for your master. It may be that the Spirit of the Lord has taken him up and cast him on some mountain or into some valley.” And he said, “You shall not send anyone.” But when they urged him until he was embarrassed [to refuse them], he said, “Send them.” So they sent fifty men, and they searched for three days but did not find Elijah. They returned to Elisha while he was staying at Jericho; and he said to them, “Did I not tell you, ‘Do not go’?”

The men seek, but they do not find. They seek for 3 days. Using a day for year, prophetically, the 3 days as years falls just a few months short of the 3.5 year period of the Great Tribulation. In other words, the period in which they seek for Elijah comes just after the start of the Great Tribulation.

The significance of the men seeking and not finding is a metaphor telling us that the time of Elijah’s message is over. What is the difference between Elijah’s message and Elisha’s? Just this: Elijah’s message comes with mercy. Elisha’s message comes with YHVH’s curses. We will see this signified later in this chapter.

There is a famine of the Word. Elijah’s disappearance via the heavenly chariot signals the end of the time of the Gentiles and the beginning of a famine of the Word. It signals a call to repentance during the time of war and tribulation.

Elisha, in verse 23, is in conflict with the House of Israel. The incident in verse 23 happened when Elisha was returning to Jeroboam’s city, Bethel. Elijah, earlier in the chapter, had been called to Bethel, indicating that just before the disappearance of Elijah – and just prior to the start of the Great Tribulation – YHVH will make one more big call for His people to repent of the sin of Jeroboam.

The end time call of Elijah for the House of Israel is to observe all of the Torah’s commandments, give up the golden calves of Christianity and return to Jerusalem for the Feasts. But there is a controversy among us. The issue of Jerusalem as the only place to observe the Feasts is a huge issue in the House of Israel today. There are more believers in the House of Israel that continue in the sin of Jeroboam than the number of believers who don’t.

The controversy of Jerusalem constitutes the entire issue between the two kingdoms of Esau and Jacob during the Great Tribulation. But the controversy of Jerusalem is not limited to the conflict between Esau and Jacob. It is within the House of Israel. In fact, the House of Israel has had this internal conflict for 2700 years from the time of Jeroboam and it is coming to a head now. The House of Israel, globally, must choose between their idolatrous Feasts, which they celebrate all over the earth in America, Australia, Italy, South Africa, or elsewhere, and Jerusalem. This controversy will continue in the House of Israel right into the Great Tribulation period.

The account of Elisha after the removal of Elijah tells us the outcome, and the punishment for, the House of Israel’s refusal to repent and return to Jerusalem for the Feasts. Russia and Iran have a role to play in this.

AMP 2 Kings 2:23 Then Elisha went up from Jericho to Bethel.

Elisha is going back to Bethel, the city of one of Jeroboam’s golden calves, to continue Elijah’s ministry of calling the House of Israel to repentance and to return to Jerusalem. The capital city of the earth, Jerusalem, is the only specified place for celebrating the Feasts. Unrepentant members of the House of Israel who reject Jerusalem as the place for the Feasts will face the punishment Elisha gave to the young boys who came out of the city to mock him in verse 23.

AMP 2 Kings 2:23-24 On the way, young boys came out of the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!” When he turned around and looked at them, he cursed them in the name of the Lord. Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore to pieces forty-two of the boys.

The 42 boys represent the 42 months of the Great Tribulation. This is a clue for us. Elijah’s time is over. The Great Tribulation has begun. Elisha is returning to call the House of Israel once again to repentance in Bethel, but they won’t hear it. The even try to prevent him from making the call, mocking him like children. Elisha carried out one of YHVH’s Leviticus 26 curses against the House of Israel.

The two bears that come out of the woods are Russia and Iran in the end of days. The fact that they are female bears is significant because mother bears, who are watching over the offspring, are particularly ferocious. YHVH is not holding any amount of strength from punishing the House of Israel.

The bears spring on the boys suddenly from their wooded and camouflaged hiding place taking the boys by surprise. This is in keeping with the prophecy about the destruction of Babylon which is where much of the House of Israel still resides despite having a personal written invitation in Jeremiah 50 and 51 and in the Book of Revelation to flee the place.

The ancient Persians were symbolized by a bear in the book of Daniel. Iran is the remnant of the ancient Persian empire. Russia is not only their modern ally, but are themselves from ancient Persian stock. Both nations are symbolized by a bear in the end of days. In effect, there are two bears on the earth today. And they are stalking the places where the House of Israel is.

The two bears come out of the woods at the start of Elisha’s journey back to Bethel, symbolizing the start of the Great Tribulation, and they tear 42 boys, disobedient children who have refused to mature in YHVH, to pieces. The two bears are YHVH’s instrument of punishment on His people, the House of Israel, who, after 2700 years, still refuse to obey and incur the curses listed in Leviticus 26.

AMP 2 Kings 2:25 Elisha went from there to Mount Carmel, and from there he returned to Samaria.

Elisha traveled to Mount Carmel which is one of the safe places listed for YHVH’s people in the Great Tribulation. This symbolizes that those who obey will not suffer the fate of the unrepentant. Elisha returns to Samaria where we can assume he continues to call the disobedient back to the Torah.

Russia and its allies won’t strike Europe, the Mother of Babylon, and America, her daughter, until they have the capability of wiping everything out in one huge swipe just like the two bears in verse 23. These bears are now preparing to pounce.

House of Israel, it is time to repent of the sins of your forefather’s and Jeroboam’s sin and return to Jerusalem and to the reunification of the two Houses. It is time to realize the Feasts were never authorized or intended to be celebrated anywhere except Jerusalem. It is time to understand that YHVH has full authority over time, place and people. He is the sovereign King and He is calling us back home before it is too late. [/su_spoiler]

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