The problem with Trump backing separate states for Israel, Palestinians

IT’S A PROBLEM, and not only for the reason you might think. 

Israel just came through a self-declared Jubilee which requires the Jews to establish ONE nation with 12 distinct and unique tribes. They have rejected all who are not in Judaism, particularly Orthodox Judaism and now they are preparing to divide YHVH’s Land.

I saw a post on Facebook last week saying Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. Jerusalem does not belong to the Jews. It never did. Jerusalem and all Israel belongs to YHVH. We get to live there with Him because He is our Father, but we can’t have the Land without Him. 

However, the Jews are acting like the Land belongs only to the southern Kingdom of Judah, Benjamin, Simeon and Levi. Dividing the Land as planned usurps YHVH’s ownership of Israel. 

So, failing to restore YHVH’s 12-tribed nation and usurping His ownership of the Land may be the last thing they do before He sends the King of the North to destroy them.

Source: Trump at UN backs separate states for Israel, Palestinians – ABC News

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