PAY ATTENTION! Israeli-Syrian armed duel over Quneitra has begun – DEBKAfile

Israel’s official accounts of the critical events around Quneitra  of Wednesday, July 11,   shifted ground, with bearing on the Netanyahu-Putin talks in Moscow.The Syrian drone shot down over the Sea of Galilee was first attributed to an errant UAV from the Daraa battles 100km away. The IDF spokesman said it was tracked for 15 minutes by 4 Israeli jets and 2 choppers until the Patriot interception was ordered.  DEBKAfile: The Syrians, Iranians and Hizballah have now learned from this incident that it takes the Israeli high command at least 15 minutes to use the red line to the Russian command at Khmeimim and obtain clearance. Meanwhile, although the UAV was not yet known to be unarmed, sirens were not activated to warn the thousands of holidaymakers at Sea of Galilee resorts of a possibly dangerous hostile drone overhead. The sirens only sounded when the Patriot missile blew the intruder up.

Source: Israeli-Syrian armed duel over Quneitra has begun – DEBKAfile

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