Netanyahu reveals how he plans involve America in Israel’s upcoming Palestinian war

Source: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu reveals the simple answer to defeating terrorism

Defeating Terrorism

Defeating terrorism must be done on the ground, not only with ideology. True, the ideology of Muslim extremists must be defeated and replaced. But terrorism will not be beaten if the Western world does not fight it physically as well. That seems obvious, but many do not believe that is true. But it is. And these Islamists must be fought and beaten soon before more lives are taken.

You are being prepared for the West – i.e. America – to take over control of Israel’s security. You have to read between the lines to see it. America always takes the lead in wars with allies and will do the same when it comes to the war with the West Bank Palestinians, i.e. the Gog-Magog war.

People look to Israel for help with security. And Bibi is telling them what to do. He said, “I actually think that sometimes in these kinds of battles, it’s first of all important to win physically. Win. Fight…combatting Nazism first involved beating Nazism…you had de-nazification after you won. You have to win.” The Western world must take this message, and like Bibi said, WIN.

In other words, America must view the Palestinian’s Nazism as a continuation of the German Nazism and fight it on Israeli soil.

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