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Kimberly’s News Picks – 09/08/2017


IDF Attacks Syrian Chemical Weapons Base, Syria Threatens Israel with ‘Repercussions’

Israel’s Air Force (IAF) attacked a sensitive Syrian military installation in Hama, deep inside the country, early Thursday morning.

The Syrian army stated through SANA, the country’s official news agency, that Israeli warplanes fired several rockets from Lebanon’s airspace, targeting a Syrian military posts near Massyaf in the Hama countryside, killing two army personnel and causing material damage to the site.

Site targeted by Israeli airstrike in Syria may have produced chemical weapons

Trump and Putin Are the Real Targets of Israel’s Alleged Strike in Syria

Russia says airstrike kills 4 ISIS leaders in Syria

Netanyahu was rebuffed by Russia and the United States when asked to remove Iranian and pro-Iranian forces from the Golan border. ISIS is the excuse all armies use for being in Israel. Did Netanyahu just send them all a message about how to get rid of ISIS? Netanyahu’s message may be ‘just get rid of them so you can get of our border!”. Oy vey, already!

Problem is that Russia and Iran are probably not going to leave the Golan border, at least not anytime soon. Sorry, Bibi.

US says 2 more senior Islamic State leaders killed near Mayadin, Syria

Israel’s Geopolitical Gut Check

Tel Aviv has had a bad few weeks. A once favorable regional balance of power has suddenly shifted in a direction that clips Israel’s wings—all while adversaries on its borders are making swift strategic gains.

At the core of the issue is Israel’s obsession with Iranian ascendancy in the region. The 2015 nuclear deal that ended the Islamic Republic’s isolation was a real setback for the Israeli establishment, but what really hit home this summer was a steady succession of political and military victories for the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and his Iranian and Hezbollah allies.

Netanyahu: Ties with Arab world ‘stronger than ever’

Unearthed Relics Reveal Names From First Temple Era

Dozens of First Temple-era government seals were unearthed in excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem, shedding light on which Jewish leaders’ names were given to children at that time.


US set to quit Al Tanf. Pro-Iranian force moves in

While Israeli jets were bombing  the Syrian CERS chemical facility at Masyaf, 38km west of the central Syrian town of Hama, early Thursday, Sept 7,  control of the Syrian-Iraqi border to the east was quietly changing hands.

US-backed Syrian rebel units are also about to leave their posts in the southern town of Daraa, having completed negotiations for a deal with the Russian officers manning this de-escalation zone and Hizballah officers. They have agreed to hand in their weapons and either join up with Syrian government units or disperse.. For the first time in the Syrian civil war, Hizballah announced an important development in the name of Russia.

This is serious! When Hezbollah becomes a talking head for Russia, it can only be understood as the 4+1 Coalition becoming more ‘echad’!

Iran threatens to shoot down US aircraft near its airspace

Iran’s state-owned Arabic language TV station al-Alam reported that the country’s air defense base sent two warnings in the last six months to US spy aircraft that approached Iranian airspace.

Iranian Spy Service Threatening, Blackmailing Global Media Outlets

US Sending 3,500 More Troops to Afghanistan, Bringing Total to 14,500

The Pentagon would officially neither confirm nor deny the figure, saying that they will not comment in any way on the numbers until there is an official announcement. This figure is roughly in line with expectations of the size of the deployment.



Saudi could be about to change allegiance once again. Signs are beginning to emerge that the current king, Salman, son of Ibn Saud, may transfer his country’s primary strategic alliance away from the US and towards the rising power of China.

America has a vested interest in helping to supply Europe with fossil fuels. It is one of America’s biggest holds on Europe and why the EU pretty much does what the White House says. If the Saudis move away from the American market, it may trigger the need for another fuel source for Europe, namely Israel. Could this political and economic game play a role in the United States as Gog who goes to Israel to take a ‘spoil’? I believe it will be the Ephraimite, western nations who attack Israel. Those nations are, in particular, the United States and Europe (NATO). 

Remember, Gog is in Germany. Germany leads the EU. President Trump is German. The US and Europe lead NATO. Read more about this, and listen to the audio while you read, on The Jerusalem Report.

BRICS plans to bypass US dollar and petrodollar

The Coming Run On Banks And Pensions

The public awareness of the degree to which State pension funds are underfunded has risen considerably over the past year.  It’s a problem that’s easy to hide as long as the economy is growing and State tax receipts grow.  It’s a catastrophe when the economic conditions deteriorate and tax revenue flattens or declines, as is occurring now.


Trump gets cozy with Democrats, and Republicans say ‘I told you so’

Just like that, he went from “Cryin’ Chuck” to the president’s pal “Chuck,” and she went from an “incompetent” shepherd of House Democrats who has “done a terrible job” to just “Nancy.”

That’s how President Donald Trump was referring to the country’s top Democrats, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, moments after striking a not-so-grand bargain with them that funds the government and raises its borrowing limit through mid-December.


Multiple terror busts in Europe; ISIS threatens “wave of attacks” on West 

An intelligence official has warned the terror group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is said to be alive and plotting his next evil move.


Hurricane Irma: storm batters Haiti and Bahamas as Florida evacuates

Dutch troops have begun unloading aid on the Franco-Dutch island of St Martin.

Irma Is Being Described As A ‘Nuclear Hurricane’ That Has Left One Island ‘Practically Uninhabitable’

Could Irma be a Category 6 (if there was a Category 6)?

Harvey followed by Irma, followed by José, then Katia

High Levels of Carcinogen Found in Houston Area After Harvey

Preliminary air sampling in the Manchester district of Houston showed concentrations of up to 324 parts per billion of benzene, said Loren Raun, chief environmental science officer for the Houston Health Department. That is above the level at which federal safety officials recommend special breathing equipment for workers.

Feds claim that thousands of tons of hazardous waste have been illegally dumped in Missouri

For almost four years, a building located in an eastern Missouri floodplain has served as the illegal dump site for thirteen million pounds of hazardous waste. 

Yellowstone National Park has measured 2,357 earthquakes from June through August 30 of 2017

Are the Idaho and Yellowstone earthquake swarm phenomena related? How about the earthquake swarm in Bardarbunga, Iceland? An earthquake swarm was detected in Bardarbunga, Iceland, on September 7 with the strongest quake measured at 4.1. Bardarbunga is a stratovolcano located under Iceland’s most extensive glacier. Bardarbunga is the second highest mountain in Iceland, and is also an active volcano that last erupted in 1910. There have been 26 eruptions in the last 11 centuries, according to the Iceland Monitor. The Yellowstone earthquake swarm is related to volcanic activity within Yellowstone’s super-volcano. There has been no recent volcanic activity detected within Bardarbunga, however. Why is Idaho being stricken with an earthquake swarm? They don’t even have a volcano.

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