Kimberly’s News Picks – 01/24/2017


Trump backpedals on US embassy move

US in talks to move Israel embassy to Jerusalem 

The White House has said it is in the early stages of talks to fulfil Donald Trump’s pledge to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an action that is likely to spark anger in the Arab world. “We are at the very beginning stages of even discussing this subject,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Sunday.

Trump Tells Netanyahu: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Only Through Direct Negotiations

In their first phone call since Trump took office, the U.S. president invited Netanyahu to Washington on February. “[P]eace between Israel and the Palestinians can only be negotiated directly between the two parties,” Trump told Netanyahu, adding that “the United States will work closely with Israel to make progress towards that goal.”


First Day of Syria Peace Talks Quickly Descends Into Quarreling

The new round of talks arranged by Russia and Turkey in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, was meant to showcase Moscow’s increasingly dominant role in the diplomacy and its new understanding with the Turkish government, a leading sponsor of the rebels. But the Syrian delegations almost immediately began arguing and refused to negotiate directly.

UN: 750,000 still living under militant rule in Iraq’s Mosul

The U.N. and several aid organizations said Tuesday that an estimated 750,000 civilians are still living under Islamic State rule in the western part of Mosul, the next target of a U.S.-backed Iraqi offensive launched three months ago.

British Tanks Roll on Channel Tunnel Test Run Amid Trump, Russia Fears

Tourists know the Channel Tunnel as the undersea railroad that allows cheap and easy trips from Britain to mainland Europe. But in the dead of night this week, Britain’s military sent five tanks down the 30-mile “Chunnel” to test whether it would be an effective route for forces if deployed to places such as Eastern Europe amid tensions between Russia and NATO. The fact that Wednesday’s exercise came two days before President Trump’s inauguration appears coincidental; the British army told NBC News the test had been planned for a year.

China says will protect South China Sea sovereignty

China said on Tuesday it had “irrefutable” sovereignty over disputed islands in the South China Sea after the White House vowed to defend “international territories” in the strategic waterway. White House spokesman Sean Spicer in his comments on Monday signaled a sharp departure from years of cautious U.S. handling of China’s assertive pursuit of territorial claims in Asia.


Brexit: Supreme Court says Parliament must give Article 50 go-ahead

The judgement means Theresa May cannot begin talks with the EU until MPs and peers give their backing – although this is expected to happen in time for the government’s 31 March deadline. But the court ruled the Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies did not need a say.

China dumping U.S. Treasury debt in record volume… is this a prelude to the globalist assault on Trump’s economy?

China was recently the largest holder of US treasury securities, but has now lost that title to Japan after China started selling their securities rapidly. Chinese authorities are sacrificing their coveted position with significant financial and diplomatic value. They are preparing to engage in a bigger battle, to protect the Yuan’s value from plummeting. The battle is set to intensify this year, when President Donald Trump challenges the Yuan, along with China’s devaluation practices.


In call with Netanyahu, Trump vows to ‘closely consult’ on tackling Iran threat

In his first phone conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening, new US President Donald Trump pledged close consultation in “addressing the threats posed by Iran,” unprecedented support for Israel’s security, and a determination to help Israel achieve peace with the Palestinians.



Queen’s Chaplain Who Questioned Quran Prayers in Cathedral Steps Down After Attempts to ‘Silence, Defenestrate’ Him

Former Chaplain to Her Majesty the Reverend Gavin Ashenden announced his resignation on his personal blog on Saturday night, anticipating that a BBC Radio 4 segment on him and the controversy surrounding the Quranic readings in a Scottish Cathedral to be broadcast on Sunday morning would reveal his resignation despite his requests to the contrary. Remarking that the decision to step down was “the most honourable course of action” and had come after years of “attempts to silence or defenestrate me”, Rev. Ashenden said he had spoken out in the past on controversial matters as a “matter of integrity and responsibility”.


Tsunami warning as 7.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off Papua New Guinea coast

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