Kimberly’s News Picks – 01/22/2017


Israel Approves Reconstruction for 1,500 Homes in Gaza

Israel has approved finalized plans for reconstruction of 1,500 family homes in Gaza, according to the Ministry of Public Works in the region.

New Israel Ambassador plans to live in Jerusalem

David Friedman, who is US President Donald Trump’s pick for Israel Ambassador, has not yet been approved by the Senate, but is set to arrive in Israel at the end of February to begin his new job. Irrespective of whether or not the US Embassy will actually be moved to Jerusalem, Friedman has announced his plan to live and work in Israel’s capital city.

PM reaches out to Iranians, says he’ll discuss regime threat with Trump

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached out to the Iranian people on Saturday evening, slamming the regime that he said oppresses them and vowing that aggression by Tehran would top his list of priorities during his first contacts with US President Donald Trump. In a clip posted on Facebook minutes after Shabbat ended, the prime minister stresses that Israel does not consider the Iranian people to be the enemy, but only the regime that rules them. While stopping short of calling on the Iranians to revolt, he described a brutal dictatorship preventing them from living the Western lives they ostensibly seek.


Moscow acts to oust Iran from Syria, bombs ISIS

Although Vladimir Putin’s spokesman spoke reservedly Saturday, Jan. 21, about Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president the day before – It would be “an illusion” to expect Russian-US ties to be “free of disagreement” – Moscow’s actions in Syria were clearly designed to meet the new US president more than half way.



Here’s what Trump’s executive order really means for Obamacare

In one of his first official actions, President Trump signed an executive order late Friday that directed federal agencies to use their authority to relieve individual Americans, businesses, state governments and others from “burdens” placed on them by the Affordable Care Act. The Trump administration and its Republican allies in Congress billed the order as a first step in their push to repeal Obamacare.

Pro-Donald Trump rally in Nigeria leaves 20 dead, many missing: reports

A Nigerian separatist group says the death toll has risen to 20 after a demonstration in support of U.S. President Donald Trump turned into clashes with police. Friday’s demonstration in southern Rivers state was organized by the Indigenous People of Biafra, which wants Trump to support the creation of an independent Biafran state for the Igbo people. What does an African nation have to do with American politics? Nothing except for what Obama and Soros want to stir up.

Giant Jerusalem poster thanks Trump for embassy move


India: No foodgrain without 12 digit number

Indian test subjects. But will this new slavery be accepted by other cultures that are much more violent than the Indians? Where will the NWO attempt to test its enslavement next?

The Centre also said that states have promised to install digital payment system at ration shops by June. Under the food law, over 80 crore people get 5 kg wheat or rice per person per month at Rs 2-3 per kg costing exchequer Rs 1.4 lakh cror anually. In order to promote digital transactions and less cash economy post demonetisation, Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan today held a national conference of state food ministers and secretaries on ‘PDS Reforms and Cashless/Less-Cash Environment’. “At present, nearly 29,000 fair price shops have the cashless facility out of 5.27 lakh ration shops. We are happy to share that many states will have 100 per cent cashless system in rations shops by March,” Paswan told reporters . 

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